Awkwafina's Grandmother Didn't See The Last 10 Minutes of Her Movie

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El Dub
El Dub - 9 hours ago
She's super real.
xelocin - Day ago
Chinese is not a language, Stephen.
Karina Mendoza
Karina Mendoza - Day ago
If you close your eyes, you’d hear Natasha Lyonne speaking lol.
Breanna Carels
Breanna Carels - 4 days ago
She reminds me of Natasha Lyonne ❤
Jonathan Sheneman
Jonathan Sheneman - 4 days ago
Musician? That’s a bit much.
YouAwakeYet - 5 days ago
So cool, her aunt from El Salvador
Iris - 6 days ago
I am actually really glad he didn't ASSUME she knew Chinese just because that was her heritage.
Osiris Adonis
Osiris Adonis - Day ago
Why can't you assume a Chinese person can speak Chinese?
Personal Cook
Personal Cook - 6 days ago
Yo. I also didn't see the last 10 minutes cause I had to take a dump. I saw up to the slow montage after they got the test results.
Aleksandra Peterwas
Aleksandra Peterwas - 7 days ago
I see Awkwafia. But I hear Natasha Lyonne
Rican Cobain
Rican Cobain - 10 days ago
This woman should be America’s sweetheart.
Esmeralda Martinez
Esmeralda Martinez - 10 days ago
Love her!!!
Lalalalala! - 10 days ago
I freaking love her! Watching the movie prob tomorrow! So happy it came to my area cuz it wasn't before
Dalyne Johnson
Dalyne Johnson - 11 days ago
I love Awkwafina.
Wilbe - 11 days ago
Get Natasha Lyonne and Awkwafina in a movie together right now!!!
Friis Torben Tappert
Friis Torben Tappert - 12 days ago
Real New Yorker. When I close my eyes I can almost hear Natasha Lyonne there.
Rebecca Evans
Rebecca Evans - 13 days ago
I see Awkwafina, I click Like
onelazysusan - 14 days ago
Not that many decades ago we in the US hid the truth from the dying, as well.
andeace23 - 14 days ago
I was blown away by her performance in this film. So good for her first major role.
Shahani Braga
Shahani Braga - 14 days ago
I didn’t even know this was an East Asian thing, I’m actually Filipino, indigenous, but when my dad was fighting cancer third time, my mom kept telling us NOT to tell him he’s dying... and it pissed me off as an asian american. But I understand it now 😥
Kathy Sl
Kathy Sl - 14 days ago
Wait...if she doesn't know Chinese, how did she wrote "government sanctioned" food articles in Beijing? She wrote them in English?!

I think she just made that story up....for entertainment....
Sophia Lynne
Sophia Lynne - 14 days ago
The trailer pretty much showed the whole movie unfortunately
feykabah - 15 days ago
This movie is brutal but beautiful. Man it will make you cry like you haven’t in a very long time.
omomoification - 16 days ago
Such a good movie!!!
Yuezhong Zheng
Yuezhong Zheng - 16 days ago
This film is SO GOOD! Everyone should go watch it!
Robbie Buckmaster
Robbie Buckmaster - 16 days ago
According to her biography she studied Mandarin from 2006-2008 in China. I think Colbert didn't do his homework.
Douglas Williams
Douglas Williams - 16 days ago
She's awesome, but that blouse.................
alfamusic - 17 days ago
Love this and love Colbert!! I had the great pleasure of performing a storytelling show in LA with her a few years ago, before she completely blew up! So proud to see her talent shine and her continuing to rep Asian Americans ❤️
Julie Liu
Julie Liu - 17 days ago
Elijah Hua
Elijah Hua - 17 days ago
Elijah Hua
Elijah Hua - 13 days ago
Ding Hao 仅仅从审美角度的确不是中国人的菜LOL😂
Ding Hao
Ding Hao - 13 days ago
@Elijah Hua 好,那你不是傻蛋,你是个蛋。多看看她过去作品,少霸凌别人。她的内在比很多美女好得多得多。
Elijah Hua
Elijah Hua - 14 days ago
Ding Hao 因为你拿Google翻译? 😂
Ding Hao
Ding Hao - 15 days ago
SUN WARRIOR - 17 days ago
Love her smoky voice and she's quite easy on the eyes as well
SA KAYI - 17 days ago
LuongoTHEmachine - 18 days ago
Keep on representing us Awkwafina, I'm so glad u getting the spotlight now!
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia - 18 days ago
She's naturally awkward.
Adam Azri
Adam Azri - 19 days ago
Well, she's officially in Marvel now, she's gonna go way up to the billion dollar class movies.. ..
Sheng Louis
Sheng Louis - 19 days ago
Chinese people would call it as a lie out of good intentions. ❤️
Tedison - 19 days ago
Funny how a blackout is a big deal to them.
-Proud Pinoy
GS - 19 days ago
That woman is awesome. She is so dope and breaking grounds in her own way.
19thHour - 20 days ago
Awkwafina: I'm from Queens.

Steve Rogers: Not another one...

Peter Parker:
Seong Park
Seong Park - 20 days ago
I leave now you not doctor.
Be1smaht - 20 days ago
barbie girl is what they play really
Adrian Alexander
Adrian Alexander - 21 day ago
So happy for her!!
Steven Guatemoc
Steven Guatemoc - 21 day ago
I love me some Awkafina ❤❤
LiS Wright
LiS Wright - 21 day ago
She needs a stylist:) I'm sure she's tiny, but whenever I see her it looks like she needs a makeover. But I saw the movie and it's very very good.
fairytale143 - 21 day ago
That wonton dialogue is my life!!
T Hunter
T Hunter - 22 days ago
she is really ugly
Bliss Treble
Bliss Treble - 22 days ago
She walks funny. I've never heard of this human before...
jadannie - 22 days ago
Is Chinese a language?? Shouldn’t Stephen Colbert ask if Awkwafina learned Cantonese, etc.?
bagondreamer - 22 days ago
7:16 "i'll keep that in mind" like what the actual f does that mean. Why would Colbert have that knowledge or the right to be the person tell her that...
Jentany - 22 days ago
Such a cute lady!
Y2K Blackout
Y2K Blackout - 22 days ago
Why did she name herself after a brand of water?
Hiruto sama
Hiruto sama - 22 days ago
she nailed the individualistic vs collectivistic culture.
Ryan Yu
Ryan Yu - 23 days ago
“How many wonton you want?” Is actually a very tough question to answer
lxgzmng - 23 days ago
So no ones gonna say it? "Speak Chinese?" 😂 I'm surprised she didn't correct him.
frankle326 - 23 days ago do so much more good than selling toothpaste and phones...
frankle326 - 23 days ago
I feel bad for her, I think deep down she despises herself for becoming a corporate product pusher; seems to me she has so much more potential...
Carla MSM
Carla MSM - 23 days ago
It is a beautiful film and she is great in it.
Queen of Andriaglatus
Queen of Andriaglatus - 24 days ago
Lolol I would be crushed if my grandmother did that
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 24 days ago
Mo - 24 days ago
Can we stop creating stereotypes that aren’t true? I’ve never heard of this type of “lie” in my family before and I’ve seen plenty of times people passed away.
qiling zhang
qiling zhang - 24 days ago
She can't represent China. She's Korean.Chinese stars aren't so ugly. I think it's Disney's racial discrimination.Deliberately find an ugly actor to uglify China。There is no problem with Chinese aesthetics, nor with American aesthetics. Disney's aesthetic problems
李木子 - 24 days ago
she's so cute and Im so happy for her
Code Deb
Code Deb - 24 days ago
Why doesn’t she mention that she studied Mandarin at a Chinese university for two years?
TheAGcollector101 - 24 days ago
She's awesome but all I'm thinking about is the bottled water brand.
Lucha Lew
Lucha Lew - 24 days ago
Listen to more Awkwafina!!
New York City Bitch, that's where I come from
Not where I moved to on Mom and Dad's trust fund
New York City bitch, that's how I'm rolling
You out-of-state fakes get your iPad stolen
Lion23city - 25 days ago
I hope she gets an oscar for this
Jay Kay
Jay Kay - 25 days ago
Awkwafina has Miley’s voice
Johnny Chen
Johnny Chen - 25 days ago
Well, that short, hit home like a bag of bricks...
KayanThePepper L
KayanThePepper L - 25 days ago
I am so proud of this woman! She shows girls you don't have to fit the mold... Don't let people type cast you. Do what you love and the rest will fall in place.
I also think Grandma walked away because she was touch and proud of her performance, but didn't want to show it. Her grandma is super adorable
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper - 25 days ago
Akwafina is charming, but I found it hard to watch this clip, because I kept waiting for that blouse to completely swallow her up.
Maryam Maged
Maryam Maged - 24 days ago
Adam - 25 days ago
She has beautiful hair.
KMM C - 25 days ago
I'm so proud of her
communistjesus - 25 days ago
Awkwafina should sue AquaFINA for ripping off her name..........Aquafina fine water in Latin my AS5eenonTelevision
NAT - 26 days ago
From "rapper" to "musician" very interesting lol so proud of her!!
David Cipriano
David Cipriano - 26 days ago
Awkwardfina. Lol
rubens20000 - 26 days ago
i like her but,no her stupid name.
i n d i g o
i n d i g o - 26 days ago
You speak Mandarin or Cantonese... not Chinese.
ladyshkspre - 26 days ago
I've gotta admit that when I first heard of Awkwafina a few years ago (when she was branding herself as a "hip-hop" artist), I was not a fan at all. Lately I have seen her in a few films and TV interviews and I have to say my opinion of her has changed quite a bit. She seems very intelligent and I'm very anxious to see this film. Also, I love that blouse she has on!
Patrick Wen
Patrick Wen - 26 days ago
I saw the movie and I am so happy she got a part in MCU as well and I wanna say 我爱你林家珍!even though you're probably gonna understand what it means lol
Carbon Feetprint
Carbon Feetprint - 26 days ago
This girl is talentless. There are so many better options out there. Can’t wait till her hype dies down.
SniperLyfe Parry
SniperLyfe Parry - 26 days ago
I am so happy for her 😍👏👏
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