Terence Crawford: I'm the best switch-hitter in boxing | Max on Boxing

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Christian Primeaux
Christian Primeaux - 2 days ago
Crawford does have options. 1.Danny Garcia is the top contender for the WBO. 2.Pacquiao 3.Lipinets
mancave THEATER
mancave THEATER - 16 days ago
Glad Crawford handled kellerman in a very intelligent manner when it comes to the outside looking in of the sport of boxing😊(my current favorite professional fighter) max has persuasive arguments but Crawford can read between the lines lol
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz - 17 days ago
This guy so fake when he will fight someone real
Ice Mane Shampagnee
Ice Mane Shampagnee - 18 days ago
T Crawford: Im the best switch hitter in boxing.

Old Ironsides
Old Ironsides - 21 day ago
I’m the best boxer with colitis.
Karlo Carillo
Karlo Carillo - 22 days ago
Benitez is better by far in terms of instincts
whatever9042 - 23 days ago
Manny is not in that category as best switch hitter? The guy is literally ambidextrous. I’ve seen him put people on the canvas with both his left and right hand
whatever9042 - 23 days ago
Bro you never fought a big name fighter. You’re not a prize fighter that’s why no one wants to fight you
lony barnes
lony barnes - 23 days ago
Bud is considered p4p the best boxer in the world by Max, not Errol Spence
Lord Shmily
Lord Shmily - 23 days ago
Why these american undefeated fix boxer fighter claiming everything on boxing😂
Thats what you get for idolize gayweather😂😂
Luis Alberto Carrillo Bacab
You must prove to be the pound for pound , by getting top fighters
Aaron Whittington
Aaron Whittington - Month ago
Marvelous Marvin was the best switch-hitter ever. Don't get it twisted. Crawford's great. He can fight from both sides very well. However, ESPN is gassing this dude too much. Marvelous Marvin Hagler was a straight savage from both sides orthodox or southpaw. Crawford can get a little wreckless sometimes. He breaks down a little technically as the fight goes on. Lastly, he often drops his hands coming out of exchanges & you can follow him out and time him with big shots. Watch the Benavidez fight. Mean Machine also timed him coming out & dropped him. Hagler had no technical flaws fighting off either side.
sword fish
sword fish - Month ago
Is this boxers like mayweather, crwford,spence or other title holders can fight outside america like pacman did? To avoid speculations that theres no bias from judges?
TheStrokes - Month ago
He looks like tyler the creator
Christian Marsaw
Christian Marsaw - Month ago
christopher benson
christopher benson - Month ago
Who has fought for real p? p this resume is trash yes he is a good fighter at 140o and the WBO os trash
Mandla Woods
Mandla Woods - Month ago
Here after the knockdown
neil k.
neil k. - Month ago
I still don’t see how he is #2 p4p.
2Pac Shakur
2Pac Shakur - Month ago
Crawford ignorant. And you can see what kind of personality he has, someone who cannot take criticism. All the top PBC fighters at 147 would wash 🧼 Crawford! Oh and his team declined the fight with porter.
Jason Castillo
Jason Castillo - Month ago
this guy is full of himself. Wait til he actually fights someone who will give him a war.. so far he's been fighting bums in his era.
Technoman Blade Zeno
Technoman Blade Zeno - Month ago
George Boynape
George Boynape - Month ago
Terrence "Bankrupt" Crawford
Man Man
Man Man - Month ago
If that's the case why don't you fight some top fighters. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez - Month ago
But who wins the rap battle Max or Terrence
all business
all business - Month ago
Only Bruce Jenner goes harder at switch hitting than Terrence Crawford.
Nicandro uayan
Nicandro uayan - Month ago
no one cares
Ramil Mendoza
Ramil Mendoza - Month ago
Crawford ..Thurman will KO you
Selfmade Lifestyle
Selfmade Lifestyle - Month ago
No you not
Fight Brook or Porter and stop ducking them
Gich Raval
Gich Raval - Month ago
Who Crawford fought the best? No body.
Gregory Moore
Gregory Moore - Month ago
Craw is a charlatan and very delusional....
Dominique H
Dominique H - Month ago
This is all acting by the way. Terrence Crawford is a great fighter. However, he works for the same people who controlled Pacquiao's fighting career. He gives the same responses and stalls just like Pacquiao did and pretended as if he's been trying to fight top fighters. He's 33, he could be 100-0 and still not be a champion like fighter until he beats other real contending champs. Mayweather's portfolio shows that he's beaten these caliber of champions. Max Kellerman knows this. He knows who Crawford works for. Max has seen this situation plenty of times. Which is why he's coming at him with this energy. He knows they all have a job to do. Crawford is a robot period. He's being controlled. Watch the Stephen A Smith interview w/ him and you'll open your eyes to this illusion. It's going to be Mayweather vs Pacquiao for a big cash grab. Watch..
Marvin Tumbaga
Marvin Tumbaga - Month ago
Crawford: I switch to orthodox.
Pacquaio: I'm orthodoxcutioner.
Crawford: Oh really? so I switch to southpaw.
Pacquaio: I'm southpaw king!
Sanford gaming page
Sanford gaming page - Month ago
Crawford: I feel like I don't lose anything when I switch 😎

Max: that's BECAUSE you haven't FOUGHT NObody 😎😎
sethrotull1 - Month ago
Better than Hagler? This guy is punchy already. Not that he started out bright.
Caviar Thebrand
Caviar Thebrand - Month ago
Definitely not pound for pound & sucks at switch hitting looking at his last fight
Neighborhood_Heckler - Month ago
There's nothing to debate unless you have experience in the opinion you're debating
Justin Graham
Justin Graham - Month ago
I love max.thats not hating brother that's just real😂😂😂
Marcus Spartan
Marcus Spartan - Month ago
Delusional crawford, you can’t even fight porter. We all knew you beat more taxi drivers on your record. Pathetic! You are not even on the same page as thurman, boy!
Yea Ok
Yea Ok - Month ago
Yet he always gets beat up when he goes southpaw
Evar Florendo
Evar Florendo - Month ago
LOL Obviously you have not seen many of his fights then. Coz he fights about 85% more on a southpaw stance
Yea Ok
Yea Ok - Month ago
Evar Florendo i meant to say he starts getting tagged a lot when he goes southpaw and to me it looks like he’s much better fighting orthodox
Evar Florendo
Evar Florendo - Month ago
Beat up? But he's still undefeated🤦🏽‍♂️
bramble mat
bramble mat - Month ago
how many fights have you had crawford? your not even at amateur level. your wwb belts are nothing
260ne friend
260ne friend - Month ago
Cherry picking....if you want to dight spence and pacman...you should go to pbc
Anchelley Hernandez
Anchelley Hernandez - Month ago
He don’t agree because max know lol, Crawford vs porter will be a good one
ultimatenacho44 - Month ago
the best fighters are not fighting each other 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔
RxRamon - Month ago
Bud is my guy, but I don't like the tone he takes with Max. Max has a unique take on boxing based on his history with the sport.
Kermit Fletcher
Kermit Fletcher - Month ago
Max introduced weakness into the conversation not Crawford. (He who hath a ear to hear let him hear)
Kevin L.
Kevin L. - Month ago
How many relevant boxers has he actually beaten? 🤨
Ebenezer Ademola
Ebenezer Ademola - Month ago
@Kevin L. At this point you're just making excuses. Horn had Manny pressed up against the ropes taking shots several times during the fight. Bud didnt even let Horn get close to that, and forced Horn to hesitate before going on the offensive. Like I said, Bud embarrassed him. Manny had a lot more trouble in his fight, that's undeniable.
Kevin L.
Kevin L. - Month ago
@Ebenezer Ademola if you cant admit that the referees played a significant role in what occurred in both fights then you're being biased.
Ebenezer Ademola
Ebenezer Ademola - Month ago
@Kevin L. If you can't tell the difference in how Pac and Bud handled Horn, then you're being biased. Bud handled Horn every round before forcing a stoppage, Pac didn't.
Kevin L.
Kevin L. - Month ago
@Ebenezer Ademola round 9 should have been a TKO stoppage for Pac v Horn
Ebenezer Ademola
Ebenezer Ademola - Month ago
@Kevin L. Pac was getting smothered by Horn, what are you talking about? Meanwhile, Bud literally embarrassed him. Bud unified a division, and nobody in PBC wants to fight him at 147, for good reason.
Reydel Tabz
Reydel Tabz - Month ago
I'm the best! I'm the best but fighting unknown boxer !! Bullshit ESPN OVER PRMOTED THIS BOXER!
Rell - Month ago
Man wake me up when he fight Spence
Black Bull
Black Bull - Month ago
Ask Errol Spence who he's looking to fight, and Crawford's name never comes up. Don't blame Bud.
Johnny Vergas
Johnny Vergas - Month ago
He was just giving Crawford credit that teddy said that about him. He wasn’t hating 😂
Poeboy voice The mind of a black man
Look I’ve been trying to tell you Terence Crawford needs to join Floyd money team and get your paper
Karl T
Karl T - Month ago
Loma p4p
Rafael Lyle
Rafael Lyle - Month ago
fight a top 5 guy already
Big Corey
Big Corey - Month ago
Tyson fury schools this clown
bert tee
bert tee - Month ago
Bud just collecting checks on easy fights. His legacy may not be what he wants especially if the big names fight amongst themselves. He doesn't have top notch fighter on his resume (Gamboa Ain't it). He may be great but his resume has nothing but McDonald's & KFC jobs on it 😂
Alex Bolongaita
Alex Bolongaita - Month ago
Why is nobody clamoring for a specifically Crawford vs Thurman fight even before the fight with Pacquiao happened? They are about the same age and skill level but with different style of course.
Black Bull
Black Bull - Month ago
Thurman won't fight him. Thurman won't fight Spence either. He wants a Manny rematch and if he doesn't get that, he'll probably retire. He fights for the money at this stage. Spence don't want no smoke with Crawford. They won't cross the street. Spence was talking about Danny Garcia last week. smh
Robert Morel
Robert Morel - Month ago
Danny Garcia vs bud Crawford would be a good fight to see
Robert Morel
Robert Morel - Month ago
Who has Bud actually faught in his weight class? But he's in a tuff weight class.. pac man, Errol spence, porter, Danny Garcia, he needs to prove himself alot more before hes considered one of the best
Reydel Tabz
Reydel Tabz - Month ago
Robert Morel exactly he need to fight known boxer
alex cruz
alex cruz - Month ago
The beat p4p the best in the world rn
Joey Cordero
Joey Cordero - Month ago
Haha this guy crawford is so proud of himself! What happened to your fight with kavaliasuskas?! You got knocked down dude! You had a hard time with him. So many times you got rocked and you denied that you got knocked down! It’s crystal clear you went down! You’re so full of yourself. You’re just a good boxer never should be considered great at all. Fight a great fighter and that will be your downfall. Overrated and overhyped fighter along with lomachicken
kimbo slice
kimbo slice - Month ago
American ring referees should not take sides because this injustice is no longer because the athletes of boxing lovers do not trust the america referees and do not want to make matches in america this job is no longer poured justice terence cramford clearly fell referee did not say fucked 😡👊
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