Awkwafina's Grandmother Didn't See The Last 10 Minutes of Her Movie

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Adagio Breeze
Adagio Breeze - 2 days ago
I’m going to travel to
New York and riot the city if she isn’t nominated for an Oscar
Pixel Pluie
Pixel Pluie - 7 days ago
When she says "not bad" is the greatest's so
MrBoliao98 - 11 days ago
Awkwafina sounded like a rusty Singaporean, one piece one piece, it's acceptable.
C OP - 14 days ago
5:30 Why don’t you go back to Ireland then Stephen? It is tempting to remain silent after an ignorant “micro” aggression. The misconception that Americans of European descent aren’t the offspring of immigrants is one that most educated Americans comprehend and are emotionally capable of embracing. To the point that a person with a Dutch surname in the U.S. would jokingly self-efface by saying he/she doesn’t speak Dutch. People are ultimately influenced by novel ideas after all due to our physiological response to dopamine. Currently, the majority of estadounidenses: due to their proximity to Western Europe, have ancestry from Western Europe, but the U.S is ultimately populated by descendants of immigrants. This includes from other American countries (North, Central, South America), Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Diversity doesn’t mean antagonism. At the end of the day, we are all of the same race: the human race, and being able to embrace your kin of a different culture and slightly different appearance is the superior goal to that of discriminating based on ignorance.
KW-1000 - 14 days ago
Apparently, her teeth are from Queens too
HKim0072 - Month ago
I’m not Chinese, but it’s Mandarin or Cantonese. There is no such thing as Chinese language.
kelerews - Month ago
that movie had me in tears for at least an hour.
Don Vu
Don Vu - Month ago
Awkwafina for Oscar gold
Richard Caceres
Richard Caceres - Month ago
bring back tawk, please
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez - Month ago
Now she got a role for the mcu!!!!!!!!!🥰🥰
Shingo Hijo de Castro
Shingo Hijo de Castro - 2 months ago
Awkwafina looks like Rich Brian's biological twin.
MeGustaWHAT - 2 months ago
I've only ever heard this name in Bojack Horseman... and I am not at all disappointed by her personality. Wonderful charm, engaging af, only silly thing is as soon as she said she was from Queens I looked at her teeth and said yup. No idea how that NY bias came to be... xD
David Marquez
David Marquez - 2 months ago
*I'm so glad that finally, the real multiple cultures are starting to permeate in American and opening their eyes about society culture of individuality and collectivism.*
Gek Akuma
Gek Akuma - 2 months ago
Awkwarin haters here ?
OSCAR ESCAPA - 3 months ago
To me this is the best movie so far of 2019. Can't stress enough how much I recommend it👍👍👍
Ramon C
Ramon C - 3 months ago
She is so talented and lovely! I wish her every single success!!
sweetaman1993 - 3 months ago
So no one's gonna talk about it. No one's gonna mention that Colbert asked Awkwafina if she "speaks" Chinese...
brilliantatbreakfast - 3 months ago
I saw this film with my Chinese tai chi instructor (who is an amazing woman; one of those people who walks into the room and it's like the sun just came out). She said in Chinese the title is "Don't Tell Her", which is a MUCH better title.
Irram Sheikh
Irram Sheikh - 3 months ago
Looks like a great movie. Cant wait to watch it
Janine Saal
Janine Saal - 3 months ago
"Chinese" or Mandarin....👀
Layla Ali
Layla Ali - 3 months ago
What happened to the blaccent
Nikifuj908 - 3 months ago
Those last five minutes ARE excruciatingly important!
probablyajedi Rebel Scum
probablyajedi Rebel Scum - 3 months ago
"I gotta go cook. It's 5." This is the most true thing ever. Every Asian kid eats at the same time. XD
Sharon Bennett
Sharon Bennett - 3 months ago
As a Chinese it true ,we don't tell them the full truth
EJSFilms2K - 3 months ago
So this chick took her rap name from bottled water and she is famous now? Has anyone seen Idiocracy? How do i get off this planet?
El Dub
El Dub - 3 months ago
She's super real.
xelocin - 3 months ago
Chinese is not a language, Stephen.
Karina Mendoza
Karina Mendoza - 3 months ago
If you close your eyes, you’d hear Natasha Lyonne speaking lol.
Breanna Carels
Breanna Carels - 3 months ago
She reminds me of Natasha Lyonne ❤
Jonathan Sheneman
Jonathan Sheneman - 3 months ago
Musician? That’s a bit much.
YouAwakeYet - 3 months ago
So cool, her aunt from El Salvador
Iris - 3 months ago
I am actually really glad he didn't ASSUME she knew Chinese just because that was her heritage.
Gideon - 3 months ago
Why can't you assume a Chinese person can speak Chinese?
Personal Cook
Personal Cook - 3 months ago
Yo. I also didn't see the last 10 minutes cause I had to take a dump. I saw up to the slow montage after they got the test results.
Aleksandra Peterwas
Aleksandra Peterwas - 3 months ago
I see Awkwafia. But I hear Natasha Lyonne
Puerto Riconnect
Puerto Riconnect - 3 months ago
This woman should be America’s sweetheart.
Esmeralda Martinez
Esmeralda Martinez - 3 months ago
Love her!!!
Lalalalala! - 4 months ago
I freaking love her! Watching the movie prob tomorrow! So happy it came to my area cuz it wasn't before
Dalyne Johnson
Dalyne Johnson - 4 months ago
I love Awkwafina.
Wilbe - 4 months ago
Get Natasha Lyonne and Awkwafina in a movie together right now!!!
Friis Torben Tappert
Friis Torben Tappert - 4 months ago
Real New Yorker. When I close my eyes I can almost hear Natasha Lyonne there.
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