Halsey's “Manic” Makeup Tutorial | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Vogue - 8 months ago
Shop this beauty routine:

BeautyBlender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation: https://fave.co/37k35m7

BeautyBlender Pro: https://fave.co/37hrzw5

IMAGE Skincare The Max Stem Cell Facial Cleanser: https://fave.co/37ljQgO

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum: https://fave.co/37gSOHa

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glitter Adhesive: https://fave.co/2GgdqDw

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket Washable Mascara: https://fave.co/30IYZRW

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Teddy Bare: http://bit.ly/30JLT6Z

Too Faced Born This Way Pressed Powder Foundation: https://fave.co/2uvfEfz

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Powder Soft and Gentle Blush: https://amzn.to/2tKLhlx

Ardell Lash Natural 174: https://fave.co/2urjPJG
e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit: https://fave.co/2RUmyDi

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder in 3 Dark: https://fave.co/38zbVwC
Setareh Sh
Setareh Sh - 10 days ago
I love how they listed the wrong products, even though she clearly named them.... lol, Ardelle wispies * etc
Shawnee Coleman
Shawnee Coleman - 29 days ago
Maitha Mansoor in extreme dimension mascara by Mac
Diana Avagyan
Diana Avagyan - 2 months ago
Gladys De Leon its a nyx lipstick she talks bout em both in the video watch carefully
Gladys De Leon
Gladys De Leon - 2 months ago
Anyone know what blue glitter she used ? It looks like it may be a Mac one but I’m not totally sure which. Plus which Sephora blush color?
Diana Avagyan
Diana Avagyan - 2 months ago
I got the lashes but like it’s not the same it’s shorter nd not as full I don’t think its the 174 if anyone actually knows which one they r can yall plz tell me?
chyna lindsey
chyna lindsey - 15 hours ago
The fact that she black and don’t look like it
Chocomini - 15 hours ago
She is just so pretty.
peaches castillo
peaches castillo - 16 hours ago
Love you!
Kezia Margareth
Kezia Margareth - 23 hours ago
omg shes just really thAaat pretty
Валерия Соколова
She is so positive, nice and is not conceited 🥰🥰🥰🧚‍♂️🌺👑 Just perfect and awww 🤗🔥🤤💜💖💖💖
Jennifer St. George
Jennifer St. George - 4 days ago
"Expensive sweat"
Angie CP
Angie CP - 4 days ago
sunrocks - 6 days ago
Me and her have the EXACT same bday date not year tho...
Арми Бантаны
Ohhhh.OMG. Why Halsey is so cutie???? 💖💖🥺🥺🥺🥺
مريم السماوي
يا لله شوفو وجيهة كلة حب
ALeeSun - 7 days ago
Гаяне Айдинян
Halsey 🤗💜
alexarmy - 8 days ago
Porque conchalas yo no me veo haci de diva igual que hasley 😔
Ailuros - 8 days ago
"Primer is my best friend' same 😔
Vedika Sharma
Vedika Sharma - 9 days ago
she is so BEAUTIFUL
CLUMSY J - 9 days ago
Uhm so .... i am the only girl i guess who don' do make up at all not even skin care just wash my face with soap and water somtimes tbh just with water to feel awake 🙂
Asyl Zhanat
Asyl Zhanat - 9 days ago
Lv Av
Lv Av - 10 days ago
I'm in love with her eye shape it's so pretty
Taetae I am a good boy
Taetae I am a good boy - 10 days ago
After that JEASOUS Armies on twitter
Ed Shreen OUR BOY!!!!
After that bts deleted that tweet
Anyone remember??😂😂😂
Beleza astuta
Beleza astuta - 10 days ago
loved it
Lola - 11 days ago
I love every sentence that she said oh...it's a makeup video....
Tae69kookie - 11 days ago
حبيته كثير.TT
erika lazo
erika lazo - 12 days ago
i love halsey's personality!
guess who
guess who - 12 days ago
I never knew she was so artsy and cool!! 😍
Sheyla Anderson
Sheyla Anderson - 13 days ago
she is THE love of my life. i am not exaggerating.
Adimilson Pacheco Duarte
Adimilson Pacheco Duarte - 13 days ago
Cindy Pachuau
Cindy Pachuau - 13 days ago
I love you❤️❤️❤️
Sero - 14 days ago
Any armys here? Just to support out loyal queen
Valerie Lee
Valerie Lee - 14 days ago
She's so fair and could really pass for a white girl! crazy!!
Noma M
Noma M - 14 days ago
So cute❤️❤️🔥💯👌🏽
Timothy Dabriel
Timothy Dabriel - 14 days ago
Yeah I agree I love her hair blue
Taif Alashwaq 27 Salah
Taif Alashwaq 27 Salah - 15 days ago
Love you halsey
Rifa Akhtar
Rifa Akhtar - 16 days ago
Oh my my my my u look awesome
karlina nuraeni
karlina nuraeni - 16 days ago
Looks like michael make up
Tahmina Jamal
Tahmina Jamal - 16 days ago
She looks better without the false lashes
Tahmina Jamal
Tahmina Jamal - 16 days ago
OMFG She looks just like Bella hadid
jimins jams
jimins jams - 16 days ago
halsey without makeup: 🌷🦋✨🎀🌈🦄🌸
halsey with makeup: 💣🔥😈🖤💋🔪💥
epic Gamer
epic Gamer - 17 days ago
never bomb
never bomb - 17 days ago
Çok tatlısın ❤️-❤️
Jungle Ho Sock
Jungle Ho Sock - 18 days ago
Love her
아퍼라지따 - 19 days ago
I love Halsey
Bernadette McGarvey
Bernadette McGarvey - 19 days ago
I have the same eyebrow powder!! 😍😍 Love Halsey. 😍🙌🙌💖
Jeren Gocmyradova
Jeren Gocmyradova - 19 days ago
Она что забыла про второй глаз или это из-за того что я не знаю английский
gse - 19 days ago
Halsey literally proving that you don't need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on cosmetics to look absolutely stunning. She's so creative and resourceful!
Arda Gürel
Arda Gürel - 20 days ago
Türk var mı?
Fátima De la Torre
Fátima De la Torre - 20 days ago
She reminds me Pink
Rehtaeh Black
Rehtaeh Black - 20 days ago
But it’s a green eye...?
shirito shiro
shirito shiro - 21 day ago
"I feel like me when is short" Can relate
shirito shiro
shirito shiro - 21 day ago
Es tan linda
shirito shiro
shirito shiro - 21 day ago
Hermosa ella
shirito shiro
shirito shiro - 21 day ago
Lady gaga!!!!!!
lilian makori
lilian makori - 21 day ago
I can't believe this was posted this year
Elvia D'souza
Elvia D'souza - 22 days ago
Truly speaking halsey looks good even without makeup!!!
Emily Stefano
Emily Stefano - 22 days ago
I can't believe how absolutely gorgeous this woman is 😍
rentalface - 22 days ago
this felt so intimate
Carmen Dilcherd
Carmen Dilcherd - 22 days ago
G-EAZY, you really FCKED up with this gem!! She is absolutely angelic and stunning!! How could you not love this woman!! Remember, when you find someone amazing, let them know that you see it in them everyday,or someone else WILL!!
Cheyenne Vogelsang
Cheyenne Vogelsang - 22 days ago
She has the perfect nose. Nose goals.
Cheyenne Vogelsang
Cheyenne Vogelsang - 22 days ago
THANK YOU, for saying 'mauve' the RIGHT way.
Flower Power
Flower Power - 22 days ago
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Life Style
Life Style - 22 days ago
well.. that's a lot of makeup
youknowbts? ?
youknowbts? ? - 22 days ago
All together everything is favourite😅
Cristian Ayala
Cristian Ayala - 24 days ago
I was trying to find anything ugly in your face , but I couldn’t,,,, u got that natural beauty on you ( u dnt need any make up love ❤️)
LifeAsAlpee - 24 days ago
she is so gorgeous
Tori Ann
Tori Ann - 25 days ago
Shes so freaking adorable!
"I'm gonna go to the supermarket and see if anyone notices." 😄
Jorja Alonso
Jorja Alonso - 25 days ago
Euphoria *vibes*
ꫀstꫝꫀr᥊᥊.04 - 26 days ago
I love how she’s one of the only celebrities I’ve seen who actually uses some products that are affordable for other people to try and doesn’t just use $100 eyeshadows for the sake of it caus they can afford it
RM'S LEFT DIMPLE ss - 26 days ago
I've been obsessed with Halsey ever since Boy with love l!!!!I love her!!!!❤️💜💙💜❤️
Sofia Aynur
Sofia Aynur - 27 days ago
Halsey is one of the most beautiful women I know, she's so gorgeous, she's engaged and so kind I mean guys, who wouldn't fall for her 🥺❤️😭
Jenifer Watts
Jenifer Watts - 27 days ago
I miss having short hair now
Charmee S
Charmee S - 27 days ago
she is so beautiful
Analia Lerma
Analia Lerma - 28 days ago
she has a short neck...
N G - 28 days ago
So so nice, love that topaz look in one eye.
babyboy gguk.
babyboy gguk. - 28 days ago
she is sı handsome with this hair style🥵🥵
Global Services TV
Global Services TV - 29 days ago
Nice makeup.
KawaiiMrBaldiChan - 29 days ago
halsey sux
Sophia Usher Riley
Sophia Usher Riley - 29 days ago
same i bertend to do videos to
when she took the towel i just lost it
Mahbooty Beshakin’
Mahbooty Beshakin’ - Month ago
Hamari Debbarma
Hamari Debbarma - Month ago
When Halsey said I have really short lashes and the moment she applied mascara I'm like girl you have the most beautiful eyes with really long lashes.. 😍😍
A L M O N D M I L K - Month ago
Halsey looks so beautiful even without makeup 😍💜
JINYU ZHANG - Month ago
Max Oj
Max Oj - Month ago
i love her so much
Fabio Brito
Fabio Brito - Month ago
Vc é maravilhosa! AM Manaus- Brasil
Heather Davison
Heather Davison - Month ago
...can put on false lashes with one hand tied behind my back during a zombie apocalypse LOL Great tips love the high to drugstore used and dewy will always win with me. Thanks!
Neha atwe
Neha atwe - Month ago
What was that 13:55 😳
Neha atwe
Neha atwe - Month ago
World biggest musician giving makeup tips, 😂 I dont know anything I love this lady so much
Neha atwe
Neha atwe - Month ago
Ahhh she is so cuteeeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I love her 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
이해림 - Month ago
i love you Halsey
Cynthia Raftus
Cynthia Raftus - Month ago
What is the brand of the first mascara you put on, the super goopy thick one for darkness ...
Chandramoni Dhibar
Chandramoni Dhibar - Month ago
Whenever I see her I think of boy with luv by BTS CAUSE I AM A ARMY 💜💜
Angelina Jennilia
Angelina Jennilia - Month ago
When she uses barbara sturm, the sound of her opening it and putting it on her palm sounds like ASMR to me
Joyce Rivera
Joyce Rivera - Month ago
she's a Total artist 👌🏻
ARMY Borahee
ARMY Borahee - Month ago
My love Halsey ♥️
Lucky Sh*t
Lucky Sh*t - Month ago
~Daphne Amy's World~!
~Daphne Amy's World~! - Month ago
I remember when Dishnation talk about when people was talking her being mixed and she was embarrasing her Black side at least she wasn't being a colorist like many celebrities I didn't get it always something negative to find when people didn't start negativity for real smh 🤷 I think she is cool 😍
Ele - Month ago
I love her chill aprlachable personality. I think she s super artistic and just effortlessly cool
Davionna - Month ago
GORGEOUS 😍💕 she's so cute ❤️
Apples - Month ago
Thankq you are soo pretty God Bless you 😊🌷🌹
Roseanne 16
Roseanne 16 - Month ago
Halsey looks white here
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