My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series makes no sense... (ft. Cameron Kennedy aka Rory)

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers - 8 months ago
hey everyone hope you enjoyed the video! Its not every day I get to work with someone who was in the show I'm talking about haha. If you're a fan of MBV, watch until the end for a little (tiny) interview with Cameron.

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The patten Slice9900
The patten Slice9900 - 2 months ago
Alex Meyers Follow us I thought you made this channel by yourself
Kermit Conn
Kermit Conn - 2 months ago
If I had magic i would make it so got straight A
Cheyenne Partin
Cheyenne Partin - 2 months ago
Never mind I found ya
Cheyenne Partin
Cheyenne Partin - 2 months ago
@Arifinal Shiddiq Amin I agree
Cheyenne Partin
Cheyenne Partin - 2 months ago
If yall like just let me know and I'll send info to add each other if not its cool
All-day Dreamers
All-day Dreamers - Day ago
What is your favourite colour?
Richard Medina
Richard Medina - Day ago
Rory was my favorite actor
Crystal Snw
Crystal Snw - Day ago
3:51 where did the freaking arm come from?
_I-Pastel_ - 3 days ago
i used to watch this show when I was little and then I rewatched it again cause I really liked it, but I was so confused with the ending
Caleb Ratcliff
Caleb Ratcliff - 3 days ago
Hi Rory I'm ALEX Myras biggest fan and I love ❤️ my babysitters a vampire
ShmolKid - 3 days ago
If I’m gonna be honest, I thought this show especially this episode was a dream
Josephrock1 ツ
Josephrock1 ツ - 5 days ago
Rory was my favorite character
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith - 5 days ago
It cracks me up when he says this defined people lives. Cause after Vanessa Morgan did this I followed her all the way to Riverdale and everything went downhill from there so.....yea
BearlyAiden - 5 days ago
Fun facts! The season finale let the fans decide who won (evil or good), in a street fighter esc flash game. The more you know.
Ksuper - 6 days ago
Y did you quit the show
p1ggyyy - 6 days ago
Im litteraly watching mbav as you speak
Cool Pickle
Cool Pickle - 8 days ago
This used to be the show! ❤️
Kyran AFK
Kyran AFK - 8 days ago
Rory is amazing and definitely the most important character.
rakshita gautam
rakshita gautam - 9 days ago
In conclusion everyones favorite character was rory
rakshita gautam
rakshita gautam - 9 days ago
Man I had such a big crush on Benny when I was kid . Don't judge me
whereare _theavocados
whereare _theavocados - 10 days ago
Curiosity killed the cat...
drowning styles
drowning styles - 11 days ago
Rory was the best character
haley - 12 days ago
rory was my favorite😌
Owlglas - 12 days ago
Bringing pet's back from the dead.
Me: PeT sEmEnTaRy ViBeS
Napoleon Brown
Napoleon Brown - 12 days ago
I know that it's the bom
JESUS AMADO - 12 days ago
I loved this show
Ricky - 13 days ago
I used to have such a crush on Sarah.
So uhhh... I bet you could ask whatshisname for her number right?
K thx
Skoot Skooter
Skoot Skooter - 13 days ago
I miss this show so much :,(
fnaf fangirl1
fnaf fangirl1 - 14 days ago
As a canadian I apologize for this trash
Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron is alive you shits
And I watched both of them lol
Galileo Galilli
Galileo Galilli - 15 days ago
This is one of those things that my younger siblings like a lot that I didn't really hate.
jason poole
jason poole - 15 days ago
jason poole
jason poole - 15 days ago
Hp1ays_GAMING - 15 days ago
I like all of the Undertale music and mario
Екатерина Катюша
I loved this show, but somehow totally forgot about it until now. I didn't even remember there was a movie before it
Green Teaღ
Green Teaღ - 19 days ago
Benny looks like the onceler from the Lorax
Joshua Deputy
Joshua Deputy - 20 days ago
Lol i lowkey was thinkin the same thing when he said vampire ninja
Beautiful. Magnificent. Awesome U R Special
You know what. Idc I still love the whole franchise.
Roadkills Films
Roadkills Films - 21 day ago
Oh shit, they got Cameron in here.
Kayla McCartney
Kayla McCartney - 25 days ago
when i was younger i used to have a crush on benny 😳
Sunflower squad
Sunflower squad - 26 days ago
cameron is like AND MY NAME IN THE SHOW IS RORY THANK YOU VERY MUCH i just broke my self and fell on the ground laugh
rumple guiltskin
rumple guiltskin - 28 days ago
I want a rory solo film
William Jasper
William Jasper - 29 days ago
This show was soooo gooood. But that GODDAMN ENDING!!!!!!!!! Ugh 😑
Mr. Honeycreeper
Mr. Honeycreeper - 29 days ago
That tv show was my entire childhood
Sadie McC
Sadie McC - 29 days ago
So the creepy thing is my dog was named Dela and she died prematurely...ahh
Laney Bond
Laney Bond - Month ago
Pet sem--Nope
Cat and Kitty
Cat and Kitty - Month ago
I'd like to see what they had to cut out-
Flavorless Chips
Flavorless Chips - Month ago
I remember telling my grandma after watching it that I was a werwolf and we only eat ice cream and chicken. She got me an ice cream afterwards 😌✨
Rebecca Lenz
Rebecca Lenz - Month ago
I HATED the part where the had a fork in his head.
Lana Thomas
Lana Thomas - Month ago
You should do more of my babysitters a vampire.
The second episode is just, the second best episode.
Janna Leen
Janna Leen - Month ago
no one gonna y’all about the cliffhanger? Just me? Ok.
Botw707 - Month ago
They should have atleast finished this series in the form of a graphic novel or something!
IroHana - Month ago
Well, let's be glad that at least he didn't have a heart attack after he found out there was a show
Bread Loaf
Bread Loaf - Month ago
JG - 05CR - Northwood PS (1533)
Our Canadian TV is always weird this is actually pretty normal
Stephanie Clos3
Stephanie Clos3 - Month ago
I watched this show when I was five and loved everything, im 9 now and watched riverdale cuz im weird....I saw the actor of sara on it and, oh boy did I wonder how she looked so pretty with pink hair? Yes and that blondie boy is rory
Becs ios
Becs ios - Month ago
Ethan looks exactly like the teen boy version of Winona Ryder!
Artistical - Month ago
please, you aren't allowed to talk until you see the episodes about the zombie apocalypse started by coffee. or the blood drive by the vampire nurses. or that time they resurrected a pharaoh by stealing his remains from a museam.
Logical Overdrive
Logical Overdrive - Month ago
Okay, I didn't read all of the title and wasn't ready for Rory's actor to show up.
Laniyah Bradford
Laniyah Bradford - Month ago
I got nightmares from the episode where the girl used her voice to make people... fight it terrified me
butter pie UwU
butter pie UwU - Month ago
5:46 undertale music at vm 1
BibiGaming - Month ago
I just realised that when they pretended to be girls they were called Betty and Veronica! And welpppp babysitter is from riverdale sooo where did the names come from did riverdale get there names from this show :00000000
Devin Joelle
Devin Joelle - Month ago
Did anyone else die inside as a kid when they realized there was no third season and all the characters are just presumed dead-
Maddy Lawrence
Maddy Lawrence - Month ago
I had a huge crush on Rory.
Orla Macdonald
Orla Macdonald - Month ago
Aw Cameron is so nice
1815 MaeCraft
1815 MaeCraft - Month ago
My sister ruined this show by watching it nonstop, rewinding it to the beginning when she didn't need to, long story short I don't watch it
Amanda Henderson
Amanda Henderson - Month ago
I hate you
WhiteWolf Laughing
WhiteWolf Laughing - Month ago
This is the only episode of the series I’ve ever watched
Allie Garcia
Allie Garcia - Month ago
2:35 had me SH👀K
Imogen Steed
Imogen Steed - Month ago
Ethan is Eric, and Benny is just a mix of Hyde, Fez, and Kelso
Imogen Steed
Imogen Steed - Month ago
Okay when I was little I straight up did not know that there was a movie and got very confused whenever something from it was referenced in the show (which I LOVED)
Madison Faith
Madison Faith - Month ago
Fun Fact: Rory was EVERYBODY’S favorite Character ❤️❤️
punsiella - Month ago
i remember having the hugest crush on benny
...until i saw him in radio rebel lmao
good morning
good morning - Month ago
Cameron Kennedy's fricking hilarious
good morning
good morning - Month ago
I always found Sara really attractive as a kid
Superzyairemaster - Month ago
Is anyone gonna ignore the fact that he says everything don’t makes sense
Superzyairemaster - Month ago
I’m still a fan
Superzyairemaster - Month ago
And I’m not hating
Belanca Rosier
Belanca Rosier - Month ago
It kinda makes me sad Cameron never got recognized, I honestly really enjoyed his character on the show despite never really liking that type of character in shows
Belanca Rosier
Belanca Rosier - Month ago
what did they mAKE YOU GUYS CUT OUT
Loaf Of Bread
Loaf Of Bread - 2 months ago
6:19 perfect example of why I loved this show😄😂😂😂 "when santa comes.."
CHRISTINE BRANCO - 2 months ago
I think Rory is very funny there all cool Benny ,Ethan,Sarah, Rory Erica
CHRISTINE BRANCO - 2 months ago
Me 🤷🏾‍♀️
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin - 2 months ago
Take the dog out back and use the anti-potion aka shotgun.
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