The Lion King Official Trailer

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Sana Annigeri
Sana Annigeri - 17 minutes ago
ArianaBae - 17 minutes ago
Im now heading to the theater :D
Diya sonia patel
Diya sonia patel - 20 minutes ago
Everyone has to go to watch this movie come on it’s everyone’s childhood
\\ ShadowWolf //
\\ ShadowWolf // - 38 minutes ago
who watched lion king click here
I know I did! And it was so good!
Erwin Wibowo
Erwin Wibowo - Hour ago
Just finished watching.
It's amazing.
Full of nostalgia.
ROBICA - Hour ago
What a souless cash grabbing piece of copy paste piece of heartless cluster of imeges.
Hany Lemus
Hany Lemus - Hour ago
Fuck I'm in my 30
I still feel this movie
Man I used to replyed back 20 times . My mom used to go in my room and say . ""HAY CABRONA YA ME TIENES ASTA LA MADRE CON TU PIBCHE LEON"" DANMM
HidayAt Musroni
HidayAt Musroni - Hour ago
Disney need to aknowledge that lion king is not their original idea and that it was stolen from kimba the white lion. They even start animating the lion king movie right after kimba creator osamu tezuka death in 1989. They should at least said that lion king was inspired by kimba, honestly some the scene from lion king is a one to one copy of kimba #kimbathewhitelion
TheHelleri - Hour ago
Nannntzz ingoyamaaaaa! Bagathi baba sithi ummm!
backyard vigilante
backyard vigilante - Hour ago
Just listen to Hindi trailer
Ajay Thakur
Ajay Thakur - Hour ago
Srk king khan
Bennz 13
Bennz 13 - Hour ago
Vqr - Hour ago
looks like a nature documentary
sairama raju
sairama raju - 2 hours ago
Timon and pumba lovers hit like
sairama raju
sairama raju - 2 hours ago
Lion king is not a movie it's an emotion ,not only people with in their 10's,20's even 30's,40's,50's are waiting to watch this film
Sudhir Gupta
Sudhir Gupta - 2 hours ago
I am looking musafa simabaa never dead
Marendra Harditya
Marendra Harditya - 2 hours ago
Scroll through comment and sees no one mentioning *Hakuna Matata*
Is it only me that excited to see how they perform hakuna matata dance in realistic animation?
Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson - 2 hours ago
Yep... the migos should play the main hyenas
Jaka Purnama
Jaka Purnama - 2 hours ago
Love lion king
Quize Fernandez
Quize Fernandez - 2 hours ago
Very original
Ruined - 3 hours ago
I just got back from watching it and the ending was EPIC
Pumba as a baby was adorable too
Sabi Khan
Sabi Khan - 3 hours ago
Timon and pumbaa🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚
alya Playz
alya Playz - 3 hours ago
Ai love the lion king!!!!!!!!!!! This my faforite karton
Liney Pureful
Liney Pureful - 3 hours ago
is this available on netflix or hbo ? thank you i
Navaneetha Krishnan
Navaneetha Krishnan - 3 hours ago
Disney remake a best film after jungle book
DD Yodaman
DD Yodaman - 3 hours ago
Please stop using so much CGI. It’s old and not looking so great anymore! Fake looking really puts a bad taste in movies anymore
random me
random me - 3 hours ago
I love this movie its my favorite i got tattoo of hakuna matata and the only thing that made me said was Beyonce being part of it but besides her i think the movie well be best remake of Disney movies.
Eve - 4 hours ago
If the "circle of life" doesn't play in the opening scene I'm not watching
Eve - 4 hours ago
I still have PTSD from the original
jose aguilar
jose aguilar - 4 hours ago
I cried when I was a child now it won't be the exception I'll take my handkerchief 😭😭
8D AUDIO - 4 hours ago
Official Trailer of lion king 2019
See this video
Shan Taylor
Shan Taylor - 4 hours ago
I was expecting something looking cartoony...if I take my daughter to see this she might believe that if she goes to the zoo she is going to see animals talking
anil karnam
anil karnam - 4 hours ago
MCU or DCU be ready Disney is bringing all the legendary characters all time to live!!! Dumbo, jungle book , Aladdin , lion king ... May be next Donald Duck 🦆 and Mickey Mouse ... they can bring Disney avengers toooo in one movie:)
Aloha_ Jcee
Aloha_ Jcee - 4 hours ago
Spoiler Alert! Mufasa dies.
Aloha_ Jcee
Aloha_ Jcee - 4 hours ago
1994: Humans watching cartoon Lion King.

2019: Disney (after raiding area 51), "We need to step up our game..."
nandhini siva
nandhini siva - 5 hours ago
Sun T.v advertisement paathu vandhavanga like pannuka
Andre Gio
Andre Gio - 5 hours ago
The new voices suck!..
kyle8171 - 5 hours ago
I’m gonna watch it like I don’t know what’s gonna happen!🙂
Sean Berno
Sean Berno - 5 hours ago
Why are people hating these remakes
Disney is just making their older movies into a newer version for a new generation
Jordhy Putra
Jordhy Putra - 5 hours ago
Can anyone tell me what ia the title of song that the pig and his friend sing in the end of that video?
Naminski - 6 hours ago
In remembrance of Frank Wells (1932-1994), President of The Walt Disney Company 1984-1994.
Progamer 7
Progamer 7 - 6 hours ago
Love the movie by the pics
Raissa Pamela
Raissa Pamela - 6 hours ago
Como eu queria que minha mãe ainda estivesse viva pra podemos assistir O Rei Leão juntas.
Eu tinha prometido isso a ela 💔
Samuel Tuitele
Samuel Tuitele - 6 hours ago
Benny Dang
Benny Dang - 6 hours ago
I bet every kid that after they watch this movie they go to a zoo and see a lion saying “ MOM LOOK ITS SIMBA” like everyone did with finding Nemo lol
Green Lolly09
Green Lolly09 - 6 hours ago
The animation movie is sad how come if it's live action? I expect trauma alert.
223Deez Nutz
223Deez Nutz - 6 hours ago
Simba is a badass.....might be related to the Mapogos!!
Taajwar Pope
Taajwar Pope - 6 hours ago
Aladdin has made $1 billion dollars at box office, today. The Lion King will make 1 billion dollars at the box office as well.
Joy Marshek
Joy Marshek - 7 hours ago
Without having seen the movie yet, the “one real shot” is the sunset!
ChaChii Yeon
ChaChii Yeon - 7 hours ago
Hwaaaaahh!! 😍😍💘💘
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