The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Tshepo Mahlare
Tshepo Mahlare - 11 days ago
Ants are deadly
Chand Louw
Chand Louw - Month ago
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell is the best
Jo 17
Jo 17 - Month ago
HannaH #hannahbanana
HannaH #hannahbanana - Month ago
@godzilla1222 on tik tok has stolen your video, split it up into parts and are claiming it as there own.
Cretaceous Monster
Cretaceous Monster - Month ago
When is the next episode? I would really like if you take a look to Formica Rufa...
patrik ondo
patrik ondo - 12 hours ago
The hidden refference to KKND2 intro at the start
Enrico Quilici
Enrico Quilici - 22 hours ago
Ants are incredibly racist.
Svetlana Taranets
Svetlana Taranets - 23 hours ago
. up to the same Day installation of the same Day service
Keian Petalbo
Keian Petalbo - Day ago
'' Ants are like humans"
"one ant is pretty useless alot is useful"

Me:i s h o u l d p r o b a b l y s t a r t s o c i a l i z i n g t h e n
Max_Gamer 98
Max_Gamer 98 - Day ago
“We have invented nothing”
Nik Summersett
Nik Summersett - Day ago
Evely Mattus
Evely Mattus - Day ago
Nathan Briddell
Nathan Briddell - Day ago
hey dood i love all your vids
ghost critic
ghost critic - Day ago
i never thought how cool ant war can be that humanity well known war history is just can't even get close to the war of these ants that been happened everyday
Adina Meissner
Adina Meissner - Day ago
Links 2 3 4.... :-)
Bang Moskov
Bang Moskov - Day ago
Me: Peace
Ant: What is that???
monibub92 4
monibub92 4 - Day ago
The queen dies slowly or quicker by decapation
R.I.P Rick May The Mann Himself
I love how when 2 army ant colonies bump into each other, they both go
'Oh sorry m8, I'll be on my way'
Hu Chung
Hu Chung - 2 days ago
AntsCanada: Fire nation, my children, it is time to enact our world domination!
Ants: *happy scuttling noises
w O O f
w O O f - 2 days ago
"Some groups just don't get along."
**Instantly thinks of the nazis and Jews**
Somer Kemble
Somer Kemble - 2 days ago
they penetrate deep kek ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Swoop - 2 days ago
Need to name channel to the curiosity channel
Cioara Sorin
Cioara Sorin - 2 days ago
Happy birthday everyone!
It's better to be on the hill,instead of being under it!😀😁😃😄
cool Ryan
cool Ryan - 3 days ago
Tasha Collar
Tasha Collar - 3 days ago
That's an amazing game idea
Cioara Sorin
Cioara Sorin - 3 days ago
Me:I relly need civile peace!
Ants:We hate that kind of peace!!!
Dominic DiMaria
Dominic DiMaria - 3 days ago
Nomamyrmeenenex what what?
Rokruff - 3 days ago
Phenomenal - 3 days ago
this is one of the best video i watched i want another part possably 3 parts
ImperiumSpaceMappera - 3 days ago
Dobra ale ten wstęp to trochę dwuznaczny jest ejjj Kurzgesagt co z tobą bo w polskim tłumaczeniu tam piszę że niektóre gruby nie umieją współżyć a chyba wiecie co to oznacza po polsku współżyć?
sol ragna
sol ragna - 3 days ago
2:57 cyka blyat rush B
Tokki Foefire
Tokki Foefire - 3 days ago
Me: I hate insects! Especially ants-
Army Ants: We kill termites, wasps and other ants-
Mutual Benefit
Arli Chandra
Arli Chandra - 3 days ago
army ant population:about 4 billion
The Ant
The Ant - 3 days ago
As a Ant lover, this video got my attention.
Ants are very interesting insects, the video is extremely well made and the art is really good.
And now I’m yelling at YouTube why it didn’t show me this when it came out !
APTos45 - 4 days ago
Square head ant boi is hodor. 😂😂
وات - 4 days ago
Everyone Gangsta Till The Ants Start Evolving To Human Size
maria p
maria p - 4 days ago
0:37 ants are the most dominant things
me:are you sure about that
maria p
maria p - 4 days ago
When i said I can defeat an army 🐜 I was wrong
Subscribe For No Reason
*"Ants wage war. Even among the same species, a constant state of conflict is pretty common."*
Ringing any bells, fellas?
Gleb Zaitsev
Gleb Zaitsev - 4 days ago
Mason M
Mason M - 4 days ago
GOT ant edition
Ketut Manik
Ketut Manik - 4 days ago
World war ants
Team pro vs team noob
Anna Jermaine Estenor
Anna Jermaine Estenor - 4 days ago
수잔네 - 5 days ago
The sentence that I hate in Kurzgesagt
"They deserve an another video"
Himmat45 Cletustown
Himmat45 Cletustown - 5 days ago
Yaboi EL3CTRIK - 5 days ago
So humans and ants arent so different
YaBoiSP - 5 days ago
i wonder how many world wars the ants have had
Cosmo 456
Cosmo 456 - 5 days ago
4:31 *JOHN CENAAAA!!!*
Evely Mattus
Evely Mattus - 5 days ago
I like kuatksesat
Silver Robo
Silver Robo - 5 days ago
Big square heads to counter the entrance. ART OF WAR.
thomas McGuire
thomas McGuire - 5 days ago
Green ant vs fire ant. Green wins then loses and back and forth
Farmer Larry
Farmer Larry - 6 days ago
Their empire's name is probably holy romant empire
Yours Forever
Yours Forever - 6 days ago
This is fucking cool
artur 112
artur 112 - 6 days ago
I love this channel , i like it to be in english
Elmer Bernardo
Elmer Bernardo - 6 days ago
Fire ants burning
Darth Hue
Darth Hue - 6 days ago
I never thought I'd get so involved in literally just ants fighting each other, someone should make a documentary about an ant war or simulate an ant battle
Demon - 6 days ago
Anteaters: Heh heh boi
starcluster - 6 days ago
ahh F*cked up 2 69 likes
QuietGrave - 6 days ago
Ugnius Cesnulevicius
Ugnius Cesnulevicius - 6 days ago
Antolf Hitler and his antzis invaded our base today
Eddie Carranza
Eddie Carranza - 6 days ago
The most dangerous species is the human they are stronger than any ant they would just all die from the ant (me: sounds like the right theory
Zephyrmaster Stormforger
BKQRI - 7 days ago
Imagine there was a ant version of Yujrio Hanma.
Galvin Klein
Galvin Klein - 8 days ago
00:58-1:00 wow thats me
Daniel Morales Paz
Daniel Morales Paz - 8 days ago
Both fighting in endless wars.
DHP Adventure
DHP Adventure - 8 days ago
B I T E, L I F T, W O R K
Idris Emad
Idris Emad - 8 days ago
so racism in nature exists.
THEARLIBOY - 8 days ago
If you play brawl stars or clash royale please see ma channel (I will do more videos)
Pixelflame Gaming
Pixelflame Gaming - 8 days ago
Scientists: They're built for battle so we shall call them the army ants.
Me: They raid and are nomadic, they are Mongols.
pikachu gamer
pikachu gamer - 9 days ago
"they can kill up to 500000 animals per day"
whole army ants vs 1 human.
army ant: we have more soldiers than you
human *carries pesticide*
ant: we're not pests!!!!
human kills whole army ants
Nana GOT NO MANA - 9 days ago
Damn WW4 looks great
Eine Riglls Riglos
Eine Riglls Riglos - 10 days ago
they should collaborate with national geographic
Everything asmr
Everything asmr - 10 days ago
A gift from above:[] the square boiiiiiiii
Everything asmr
Everything asmr - 10 days ago
Ashnov Ahmada
Ashnov Ahmada - 10 days ago
The next World of Warcraft Expansion is so lit af
Myles Dederman
Myles Dederman - 10 days ago
I need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Defi Munawaroh
Defi Munawaroh - 10 days ago
Chimera arc
Ben Huynh
Ben Huynh - 10 days ago
Ben Huynh
Ben Huynh - 10 days ago
Kiel - 10 days ago
This would make a really fun war game
SECRET DERIC - 10 days ago
Kiel if im a coder i will.make it
kwame damuah
kwame damuah - 11 days ago
And people thought ww2 was the deadliest war in history
dankito inseguro
dankito inseguro - 11 days ago
imagine a RTS only of ants
Jotham Godwin
Jotham Godwin - 11 days ago
The ants are fighting hhhhhmmmmmm dont mix your ant friend to other ant cause it will do a war calol
Bi-yang Cavite
Bi-yang Cavite - 11 days ago
If ants were to start a world war I would surrender pretty much instantly
?Nany؟ - 11 days ago
The ants does’nt are a nuclear bomb , we are safe
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