What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?

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LucasToyChest - 6 months ago
Do you have to recharge it?
Alec Lollita
Alec Lollita - 2 days ago
LucasToyChest maybe
iskander Vigoa
iskander Vigoa - 11 days ago
yeah but is free for life 😂😂
ostap vovk
ostap vovk - 23 days ago
Luke Clark its a joke
ostap vovk
ostap vovk - 23 days ago
Jason The MLG Gamer it’s a joke
The Three Year Gap
The Three Year Gap - Month ago
No it’s full of foam kid
Soughtsphinx99 - 12 hours ago
breaks $3000 Tesla surf board: "Yes!"
Alan Solis
Alan Solis - Day ago
Pacific beach
M Sharp
M Sharp - Day ago
The guy who is surfing it sucks and he is knee deep.
Strange Compilations
Strange Compilations - 2 days ago
Gray Stoilkovich
Gray Stoilkovich - 3 days ago
Alonso Gutierrez
Alonso Gutierrez - 3 days ago
He said bts
Dev. Music .Period
Dev. Music .Period - 5 days ago
You are a massive kook, not for not knowing about surfing, but for destroying a board
Dev. Music .Period
Dev. Music .Period - 5 days ago
Smh bro... I’m pretty upset that your “surfer” friend let you destroy that board... idk anyone who would just let someone destroy a good board... pretty upseting
G&C Production
G&C Production - 6 days ago
Jake Lawleee
Jake Lawleee - 6 days ago
7:57 is what you have
Aljaž Škrabolje
Aljaž Škrabolje - 7 days ago
9:32 thers a ladi in the bottom left
Denver S
Denver S - 8 days ago
does it self surf
AN LU - 9 days ago
Benjamas Tesla
Benjamas Tesla - 11 days ago
Can it surf itself? LOL😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SK_MC GAMING - 11 days ago
That guy surfing is a whole kook
Benjamin Escamilla
Benjamin Escamilla - 12 days ago
Y u break it
Lawrence Butler
Lawrence Butler - 12 days ago
Reminded me of that scene in surfs up when he was bouncing up and down on it
axeli7 - 12 days ago
This is to support tesla not to be best board in the world
Tiino - 13 days ago
Cheaply made like their cars
Skyerzen - 14 days ago
first: we all knew it would surf.
second: we all know what's inside
third: carbon fiber dust is toxic for you.
fourth: even though the board can surf, we all knew it was meant to be on a wall...
You did this for nothing...
Maureen Fitzpatrick
Maureen Fitzpatrick - 14 days ago
Do you need to recharge it I bought a Tesla cause of you I love you
bogart - 14 days ago
Nobody :

What’s inside: let’s break a limited edition 10,000$ surfboard to see what’s inside
Mike T
Mike T - 14 days ago
I too thought it was obnoxious of them to break the board just for the hell of it. But, then I realized the YouTube channel is called “What’s Inside”. Sooooo it kind of makes sense now.
Wondering IN NY
Wondering IN NY - 14 days ago
Great video- can you do what inside a catalytic converter?
Shaun R
Shaun R - 15 days ago
Don’t you dare break that styrofoam
Khang Đình Nguyễn
Khang Đình Nguyễn - 16 days ago
What's inside your car
DARREN Hassan - 16 days ago
Sell the carbon fiber lol
Adaria Butcher
Adaria Butcher - 17 days ago
Dr. Leacho
Dr. Leacho - 18 days ago
The waves are trash
Brenda Polo
Brenda Polo - 18 days ago
You could sell it for 15000 since you guys are famous cause it was touched by what’s inside and broken by you just sayin people would buy it
Bo Brown
Bo Brown - 20 days ago
I use a password book
Dylan Fletcher
Dylan Fletcher - 21 day ago
How could you destroy something like that
Nick F
Nick F - 21 day ago
As someone who loves surfing and teslas this really hurt my sole
The Titanium Dog
The Titanium Dog - 22 days ago
That snap was oldly satisfying
The Titanium Dog
The Titanium Dog - 22 days ago
Where is your son
Christian Chaney
Christian Chaney - 24 days ago
No you should have dismantled it
sparrow - 24 days ago
Hes not just heavy he is huge because those Tesla's that he put the bored in between are alot bigger then a normal car
Charles Gross
Charles Gross - 25 days ago
Ok seriously the people wanna know what is your net-worth
Unicorn Betrader
Unicorn Betrader - 26 days ago
How do you get that surfboard
Katie Bistrian
Katie Bistrian - 28 days ago
The waves aren’t even a foot tall... wait till swells
Oli Abrahams
Oli Abrahams - 29 days ago
1500 board and they don’t even have FCS II fins!!!
Danuka Thennakoon
Danuka Thennakoon - Month ago
That looks amazing
Scrub Crew!
Scrub Crew! - Month ago
Do you know what the Tesla models say

Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y
Answer: S3XY
High Uhh
High Uhh - Month ago
Now 199
Sherry Wilson
Sherry Wilson - Month ago
Sherry Wilson
Sherry Wilson - Month ago
NightBot - Month ago
the app doesnt work
Hit oder Shit
Hit oder Shit - Month ago
only 199 survive!
8luefin Ttv
8luefin Ttv - Month ago
That guy is so bad at surfing
Andrew Berry
Andrew Berry - Month ago
is that sam quentin beach?
Timo Rouw
Timo Rouw - Month ago
What's the range?
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah - Month ago
Dan:ok Elon musk I’m breaking your rare 1 in 200 surf board
Elon Musk:[vomiting] whyyyyyyyyyy
Gooxin - Month ago
You kook, I creamed when I saw this board, then saw you made a video and cried......
Rgf Dtg
Rgf Dtg - Month ago
It would be cool to see it on some actual waves
brayden young
brayden young - Month ago
I have an idea can you like stop cutting these damn things open and like just send me them in the mail I’m not understanding it
Idk Idk
Idk Idk - Month ago
*_can we just appreciate he didn't make the video 10 min long although he needed only 27 more seconds_*
Jason The MLG Gamer
Jason The MLG Gamer - Month ago
not worth the price waste of god dam money
Bird - Month ago
Tesla: lets make a surf board
Co workers: let’s make it the price of a car
Tesla: that’s how you get employe of the month
Beast Gang
Beast Gang - Month ago
hey daniel if you push the button on a supercharger cable 10 times while charging rainbows
lestliness - Month ago
uhh okay.. a beginner surfer on 1 foot closeouts... yeah that tells us everything.
Jeco Laud
Jeco Laud - Month ago
Can you guys do Hyperice’s Hypervault? Its new tech and how its very quiet around less than 70DB
Star Bazella
Star Bazella - Month ago
The best way is that I love it
Shelby Allman
Shelby Allman - Month ago
xCyborg Ninja
xCyborg Ninja - Month ago
Cars , flame throwers, and now surf board... And don’t forget about space
Aaron Huyen
Aaron Huyen - Month ago
3:29 lol
Zolikr X
Zolikr X - Month ago
What I took from this is don’t buy it
max novak
max novak - Month ago
I would think it would be a self driving surf board
Ian Tebeau
Ian Tebeau - Month ago
So u could by a surf board and paint it red and slap a Tesla sticker on it and it’s a Tesla surf board
vincenzo borzacchiello
I want a normal surfboard but I haven't enough money and you broke an expensive one....😭
Officially Jayden
Officially Jayden - Month ago
bezludny - Month ago
No stringer inside? Wtf?
phil bennett
phil bennett - Month ago
Bs he cant surf
Tobias Forge
Tobias Forge - Month ago
I hate when people destroy / waste things just to get clicks ... Any real surfer could have just tapped on the board with their finger and told you exactly what was inside of it.
vincenzo borzacchiello
Infact, I am a surfer and I want a New good board and they broke an expensive one. Ps. That board is very cheap without the word "Tesla"
Poonnapat Xu
Poonnapat Xu - Month ago
I use iCloud Keychain & Google's Password something.
Poonnapat Xu
Poonnapat Xu - Month ago
I use iCloud Keychain & Google's Password something.
Aneuo - Month ago
$3000 for a foam board , Yo what’s going on here?!
Sample are Good
Sample are Good - Month ago
vincenzo borzacchiello
You are the only person who know something about surf I Think 😂😂😂😂. You can have a foam board with about 100$
master j ninja :xbox gamer tag
Next you know Tesla makes a Tesla pencil
The BEAST is here
The BEAST is here - Month ago
master j ninja :xbox gamer tag yep
Profesor Geografik
Profesor Geografik - Month ago
Elon Must dont look of that!
also, i have a request. Go to my YT channel and put the like bellow or leave a comment for ranges. thanks, peace! :D
Daniel Jeleń
Daniel Jeleń - Month ago
done. good luck man :)
Nikodem Nikodem
Nikodem Nikodem - Month ago
no problem m8!
Anna Maj
Anna Maj - Month ago
Dori - Month ago
why would u destroy a board that is so rare for views
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