THEY MAKE YOU MAD! - Tabletop Games Reaction!

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MiNtYT - 7 months ago
Pen me chermux
MihaiCreeper - 6 days ago
Crzy Goldn
Crzy Goldn - Month ago
Chermux Pinned it
Reas81 Aj
Reas81 Aj - Month ago
mc firepower r/wooosh
The Awesome Minecraft
The Awesome Minecraft - Month ago
Why did you get pinned? you spelled pin wrong and you spelled charmx wrong so like how ?🤔
Ministerio Franklin Garcia Curiel
Correction: Charmx
Julian Rees
Julian Rees - 13 hours ago
Me Canadian and idk if sorry is Canadian
:POof The Edgy gacha
The Phaser
The Phaser - 5 days ago
3:54 I didn’t know this was a sponsored video
Kenneth Figueroa
Kenneth Figueroa - 6 days ago
Carmix i know how to play pokemon the card game
gaming with unknown0_o777444
11:10 u have friends and don't just sit there on the computer all day
William Kauffold
William Kauffold - 6 days ago
I don't find monopoly to be annoying
Damian Rosell
Damian Rosell - 8 days ago
I know how to play
ROBLOX gaming man Duplissea
What ya trying to say about canadians huh i dont know if u mean were nice or mean I
Illuminati master Trolololol
Lennon Sliger
Lennon Sliger - 14 days ago
I beat a computer in challenging mode.
Kim Clarke
Kim Clarke - 11 days ago
that means it went easy no u :)
DinozGamez - 14 days ago
Fuck captain
kitty cat
kitty cat - 14 days ago
The English royal family banned monopoly 😂😂😂😂
Gacha LilQ
Gacha LilQ - 16 days ago
Preach cap preach beyblades are dope!!!!!!!!
wan noraini wan abdullah
wan noraini wan abdullah - 16 days ago
Did Captain America said beyblede instead of Pokemon cards
Frappeboy FRAP
Frappeboy FRAP - 16 days ago
I collected Pókemon cards but never played them ;-;
Dr. Oof
Dr. Oof - 17 days ago
3:29 racist
Derek Abbey
Derek Abbey - 19 days ago
Make a actual no reaction video
Elishia Williams
Elishia Williams - 19 days ago
try tapped out, it's a management game and it's the simpsons
XxPermanent PlayzxX
XxPermanent PlayzxX - 23 days ago
You: My dad died
TheOdd1sout: Yeah, they do that
A.F Gaming
A.F Gaming - 23 days ago
im a huge MTG player
IreneGaming 1975
IreneGaming 1975 - 25 days ago
How did you not realize he was dissing Ricegum
Excuse me?
Excuse me? - 26 days ago
When you have an UNO,

And your friend right beside you pulls out the colour changer plus four
NoobiXD LOL - 22 days ago
Linc.Land - 26 days ago
Kaptein Modji
Kaptein Modji - 27 days ago
He was i monopely he is in jail
Tobythe D0G
Tobythe D0G - 27 days ago
8:56 me too!
Agnes Loreen Gatchalian
Agnes Loreen Gatchalian - 27 days ago
When you and the computer lose
true requium
true requium - 27 days ago
CooperTrooperTV - 27 days ago
Someone my dad knows found an old magic the gathering card and sold it for 8 grand
Faith is the cutest dog
Faith is the cutest dog - 28 days ago
Who is watching in 2019 and now that the bird was the same bird that ATE HARRY 😭 😭
Ethan Abrar
Ethan Abrar - 29 days ago
I love Beyblade
Li - 29 days ago
10000000000000000000 Years Later: Still Not Pinned
Sinister Deer
Sinister Deer - 29 days ago
If you didn’t already know, James friend Alex from ItsAlexClark challenged him to the chess boxing thing
LpsUniverse_chan & Roxy_chan Lover
How do u make ur intro
fortnite1294 w
fortnite1294 w - Month ago
When he said our species were doomed I laughed so hard I spotted out my water
Nelson Kupal
Nelson Kupal - Month ago
4:00 every simulator game ever
Dante WD
Dante WD - Month ago
I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!
Famouzwolf YT backup!
Famouzwolf YT backup! - Month ago
U remind me of my brothers friends dad
edit: do u have a son named Aries?
Aquiles Rafael Gomez
Aquiles Rafael Gomez - Month ago
House of Myth
Matthew White
Matthew White - Month ago
Is he irish
Kevun br gameing Th
Kevun br gameing Th - Month ago
i hate my 2nd grade teacher because she she......
got my card and rip it infront me and put in the bin. because i not listen teacher
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - Month ago
I know how to play PKMN
Piedmont Boat139
Piedmont Boat139 - Month ago
Life noggin?
Courtney Owuor
Courtney Owuor - Month ago
Raptor King
Raptor King - Month ago
me playing chess boxing:"thinking" of a move for 3 minutes
also me after thoose 3 minutes: beat the shit out of the other player
Alexander Cooper
Alexander Cooper - Month ago
9:29 look at the binder RIP Harry
beybladefortnite fda
beybladefortnite fda - Month ago
8:53 ayyy beyblade fan
Loogi - Month ago
Mirissa Young
Mirissa Young - Month ago
I love magic the gathering and yeah it can be very complicated most of the time but right now I’m 11 and I started when I was 6 so I’m ver y experienced. Also I beat a lot of people in tournaments for magic the gathering :) ( I even beat a 31 year old that played magic for 11 years) Ha I beat a more experienced player
Meli/melina - Month ago
Haha hitt or miss
Walter Frasca
Walter Frasca - Month ago
Cap, I’m Canadian
Kaden Gajkowski
Kaden Gajkowski - Month ago
U pause too much
Om Tube
Om Tube - Month ago
I love chess
Crazy Waffle
Crazy Waffle - Month ago
does anyone else think its weird he calles him james not theodd1sout
Keith Baker
Keith Baker - Month ago
Tic tac toe🦶🏻
Jaxx Take
Jaxx Take - Month ago
Is he trying to be mean to canadians if he is I'm canadian you now
Banana boy
Banana boy - Month ago
Jame's Mom aka peacemaker hahaha
fresh dipping sauce
fresh dipping sauce - Month ago
The force the other player to draw 3 cards is if they have like 2 leaft it will end the game
Holly funny girl
Holly funny girl - Month ago
alien text: miss
rihana text: hit
me univited chats with: hit or miss
alien text: I guess they never miss huh
Cal Cuz
Cal Cuz - Month ago
#all cards are the same #charmix
Lilia Chiforiuc
Lilia Chiforiuc - Month ago
*_666K SUBS_*
Steven Poveda
Steven Poveda - Month ago
Remember to take it out to show off
Sammykid 2
Sammykid 2 - Month ago
Please react to A Book I made as an adult, by Theodd1sout. Please do it.
CS [LEADER] The Royal Knight Confirmed

Slumber lil lemon
Slumber lil lemon - Month ago
SebbySensation - Month ago

You are a demon
LilChinYT - Month ago
666k subscribers? Ladies and gentlemen, this man is cursed
Reinbeckray - Month ago
spelled wrong [i think]
Reinbeckray - Month ago
hes in the cell because hes in jail in monopoly
Galaxy Dog
Galaxy Dog - Month ago
He was in a sell because he was in jail when they where playing monoply
Ninjaspy 8109
Ninjaspy 8109 - Month ago
Did anyone realize he has 666k subs
Angus K
Angus K - Month ago
The reason you would give your opponent three more cards is that once you draw you whole deck you lose
Plz like so people can see
Thorn'Tooth - Month ago
I am the ONLY one in my school who actually knows how to play the Pokémon card game.
Kęstutis Liutkus
Kęstutis Liutkus - Month ago
that was blocko from life nigin right???
Doomsdat - Month ago
In card games if you draw out your entire deck, you lose, so if you have 5 cards left and your opponent forces you to draw 3, you only have 2 cards or two turns until you lose
CartmanFrost11 - Month ago
Ha! This was the first ever The odds out video I ever saw. I found it by accident and it just showed up in my feed. Watched it and totally lied the channel.
gwen thomas
gwen thomas - Month ago
I know how to play pokemon card's
The Dife
The Dife - Month ago
Penn me
Jaden TheGamer90
Jaden TheGamer90 - Month ago
A chute is like a trap door where you can drop your laundry that's why it's called a laundry chute.....just wanted you to know
PZ 18
PZ 18 - Month ago
I have over 400 pokemon cards
PZ 18
PZ 18 - Month ago
I have a mega charizard ex and a charizard ex and if you want to fight my pokemon square up
Josh Chacon
Josh Chacon - Month ago
Yu-gi-oh is better the card games #rect
Jolanta Jolantele
Jolanta Jolantele - Month ago
Please react to furry remix
Le potato God
Le potato God - Month ago
Wait..hit and miss...GASP HIT OR MISS YEET
Butt Us
Butt Us - Month ago
Ay lil cap! I bet you were made in China!
Collin Reynolds
Collin Reynolds - Month ago
Trolls Pop
Trolls Pop - Month ago
Was greatest chess player is a nerd
Wolfie_ Chan
Wolfie_ Chan - Month ago
I have that charazard card
ARandom VideoMaker
ARandom VideoMaker - Month ago
Man the get out of jail free card is like a joke on the internet now
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - Month ago
Monopoly is like the breaking of relationships next to coin master
roberta dupuis
roberta dupuis - Month ago
I can’t believe cap said that sorry was made by Canadians I’m dying I’m Canadian
Arturo J Ayala
Arturo J Ayala - Month ago
James i challenge you to chess boxing!
just thinken studios
just thinken studios - Month ago
poon mah churmx
TincyTiny Sweettart
TincyTiny Sweettart - Month ago
He’s in his closet
Eagle Gaming
Eagle Gaming - Month ago
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