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Vanessa Bravo
Vanessa Bravo - Day ago
Please do a video like this with selena Gomez!!
Julia Dworakowska
Julia Dworakowska - Day ago
girl, you're wasting so much product by rubbing it into hands!
Daisy Ann Dañosos
Daisy Ann Dañosos - Day ago
Pls put camilla cabello skin care and make up routine pls huhuhu and taylor swift for sure thats gonna be millions in jusy few hours
Lolita Gurl
Lolita Gurl - Day ago
I just love Halsey ... I love her
she just climbed my list of fave artist and took No. 1 of it
Sam Freels
Sam Freels - Day ago
10:51 Mission Impossible, Glitter Nation.
ArnoldsK - Day ago
She's so gorgeous!
The Felly
The Felly - Day ago
where is evan
Lili Blanch
Lili Blanch - Day ago
she is not that pretty with no photoshop 🤮
Ayesha Tahir
Ayesha Tahir - Day ago
Hey antieeeeeee
Carly Jun Allen
Carly Jun Allen - 2 days ago
I've been swearing by this elf brow gel for YEARS and discovering Halsey uses it alongside her $300 eye cream is wonderful.
Jéssica 525
Jéssica 525 - 2 days ago
So beautiful ❤️
beyondthe scene
beyondthe scene - 2 days ago
Halsey im a fan and i know a liitle about make up if u put consellor right under your eyes without living that 1cm space it will make your eyes smaller so here is my advice put the conseloor 1cm under your eyes
Santos - 2 days ago
Halsey with short hair is my religion
KateTheGreat - 2 days ago
i love how much drugstore makeup she uses!!
Aleyna Buba
Aleyna Buba - 2 days ago
Her makeup was really good
Agus !!
Agus !! - 2 days ago
I Love her, but one with @LeaMichele will be incredible
Tata Kirs
Tata Kirs - 2 days ago
Я не понимаю, что она говорит, но это интересно
shiva alaee
shiva alaee - 2 days ago
no wonder her make up looks good all the time, she does many layers and does it like painting on canvas
Mick S.
Mick S. - 3 days ago
“She will do a perfect makeup YouTuber” kind of great makeup ~Love her❤️
ANY J - 3 days ago
She is so talented!!!!🍒🍒
Ari Dubis
Ari Dubis - 3 days ago
My god she’s perfect and absolutely stunning without makeup
Gemini 616
Gemini 616 - 3 days ago
I use the same elf eye brow palette and it is absolutely amazing! Probably the only thing that makes my eye brows look good and natural not too done I like that
ickythump333 - 3 days ago
She's super nice when she's not trying to be edgy and different. I like when she's real lmao.
Steve Jessie
Steve Jessie - 3 days ago
I would never care how goofy you look doing this 😂
stapleskeri love bts
stapleskeri love bts - 3 days ago
She is a beautiful person inside and out. And not to mention, how artistic is that make-up tho
When she puts her hair out, I was just like WOW 😍😍😍
Rachel Autumn
Rachel Autumn - 3 days ago
I feel like I would live my life differently if I used expensive skincare products
Elizabeth Demon
Elizabeth Demon - 3 days ago
I love the fact that she's extremely human. Really modest attitude, so humble. Like i could imagine just talking to her like i talk with any friend of mine. Absolutely fascinating.
Dyanni Borjas
Dyanni Borjas - 3 days ago
So down to earth I love her
Nic Coast
Nic Coast - 3 days ago
She looks like a little baby without makeup, so cute !!
Anahita Asiabar
Anahita Asiabar - 3 days ago
I want to hear stories with your voice 🤩
Anahita Asiabar
Anahita Asiabar - 3 days ago
Beauty halsey
AMY STHOPIER FCO - 4 days ago
Olivi M
Olivi M - 4 days ago
Is it charlies puth bath?
Forever Perfect✨✨✨💗
Timique TV
Timique TV - 4 days ago
I love watching your videos 🤗 please check out my skincare channel and show some love😉 #sub
Elin Hägglund
Elin Hägglund - 4 days ago
Totally like me. More glow use highlighter in foundation after and a glowing setting spray. Plus love colors bold stuff aaand also totally more for Moisture in lipsticks cant handle matte drying lipsticks =) short Eyelashes, sparse eyebrows feel ya. Hehe lots of recognition here. Thanks for the video also =) 🌺sharing your routine. I think that look, looks 👌
Nayah Somsaeng
Nayah Somsaeng - 4 days ago
Ashley is so stunning
Violet luna
Violet luna - 4 days ago
Naomiytch - 4 days ago
God she's so pretty. I tried following this and ended up looking SO cringe and ugly (nothing new in my life lol)
hey stOb it
hey stOb it - 4 days ago
Her idea for the album and what she did for “Manic” is incredible. She is honestly such an inspiration.
hey stOb it
hey stOb it - 4 days ago
wow imagine looking pretty with or without makeup-
Ashley is way too beautiful for my eyes. She’s so talented !!!
Jessica Baus
Jessica Baus - 5 days ago
Halsey is so beautiful. I feel like I get emotional when I see her like this ugh. Just. Everything about her 🥺
Yazmin Noel
Yazmin Noel - 5 days ago
Omg!!! I love you face,is beutifull ❤
celeste MMLL
celeste MMLL - 5 days ago
Just to.go to the supermarket ..like casual
내가방봤니 - 5 days ago
언니 진짜 너무 귀엽다 love you
ysera wannabe
ysera wannabe - 5 days ago
In the description you say ardell 174 natural but halsey said ardell wispies..mmm can someone explain?
Moldir Meyirbek
Moldir Meyirbek - 5 days ago
So beautiful
aziz touli
aziz touli - 5 days ago
I love you so much halsey
Karen090807 - 6 days ago
was considering doing a 51yr old mom (me) Dollar Tree makeup tutorial...like a parody
Bobbi B.
Bobbi B. - 6 days ago
I had hair that short two years ago and have been growing it out. Now that I’m watching this I’m like, “cut it cut it cut it.”
icebbie - 6 days ago
Her skin is awesome
yoongiverse. ee
yoongiverse. ee - 6 days ago
good lord, she's gorgeous 🥰🥰
alejandra Mendes
alejandra Mendes - 6 days ago
Putos los que le dieron "👎"
Alieza Renee'
Alieza Renee' - 6 days ago
I use the Laneige sleeping mask as lip balm whenever I’m in my bed. It’s amazing!
LİLY FİLM - 6 days ago
Turkish fans love you
LİLY FİLM - 6 days ago
Always be happy
LİLY FİLM - 6 days ago
You so beautiful women
LİLY FİLM - 6 days ago
Your eyes so lovely
LİLY FİLM - 6 days ago
You are the best
LİLY FİLM - 6 days ago
Love you Halsey
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