Sasha Banks returns to WWE: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

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Fart Face
Fart Face - 2 hours ago
"Man, this is F***ING LAME!!!!" after sasha banks. "Man,this is F***ING AWESOME!!!!!!!"
Joel Koch
Joel Koch - 6 hours ago
I’m glad she back Sasha banks. It was awesome what Sasha did.
eddie hollingsworth
eddie hollingsworth - 7 hours ago
sasha banks the best ever
Selena Seeley
Selena Seeley - 18 hours ago
love you sasha banks.
Thanyalak_ CH
Thanyalak_ CH - 21 hour ago
อีควย เก่งหลายสัด อีหีดำเอ้ย
diane posecion
diane posecion - 22 hours ago
Sasha Banks is so so so bad
Denisa Bolog
Denisa Bolog - 22 hours ago
My ai love sasha banks
jacob master vlogs
jacob master vlogs - 22 hours ago
What the hell
Rycia C Lorico
Rycia C Lorico - Day ago
Sasha banks your so strong boss
MD squad MM DD
MD squad MM DD - Day ago
Ppl saying Thxs too
ouazene dounia
ouazene dounia - Day ago
CyberCrystal_Eva 2409
Lalla Zeinab Tidjani
Sacha ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jamie Hannah
Jamie Hannah - Day ago
at first i was happy that sasha banks returnd but this blue hair attacking becky lynch and natalya its discusting her blue hair sucks nattie im so sorry about your dad becky i hope you get well sasha go back to AEW hers something you don't no sasha banks quit wwe and lied to mr mcmahon and triple h corey graves was right all along sasha said the tag titles met nothing to her imagen of how bayley would fell if sasha said that to her face at wrestlemania sasha had tears in her eyes when she won she cryed about evolution and the ugly smerk she had on her face when she attacked that made kids cry and fear and mad hart broken devstaded sasha huged a little girl when she returnd
Tane4ka Kononova
Tane4ka Kononova - Day ago
Nattie:pufffff sasha: Huggs sighk beckey: i will protect you ooooooopppppppssssss
Christina Collavo
Christina Collavo - Day ago
quella con i capelli blu finisce male
Texting stories Hexe
Texting stories Hexe - 2 days ago
OMFG BOSS TIME 🗣‼️‼️‼️‼️
Eugene Earley
Eugene Earley - 2 days ago
Eugene Earley
Eugene Earley - 2 days ago
Enrique Contreras
Enrique Contreras - 2 days ago
Natalia crying in the ring talking about her dead father..
Xxitz_mehXx hi
Xxitz_mehXx hi - 3 days ago
Poor Natalya
Sime Luafalealo
Sime Luafalealo - 3 days ago
What are you doing sasha
Peyton Markham
Peyton Markham - 3 days ago
You better baet her an do not stop
Jalisa Phyfiher
Jalisa Phyfiher - 3 days ago
Ydnas Tamlad
Ydnas Tamlad - 3 days ago
I love you Sacha ❤😍👌🏾
Antonio Ramos
Antonio Ramos - 3 days ago
Wow Sasha is back what a moment
Patricia Barrios
Patricia Barrios - 3 days ago
Que mala sasha
Sarah Aligba
Sarah Aligba - 3 days ago
Sashe Banks you are so very very foolish for doing that to a Oumma that say is as dining a year she Los are father, you are so foolish for doing that to her
Emily Star
Emily Star - 3 days ago
SKYLER LAMBEYE - 3 days ago
Sasha as a face or a heel still the boss
Laura Luzzi
Laura Luzzi - 3 days ago
Lindooooo o cabelooooo te amoooo i love
Bintu Conteh
Bintu Conteh - 4 days ago
The raw ever in wwe history
Thinles Angmo
Thinles Angmo - 4 days ago
I am your big big big fan Sasha madam😘😘😘😘😘😘
Janssen Dave Jaca
Janssen Dave Jaca - 4 days ago
I'm back and Sasha's back
No one:Oh what a coincidence
Hằng Bùi
Hằng Bùi - 4 days ago
Omg 😱 why did mu queen so fat ?
chong_Nee Chongnee
chong_Nee Chongnee - 4 days ago
That is just so sad but Charlotte is on fire saha vs Charlotte
famliy crazy
famliy crazy - 5 days ago
هذا هذا تمثيل على فكره
Taiyah Jackson
Taiyah Jackson - 5 days ago
Never has a wig snatching been so important.
Park hye Won
Park hye Won - 5 days ago
Robson Antunes
Robson Antunes - 5 days ago
Shasha banks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ngan ha ly
ngan ha ly - 5 days ago
viet nam
Hialeah Jay Boogie
Hialeah Jay Boogie - 6 days ago
kj - 6 days ago
Aww man I did not know Natty’s dad died ☹️. RIP and bless his family
L Ø W K E Y . Ź P
L Ø W K E Y . Ź P - 6 days ago
she should’ve stayed home , because there wasting HER AGAINNNN ! 🙄🙄
Jay Karia
Jay Karia - 6 days ago
What a return.
frcelit vrls
frcelit vrls - 6 days ago
This video it reach 4.4M it's becus of the returning of the boss since all people amazed by her return😍
Saowapa 3258
Saowapa 3258 - 6 days ago
silvia messias
silvia messias - 7 days ago
amo boxes😗😗
Jose Changoluisa
Jose Changoluisa - 7 days ago
sacha banks love
Chris RunC
Chris RunC - 7 days ago
Oh My! Could it be? It is , ITS BOSS TIME!
Fragkeska a
Fragkeska a - 7 days ago
Wtf Sasa 😓😓😱😓
Tana Gibson
Tana Gibson - 7 days ago
Nt wwoeo
Sandra Ortiz
Sandra Ortiz - 7 days ago
Sasha you are the boss
Justin's plans
Justin's plans - 8 days ago
The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule - 8 days ago
Is it me or does anyone else see yhe blonde female in the front row. She is always there at the wws events. HMM seems suspicious.
Lk7 - 6 days ago
What time
Miguel Soto
Miguel Soto - 8 days ago
That arm was okay a dang liar
CS GD - 8 days ago
Corey Graves is the worst heel announcer of all time. He roots for the face more than the heel. Proves he knows nothing about wrestling. Also his jokes are pure cringe.
Miguel Soto
Miguel Soto - 8 days ago
He's so bad at announcing
Moshe - 8 days ago
She just said it’s been 1 year since her dad died and 5 seconds later cole is geeking out for Sasha like nothing happened. Wtf is wrong with commentary in WWE....
My life My rules
My life My rules - 8 days ago
Beacky: I am the man
Sasha :so the man it's boss time😂😂😂😂😂😂
bianca codilla
bianca codilla - 8 days ago
3 men v.s THE BOSS SASHA BANKS... sasha just looked at the men the men were like oh no lets just run
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