Alec Benjamin
Alec Benjamin - 5 months ago
Here is the video for “Boy in the Bubble” I really hope you like the new mixtape . Leave a comment below ! follow me on insta for more updates @alecbenjamin .
▪Dragon's Phoenix▪
▪Dragon's Phoenix▪ - 2 days ago
Ed Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia - 4 days ago
Alec Benjamin is the Best I replay this song so many times
Slime Slime
Slime Slime - 4 days ago
I love your music
Slime Slime
Slime Slime - 4 days ago
Alec Benjamin I love your music
Zoe Cirone
Zoe Cirone - 2 hours ago
I love this song you really inspire me and I love you other song 💝💝 you are the best singer
paih shame
paih shame - 3 hours ago
damn i just found this song . em love it.
G.J.D f
G.J.D f - 4 hours ago
- - A
- - A - 4 hours ago
0:34 this guy is super cute
am i the only one thinking that okey
Jaqueline Cantoran
Jaqueline Cantoran - 11 hours ago
valentina gomez
valentina gomez - 14 hours ago
no me gusta eso de trabul chabul no le di dislike lo siento no me gusta
codytyran - 17 hours ago
i love this song but the music video doesn't really go along with the lyrics in the song
XxCylitoxX - 19 hours ago
This made me cry :'(
Vita Sabanill
Vita Sabanill - Day ago
I love it sooooooo much
لمياء الغيث
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark - Day ago
My favorite line was "I had chicken on the plate but the food was cold"
Luna Wolf
Luna Wolf - Day ago
Harry Potter..
Romi Michelle
Romi Michelle - Day ago
this song is so clever!
Frank Gonzales
Frank Gonzales - Day ago
If you didn't want trouble why did you say I'm ready for a fight
Farida Youssef
Farida Youssef - Day ago
خالد العيفان
اكو عرب طيره 😂
templar 2496
templar 2496 - Day ago
it is sad but such a good song i could watch it all day
Alessandra Leope ♡
Alessandra Leope ♡ - 2 days ago
Lil Crystal
Lil Crystal - 2 days ago
i dont understand how this guy talks so damn fast

Alex Meldrum
Alex Meldrum - 2 days ago
This is amazing but one of my favourite songs is Steve Its so good
Sofia Whaley
Sofia Whaley - 2 days ago
it gave a tear to my eye just listening to this!
Every song i listened to from you i LOVE
QUEEN BEATS - 2 days ago
Damn this song is fire I love it
garry help me defeat larry and barry
To catch up use 0,75 speed

Thank me later
Nicole Denuccio
Nicole Denuccio - 3 days ago
i love it
Sasha Shagalova
Sasha Shagalova - 3 days ago
*i have no words this is deep*
Luaghing mystery
Luaghing mystery - 4 days ago
if i was in that situation and i was getting bullied i would go to school land when they come near me and try to hit me I would reach my hand into my long boot and pull out a lighter after that i would hunt them down and set them on fire
Queen Moonwatcher
Queen Moonwatcher - 4 days ago
Harry Potter iS tHaT yOu?!
cupcake swirl
cupcake swirl - 4 days ago
What happened to the chicken?
Tavinder Singh
Tavinder Singh - 4 days ago
Master piece ♥️
Brings - 5 days ago
First of all what happened to the damn chicken
Jacob Dygan
Jacob Dygan - 5 days ago
Can I sing for you water fountain and boy in the bubble please ??!!?
{PeircingBlueEyes} - 5 days ago
*I can relate
{PeircingBlueEyes} - 5 days ago
U can relate
Anime and Gacha For Life
This song must be sang in front of bullies 💁🏻‍♀️
Kamila Rivera
Kamila Rivera - 5 days ago
Yo um I'm ok
Noa vd gaag
Noa vd gaag - 5 days ago
that guy looks like Matt from the Vampire Diaries
motley81 - 6 days ago
How do you speck like that
Soni Parween
Soni Parween - 6 days ago
The real question is

What did he do with 🐔
jeoyeon jung
jeoyeon jung - 6 days ago
kesinlikle dünyanın en güzel şarkısı olabilir
LiviaPlaysPiano - 6 days ago
May someone tell me what happened at 2:44 ? I was a bit confused :P Oh! I LOVED the music! And the video!!! It made me shed a tear at the end :) Well. I'm still confused about the end like.. What happened? :P

EDIT: WAIT A SECOND.!!!! The kid that was bullying the other kid.. Was his dad an alcoholic and the other boy had a normal life? And.... He gave his helmet to him to maybe remember him by? Or probably to umm Idk but yeah!! I just looked closer at the video and i saw the bully run out of the caravan sooooooo i'm guessing that.. Yeah.. Please someone tell me the real reason ;-; I think that i'm wrong ;-;
Skylar Pilk
Skylar Pilk - 6 days ago
play it at 1.25
Aliejha Cullick
Aliejha Cullick - 6 days ago
honestly i don’t really like this one. come at me😒
Fatima Vlogs
Fatima Vlogs - 6 days ago
Can I have 100 likes plz ur the best plz plz plz
Mohammed Eddehbi
Mohammed Eddehbi - 6 days ago
0:34 Harry potter :v
Kaylee Mccary
Kaylee Mccary - 7 days ago
Yeah let’s go fight in the middle of nowhere, let’s go never seen that before
Đường - 7 days ago
0:36 :v He looks like Harry Potter. LOL HAHA :vv
Venus Regala
Venus Regala - 7 days ago
Cy_xl - 7 days ago
Is the kid supposed to be August from wonder
cupcake swirl
cupcake swirl - 7 days ago
I love you alec bajamin
cupcake swirl
cupcake swirl - 7 days ago
I LOVE this song!❤❤💗💗💋💋💖💖❣💟💞💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Aliyah Patten
Aliyah Patten - 7 days ago
i think this song was based off of the movie Wonder! i love it so much.
Hazem Ezzat
Hazem Ezzat - 7 days ago
Do a video with billie eilish!! U can make great songs together
Oof It’s Orls
Oof It’s Orls - 8 days ago
Monti - 8 days ago
Punch my face do it cause I like the pain?
Rosie Walker
Rosie Walker - 8 days ago
I'm a girl in a bubble
Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar - 8 days ago
dis remind me of twenty one pilots
NightMaresThatScareMeToDeath 21
Say I didn’t want trouble
м л
м л - 9 days ago
Why so fast?😹 Your voicemail is perfect 😍
м л
м л - 9 days ago
Comiczbecause WHY NOT
Comiczbecause WHY NOT - 9 days ago
Samuel Stewart
Samuel Stewart - 9 days ago
play on 2.0 and it turns into nightcore
Jonas Zybril
Jonas Zybril - 9 days ago
Why did I get this on My recomended page i dont Even like the song i dont even listen to pop music im confused
Tegist Mamo
Tegist Mamo - 9 days ago
3:00 and 0:4 is when I cried its so sad
ilomilo - 9 days ago
SO glad i didnt find this off of tiktok
ilomilo - 9 days ago
Ariel Price
Ariel Price - 9 days ago
You know just causally watching all his videos again
D-LOW Fan - 10 days ago
This guys toooooooo under rated
Ángela Giovanna Robles Pereda
Adoro la canción
La estoy tratando de aprender, pero es demasiado rápida para mi
Soy de México 🤗🤗🙂
imma snowglobe
imma snowglobe - 10 days ago
i'd love for him to do a collab with billie, they'd sound amazing together.
James GB
James GB - 11 days ago
Did he fake bullying so that he would looked good infront of his friend?
That all i'm getting from the music video
Love your work dude ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ayla Devilla
Ayla Devilla - 11 days ago
So no one's gonna ask what harry potter was doing in a helmet?
InLikeFlynn - 11 days ago
Sandy has left the chat.
mellowparadise - 11 days ago
damn, now i want
billie eilish and _alec benjamin to collab😍💛_
_Tate Mcrae and Alec Benjamin😍😵💜_
Eli Za
Eli Za - 11 days ago
Poor Harry Potter. I didn't know that Harry Potter got bullied.
Duckジ c:
Duckジ c: - 11 days ago
The best Song
Adrian Knapp
Adrian Knapp - 11 days ago
Literall6 every song is heaven
Hi i like games
Hi i like games - 11 days ago
where is dat food tho
James Henry
James Henry - 11 days ago
He does good tik tok songs
Maria Cisneros
Maria Cisneros - 11 days ago
I love it
Danely Pires
Danely Pires - 11 days ago
Ahhh I am in live with this songgg
Aliyah W
Aliyah W - 11 days ago
Bendik Offernes
Bendik Offernes - 11 days ago
The coolest song i have ever heard
Fam Nsa
Fam Nsa - 11 days ago
dan marithyst
dan marithyst - 12 days ago
the bully looks like a young Matt Donovan, hii TVD fansss
Gacha Flower power
Gacha Flower power - 12 days ago
My favorite singer is Alec Benjamin cuz he's songs are so cool
Chris Newton
Chris Newton - 12 days ago
This is how I feel around my bullies at my school.
Huỳnh Hưng
Huỳnh Hưng - 12 days ago
The music video is very meaningful
The DeadCreator
The DeadCreator - 12 days ago
A lil analysis of the song/video:
-the song switches between three perspectives: the boy, the bully, the narrorator.
-the boy is victim of bullying, however, the bully is also bullied by the dad. "Son you gotta tell me why you're black and blue" could be referring to the bully being beaten by the dad (or the boy, or both, same for a lot of other lyrics). Also, "He was scared to go home every night" (the lyric along those lines) refers to the bully being scared to go home because of his abusive father.
-The boy is richer and better off than the bully
-The boy's astronaut helmet is symbolic of protection. The boy has the helmet on because he needs protection from the bully.
-At the end, he takes of his helmet, and hands it to the bully. This is a symbolic guesture symbolizing the boy's realization that the bully needs protection more than him (from the dad), as he is a witness of the dad's abuse
-The time is night, possibly visually presenting the idiom, "at the end of the day", which translates to "ultimately", in essence.
"At the end of the day" the boy is protected, because he has a safer house, and the bully can hurt him all he wants, but the boy will be safer, and have a better future.
I have a lot of other thoughts on this song, but it would take too long to write all it.
Idk I could just be overanalysing this song lol
The DeadCreator
The DeadCreator - 7 days ago
+seb aye thanks lol
seb aye
seb aye - 8 days ago
well said
Truska Ahmed
Truska Ahmed - 12 days ago
I really LIKE IT
Riley Bloom
Riley Bloom - 12 days ago
This sounds like Billie Eilish's songs. They really need to do a collaboration.
Riley Bloom
Riley Bloom - 8 days ago
OMG. Tysm for the highlight! I've never had one before!
Daภΐelle MสcสR
Daภΐelle MสcสR - 12 days ago
The little boy reminds me of August from The movie Wonder!
Forever A&K
Forever A&K - 12 days ago
i like the song but the video is just a little sad
Caroline Trageser
Caroline Trageser - 12 days ago
Pigz Da Moosh
Pigz Da Moosh - 12 days ago
I feel like i get lost in cake
Truska Ahmed
Truska Ahmed - 13 days ago
Boy in the bubble i love it
Hannah Joseph
Hannah Joseph - 13 days ago
Wowwww! This is absolutely brilliant!
Zack - 13 days ago
"Put my hands up, put my hands up" Are you getting arrested or some sheet? xD
Day Day
Day Day - 13 days ago
Why was the chicken cold I wanted to eat some chicken🥶😱😞😔😭
Lilac Chaser
Lilac Chaser - 13 days ago
He looks like he's from Wonder!
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