THEY MAKE YOU MAD! - Tabletop Games Reaction!

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MiNtYT - 4 months ago
Pen me chermux
MiNtYT 2
MiNtYT 2 - 10 days ago
Ogga bogga nigara water
E. Vermeir
E. Vermeir - 18 days ago
Ed Cullig
Ed Cullig - Month ago
Pin... Pen..... Whats the difference?
Jameson_ harkness180
Jameson_ harkness180 - Month ago
Wow he actually pinned you
I went to my friends house a couple week go *MY INTELLECT IS DW OK NWINDELIMG*
Savage_ Jack
Savage_ Jack - 4 hours ago
I summoned my charizard.

*on attack mode*
RANDOM THINGS YT - 6 hours ago
Charmex (or however you spell his name): why is he in jail
Me: *facepalms so hard I break my skull*
chilli bean34
chilli bean34 - 8 hours ago
IS it just me or... is that guy that says "what you just witnessed is family game night" 10000% blocko from life noggin.
pikachugaming 7744
pikachugaming 7744 - 13 hours ago
i have 2 full metal cases of pokemon
and i know how to play
Sandy McIssac
Sandy McIssac - Day ago
3:30 what's that supposed to mean huh?
Jamie Lloyd-Fuller
Jamie Lloyd-Fuller - Day ago
8:23 I know how to play pokèmon cards
big chunges big chunges
hitter miss
big chunges big chunges
Hoyt miss
Michael Plays
Michael Plays - 2 days ago
Michael Plays
Michael Plays - 2 days ago
BabyMahdy - 2 days ago
ayyy captain america toy guy i like beyblades too!
Mengfei Tang
Mengfei Tang - 2 days ago
He has the charzard
Heather Hasch
Heather Hasch - 2 days ago
I think it because he was in jail in monplay
TheOffical HiddenMaster
3:00 he is in jail from monopoly
Strike - 3 days ago
ugh how dare you insult us Canadians. We the Canadians will defend ourselves by saying sorry to earape you lol for Canada
Doug Foster
Doug Foster - 3 days ago
Listen to the remix
Donna Nelson
Donna Nelson - 4 days ago
Falcon punch
Shadow_bunny 367
Shadow_bunny 367 - 5 days ago
Did you know that was Ricegum 6:42
LEGO C boy
LEGO C boy - 5 days ago
i played chess v 95 people and i was in first soooooo want to play chess ?! hummmmmmmmmmmmm?
Julian Perez
Julian Perez - 6 days ago
One of the guys sounds like blocko
Johannes Vivian
Johannes Vivian - 6 days ago
Like and comment if you like bay blades
Johannes Vivian
Johannes Vivian - 6 days ago
Ps I hate the burst, but it is a huge challenge, and I LOVE it but hate it
TheMightyWolfy - 7 days ago
OH YEA? Well i summon my Pikachu! In defence mode!
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox - 7 days ago
Should be called guns and ladders
Raiden Del Rosario
Raiden Del Rosario - 7 days ago
When he was playing monopoly and he was in jail
ZacMor Griz
ZacMor Griz - 7 days ago
Magic the gathering is fun
the Ultima
the Ultima - 7 days ago
Can I just say the game he described is a... Business tycoon
Tomkingsten YT
Tomkingsten YT - 7 days ago
Watch the remix. Its awesome.
Christian Rendon-trejo
Christian Rendon-trejo - 8 days ago
Remember in the start he got to jail so when he started he was still in jail
Mordecai Burgess
Mordecai Burgess - 8 days ago
Sorry I’m late to this, he is in a cell cuz in monopoly he well is in jail
Go with the flow gaming
Hey I am Canadian
ReolisticGoast - 8 days ago
MTG What does that mean? First to find out I subscribe to!!
Ivailo Petrov
Ivailo Petrov - 8 days ago
Yo gi oh op
theodd3sout - 8 days ago
1:02 1:14
Alexandra Popkey
Alexandra Popkey - 8 days ago
He was in jail because he was playing monopoly and he went to jail 2:08
Alexandra Popkey
Alexandra Popkey - 8 days ago
I meant 2:07
panda gaming
panda gaming - 11 days ago
no no no no no noooooooo the game was not made by Canada people made sorry I was going to sub but no I'm Canadian I hate you man f you
Tantrum KZA
Tantrum KZA - 11 days ago
Pen pineapple apple me charmx
Colin Mark
Colin Mark - 12 days ago
Chaotic was my SHIT, FAM!
B4nster - 12 days ago
ULTRA Walther
ULTRA Walther - 13 days ago
Beyblade bayblade let it rip let's fight an epic battle,face off and spin the metal no backing down now.
Toxic Waste 306
Toxic Waste 306 - 13 days ago
*Playing chess with sibling*
Me: *moves piece*
Sibling: *Grins*
"At that moment he knew he fucked up"
Overseer Council member-10
🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁Lol sorry was probably created by a Canadian
Hockeypro 54
Hockeypro 54 - 14 days ago
Pen me too
Drago knight
Drago knight - 15 days ago
I know the game called Buddyfight it's very cool I have a South the only one in this the only states that has Buddyfight in the south is California it's pretty cool Buddyfight is where you can find your favorite card make it your buddy and there's a whole lot of rules but that's really not that many 10 rules that's it and the best part is there's these cards called item cards which you can join the fight but that leaves your defensive system not well let's just say you can the opponent to strike you a whole lot when you have item card there's balance people
Drago knight
Drago knight - 15 days ago
Well I told him well you going to pay that man cuz that's not in the movie
IDont Now
IDont Now - 15 days ago
2:06 because he is in jail 0:55
Mason Dewey
Mason Dewey - 15 days ago
I played sorry before simple
Olivia Knoflook
Olivia Knoflook - 15 days ago
Can’t you have got to stop pausing the video and stop talking so much
Nicole Lotuz Primicias Ortiz
I'm pooping while watching this and my poop smells bad
Lunar Dreamcatcher
Lunar Dreamcatcher - 15 days ago
“Whoever came up with this is definitely not a evil genius.”
I cant tell if he is joking or not...
Crazy.T - 15 days ago
Ismael Mandujano
Ismael Mandujano - 16 days ago
I also prefer bablade
The 2nd to 1st Animations
The reason he is in a cell is because he was playing monopoly and went to jail because of the beginning
Aaron Munn
Aaron Munn - 16 days ago
Hit or miss
Jaheer Gamer
Jaheer Gamer - 10 days ago
I guess they never miss HaH
Omega_Cyber _X
Omega_Cyber _X - 16 days ago
Omega_Cyber _X
Omega_Cyber _X - 16 days ago
Did Captain America say Beyblades?
Omega_Cyber _X
Omega_Cyber _X - 16 days ago
I love them.
Omega_Cyber _X
Omega_Cyber _X - 16 days ago
At 8:57
The White Panther
The White Panther - 16 days ago
Heather Morrow
Heather Morrow - 16 days ago
Why he’s in that jail is because he was playing monopoly he was in jail
Keefer Zan Cabales
Keefer Zan Cabales - 16 days ago
Oh I do know how to play Pokémon tcg
I'mA Noob
I'mA Noob - 16 days ago
That person is life nogin the black hair and suit
Kaid Nader
Kaid Nader - 16 days ago
3:28 fuck you Captain America I am Canadian
MJ2468lol Lol
MJ2468lol Lol - 17 days ago
His in monatle jall =|
Vv1 Beast
Vv1 Beast - 17 days ago
Gray Lincoln
Gray Lincoln - 17 days ago
The lucky seven , the crazy eight and the power nine
Savage boy 81 111
Savage boy 81 111 - 17 days ago
I love tycoon games
Yamu Yamu
Yamu Yamu - 17 days ago
Sorry is Kızma birader in turkish
Kızma birader=Dont get mad dude
Wenther Plays
Wenther Plays - 17 days ago
I actually learnt how to play chess when I was 4 😂
dawnhamblet - 18 days ago
Shut up caption American
dawnhamblet - 18 days ago
Fuck of that is reasis
Chemistry with Mrs. K
Chemistry with Mrs. K - 18 days ago
I play magic the gathering 😎 yah I’m a nerd 🤫shhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone.
MrHiYeet - 18 days ago
He was in jail because he was playing monopoly and he was in jail.
Maressa Carpenter
Maressa Carpenter - 18 days ago
He is in a Celery because he is in jail because he got in jail the game in the first place
HungSowlow85 - 19 days ago
Tf no recommended videos
HungSowlow85 - 19 days ago
Its so funny that im the only kid in a school of 367 students that can play pokemon tcg magic the gathering and yugi-oh and i collect cards for the 3of those
Tony Murillo
Tony Murillo - 19 days ago
11:32 Top 10 most annoying video game characters
Kim Baulete
Kim Baulete - 19 days ago
He is in a jail cell because they were playing monopoly and he was in jail
Muffin Time
Muffin Time - 20 days ago
Why Canadians
Erik Playz
Erik Playz - 21 day ago
I love magic the gathering
cami Ochoa
cami Ochoa - 21 day ago
How do you play chess
xXraftedXx - 21 day ago
zenox04 dual
zenox04 dual - 22 days ago
Am i the only one who knows how to play monoloply
R M - 23 days ago
I made up a game called ROPES and ladders!!!
doki doki fan boy
doki doki fan boy - 23 days ago
I LOVE chess
doki doki fan boy
doki doki fan boy - 23 days ago
I know how to play the card game
Jai Ridolfo
Jai Ridolfo - 24 days ago
I’ve won 5 chess games

Am I smart
The Gamer
The Gamer - 25 days ago
2:40 it’s die not I have a dice
Doc_Main 104569
Doc_Main 104569 - 25 days ago
I like chess
John Kalivas
John Kalivas - 26 days ago
I recently made a board game, it was a vocabulary game for school and surprisingly it’s actually pretty fun.
John Roberts
John Roberts - 26 days ago
I’m on google earth I saw a place called niger
awesomecatgamer 101
awesomecatgamer 101 - 26 days ago
I'm great chess I beat my bro more times he beat me
Ultra Electric Man
Ultra Electric Man - 27 days ago
Play Monopoly Deal (Card game)
Yongqiang Zhang
Yongqiang Zhang - 28 days ago
I love chess
Mochi Hooman
Mochi Hooman - 29 days ago
*Hit or miss*
Maria Perez
Maria Perez - 29 days ago
charmax I like the intro do you
Dianna Foley
Dianna Foley - Month ago
I love chess!👎
Hugh Drumm
Hugh Drumm - Month ago
1:30 Blocko!!!! From life noggin!
Lps Anna
Lps Anna - Month ago
I liked the old intro better
Eek Peek
Eek Peek - Month ago
Shits and lads
Storm Star
Storm Star - Month ago
'When they get famous people that aren't actors, it probably won't be the best'
i hear A Star is Born is pretty good.
Andromeda Planet
Andromeda Planet - Month ago
Uno! Si! Wait is that 1 and 6 or 1 and 2 in Spanish?
Pun count: 1
Oh well let's go scrabble around
Pun count:2
1:14 aaaAAAAAAAHHH!!!
Pun count: -999
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