Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

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Ciaran McDaid
Ciaran McDaid - 5 hours ago
Movie was released on the month that COVID 19 started
TypicalMay - 14 hours ago
Hmmmmm chills but i prefer this trailer rather the full movie
David 2000
David 2000 - 16 hours ago
April 2019: I’m so hyped
August 2019: still hyped
October 2019: super hyped
December 2019: super disappointed
AndSo - 16 hours ago
RedSpectre606 - 20 hours ago
Star Wars: *Creates sequel trilogy*
Star Wars releasing Clone Wars s7 and Mando: "I thought you'd be furious with me"
Fans: "I was never angry, I was just sad you had lost your way"

If you get that reference, you're a legend
Tims - Day ago
Be honest, if you dislike the sequels, you’re either a prequel fanboy, some one who likes to ban wagon, or just hate Disney. Even if you legitimately believe they are bad films, you have no right saying they ruined Star Wars
Tims - Day ago
Be honest, if you dislike the sequels, you’re either a prequel fanboy, some one who likes to ban wagon, or just hate Disney. Even if you legitimately believe they are bad films, you have no right saying they ruined Star Wars
Anna Thampi
Anna Thampi - Day ago
I got the msg
Frazier Stallon
Frazier Stallon - Day ago
Imagine this combined with TFA trailer
•A_B r o k e_T w e e n a g e r•
Every time I watch this, the music makes me cry
Pääkkis - 2 days ago
Respect to those who edited this trailer,
cuz this is better than the movie imo
AprilAAPE Perez
AprilAAPE Perez - 2 days ago
hey640wereuat640 - 2 days ago
The worst one trash
Z1cKk_XZ - 2 days ago
C-3po’s quote had me crying there folks-
Steve9z - 2 days ago
Funny how my dad got to see the "The saga comes to an end" three times.
FINNSTER D3mP - 2 days ago
It's such a shame this movie sucked. Also how was this music not used??????
FINNSTER D3mP - Day ago
@ItsNoahScott Palpatine? He was one of the worst elements! And ben solo I thought came across as quite hollow toward the end, like he barely got any dialogue.
ItsNoahScott - Day ago
Ben Solo & Palpatine saved the movie though.
Peter Walt [Student]
Peter Walt [Student] - 2 days ago
the only thing is that they don't have it on dvd
Peter Walt [Student]
Peter Walt [Student] - 2 days ago
please note that they took the it trailer theme and put it in the final trailer
RACHEL FONGEMIE - 2 days ago
watched this 20 times now...
cried more each time 😭😭😭 this is so sad
even tho i watched the movie i can NOT stop watching the trailer its so amazing...
Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno - 2 days ago
"Taking one last look at my friends."
Lol dude they didn't care about you this whole trilogy
Jules G
Jules G - 3 days ago
Just came to check on my dislike. You know what youtube is like.
Fun With Riley
Fun With Riley - 3 days ago
Best trailer yet! Beat it! Oh wait you can't!
Deidre Jeter
Deidre Jeter - 3 days ago
I hate how little the knights of ren were used in this movie. I may have seen them in like two scenes. Snoke's guards had more screen time.
ARUN PANDIYAN - 3 days ago
I don't know Why I got Addicted to the STAR WARS 😂
ayo_ cowbelly
ayo_ cowbelly - 3 days ago
Why is the trailer better than the movie disney come on
David Gavin
David Gavin - 3 days ago
Did it really have to end the saga here so sad
I’ve been a fan of Star Wars ever sense I was a kid
And I never stop liking the series
And watching it end now sense I am 13 now and it really means a lot to me that the saga ends who ever feels the same.
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RACHEL FONGEMIE - 2 days ago
awwww well at least it had a great ending
Razgriz03264 - 3 days ago
A pity this movie was hot garbage.
webjeff2002 - 4 days ago
I am not a fan of the last 3 movies.
Jules G
Jules G - 3 days ago
Most of us aren't.
PATBLOGZ - 4 days ago
I actually genuinely liked the film. Im not even a star wars fan but i was kept interested and entertained throughout the entire movie. Like if you agree.
Jules G
Jules G - 3 days ago
talked cookie
talked cookie - 4 days ago
That akward moment when the trailer is better than the movie
Jude Moore
Jude Moore - 4 days ago
*Long have I waited, and now, your coming together, is your undoing*
Long have I waited, for my granddaughter to come home
Io - 4 days ago
Women are no warriors .
Io - 4 days ago
The rise of the Shite Walker
Sadin Ahmed Somrat
Sadin Ahmed Somrat - 4 days ago
Wonderful movie
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 4 days ago
So I wasted my time thinking Anakin was the chosen one
Jonathan Vachon
Jonathan Vachon - 4 days ago
This is the worse star wars ever. Disney totally ruined the franchise with its SJW's cringe BS.
Good thing i didnt pay to watch it
ann-ohnyme - 5 days ago
I saw it. I 'm proud of u .I'll follow u. Just be. Be with me. Marie.
dai khanh
dai khanh - 5 days ago
ValuePackMac - 5 days ago
"People keep telling me they know me,noone does..... But I do"
Louis Naude
Louis Naude - 5 days ago
The woke is strong in this one.
TheJellySloth - 5 days ago
“Star Wars, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long.. long time”
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith - 5 days ago
This was the best Christmas gift, I could have ever gotten. Ngl I shed some tears. The ending marks the end of my childhood, right on time ;(
CAEZSTA KAH - 6 days ago
This movie was a once in a lifetime event.
CAEZSTA KAH - 4 days ago
@TylerPlayz - Roblox & More it's not like there are 3 movies of this saga each year.
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang - 4 days ago
TylerPlayz - Roblox & More This & Endgame
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang - 4 days ago
Heck Yeah!
TylerPlayz - Roblox & More
TylerPlayz - Roblox & More
CAEZSTA KAH hope endgame was
Philosophical Teen
Philosophical Teen - 6 days ago
Now , I am totally obsessed with Stars Wars Saga. Can't get it out of my mind♥️
TheGemmyDude 914
TheGemmyDude 914 - 6 days ago
I don’t think the sequel trilogy sucks, I just think it’s boring.
I am IRONMAN - 6 days ago
Not as bad as the last Jedi but it’s still sh*t
Ayjaz Hussain
Ayjaz Hussain - 7 days ago
Next movie. I hope that its like the end of sith. All sith led by Ghost Plageuis The dumb vs All jedi including ghost.
Jtriodo 0
Jtriodo 0 - 7 days ago
Let’s be honest here. We came back for the music, not the movie.
ather khan
ather khan - 6 days ago
i came here for the movie
Arnav Aoi
Arnav Aoi - 7 days ago
Why did it have to end?! This was the best movie series I have ever watched! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Elisha Gabrielle Fresnillo
Star Wars : May the force be with you
Light bulb: may the light be with you
Jesus : May the god be with you
James Nicholls
James Nicholls - 7 days ago
Quigon jinn. Made Luke skycryer the king of star wars. I nearly cried when face painted kids found a very good jedi died. Then a thought eating food happened. You can't explode things in space! He always was a very strong jedi but let's wait to watch him get even better.
Mika-Animations Vidz
Mika-Animations Vidz - 7 days ago
Spread the word: Disney is considering erasing the sequels from Canon, We Want This To Happen!!!!
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang - 4 days ago
Fakeeee newsss
Lol_MemerMan69 - 8 days ago
Son: dad what was Star Wars?
Me having intense flashbacks: “long have I waited”
Jeremy Tso
Jeremy Tso - 8 days ago
The hipe was WAAYY to real 😂😅
Bear The sane
Bear The sane - 8 days ago
The script and battle scenes even in the 2003 game "Jedi Academy" are much better than in the entire last trilogy. Nuff said.
Alba Morales
Alba Morales - 8 days ago
Say what you will about the sequel trilogy, but the trailers never have disappointed.
Revidex Gaming
Revidex Gaming - 8 days ago
The trailer is Divine and the movie was as i say “Primordial”
Albert Wheadon
Albert Wheadon - 9 days ago
Why does the music, in the beginning, sound like the same as in the intro of the IT trailer?
Stillwinston - 9 days ago
Rey was a Jedi, like the Skywalkers before her!
OSCAR ESCAPA - 9 days ago
The trailer was 100 times better than the movie
Darth Tragedus The Tragedy
Literally a space mary sue killing her grandpa
Anita - 9 days ago
the clownery
Travis The Movie Guy
Travis The Movie Guy - 10 days ago
Am I the only one who liked this movie?
J G - 8 days ago
Alone never have you been....
P&Wfan 2004
P&Wfan 2004 - 8 days ago
Ddefault _MasterlorD
Ddefault _MasterlorD - 10 days ago
The trailer is more uplifting than the original movie, but at least there is something good.
cheez bergher
cheez bergher - 10 days ago
I remember when i watched this it was so epic
Sumayya Anjum
Sumayya Anjum - 10 days ago
Sumayya Anjum
Sumayya Anjum - 10 days ago
Sumayya Anjum
Sumayya Anjum - 10 days ago
6Kevin Gunawan9
6Kevin Gunawan9 - 10 days ago
I'm Enjoying The Rise Of Skywalker,Nobody Can Change My Mind.
6Kevin Gunawan9
6Kevin Gunawan9 - 7 days ago
@P&Wfan 2004 I appreciate that
P&Wfan 2004
P&Wfan 2004 - 7 days ago
@6Kevin Gunawan9 you reworked a meme and you dont accept them as canon? you now have gained my acceptance.
Shakira hips lied
Shakira hips lied - 7 days ago
@6Kevin Gunawan9 acceptable then
6Kevin Gunawan9
6Kevin Gunawan9 - 7 days ago
@P&Wfan 2004im enjoying it but i do not grant sequels rank of canon
P&Wfan 2004
P&Wfan 2004 - 8 days ago
true. but i can still say my opinion. and i say it sucks.
Eli - 11 days ago
PICTURE THIS: when all of landos fleet have arrived they start charging towards the final order with the music at 1:27 . After panning over all the different ships the tie fighters start charging towards landos fleet at 1:43 .
Connor Blake
Connor Blake - 11 days ago
It's a pretty amazing feat of cinema to make 3 whole movies where nothing happens.
Shubhajit Laskar
Shubhajit Laskar - 11 days ago
1:28 Music intensifies..
May the Force be with all of us!
Star Wars Spider
Star Wars Spider - 11 days ago
This is epic and amazing MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.
William Pitt
William Pitt - 11 days ago
You're late pal, for me it ended with Return of the Jedi.
Naman kumar
Naman kumar - 11 days ago
If they called hayden christensen as anakn to fight palpatine and something like that this movie would have crossed endgame
Joseph Lyon
Joseph Lyon - 11 days ago
No matter what, we'll always have these trailers and the hope they gave us.
Luke Skillings
Luke Skillings - 11 days ago
When Disney made the force awakens and the Last jedi I thought they just didn't care but when I saw this film I thought they were trying to ruin star wars.
Kaeble - 11 days ago
The sets are awesome.
Master Cobacoba
Master Cobacoba - 12 days ago
The movie make me sleepy
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