Why are people so mad at Game of Thrones?

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Silver Fox
Silver Fox - 12 hours ago
I thought that Jack actually was going to discuss Game of Thrones S8, but then I remembered: “Oh, it’s Jack.”
Sydney Black
Sydney Black - 9 days ago
Got an ad for a Game of Thrones video game before this video.
debil z neta
debil z neta - 28 days ago
Colette Frost
Colette Frost - 2 months ago
no too many prequels
Logan Matechuk
Logan Matechuk - 7 months ago
The only thing I heard was *HEY DID YOU SEE ENDGAME YET*
Rayo Mayo
Rayo Mayo - 7 months ago
Because people will get mad over *_EvEryThinG_*
Sarah Cb Official
Sarah Cb Official - 8 months ago
0:48 Song?
Munjee - 8 months ago
Can't hold us macklemore
hana f
hana f - 9 months ago
_the description tho_
bluexdii - 9 months ago
how did your pc not die bruh
Savag3 Salad
Savag3 Salad - 9 months ago
I beg for death
Milos Reljic
Milos Reljic - 9 months ago
only on Disney... that part....
Aleksandar Maletic
Aleksandar Maletic - 9 months ago
jack love game trones jack is gaye
Rose_gacha TV
Rose_gacha TV - 9 months ago
Captions give up at 0:31
Olivia Carrasco
Olivia Carrasco - 10 months ago
This is what I’ll see when I descend into Hell.
Twat T
Twat T - 10 months ago
Hey, have you seen endgame yet?
Adam A794
Adam A794 - 10 months ago
We did it boys
Johan S
Johan S - 10 months ago
We won, guys and gals. We won
Angelie - 10 months ago
What the fuck did I just watch
Johan S
Johan S - 10 months ago
Something that is inevitable
Sonic THD
Sonic THD - 10 months ago
*We won*
3DaiYo4Kai56 - 10 months ago
We are all waiting for your “you’re welcome Marvel! Oh yeah & congrats.” Video upload. Like it better be up this week. Btw tbh
ajameslual21 - 10 months ago
We now at number 1!!!!
sarah - 10 months ago
we did it reddit
Double A's Workshop
Double A's Workshop - 10 months ago
I am here because Avatar is defeated and Endgame is the new NUMBER 1 TOP GROSSING MOVIE
ricky roach
ricky roach - 10 months ago
We did it!!!
pobby - 10 months ago
Eyyyy we did it
Bokto - 10 months ago
Only a million dollars away, everyone!
The Guardian of the Spoons
The Guardian of the Spoons - 10 months ago
Disliked, too many jacksfilms
1h3C0d3 - 10 months ago
*this video is sponsored by Disney*
Big Man
Big Man - 10 months ago
Uhh breaking bad is better.
Silvija Basic
Silvija Basic - 10 months ago
I think I won't be able to sleep

ever again
obey link
obey link - 10 months ago
Ninco Nimco
Ninco Nimco - 10 months ago
Jack I’m sorry, I never saw Endgame
Angel Babe420
Angel Babe420 - 11 months ago
*H E Y D I D Y A S E E E N D G A M E Y E T*
rm - 11 months ago
im ngl it would be funny if Jack just interrupted the video and started talking about endgame
Master NER D
Master NER D - 11 months ago
This video cracks me up every time.
Ewan Arends
Ewan Arends - 11 months ago
I'm sorry but you shouldve used mr worldwide on the background instead of this is the moment
SoulHuN7eR - 11 months ago
its funny how you can see the sweat coming with each jack. xD
Haakon Platzek
Haakon Platzek - 11 months ago
LOL OwO Raaaarws This took on a twistbI never expected
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff - 11 months ago
The thumbnail😂😂😂😂😂😂
oh hell yea
oh hell yea - 11 months ago
Ruby MacP
Ruby MacP - 11 months ago
Qwarty - 11 months ago
U watch endgame yet
DanPOV - 11 months ago
I’m so confused, and it makes me feel uncomfortable
Mr Duck
Mr Duck - 11 months ago
Yeah i’ve never seen game of thrones too.
Therapiist- - 11 months ago
meme machine
meme machine - 11 months ago
Haven't watched the endgame yet
Koerth Ragsdale
Koerth Ragsdale - 11 months ago
I love the one John who said nothing but just danced the whole time😂😂
Creepypasta & Squirrels
Creepypasta & Squirrels - 11 months ago
No. I haven't seen Endgame yet. I will eventually.
Elo Newton
Elo Newton - 11 months ago
This video gave me anxiety lmao
XD pentaholic XD
XD pentaholic XD - 11 months ago
Nice reason
Mordechai R.
Mordechai R. - 11 months ago
*Hey you see Endgame yet?*
what? - 11 months ago
GF MEMES - 11 months ago
Should've been called endgame shitpost
This is a call for help.
This is a call for help. - 11 months ago
That Captain America shirt...
*I have that Captain America shirt*
Noah Albrecht
Noah Albrecht - 11 months ago
You should have worn an avatar shirt
Robert - 11 months ago
Jaksfilms is now blocked. Thats 28 seconds of my life wasted. Asshole!
Bastel Tanayao
Bastel Tanayao - 11 months ago
You should've read the description
SPCRockwall119 - 11 months ago
0:35 what was the song in the background?
Munjee - 8 months ago
Can't hold us macklemore
Shannyn - 11 months ago
Sorry to say something completely unrelated and really annoying but what the fuck is the song that starts playing as multiple Jacks start crowding the screen? It sounds kinda familiar to me for some reason lol.
cheez whiz
cheez whiz - 11 months ago
Agustín Risatti
Agustín Risatti - 11 months ago
So I have to watch Game of Thrones: Endgame?
Agustín Risatti
Agustín Risatti - 11 months ago
I think he might want me to watch Endgame.
The Immortal Sun-kun
Katie Jevons
Katie Jevons - Year ago
this is literally exactly what my school cafeteria sounds like
Spidey Viewer
Spidey Viewer - Year ago
Less than 60 mill away, people.
Wert Gamer
Wert Gamer - Year ago
If you're wondering... The music is Like the Ceiling Cant Hold us instrumental
Max Stockwell
Max Stockwell - Year ago
really dude?
54markl - Year ago
I have zero plans to see Endgame. This was stupid.
Dapold - Year ago
54markl watch Endgame
54markl - Year ago
VITO CORLEONE (angrily): It was Barnum and Bailey all along!
theresey g.
theresey g. - Year ago
ew what's on my screen
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh - Year ago
WTF happened? The only good thing was that beat playing in BG and Thanos dancing.
dead Walker
dead Walker - Year ago
ultra_exists - 11 months ago
@dead Walker watch it anyways
dead Walker
dead Walker - Year ago
I can't 😔
Dapold - Year ago
dead Walker watch endgame
ColorlessAngelz - Year ago
The 3 actual reasons Game of Thrones is getting hate:
1. Hella nerds saying the writing is bad (as if they could write something better) just because of minor, generally unnoticed, plot holes.
2. People being unable to accept unhappy endings
3. The bandwagon. It's cool to hate on game of thrones now lol
IloveU3000 - Year ago
Jacob Pearson
Jacob Pearson - 11 months ago
Rainbow Turtle
Rainbow Turtle - Year ago
No I have not
Sterling Demons
Sterling Demons - Year ago
Why are people so mad at The Game of Thrones, you ask?

Because it Nerdy, Dungeons and Dragons Horseshit content. Hahahaha😂😂😂😜
C. wan
C. wan - Year ago
I just got bamboozled.
TheOrangeCreeper - Year ago
Because when Game of Thrones fans saw the ending, they went to HBO and said HB-NO
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez - Year ago
I do love me a good shitpost
GodZ 7
GodZ 7 - Year ago
I like the part where he said "hey have seen endgame?"
maja lola
maja lola - Year ago
Tbh, Endgame kinda sucked. I'm not saying Avatar is 'better' or anything, I'm just saying idk why people get so hype over it.
Edit: This isn't made to disrespect/contradict anyone's opinion, or to offend them in any way. I was merely stating my (non biased) opinion.
Dapold - Year ago
maja lola watch endgame
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