My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series makes no sense... (ft. Cameron Kennedy aka Rory)

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers - 29 days ago
hey everyone hope you enjoyed the video! Its not every day I get to work with someone who was in the show I'm talking about haha. If you're a fan of MBV, watch until the end for a little (tiny) interview with Cameron.

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Min Yoongi drinks water sExi1Y
I was literally obsessed with this show
Crosby Vandemon
Crosby Vandemon - 11 days ago
Alex Meyers do The Boy Who Cries Werewolf which features Victoria Justice!
Tabv TV
Tabv TV - 17 days ago
Alex Meyers OMG AHHH
Dorito Chips
Dorito Chips - 21 day ago
Alex Meyers Yo there’s a new movie on Netflix called Daybreak..
Kelsie Cogswell
Kelsie Cogswell - 21 day ago
Alex Meyers how about some good old Spy Kids
Marii - 45 minutes ago
i loved this series
Exalted Madness
Exalted Madness - 2 hours ago
Rory was my favorite character tbh.
PeacheTee - 10 hours ago
I loooooooooooove this show soooooooooooooo much.
Truman Klaver
Truman Klaver - 12 hours ago
Bruce McDonald is the dad of a student who goes to my school, he actually came to my school to talk to my film class
Ashnett Brown
Ashnett Brown - 18 hours ago
I love this show bro watched it when it came out and I still watch it now and then
Jury Yeti
Jury Yeti - Day ago
Lol I remember this on Disney for a bit
The Pink llama
The Pink llama - Day ago
Yeah i liked the show.
Vamporilla - 2 days ago
To be honest, I personally only knew about the show. I wasn’t even AWARE that there was a movie until now.
HorizontalTwo08 - 2 days ago
Theres a spoiler so dont click read more less you seen the whole show.

Why the hell they end the show on that dam cliff hanger. Like, did they all die or something?!
Parkdum - 2 days ago
_bro idc the fuck you say, this shit was good_
PaperCut Survivor
PaperCut Survivor - 2 days ago
There goes our future Queen Toni Topaz 😂
melloxmello - 2 days ago
Did anyone else have a crush on all the main characters 👀
Naysa McDonald
Naysa McDonald - 16 hours ago
melloxmello - 2 days ago
The theme song is still a bop 🥴
Brooklyn Jones
Brooklyn Jones - 3 days ago
ok boomer
Johanna - 3 days ago
please u HAVE to ask him how the show ended!! They never made the last episode.. PLS ASK HIMM!!!!!!
Sumo Wrestler #26
Sumo Wrestler #26 - 3 days ago
Ethan looks like a cross between MatPat and Paul McCartney. In fact, I'm like 80% sure Ethan IS MatPat.
Ariane Thibodeau
Ariane Thibodeau - 10 hours ago
Good to know I'm not alone thinking he looks like Paul
Titouan Pontet
Titouan Pontet - 4 days ago
I watched the hell out of this serie
Silver Wheelchairiot
Silver Wheelchairiot - 4 days ago
I genuinely thought the show was good for what it was. Movie was pretty generic though.
THE Blood River Alpha
THE Blood River Alpha - 4 days ago
the people that know this show are obvioulsy like me and if you talk to someone two years younger than you about it they wont know what it is
Idk Amk
Idk Amk - 4 days ago
They should have never cancelled it🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
ChildrenOfRadiation - 5 days ago
5:15 "Satan's Typewriter" is way cooler, man.
QueensOfAfricaUSA - 5 days ago
lol they use magic and make demons sounds bad what a hypocrite
2H - 6 days ago
Guys, guys, guys. I found a scene from this show in which the protagonists dressed up as cheerleaders and the blonde cheerleader was Betty and the brunette cheerleader was Veronica.
Max Broussard
Max Broussard - 6 days ago
When you made the first my babysitters a vampire I thought you were talking about the tv show because i did not know there was a movie
Liv A.
Liv A. - 6 days ago
Why does Benny low-key look like Greta Thunberg 5:03
Calum Stewart
Calum Stewart - 7 days ago
I absolutely loved this show.
Chili Women
Chili Women - 7 days ago
Poor girl
BatGoblet - 7 days ago
Rory has Jim Halpert's haircut
Ellie Lusardi
Ellie Lusardi - 7 days ago
Okay listen shit on rory all u like but he was my ninja okay.. my favorite ninja. the hottest vampire ninja... with the santa jokes. okay shhh hes the best character his jokes were way better than benny's 100%
Ellie Lusardi
Ellie Lusardi - 7 days ago
and now i feel great about this comment because i didnt hear the interview yet... and now i wish i lived in canada lol more people love u in not canada
Sahara West
Sahara West - 7 days ago
*Suddenly feeling VERY bad for Cameron*
deathbyinsomnia - 7 days ago
The episode reminded me a liiiiittle of the "Summer Camp" episode of Fairly OddParents... Just me? Ok.
deathbyinsomnia - 7 days ago
Also Pet Semetary but ya know, whatever. Recycled plot devices are kinda common.
LPS Rainbowswirl123
LPS Rainbowswirl123 - 7 days ago
I really liked this series
Duchess Doom
Duchess Doom - 8 days ago
Devin Godwin
Devin Godwin - 8 days ago
Rory solo film in progress
kayla killiebrew
kayla killiebrew - 8 days ago
But there was no season 2
Sam B
Sam B - 8 days ago
fun fact kate todd (erica) was born in my hometown 😌💅
Sam B
Sam B - 8 days ago
my babysitters a vampire is and will always be my favourite tv show for all time
Sydney O'Bier
Sydney O'Bier - 8 days ago
I’m so pissed they just flat out ended the show like that, I need to know if my boy Ethan got that cake ✊🏻😪
Arianna - 9 days ago
I love how I started to rewatch “My Babysitter is a Vampire” today and this suddenly pops up on my recommended
Sigause Van hausen
Sigause Van hausen - 9 days ago
Bruh this litterally was my childhood
Asia James
Asia James - 9 days ago
You want a movie do zombies!!! Or cloud 9😁😁
alex15 crazy
alex15 crazy - 9 days ago
I love that it is an accepted concept that everyone thinks flutes are played vertically
Tilly Ainslie
Tilly Ainslie - 9 days ago
Phoebe Wood
Phoebe Wood - 9 days ago
Why are the people who you do is butt naked
Is Rory actually with you :0 ahhh 💜
Eveything is okay
Eveything is okay - 10 days ago
I am in love with my babysitters a vampire series.

Naomi Walker
Naomi Walker - 10 days ago
Dave Louis
Dave Louis - 10 days ago
Do Mr. Young
MARIA LUGO - 10 days ago
Can you make a stranger things video
phoenix c
phoenix c - 10 days ago
i've been rewatching this whole series and now of course this is in my recommended i think youtube stalked my netflix
Kaitlyn Vazquez
Kaitlyn Vazquez - 10 days ago
You've gone too far lol! This is my childhood!!!!!! 😂
Adison King
Adison King - 10 days ago
fatbulous fashion
fatbulous fashion - 10 days ago
It's on Netflix if anyone wants to go watch this
faithxsanchez - 11 days ago
I was so mad when I didn’t get an ending 😑
Thienbao Ngo
Thienbao Ngo - 11 days ago
I watched this series... I don't think it was that good.
LaToya M
LaToya M - 11 days ago
That was on tv recently lol.
Flawless YT
Flawless YT - 12 days ago
did anyone else have a crush on Atticus
Duchess Doom
Duchess Doom - 8 days ago
Dude I had a crush on everyone
Assylum 13
Assylum 13 - 12 days ago
I start rewatching the show a second time and then this pops up on my recommended
Diego Kiwi
Diego Kiwi - 12 days ago
Watch Psych
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