IMPROVING Cheap Paintings - 10 Minute Power Hour

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Kitty Kid 11
Kitty Kid 11 - 9 hours ago
Arin: You stupid-
The Robo Vac: BEEP
(No joke, this actually happened and I was dying)
Anna Calvert
Anna Calvert - 9 hours ago
the ecstasy in Arin’s voice at 6:01 makes me so happy
orange and bacon juice is good for you!
this is giving me a headache
Miguel Almaraz
Miguel Almaraz - 5 days ago
Mask DeMasque
Mask DeMasque - 7 days ago
DDLC fans: **sweating aggressively**
Ethan Stones
Ethan Stones - 8 days ago
These boys have very chaotic energy, I love them.
Dr ¿?
Dr ¿? - 9 days ago
0:24 oh episode started gotta get in character
re markable
re markable - 10 days ago
12:53 everybody gangsta until the boat gets a hat
Amy uwu
Amy uwu - 11 days ago
Guys! Just put a hat on to protect yourselves from the backstreet boys reunion tour!
ghostcraft33 - 11 days ago
someone please explain to me what Arin drank at the beginning xD it wasn't actually his pee was it?
James Allen McCune’s Butthole
Imagine finding this shit at a thrift store
It looks like... a bunch of, like... hats?
James Allen McCune’s Butthole
Google contact urick salad bar
James Allen McCune’s Butthole
Can one of y’all make beautiful digital versions of these? Make it look real as shit
It Me
It Me - 13 days ago
My name is Melissa
I felt very uncomfortable throughout this episode
Nathan Roach
Nathan Roach - 15 days ago
I’m pretty sure I know where they got these paintings from.
Shekelstein - 17 days ago
"How did you get paint on your forehead?"

Story of my life
Anime Fan
Anime Fan - 18 days ago
Watching this again & I wanna know: Is this the first time Andres appears?
KittyCatZED - 21 day ago
I saw a dinosaur horse and a guy with a big hat and I thought
"dang...zat a mofeckin' jojo reference?"

cause, you know, in part 7 there is le raptor Brando and jobro gyro with his huge feckin' hat
I think I need a break from the internet
BioYuGi - 22 days ago
I always laugh that they used chalk for like, three seconds.
Sarah Bertot
Sarah Bertot - 22 days ago
Arbs: eat freef
Jeff Jeffersons
Jeff Jeffersons - 24 days ago
I see Dan’s beef with Doug continues to this day
Evan Steele
Evan Steele - 24 days ago
So they draw loads of W's white but they draw the N black?
Captain Rogers
Captain Rogers - 25 days ago
You know what I gotta say about these guys when it comes to painting. YOU KNOW WHAT I GOTTA SAY!!!!!!

I trust them.
LixoRadioativo - 26 days ago
i like the fact that no one is talking about arin drinking his own fresh pee because at this point its just normal
Quinn Bullock
Quinn Bullock - 28 days ago
rewatching this again i am incredibly upset they missed the opportunity to say "sea-hawkalypse" instead of seahawk apocalypse
Pelican74 - 29 days ago
When I hear that sax play in the beginning. I get a big sax Boner
letctt - Month ago
Can we appreciate that these full grown men tell wonderful creative stories like 5 year olds, but more coherent because they're grown men who have figured out how talking works


Jerry Swan
Jerry Swan - Month ago
Sea hawk pozzzzzkilipse v dan and erin - 2020
Jerry Swan
Jerry Swan - Month ago
And iv benn spelling thes rong on porpez
Jerry Swan
Jerry Swan - Month ago
Also land guls
Kayden Threeyedliondog
🧍‍♀️ big hat
Dr.Ollister Zach Flood
Imagine if the artists who made the paintings watched this. Their pain. The way I’m reading this sounds like hate, but I don’t mean it in that way. That sentence doesn’t sound grammatically correct. Whatever.
[Spawn] - Month ago
Dannilolious: The Greek God of Hats
Wenjected wedontdothathere
i cant if they say somethings ironic or unironicly...
Riley McPherson
Riley McPherson - Month ago
this entire episode feels like a fever dream
Harasen - Month ago
My grandpa once did this when he wasn't happy with a painting.
yume mirai
yume mirai - Month ago
The pizza pocket bit is completely made by Dan's unwillingness to complete the bit. I love them.
That spaghetti was the ultimate Chekhov's gun.
MoonSnake Studios
MoonSnake Studios - Month ago
Is it bad that I would legit pay for the hat painting? And just keep it till I'm old and be known as the crazy man who lives down the street with his snakes and as soon as you come in slams a hat on your head yelling "BEWARE THE ACID RAIN!!! YOU NEED THIS HAT"
Bas Howells
Bas Howells - Month ago
So that’s what happened to the Notre Dame! It wasn’t wearing a big enough hat!
Kitty Kid 11
Kitty Kid 11 - Month ago
3:47 *replays it*
like12 - Month ago
the chaotic energy of watching this in 2x speed to make it to my online class on time.
Izzy Olsson
Izzy Olsson - Month ago
I had to keep pausing this because I couldn't stop wheeze-laughing
Cali Emperador
Cali Emperador - Month ago
I just realised that Arin looks like jesus
Samu Martinez
Samu Martinez - Month ago
9:22 the green is acid rain and the red is blood
Allison Backes
Allison Backes - Month ago
Air gulls
Booples Dooples
Booples Dooples - Month ago
2:15-2:22 v*m*t(???) warning possibly?? If you're emetophobic like me watch out :")
Von Diesel 37
Von Diesel 37 - Month ago
Why are the comments always so awful on GameGrumps/TheGrumps videos?
Light Monolith
Light Monolith - Month ago
Just started calming down from a panic attack and this is so good to watch.
Andrew Knowles
Andrew Knowles - Month ago
From the thumbnail i thought the hats were alien space ship. But no. Just hats 😂😂
Dane Stambaugh
Dane Stambaugh - Month ago
Holy shit it's by melissa and Doug. That fuckin company arin name dropped in the weird al wheel of fortune episode
Bob Loom
Bob Loom - Month ago
Drake and Ashton are good artists!
Jakeovsky - Month ago
Is this how Birdemic was written?
Bomb Circles
Bomb Circles - Month ago
Kyran Katzenbach
Kyran Katzenbach - 2 months ago
I love the idea of just watching two idiots draw hats on a painting while saying pink
Ezra Boink
Ezra Boink - 2 months ago
That first painting is deadass the painting my grandma had hanging in my room for 10 years of my childhood, looks the same frame too. Wonder if it's the same copy (since she gave it to goodwill a little out of LA a couple years ago, maybe it made it's way to you, what a trip that would be)
ItsDennis - 2 months ago
Arin throwed up
WolfJobInMySpaantz - 2 months ago
I kind of want to see a serious version of this episode where the first painting gets turned into a Bloodborne scene...
France Henry
France Henry - 2 months ago
I love paintings, so this was painful
Rey Gonzalez-Montelongo
Rey Gonzalez-Montelongo - 2 months ago
satanic bunny snuggles
satanic bunny snuggles - 2 months ago
Kingisaac2341 - 2 months ago
I said stegahorses at the same time as rain am I grump now
TheDUDERulez1 - 2 months ago
Used to do this in school. Sometimes after finishing an art project I'd doodle on it. One time I drew big foot and a bunch of other cryptids into a forrest painting and my art teacher liked it so much he asked of he could have it! Best teacher ever!😁
Noah Kuschel
Noah Kuschel - 2 months ago
I found it funny how Danny acts like he hates supermega, but a lot of the grumps cast still do stuff with the supermega boys from time to time, such as Ross being on a recent podcast and Brent and Arin being on one about 2 months ago
Caterina Peracchi
Caterina Peracchi - 2 months ago
It was like watching a couple of toddlers painting over their parent's paperwork without permission... and I loved it
Rylee Harvey
Rylee Harvey - 2 months ago
it's funny how the show is called the 10 minute power hour when it's neither 10 minutes nor an hour every single week 😂😂
TheEvilCheesecake - 2 months ago
Oh no! The comment section! It needs a hat!
Zane Narramore
Zane Narramore - 2 months ago
The fucking pizza pocket with spagetti in it and “i dont wanna do this” fucking killed my mom shes still laughing a minute later
Faith Tibbit
Faith Tibbit - 2 months ago
I think you're just making it worst.
Paris Evans
Paris Evans - 3 months ago
What? A ten minute power hour I haven't seen?

Nvm I've seen it.

Imma still watch it though
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez - 3 months ago
Dan's confused okay at what the story was. 😂
Heather_ash.03 - 3 months ago
Only Arin will straight up take a big gulp of his piss for the show.
Jason Wells
Jason Wells - 3 months ago
shy town
shy town - 3 months ago
the way dan looks at people behind the camera for approval after he makes a (risky) joke makes me so unbelievably happy
Tay - 3 months ago
Arins laugh makes me happy 😂
Christy Mitchell
Christy Mitchell - 3 months ago
penip hoe
penip hoe - 3 months ago
why is this so cute ;w;
Jocelyn Tungul
Jocelyn Tungul - 3 months ago
M-ighty S-good G-soup
Mike Smith
Mike Smith - 3 months ago
9:49 Danny was later found dead due to acid rain summoned by arin but his hat was too tiny
spacerocketboy02 - 3 months ago
I remember Melissa and Doug from one of the Wheel of Fortune episodes of game grumps
Billy Loves Beans
Billy Loves Beans - 3 months ago
Oh no, pobre andreas :'(
SmashMan Weegee
SmashMan Weegee - 3 months ago
Harrowed One
Harrowed One - 3 months ago
I work at Arbys. *sigh*
Kryllic R.
Kryllic R. - 3 months ago
_sees Dan has a pizza pouch_
"...please have pizza in there"
_Dan pulls out pizza shaped packet_
*"please have pizza in there"*
_pulls out spaghetti_
I'm fucking dead
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