Painting On Thriftstore Paintings

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Bazil - 3 days ago
"I love MSG! Mighty Good Soup!"
M..S...Soup Goo-Arin, your high school dropout is showing!
Dopey Quasar
Dopey Quasar - 3 days ago
Did anyone else search up for the art piece to see if it was a 1000$ painting they ruined
Xavier Mendez
Xavier Mendez - 3 days ago
Ivy Klobs
Ivy Klobs - 3 days ago
do you see those princess curls
IMRA instrumental music rhythm archive
10MPH = More interesting than most of GG
KeiJayGib [Kjgib]
KeiJayGib [Kjgib] - 4 days ago
Andreas got that dope Germany away jersey
Endless Void
Endless Void - 5 days ago
"Mm Mm Mm...I don't wanna do this..."
That's a mood XD
Zelda Gal
Zelda Gal - 5 days ago
My mother said, "If your mom was a dinosaur, she would be a Stegowhoreus."
nate bee
nate bee - 6 days ago
why watch anything else when this erases my depression :0
Pharaoh Phoenix
Pharaoh Phoenix - 6 days ago
MSG (1:26)
Nicholas Spencer
Nicholas Spencer - 6 days ago
Then the broncos came to save the day.

But failed
Nicholas Spencer
Nicholas Spencer - 6 days ago
I'm sorry
Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow - 6 days ago
Some people are talking about acid rain but i havent seen the rest of the episode yet-
Edit- ooooohh....
Billy Sonnek
Billy Sonnek - 6 days ago
i see a missed opportunity for a Bay-gulls pun
samantha suiter
samantha suiter - 6 days ago
Lol so dum
Blegh its Shann
Blegh its Shann - 6 days ago
Carl Valente's works have sold for hundreds before, are you sure that was thriftstore??
ZJ GamerGirl
ZJ GamerGirl - 7 days ago
I need to know where to get that pizza saver pouch sweatshirt!!!
Gringobrony - 7 days ago
what is super mega? jk
Danielle - 7 days ago
10:38 IT chapter 2
Amber Bancroft
Amber Bancroft - 8 days ago
Succ Fire
Succ Fire - 8 days ago
Acid rain: ☁
People in the painting: 💂💂💂
Coolay Dunno
Coolay Dunno - 8 days ago
I love Arins raection to Dans comment at 9:43
OrangeGrape Soda
OrangeGrape Soda - 8 days ago
When you’re supposed to be doing work but you choose to watch 2 grown men do arts and crafts
Dave Davis
Dave Davis - 8 days ago
no one:
dan: mmhmhmmg h ã t
ratty mc fatty
ratty mc fatty - 9 days ago
PIZZA SWEATer makes it's seconds apearence!?!?!!😲🥺🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭😳😳😳😳😳
Echø Playz
Echø Playz - 9 days ago
I love how Danny is not impressed with Aaron when he try’s to act funny throughout the entire video
Also 1:26 Aaron said msg and said it stranded for (m)mighty(g)good(s)soup smh lol
bloom rand
bloom rand - 9 days ago
Former or was that a joke? what happened
DanCraft - 9 days ago
🎩 you're safe now
DerpyDonut75223 - 10 days ago
Almost forgot to watch this today
Fryd Fish
Fryd Fish - 10 days ago
God I would kill to make art like that and y'all are just
MsMeliss xo
MsMeliss xo - 10 days ago
Dan, you have made my day. Thank you lmao
Taro Gent
Taro Gent - 10 days ago
They only hired Borf for his name and it's sad.
Lee Taegi
Lee Taegi - 10 days ago
I love how long and beautiful their hair has become
PrettyH8Mach1n3 - 11 days ago
Andres is from Venezuela? I'm curious to hear his take on what is happening there.
PrettyH8Mach1n3 - 11 days ago
I keep imagining this terrible scenario where they accidentally doodle on a highly sought after, expensive, original painting.
a micro pig in a rainccoat and booties
Livedrek Leviathan
Livedrek Leviathan - 11 days ago
Did he really pee in the cup?
Storm Newcomb
Storm Newcomb - 11 days ago
As I work at Arby’s I absolutely love our spaghetti but it just gives me EXPLOSIVE diarrhea sadly
Weave snatcher
Weave snatcher - 12 days ago
0:33 friends huh?
Savannah-Sherbet - 13 days ago
I’m safe now....
vTori916 - 13 days ago
Seeing Dan pull spaghetti from the pizza pouch made my day
trexdrew - 14 days ago
“Someone get me something sharp and dangerous”
Arin you have scissors on the table every fucking episode my man wtf
Sven - 14 days ago
Bro how did arin eat that lunch?
Asher Is Gr8
Asher Is Gr8 - 14 days ago
Thanks guys for the vore!
Dengeki Matsuko
Dengeki Matsuko - 14 days ago
Hearing Arin laugh as hard as he did makes me laugh. It's so contagious.
Vanta Korn
Vanta Korn - 14 days ago
0:36 supermegaofficial*
Angie_Angelic - 18 days ago
Why is this channel stealing from game grumps! Do they know!?
iLuxcs - 18 days ago
The food bit in the beginning had me laughing way to loud. Ever more so when cuts from arin losing it when dannys like "i dont wanna do this" 😂😂
slasherof vails
slasherof vails - 18 days ago
It's the birdemic.
Silas Sketches
Silas Sketches - 19 days ago
This was a concept that Kasy Golden did, I’m curious if this was inspired by her video
Orionbelt430 rea
Orionbelt430 rea - 20 days ago
I'm afraid I have no hats
Hey its Alex
Hey its Alex - 20 days ago
Can I buy the acid rain hat craze painting for $3
Juan Rodriguez Mompean
Juan Rodriguez Mompean - 20 days ago
But then the firegulls attacked
Safeeya B.
Safeeya B. - 20 days ago
they... are so happy? it beautiful!
Buddyboltgaming - 21 day ago
The seahawkolypse
Buddyboltgaming - 21 day ago
But wait what will protect this video from the acid rain...

Wait I know 🎩
yiyisidora - 21 day ago
they fuck up andres' name pronounciation so badly lmao
RedX 1257
RedX 1257 - 21 day ago
I literately have that first painting somewhere in my house
Lexie Vrieling
Lexie Vrieling - 21 day ago
Seokjinnie 💕
Seokjinnie 💕 - 21 day ago
I need the shirt that Arin is wearing
sophia - 22 days ago
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