Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

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Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander - Hour ago
I hope it's the final trailer kinda of tired of Disney screwing up everything
Jothuun - Hour ago
I feel like this whole Disney trilogy was just a giant cash grab
Tylar Mesa
Tylar Mesa - Hour ago
It’s great they’re putting C3PO to rest, I would’ve hated for them to pull what they did with Carrie Fisher, reanimate her corpse.
Fernanda Mancilla
Fernanda Mancilla - Hour ago
Crypto Medjai
Crypto Medjai - Hour ago
Why would Disney spoil the biggest plot twist ever by putting Palestine’s voice in the trailer, I’m telling you there is more to this story.
THErealUNDEAD1 - 2 hours ago
Disney is about to get hella ideas from the comment section here
trigger mangis
trigger mangis - 2 hours ago
1:01 pause it the view is so cool
trigger mangis
trigger mangis - 2 hours ago
I wish the storm trooper will remember that palpatime lie to them just to kill the Jedi
I wish the next of this is Star Wars return of the clone
jon doe
jon doe - 2 hours ago
This movie looks horrible
chris Rose
chris Rose - 2 hours ago
2019: the saga ends
2020: the story of were the hell snoke came from : A star wars story
Mr. G.
Mr. G. - 2 hours ago
1min52 rey has a dagger in her left hand , mortis dagger ?
Brenzko - 2 hours ago
2019: Shut
2020: Up
Gaming Lyfe
Gaming Lyfe - 2 hours ago
I’m still excited tho I guess I understand why some people don’t like the new movies hope this is more like the force awareness and not as bad as the last Jedi
Сергей Елисеев
Redclif - 3 hours ago
2019 The saga will end
2020 OLD REPUBLIC a star wars movie
Rakshit Prabhu
Rakshit Prabhu - 3 hours ago
1:14 is why you keep coming back here
Finlay McGrath
Finlay McGrath - 3 hours ago
The saga ends
2020: Darth Plagueis the Wise: A Star Wars Storu
Twaz Remarkable
Twaz Remarkable - 3 hours ago
Y’all do realize that, “the saga ends” mean just the skywalker story, right? Yup, there’s gonna be more.
Omega0850 - 3 hours ago
Well, at least i guess there will be 16 year old fanfiction writers that can learn from this movie how not to do it. Good job! But i don´t care anymore.
Simon Ho
Simon Ho - 4 hours ago
2019: the saga ends
2020: Darth Rian Johnson: a Star Wars story
gru - 3 hours ago
Levi - 4 hours ago
2019: The Saga Will End
2020: The Fat Slob Jabba The Hut: A Star Wars Story
stephen peel
stephen peel - 4 hours ago
I'm planning on seeing the rise of Skywalker hopefully we can find out if ray is a Skywalker
MATTCOSSIN - 4 hours ago
Mickey Mouse Star Wars is as bad as Jar Jar Abrams Star Trek.
Justin Lucas
Justin Lucas - 4 hours ago
Star wars is enjoyable and everything. But in a universe filled with thousands of different species, races, planets, and cultures, it's interesting to me how it always takes a white person to be the hero of these stories
Alex Emrick
Alex Emrick - 4 hours ago
Does anybody else get goosebumps watching this
Zycho - 4 hours ago
Wow.... the planet with the waves where Reylo is is el Camino, the cloner' planet? The same planet where Palpatine resides.... Hmmmmmm, intrresting!
Corey Mccoy
Corey Mccoy - 4 hours ago
2019: the saga ends...
2020: the power converter saga begins
Apathetic Apparition
Apathetic Apparition - 5 hours ago
Fabled Plays
Fabled Plays - 5 hours ago
Ready for some trash choreography
Nate - 5 hours ago
Palpatines back?!?!?!??
Lord Doraemon
Lord Doraemon - 5 hours ago
Even if the saga ends, I will repeat the saga thousands of times just to listen to John William’s songs.
indian pubg
indian pubg - 5 hours ago
2019: saga end
2020: new saga starts
2021: Avengers meets vedar

2022: the saga on Pandora

And so on
Netsmile - 5 hours ago
This should be the final 9th episode of the biggest most epic story arch of movie history.
ANd I feel like Im watching a so-so upcoming random titles trailer... its just hollow, even with the visuals, with John Williams music.
I dont even care how you kill of C3PO, Chewy, and the rest of the old cast... Im not invested in this Disnified SW anymore.
The rest of you enjoy your low budget CGI horses and shallow endings.
indian pubg
indian pubg - 6 hours ago
Not bad
Angus Wiebe
Angus Wiebe - 6 hours ago
Yeah, no thanks...
Robin Stevens
Robin Stevens - 6 hours ago
taxmuppett - 6 hours ago
I know the saga is supposed to end but I’m keen for a Sith Lord jar jar binks movie
Marco Polo G.
Marco Polo G. - 6 hours ago
92k authistic persons
Jean Saavedra
Jean Saavedra - 6 hours ago
Star Wars saga end 2019
2020: the revival of kit fisto: a Star Wars story
That_boosted_ brz11
That_boosted_ brz11 - 6 hours ago
That theme song sent cold chills down my back. Sheesh.
Albus Regnum
Albus Regnum - 7 hours ago
The feminazi and Wokeness force will be with you till they destroy this franchise too.
Jacob’s Pop Vinyl
Jacob’s Pop Vinyl - 7 hours ago
2019: The Saga Ends.
2020: Luke’s Chopped Off Hand: A Star Wars Story.
Darth Vaderous
Darth Vaderous - 7 hours ago
Ya’ll realize this is to the end of the Skywalker saga and not the franchise, right? I feel like these are the same people who think Endgame was the end of the MCU. Sure this trilogy has had it’s ups and downs, but Star Wars is still very profitable and so much potential awaits.
Danteplayz_RB - 7 hours ago
Notice how when this Star Wars sequel ends they start the Mandalordian
IronManHimself - 7 hours ago
*"Taking at one last look sir, at my friends"*
Viktor Nilsson
Viktor Nilsson - 7 hours ago
This trailer gives me the goose bumbs man!
Vipps Millennial
Vipps Millennial - 7 hours ago
'The dislike is strong with this one!'
Metal Triops
Metal Triops - 8 hours ago
2019: the saga ends

2020: Getting thrown through the window: mace windu’s hand, the story.
Purpial - 8 hours ago
My fish died today he lived 6 months I'm actually so sad
Blue Samurai Entertainment
2019: The Saga Will End
2020: Shrek 6: A Star Wars Story
Josh Scheeter Parkers
Josh Scheeter Parkers - 8 hours ago
Yawn*. There’s like no good blockbusters at all, besides Ghostbusters2020 and indie movies.
TheMiksuz - 8 hours ago
No U
No U - 8 hours ago
I honestly don't understand what the point of this saga was about. What story were they trying to tell?
Donaldducker - 8 hours ago
Reckon R2 and threepio will have a massive role to play; emperor no doubt underestimates them-r2 has been responsible for most of the saves throughout the saga so would be fitting for droids to sort this out. How? No idea but nice to think about it
Jimmy Mccahill
Jimmy Mccahill - 8 hours ago
R2d2 did hes specil wine wen cepo said tht
r8d4tube - 9 hours ago
2019: The saga will end
2020 : Disney begins
Beau McDean
Beau McDean - 9 hours ago
Now that I think about it, I bet those Imperial Star Destroyers are actually resistance ones now, coming to help in the final battle like the Endgame portals.
ScotlandSlag - 9 hours ago
The saga ends... but did it ever even begin? And who is Snoke? And why do I still care? Make Star Wars PG13 again!
Lord Vader
Lord Vader - 9 hours ago
The Emperor will show you the true nature of the Force.
He is your Master now.
Babi Chaomar
Babi Chaomar - 9 hours ago
The rise of Skywalker, the fall of Star Wars.
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