The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Fernando Conceição
Fernando Conceição - 2 days ago
Com certeza as proximas são as formigas lava-pé.
Ayşe Kocaoğlu
Ayşe Kocaoğlu - 6 days ago
Please open your turkish channel
José Alberto Duran Aponte
Animales del mar
Avi P
Avi P - 8 days ago
When are the new ant episodes coming?
Uzishan - 11 days ago
bit of a late comment. I do use curiosity stream for a year now and I would honestly love to see al the Kurzgesagt vids posted there <3
Mr. Burn
Mr. Burn - 7 hours ago
4:47 Blitzkreig in a nutshell...except with ants?? *Gasp* Does this mean germans stole this from 0-0
Mr. Burn
Mr. Burn - 7 hours ago
What we see: *Bunch of ants forming up lines and staring at each other from a 3 meter distance* "Awww so cute their gonna play a game!"

*What's really going on:*
"Brother! It does not have to be this way!"
"I shall never call you brother....For. This. IS. SPANTAAAA"

Meanwhile in the Hooman realm: "Ahh look their clashing! Aww they must be so eager to see each other! Welp might as well burn them!"

Back to the ants: *Screaming souls intensify*
Matteo Battiston
Matteo Battiston - 9 hours ago
I think its cute that if 2 colonies of army ants cross paths, they just move aside.
Ultra_NGV - 13 hours ago
World War Ant
Ethic Ethnic
Ethic Ethnic - 13 hours ago
Deep sea ants! Ant species that have experienced either genetic modification, have a evolved a symbiotic relationship with coral reefs or are a type of Crustacean, that has evolved identical abilities to ants, but for the deep. Or convergent evolution were ants evolved similar abilities to Crustaceans.
James Bohigian
James Bohigian - 14 hours ago
I love this series! More ants, please.
the one who goes yee
the one who goes yee - 15 hours ago
Leafcutter ants:North Korea
Nomamyrmex esenbeckii:America
EZIC spy
EZIC spy - 15 hours ago
When you realize there probably was a Spartan like battle with ants
sibling's work
sibling's work - 18 hours ago
How 'bout a part 2 as soon as possible
JBriel Poblete
JBriel Poblete - 18 hours ago
Humans: World War 3 is coming
Ant Colonies: Colony War 303 Zillion is coming
Biednymaniek - 21 hour ago
Qrant>Other 🤣😂😝🤣 ø
boston - 22 hours ago
More *Ants* !
mark JR VLOG
mark JR VLOG - 23 hours ago
6:32 dude you didnt put philippines😡😡😡
cOOkie m o n s t e r
I was bight by a soilder ant and it hurt so much that I screamed in pain
Un Triste Muerto
Un Triste Muerto - Day ago
I fuking hate ants
Jimmy Bates
Jimmy Bates - Day ago
when is the next one?!
Franco Guerra
Franco Guerra - Day ago
I love ants so i love this video!
Queen_ Pharsa
Queen_ Pharsa - Day ago
Great video. I love it
Ian Chan
Ian Chan - Day ago
I survived an ant war 25 yrs ago on a school's playground. It's one of the most fascinating things I've witnessed.
SuitedMan Yeet09
SuitedMan Yeet09 - Day ago
I feel like someone should make a movie about this…
Königstiger - Day ago
Ants are the most interesting species on earth.
Well, besides humans.
DIY MAN - Day ago
Army ants reminds me of USA always going from country to country to destroy it and steal thier food.
Paco de lazy fucc
Paco de lazy fucc - Day ago
Ants are actually very advanced when you think about it
Alex Barradas
Alex Barradas - Day ago
This was amazing for something that we don't usually notice.
Khoirul Anam
Khoirul Anam - Day ago
Who Count The ANT
God 4.
God 4. - Day ago
Me and the boys,battling the fire ants
Lil Horse
Lil Horse - Day ago
They could make a huge film saga/franchise out of this like "war of the ants" make a trilogy there's so many different implications like video games graffic novels and TV shows, even all there different species and types like soldiers etc. reminds me of all the old fantasy movies and games how there's always the Orcs,Elves,giants ,humans
etc. And I reckon it has the potential to be a cinematic masterpiece something like a realistic bug's Life movie but even just the fact that there plot story goes back a few 100 million years it's just crazy
tal1989 - Day ago
Yo where part 2 🤬
RHACOREBERS - 2 days ago
please make another ant video i could watch these all day
bagboi playz
bagboi playz - 2 days ago
You in a nutshell
sorry im just an ameture testa
Queen. The fbi is here
Workers. Big brain time
Kiki Padil
Kiki Padil - 2 days ago
Still Wait Sub Indonesia :(
SDAA - 2 days ago
I want to see the battle
Mike Pereira
Mike Pereira - 2 days ago
Army ant: let's invade this colony
Square head ant: YOU SHALL NOT PASS
ro thangYT
ro thangYT - 2 days ago
Can you do bullet ants vs army ants?
Sim Sam Samba
Sim Sam Samba - 2 days ago
God's Particle
God's Particle - 2 days ago
Imagine being a decorated multi war army veteran just to be slain by the pathetic soul of a kids shoe.
Cindy Lin
Cindy Lin - 2 days ago
Querinlox - 2 days ago
Nathan Tung
Nathan Tung - 2 days ago
RaisedOnEarth YT
RaisedOnEarth YT - 2 days ago
Bro you just got this from the movie AntZ when they battle
Lik Amoj
Lik Amoj - 2 days ago
I’m here to see the ants fight
Thierry Eubanks
Thierry Eubanks - 2 days ago
its been like two months when will the other ant video be released?
Jaden Adams
Jaden Adams - 2 days ago
This reminds me of the game called for honor
MR. FRIENDERMAN - 2 days ago
Army ants: approaches
Wasp colony: Why do I hear boss music
scitor - 2 days ago
When and where did you get the impression "humans have decided that war is not a thing that they want to do a lot anymore"? Since that can't be the same humans I have on my planet here...
100000 subs With no videos
Hi im trying to do the hundred thousand sub challenge any subs would be appreciated first sub gets shout out just comment after subbing
Ансарбек Урдабаев
"War, war never changes."
snerl play
snerl play - 3 days ago
то чувство когда смотришь эту охирительную анимацию и читаешь субтитры
DRAGON 123 - 3 days ago
i tought its a game
TJ Esterhuyzen
TJ Esterhuyzen - 3 days ago
To be honest this was really interesting
RageFire - 3 days ago
Chimera Ant Arc
Seady 9
Seady 9 - 3 days ago
More episodes
Ari Singh
Ari Singh - 3 days ago
It would have been fantastic if you all would have just given up this is stupid animation style for once, just for this series of videos, and just shown actual footage of the ants doing what they do.
Some Guy u don't know
Some Guy u don't know - 3 days ago
These speachies Are more interesting than most history of the earth
Erik Simmons
Erik Simmons - 3 days ago
We could learn a bit from the ant
IciestofAll - 3 days ago
When the next ant war video
PeterJuiceNator - 3 days ago
5:57 did anyone notice the skeleton on the left of the leaf cutters colony.
IC Ross
IC Ross - 3 days ago
If we are so anti war why do we keep developing more powerful and elusive weapons?
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