Bill Belichick Mic'd Up vs. Packers "Do you have an extra sharpie?" | NFL Films

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Stephen Daly
Stephen Daly - 5 hours ago
Can someone tell me who is doing the commentary on this game please?
MrTankHard - 11 hours ago
I love how calm he is during touchdowns. Like, "I expect this mother fuckers" nothing to celebrate here. The AFC is gonna be the wild wild west when he finally retires. And at this point I don't think he retires (he's already been divorced, has a girlfriend). I think this guy is in it till he's dead.
Cason Richter.
Cason Richter. - 16 hours ago
Listen to him talk through the scenarios football is all about scenarios and getting your team into the right position at the right time . all time genius he’s the greatest coach of all time
Zac Grant Aviation
Zac Grant Aviation - 23 hours ago
All I see is a coach whining at the officials!
Sherry Inness
Sherry Inness - 3 days ago
Greatest coach EVER
Sideshow Bob
Sideshow Bob - 3 days ago
He's been respected and great when he was an assistant with the Giants. No one better
canvas11xD - 3 days ago
Bill was about to rip Brady a new one. If he said he was throwing that ball to Edelman.
Dudemandudeman19 - 4 days ago
Rodgers at the end: "Dear God why can't I have you as my coach"
slosh11111420 - 4 days ago
Does the man ever smile?
Freddie Ruiz
Freddie Ruiz - 4 days ago
Burt Gummer
Burt Gummer - 6 days ago
He's like the Rain Man of football
Fred Frederickson
Fred Frederickson - 6 days ago
Goodbye Gordon 😢
Ewan Farrell
Ewan Farrell - 7 days ago
Can someone explain to me, a guy who is absolutely clueless about NFL, what he did with the flag & why he threw it?
Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia - 7 days ago
It’s funny how if the patriots score a touchdown bill belecheck doesent care sorry if I didint spell his name right
Jim Hanbury
Jim Hanbury - 7 days ago
He reminds me of Chuck Noll.
Awesome Person
Awesome Person - 7 days ago
AND I QUOTE “yeah he doesn’t really yell”

-Tom Brady
jtwolf6 - 7 days ago
If you close your eyes it sounds like Will Ferrel talking
Rob's random videos
Rob's random videos - 7 days ago
Not a very big football fan so I haven't seen a lot of these mic'd up videos a lot but this one was pretty boring
Marlon Lopez
Marlon Lopez - 8 days ago
Refs smile when he explodes lmfao
Jordan Gross
Jordan Gross - 8 days ago
He sounds nicer than people make him out to be
dumbzombie24 - 8 days ago
Why do I feel like he is a good self-talker... wait
Brandon Parker
Brandon Parker - 8 days ago
Bill doesn't celebrate after touchdowns because he celebrates after the win :)
J V - 8 days ago
The sounds of a champion
Steven French
Steven French - 9 days ago
I miss josh gordon
Joe Winnenberg
Joe Winnenberg - 9 days ago
I’m glad belicheck is goody goody with the refs smh
MrTehnoobshowfan - 9 days ago
No no we go through this every week, if I wanted a timeout Id come over and take the timeout, this time i just came over and decided not to take it” hahahah
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - 10 days ago
When Arron Rodgers wants to play for bill
John Rolf
John Rolf - 10 days ago
Listening to the officials try to justify their incompetence is both hilarious and sad. Hold those guys accountable...
Mike Canning
Mike Canning - 10 days ago
Damn Bill tellin aaron hes the best
Kenny Lofton
Kenny Lofton - 10 days ago
+Mike Canning yeah but it was just being polite
Mike Canning
Mike Canning - 10 days ago
Kenny Lofton thats actually exactly what he said
Kenny Lofton
Kenny Lofton - 10 days ago
not actually
tatesz - 11 days ago
1:44 being a referee is haaard man
xwr3ksh0px - 11 days ago
This is like a “good” lip reading of Bill Belichick
Cameron Lounsbury
Cameron Lounsbury - 13 days ago
Burst out laughing at Belichick's technique throwing the challenge flag.
Matt L
Matt L - 18 days ago
1 Line
1 Line - 19 days ago
Week 9impressive Win!9
1 Line
1 Line - 19 days ago
You Have A Extra Cigarette😤🚬
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson - 21 day ago
Jared Dent
Jared Dent - 22 days ago
Bill said Aaron Rodgers is the best uh oh
donnyfrom hackney
donnyfrom hackney - 22 days ago
The refs are intimidated by big ole bill
MixDatSalt - 23 days ago
GOAT Coach and GOAT QB
Itzwisepotato Games
Itzwisepotato Games - 24 days ago
At 0:04 did bill smile 🤔
Dustin Jeffrey Platt
Dustin Jeffrey Platt - 25 days ago
2:39 That's the same sequence of expressions that Bill gave his wife when he was pounding her.
Then gave her the 3:37 *Good job, good job* and the end. Shook her hand and then went to study the film.
DownSyndromeDeluxe - 25 days ago
What was that red cloth he threw at 1:41?
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano - 26 days ago
Dudes the best
- A Jets Fan
Tonka Truck
Tonka Truck - 27 days ago
3:03 is the part do you have a extra sharpie
Fr0styTheSnowMan - Month ago
Chad Illikainen
Chad Illikainen - Month ago
Xans, Perky, check (yeah)
Ryland Spencer
Ryland Spencer - Month ago
I really want to dislike this dude, but it is impossible.
Jose Cedillos
Jose Cedillos - Month ago
Greatest coach of all time. I hate the patriots but I can’t deny that he’s the greatest.
John Morris
John Morris - Month ago
I love his non-reactions to his team's successes. It's as if he's tuned-in to another world.
giggity goo
giggity goo - Month ago
He never looks happy when they score. It's almost as if he is looking for something or someone that did something wrong on the td play.
Roy Hobbs
Roy Hobbs - Month ago
There is not 1 NFL team that wouldn't want him as coach if he left the Pats today. Not one.
Brad Quinn
Brad Quinn - Month ago
1:32 The signature Belichick challenge flag toss.
San Diego
San Diego - Month ago
"you're not on it" 😂
womenlove Trump
womenlove Trump - Month ago
Watching this micd up made me drowsy
elasdeases - Month ago
Man I love that "who were you throwing it to?" As a coach that helps out cause u have that play in ur head for a next time...
Victor Nguyen
Victor Nguyen - Month ago
The side of Belichick the media doesn’t show you
J. J. Lahey
J. J. Lahey - Month ago
...except that the media literally brought this video to you.
washburn11000 - Month ago
So the Brady vs Rodgers debate is clearly over lol..that lasted a few months
Manuel Velasquez
Manuel Velasquez - Month ago
Gotta love Bill
Ethan Pond
Ethan Pond - Month ago
“Awwww start the busses. Woo hoo hoo.”
Thomas Jefe
Thomas Jefe - 2 months ago
Why does he sound like an adult morty
Baker Mayfield is da goat
Baker Mayfield is da goat - 2 months ago
He is so calm when its comes to touchdowns
RS Aristo
RS Aristo - 2 months ago
Bill wants to have Rodgers as his QB and Rodgers wants Bill to coach him on the high key
King Tran
King Tran - 2 months ago
Did Bill just confirm Rodgers is the best?
Peter Kay
Peter Kay - 2 months ago
No, he is just getting inside of his head. When Rodgers watched the NFL Films from the game and hears Belichick telling his defense on the sideline, "He trying to throw one to us! He's already done it twice; he's just throwing it up there!" AFraud will be crestfallen.
THE MAYOR - 2 months ago
Brady Rourke
Brady Rourke - 2 months ago
What’s the song when he asks for a sharpie
MercinaryFX - Month ago
Crazy Train -Ozzy
alfandeddie - 2 months ago
Didn’t recognize him without the cut off sweatshirt
god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP
jason garrett is a BUM
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire - 2 months ago
Come on fellas! Lol
imacop33 - 2 months ago
I love when Bill goes absolutely bananas after each TD they score! 🤣
Bill Paul
Bill Paul - 2 months ago
Come on, fellas!! LOL
Pittsburgh Plays
Pittsburgh Plays - 2 months ago
3:42 looks like tomlin
Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings - 2 months ago
After watching this whole opinion has changed about him. That's how you win. And this is a Steeler fan saying this.
Spiderman - 2 months ago
Just another day at the office.
Joseph  Chick
Joseph Chick - 2 months ago
Each handshake has 100 dollar bill being handed to them
Phil Historia
Phil Historia - 2 months ago
I feel bad for the cameraman who just sits there and records him all day. Like watching paint dry
scott5609 - 2 months ago
Biggest cheater in the game
Peter Kay
Peter Kay - 2 months ago
Don't be sad Scotty. Some day your team will beat the Patriots. Probably not this year though.
Micah Taylor
Micah Taylor - 2 months ago
Simon, you got a pen?
Brian Meyer
Brian Meyer - 2 months ago
Every game that the Patriots win is rigged!!!
steven flagg
steven flagg - 2 months ago
As a Dolphins fan maybe Adam Gase should watch and take lessons
Gusson Ellechel
Gusson Ellechel - 2 months ago
McCarthy gets fired and Belichick moves on from the Patriots and takes over. Maybe 3 rings for Rodgers??????
Peter Kay
Peter Kay - 2 months ago
Nah - Rodgers would keep choking like he usually does
mateo martinez
mateo martinez - 2 months ago
You got a extra sharpie??
Billy Bender
Billy Bender - 2 months ago
His poor wife......”I’m pregnant Bill”...........Chirp! chirp! chirp!
hunter crain
hunter crain - 2 months ago
There’s absolutely no other Coach in the NFL even close to this. Even this small snippet shows that. The true GOAT.
Cam Newton #Superman #KeepPounding #CAMVP
This is a good coach right here, might even be as good as Bill up in New England.
EL6008 - 2 months ago
Ok listen. I'm a Seahawks fan. But 2 things: (1) the way bill looks at the rest of the field during a TD is great. He is watching the other players to see flaws. (2) those refs being professional and working with coaches is good for football
Troy thompson
Troy thompson - 2 months ago
Wait did he just say a rods the best 🤔🤔hmmm lol
Ramzy Ziyadeh
Ramzy Ziyadeh - 2 months ago
Bill is awfully friendly with the refs..
Brayden Bastian
Brayden Bastian - 2 months ago
I wish Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers played against each other every year
motorman1017 - 2 months ago
win if u can lose if u must but always cheat
Anthony H
Anthony H - 2 months ago
the reason tom brady isnt alex smith BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
BrettTKB - 2 months ago
Sharpie needs to do a marketing campaign based on “do you have an extra sharpie?”
Zaphod Traveler
Zaphod Traveler - 2 months ago
I wish Jason Garrett would talk to his players and fire them up ..what a fool my head coach is not taking note..
E Rob
E Rob - 2 months ago
Now it's a little harder to not like him. Never thought I would say that.
WallStWarrior11 - 2 months ago
He is a lot nicer on the field than I thought he would be.
Michael Morelli
Michael Morelli - 2 months ago
Down the sideline, touchdown Patriots...Belicheck hands in pockets
Up the middle, touchdown Patriots...Belicheck hands in pockets
Bomb goes off in end zone, 1000 fans killed...Belicheck hands in pockets.
Ian Maguire
Ian Maguire - 2 months ago
gotta admit, i like the guy a bit more after watching this. and i'm a silly little giants fan!
Scott Ineman
Scott Ineman - 2 months ago
And the Browns let this guy go, the beginning of the end for us in Cleveland.
Will Hopson
Will Hopson - 2 months ago
I hate New England but I love bilichick! He cracks me up
Majeed Awawdeh
Majeed Awawdeh - 2 months ago
Tom Brady’s lying ass😂😂😂 that pass was to Julian Edelman it was just overthrown
Peter Kay
Peter Kay - 2 months ago
You dumb son
Veggie Burgah
Veggie Burgah - 2 months ago
Belichick vs Popovich in a staring contest. Who would win? Hmmmm.
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