Halsey - You should be sad

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aqeelah - 5 hours ago
for those who are clearly confused:

1. No, she is not copying anybody. She's paying to tribute to women that inspired her She's said this.
2. No, she is NOT singing about a miscarriage. She would never be happy about not having a child. She's said this.
3. Stop talking about things you don't know about. Opinion or rumour is not fact. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. No one said you have to comment.
august ken
august ken - 5 hours ago
Sarah Sowers
Sarah Sowers - 5 hours ago
This song is perfect for the shittiest person in the whole world my ex. Who when I sent him this song decided to tell me he was f’ing another girl. Guess the song hit him too.
Melissa Mendoza
Melissa Mendoza - 5 hours ago
idk if anyone else noticed she was wearing the 2 outfits shania twain had in her video man i feel like a woman the cheetah print and the black dress with gloves and the hairdo i guess its a subtle shout out to shania
Tamires Araújo
Tamires Araújo - 5 hours ago
Rawr!!! - 5 hours ago
I hear from Spotify and it so soft and calm. Then I open Youtube it was blocked.. So I login with my brother's account now I understand
Adelia Chandra
Adelia Chandra - 5 hours ago
Ayrton Júnior
Ayrton Júnior - 6 hours ago
Watch the video of downtown by ANITTA and J. Balvin to reach the first billion 😍🔥🔥🔥
Taylover 13
Taylover 13 - 6 hours ago
Me encanta
Steven glenn
Steven glenn - 6 hours ago
G eazy- damn she didnt have the new twins last time I got it! 😥 halsey- but you will never ever touch me again! 😏
Katie Kaspetrus
Katie Kaspetrus - 6 hours ago
I love how she nods to Shania Twain with the outfits 💜
Eliane Vasconcelos
Eliane Vasconcelos - 6 hours ago
that was a Shania Twain homage or hip off? not sure
612 Ent
612 Ent - 6 hours ago
Still talkin bout G-eazy
Samuel Line
Samuel Line - 6 hours ago
This is like a counterpart to "Without Me"
Ryan Titus
Ryan Titus - 6 hours ago
3:23 though damn 😎😍🦄
Reck Teck
Reck Teck - 6 hours ago
Anne Burjious
Anne Burjious - 6 hours ago
She's like his is cowboy sad song type of vibe but with some weird naked cowboy dancing. She used to be cool, now she's just naked most of the time..
Markman Taylor
Markman Taylor - 7 hours ago
That poor horse probably got crabs now since halsey grinding her skanky bitch ass all on it
Rovid Bouski
Rovid Bouski - 7 hours ago
So I have a quote from the movie Suicide Squad
"Thats a whole lot of pretty in a whole lot of crazy"
kaila - 7 hours ago
Absolutely love her!!!!!!!!!
Rute Madruga
Rute Madruga - 7 hours ago
This song is literally my life now, I recently broke up with a guy that really has mental and drug issues and it's funnny cause I showed him Yungblud and they kinda have the same look and he loved him xd but he lied to me and used all my money all this semester I didnt go to class in university and spend all my parents money basically in food and drugs for us, we were living together, Im 20 years and he's 22 , when I finally realized this was no life for me and asked him to change he just lied to me and keep lieing all the time, we went to our hometown and he started going out with his drug friends and never asked me to go with him so I suspected he was on drugs again, so when I broke up with him he told I was just like everyone else and that broke my heart, whenever I would confront with lies I knew for sure he would denied it, this one time he asked a friend of mine for money telling him it was for a gift for me when I found out this I was fed up and broke up with him over the phone but went to his house later and he told me his mom had the money and when I tried to go to his mother to ask if it was true he grabbed me by the neck and pushed agaisnt the bed and everytime I would try to live the room he grabbed me by my arm, after that I v never seen him again, after this he didnt even cared to try and make things right with me, and all I did was try to help him... Now i feel used I guess I'll never know if he truly loved me, but i dont think so, and now i feel used and stupid
tanvi jha
tanvi jha - 7 hours ago
i thought it was jeffree star for a moment....white wig,horse,no clothes photoshoot..
Khant Nyar
Khant Nyar - 7 hours ago
The song is good but the MV sucks tho. It should be better as a story-telling MV
Brooke Cook
Brooke Cook - 7 hours ago
G-eazy has left the chat*
William Dunkleman
William Dunkleman - 7 hours ago
I Love this Song, So Beautiful and Talented
BS Abstracts
BS Abstracts - 7 hours ago
This is unfortunate. This was my most favorite song on the new album, but this stripper orgy video really ruins the message. Doesn’t go at all. Sad she chooses to give it all away like this. Glad my daughters are over her. All these music and Hollywood pedo’s then nothing but strippers and hookers as music artists.
burstfire lol
burstfire lol - 7 hours ago
the only issue with halseys music is halsey. the music is great. the singing is fine. the lyrics are dogshit and the music videos are always so underwhelming. first with "without me" and now "you should be sad". its so disappointing to hear these songs but then you listen to them a few more times and you realize the lyrics are so bad the messages are terrible. its like its written by a high school girl for english class. and then the music videos are nothing like what the music makes you think they will be. its so annoying because its almost the best 2 songs ever but the lyrics and the music videos ruin it. its a testament tho to how good the music is that even despite halsey the songs are still good. i think she would do better as a producer (assuming she produced these songs)
Lona stay
Lona stay - 7 hours ago
Why are you dancing naked 😂 don't sell your soul and body for some views 😂
Dayane Lopes
Dayane Lopes - 7 hours ago
Shania Twain feelings. I love it! hahha
Alicia BareHTD4LIFE!
Alicia BareHTD4LIFE! - 8 hours ago
Victoria Beeman
Victoria Beeman - 8 hours ago
I love Halsey and her videos but this one had no connection to the song, it was more like a yea you should be sad bc look at this fine a$$ you missing now 😉
Laam Ishraque
Laam Ishraque - 8 hours ago
I feel the guy who was using halsey's left boob as a pillow 😑
Giorgio Carrara
Giorgio Carrara - 8 hours ago
Each frame of this video could be a pc screensaver
Thyago  Miranda
Thyago Miranda - 9 hours ago
Adesh Mahabir
Adesh Mahabir - 9 hours ago
i love this woman :(
Alex Alen
Alex Alen - 9 hours ago
Now I know that "aligator's tears" is international idiom, ha-ha крокодильи слезы ))) не знаю зачем мне было это знать XD
John Stifter
John Stifter - 9 hours ago
Sorry real happy
Narcotic Neurologist
Narcotic Neurologist - 9 hours ago
Try to do not focus on halsey but other people instead, u might see a shitload of funny things xDD
Mlsa Cnq
Mlsa Cnq - 9 hours ago
I thought that was Jeffree star on a white horse😂
El Chivato
El Chivato - 9 hours ago
Halsey’s a literal Goddess
vincent lau
vincent lau - 9 hours ago
She has nice boobs
RightlyDivide - 10 hours ago
I expected Halsey had grown up. Don't promote sexism. I will have to open up my bible again now.
Th. Avalon Vogel
Th. Avalon Vogel - 10 hours ago
You should be sad, because we destroyed #earth, and we are happy entertaining each other. On Facebook I was kicked out because I suggest to #end #vacation / tourism to rescue earth 🌍. If you are as cold as #Tuna, let go and stop your false lifeform. Failure is not an option. We were and always will be reborn 💫. Grow up and learn to solve problems yourself, together 💞. Politicians or Greenpeace take the money and find excuses not #solutions, taxpayers too. It's a shame.
Th. Avalon Vogel
Th. Avalon Vogel - 10 hours ago
Take a wild guess what went wrong since 👽Adam and 👽Eve. The snake 🐍 only cares for being in the center of attention. You all seem to be clueless about sex, imagine after more then 29000 years 😳. It's the cause for our misery; it prevents solutions 😢.
James Hale
James Hale - 10 hours ago
What's up with the random horse at the end
Lord 98 Ibrahim
Lord 98 Ibrahim - 10 hours ago
Who is the girl on the horse?
Daniel Nägele
Daniel Nägele - 10 hours ago
Sehr geil!
amir shahali
amir shahali - 10 hours ago
Erik Bartho
Erik Bartho - 10 hours ago
G-Eazy left the chat
FreeFallin T
FreeFallin T - 10 hours ago
She gave a few nods to Shania Twain with a couple of her outfits.
Bayan Kilani
Bayan Kilani - 10 hours ago
Name's ruba And that's it
Name's ruba And that's it - 11 hours ago
The song & the video doesn't match at all. So vulgar eww
Victor Kiyimba
Victor Kiyimba - 11 hours ago
this is g
Jerdy Zaragosa
Jerdy Zaragosa - 11 hours ago
Lady Gaga?
Muhammed Fayaq
Muhammed Fayaq - 11 hours ago
i like the song , but was the cowboy orgy necessary ?
Techi Tana
Techi Tana - 11 hours ago
Song doesn't suits vedeo.
gshusd jshdhd
gshusd jshdhd - 11 hours ago
this reminds me of karaokes wherein the song is really sad but then the video playing is of a kpop bands mv
Sunny Girl
Sunny Girl - 11 hours ago
Fire whoever told you this video was a good idea.
박켄신 - 11 hours ago
Doctor Crummy
Doctor Crummy - 12 hours ago
You see this cover of it?
Cherie Muldoon
Cherie Muldoon - 12 hours ago
I'm here for the Shania Twain references, the G-Eazy diss, and Halsey's trainer's email.
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