Miranda Lambert - Bluebird (From ACM Presents: Our Country)

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gloria shaeffer
gloria shaeffer - 9 hours ago
WOW!! Miranda Thank you ! that was beautiful, So good to see you happy .Love all of your music
Sonya Vanstone
Sonya Vanstone - Day ago
She’s super pretty!!!
Dereck Ramos
Dereck Ramos - 4 days ago
Blake fucked up! #CheersYall
Richard Hitti
Richard Hitti - 5 days ago
Agreed,the acoustic version is quite nicer.
Way to go Miranda/Rock on Lady :)
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson - 6 days ago
The goosebumps on my arms when I listen to this.
Courtney Ford
Courtney Ford - 6 days ago
Miranda your music always touches my heart, I went through and abusive relationship and have been out of it for about 3 years or so and this song reminds me of my journey
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts - 8 days ago
Best version of this song 💯💯💯💯 thank you Miranda 🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏🙏
Primitive Organic Garden and Guitar
That was so beautiful, thank you for sharing. Love the scenery and pickin geetar on the porch! this really brightened my day, thank you and cheers! you inspired me to play this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXbzwkcVkOs&feature=youtu.be
Richard Staley
Richard Staley - 9 days ago
Very nice Miranda!
Sithu Kyaw
Sithu Kyaw - 10 days ago
I am going to retire somewhere South in USA. Love the food and music there
Professora investidora
Professora investidora - 10 days ago
The best country artist
Vin C.
Vin C. - 11 days ago
wow, lovely setting, guitar playing, voice, and woman.
Sara Bonham
Sara Bonham - 11 days ago
So therapeutic. Thank you. I love your natural voice without all the production more.
Sylvain Morneau
Sylvain Morneau - 11 days ago
Rhonda Franklin
Rhonda Franklin - 12 days ago
LOVE YOU Miranda! thanks for the love and inspiration your music brings to the world! xoxox
Greg Davidson
Greg Davidson - 12 days ago
This is almost a direct rip off of Tyler Childers lady may. Did you really think no one would catch that? He has a bigger following than you think.
ILisy7 - 12 days ago
First of all, this woman looks amazing I saw her in concert back in 2016 or 2017 can’t remember but gosh her skin is beautiful. A natural beauty, I love her!
& I can always relate to her music. She said music is medicine and I couldn’t agree with her more.
When I first heard this song weeks a go I thought wow this song could not have come at a more appropriate time, with everything going on.
Kara Alvin
Kara Alvin - 12 days ago
i like your music
RebelRob34 - 13 days ago
This song (full version obviously) will reach #1.
gacha player
gacha player - 14 days ago
i love ur music its amazing
Bo Delco
Bo Delco - 14 days ago
She sounds great in real live acoustic
mikey dejon
mikey dejon - 14 days ago
You married a New York city boy... should've just married me 👍😌🤠 this voiceeeee🙌
Are You Prepared Nation
Are You Prepared Nation - 14 days ago
Miranda, you should go back to your roots; where you started. Your voice is so naturally beautiful. You should record an entire acoustic album of your songs. I believe it would go platinum.
The over-produced, altered music coming out of Nashville these days is garbage. I miss the bygone days of Roy (Rogers), Hank, Waylon, Johnny, Merle, Little Jimmy, and all of the original (voice) talented singers that built and made country (& western) truly great music, and they did it with only their natural voices and a guitar.
John Dolby
John Dolby - 14 days ago
I love your voice
Roger Osborn
Roger Osborn - 15 days ago
i loved your country songs , i am from Oklahoma city . be safe out there!
Kenneth Judd
Kenneth Judd - 15 days ago
I could not love this gal anymore following whole career just awesome
Joseph Matto
Joseph Matto - 16 days ago
I love miss miranda Lambert, she can sing for me Anytime...
Michael McNew
Michael McNew - 17 days ago
Miranda Lambert blue bird song Awesome! 🍀🍀🍀👍
Star Blum
Star Blum - 17 days ago
I have listened and watched you from day 1 .loved you always.
Katie Noble
Katie Noble - 17 days ago
Thank you so much ☺️
Colorado love ❤️
Charity Garland
Charity Garland - 17 days ago
I'm trying to learn this on the guitar. Can anyone tell what chords shes playing?
MusicIsMedicine - 17 days ago
That girl is glowing. Happiness looks good on you Miranda.
angel wings
angel wings - 18 days ago
Your a beautiful woman Miranda and you won you have a wonderful husband and child and you have a beautiful voice keep singing.
Mohammed rets
Mohammed rets - 18 days ago
go YOU i love you
Doug Beale
Doug Beale - 19 days ago
MarkS1356 - 19 days ago
Of course, another Country Singer that God Blessed with natural ability. No auto tune just straight up talent.
Rolando Rich
Rolando Rich - 19 days ago
Miranda is way to real, and i also think she knows that it costs 12.5 cents to make a 100 dollar bill. So you can't move her with fake money.
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez - 20 days ago
Miranda you could be famous and without needing a record label behind your name
Your fans would still love your music without all the glitz and glam and Barbie doll looks. Because your real raw beauty outshines the mainstream medias look on you.
Amaury Poitou
Amaury Poitou - 20 days ago
Best version of bluebird
MrCorvette32 - 20 days ago
John Chapman
John Chapman - 20 days ago
Awesome, Love the waterfall in the background, Love the Tennessee country maybe one day I can call it home.
Jana Kesvatera
Jana Kesvatera - 20 days ago
Mark Rigsby
Mark Rigsby - 21 day ago
Virus Hoax
Russell Turnage
Russell Turnage - 21 day ago
You have an amazing voice and I love the lyrics to bluebird.
LAURA PENROD - 21 day ago
Walk outside bear footed.
Rick Larson
Rick Larson - 21 day ago
Great just great thanks for sharing ! Lee
Marcus Harbison
Marcus Harbison - 21 day ago
That’s ridiculous... such a good voice.
Susana Espolong
Susana Espolong - 21 day ago
You cheered me up for the day. Thanks, both to you and YT.
rosey love
rosey love - 22 days ago
Love her as an artist. The emotion she gives through her music is amazing.
Rich Roberts
Rich Roberts - 22 days ago
so beautiful. the song was great also
Billy Mccaughey
Billy Mccaughey - 22 days ago
Brilliant and so real♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rhianna Rodrigez
Rhianna Rodrigez - 22 days ago
She actually looks better relaxing and singing instead with all the fancy clothes
lizzieloo69 - 22 days ago
Awesome as always miranda fro lizzie in the uk xxx
Pursuing The Heartland
Pursuing The Heartland - 22 days ago
My grandmas favorite (pretty bird) was the bluebird. She’ll always be the bluebird in my heart ❤️. Great song. Your voice and that natural spring are both beautiful sounds.
karen Tiede
karen Tiede - 22 days ago
I dance with my grandbaby to Miranda most days. Never tire of her.
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey - 23 days ago
Hey girl love 💑 this song is awesome. Congratulations on your wedding 💒
Sara Smile
Sara Smile - 23 days ago
It is medicine.
I just lost grams.
She was you.
I love you both. Thank you for your medicine. 💜
John Ng
John Ng - 23 days ago
awesome! true talent don't need auto tune! God Bless you and stay safe!
Wallie Hart
Wallie Hart - 23 days ago
NICE best country voice in the biz
Liam Lake
Liam Lake - 23 days ago
I love your voice
Michele Stout
Michele Stout - 23 days ago
Very soothing. Thank you ❣️
Joanne Douglas
Joanne Douglas - 23 days ago
Love 💕
Bodē Ghost Productions
Bodē Ghost Productions - 23 days ago
"Lightening In A Bottle" you are, Miranda. What a voice & beautiful inside & out. Love & Light to you all out there in YouTube Land and BeYoNd! 😉 💜 🍀 👻 🎶
countrygal0831 - 23 days ago
Well, well.... this was just lovely. I so wish that I knew how to play guitar... and I so wish I lived by a spring. What a beautiful place you have to relax and reboot. Lovely song!
Sarah Ramirez
Sarah Ramirez - 23 days ago
So like... I was told if I learned this song on my guitar I'd get 50$, and I'm a beginner but a quick learner.. does anyone know the chords and strumming pattern for this? 😅
Veronica Torgy
Veronica Torgy - 20 days ago
Always sounds easier than done. Lol. Just saying I'm a big rookie.
Sin City
Sin City - 23 days ago
Ashley McBryde 1000X better...!!! ❤️
David McGinley
David McGinley - 24 days ago
Laureen A
Laureen A - 24 days ago
Lynda Jenean M
Lynda Jenean M - 24 days ago
Humble HS
Humble HS - 24 days ago
Samuel Gemette
Samuel Gemette - 24 days ago
This Cali 26 year old boy who has strong pop roots listens to everything and the stuff in between. Just fell in love ❤️
Christopher Murphy
Christopher Murphy - 24 days ago
Wow she’s actually good. This is a breath of fresh air. Please make more acoustic honest music
Have A Great Day
Have A Great Day - 24 days ago
❤ 🐦
Sandra Jean
Sandra Jean - 24 days ago
You look really young!!
Michelle Do Tell
Michelle Do Tell - 24 days ago
So beautiful. The animals in the woods probably like it too!!🙃
Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray - 24 days ago
Devil Dog US Marine
Devil Dog US Marine - 24 days ago
Is this the idiot that married that one douche cop
Andie - 24 days ago
you look better without makeup

not saying you dont look good in makeup
Jane Gray
Jane Gray - 24 days ago
WOW! That's some Large forehead!
SARGE BULLDOG - 24 days ago
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