Halsey - You should be sad

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Hani Madu
Hani Madu - Hour ago
Halsey has nice voice
Sarah Alfino
Sarah Alfino - Hour ago
My ex broke up with me at the beginning of 2020 and I used this song to get over it but all the memories came back during my contemporary class when we had a combo to it and it still hurts. I never got real closure
Nysa Verma
Nysa Verma - 2 hours ago
2017:Him and I
2018: Without me
2020:You should be sad,Had enough!
To be continued......
Tina79893 - 3 hours ago
It a literal visual stab at her ex look at the best peice of ass you ever had ....YOU SHOULD BE SAD 😂 I mean the song is meaningful but the video has nothing to do with it what so ever and is a homage to other artists while showing off her body
Lee_ Yoongi
Lee_ Yoongi - 3 hours ago
._. Estoy aquí solo por Jimin :vv con permiso voy a golpiar mi almohada 👊🏻🙂
Charlotte C.R.R.
Charlotte C.R.R. - 4 hours ago
Love her body, wish I had it
Pro Boss
Pro Boss - 4 hours ago
Well I'm here because I love Halsey's music and I have loved her sense I was 10 and has anyone not realized how hot she is?
Kent Darden
Kent Darden - 4 hours ago
All I can say is DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. :-)
x0x0BRANDYYBABYYx0x0 - 6 hours ago
I see no comments abt how she’s dressed up like Shania Twain. I must be really old.
High_Stakes Table
High_Stakes Table - 6 hours ago
Don't fill the ocean beneath your hips with plastic, lipo, drugs or cars ... take that broken man with tears in his eyes and and make him ALL you'll ever be ... I'd make our son more than earth could be ...
High_Stakes Table
High_Stakes Table - 6 hours ago
I'll be there when you're no man AND you think that you are!
Honey - 7 hours ago
Deym. Her mood is literally my type. Like eyvery MV is different, savage, cool and boss bitch-y.
Crystal V
Crystal V - 7 hours ago
Such a great song with a horrible video 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tina79893 - 3 hours ago
It a literal visual stab at her ex look at the best peice of ass you ever had ....YOU SHOULD BE SAD 😂 I mean the song is meaningful but the video has nothing to do with it what so ever and is a homage to other artists while showing off her body
Elina Witbooi
Elina Witbooi - 8 hours ago
Oh my God I love Ashley.😭😭😭❤❤🔥🔥
Emilio José
Emilio José - 9 hours ago
Olá minha bela halsey
Rowan does Arts
Rowan does Arts - 10 hours ago
I love this song! (I had already known it before I saw it on Jimins playlist)
Also me: Jimin watched this 😂 (I understand that he's a grown man and I like when he does things that are not in the idol image)
Clara M
Clara M - 10 hours ago
that don't impress me much shania twain OUTFIT
jeon; fantasies.
jeon; fantasies. - 10 hours ago
i like this song :)
KryqtK Leo
KryqtK Leo - 11 hours ago
that's right, take advice from her about morsls
Kam Kim
Kam Kim - 11 hours ago
60% comment are saying stop saying its is in jimin's playlist
20%comment talking about song
20%coment talking about Halsey
Me: where are the comment saying its in jimin's playlist
ouma suga
ouma suga - 7 hours ago
Saaame ! I didn't see any comments about jimin
alan gladys
alan gladys - 12 hours ago
Some outfits remind me of Shania Twain
Veronica Silva
Veronica Silva - 12 hours ago
Love you Halsey ❤️❤️❤️
Sani JADRESKO - 13 hours ago
What a beautiful woman!!!!❤💋
Johnny - 13 hours ago
God to Halsey: How hot do you want to be?
Halsey: Yes
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 14 hours ago
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Madison Playz
Madison Playz - 15 hours ago
It should say “I feel so sexy”
Meenu chauhan
Meenu chauhan - 15 hours ago
Who else is here because of jimin😬
Farha Ahmed
Farha Ahmed - 16 hours ago
Halsey got nice butt
Flávia F
Flávia F - 17 hours ago
How many of you got the Shania Twain's references in the vídeo?
amanda blevins
amanda blevins - 18 hours ago
I love you halsey your music is always the perfect song for me thank you
V J - 19 hours ago
Put your hand up if you didn't listen to the lyrics and you just admired her amazing ass and body ☝️👌
Mikeila Carlos
Mikeila Carlos - 19 hours ago
"but your not half no man that you are"
-Halsey 2020
naura ajaa
naura ajaa - 20 hours ago
who is here because of jimin?🤣
Дана Ким
Дана Ким - 13 hours ago
Park Jihye
Park Jihye - Day ago
Before I saw this on jimins playlist I actually already know the song and it's legit! I'm in love with this song!!!
Abigail Montoya;3
Abigail Montoya;3 - Day ago
I love Halsey's music, she has an incredible voice, I would like to be famous: 3
Rinor Čočaj
Rinor Čočaj - 2 hours ago
HAHAHAHAHHA love this 🤣🤣🤣❤
Samantha Walker
Samantha Walker - 5 hours ago
Nah you really wouldn't
Kiwifoxgacha Snow
Kiwifoxgacha Snow - Day ago
Being what seems to be naked on that horses sadel had to hurt lord. Anyway this song is so good i just love it
Michael Poynter
Michael Poynter - Day ago
We should all be a little teary-eyed after watching this video. 😭😇❤️
jair Rojas
jair Rojas - Day ago
the 53k dislikes are from people who do not have a baby with their toxic ex-partner
Priscilla Varela
Priscilla Varela - Day ago
She’s still heartbroken, this song says it all ..
M. Martínez
M. Martínez - Day ago
Best song til now!
charlieknockout - Day ago
what a woman
lmg633 - Day ago
😪. My song. Except I had a baby & he broke me.
Nia - Day ago
The video doesn’t go with the song
Um Hi
Um Hi - Day ago
Why Are the comments so recent
David Brown
David Brown - Day ago
Damn Girl.
Emilio José
Emilio José - Day ago
a tua voz é muito sexy
ulas o
ulas o - Day ago
There are probably hundreds if not thousands of girls out there listening to this song thinking about me right now.
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
I'm 4'11 w/ dope body. I love Halsey's physique. Unsure of how tall she is.
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas - Day ago
Ahora se porque Jimin lo tiene en su playist..grande el Jimin, jsjsjs, amamos a Halsey
Thomas Nicoli
Thomas Nicoli - Day ago
This woman has everything you'd dream of.
Königskind Neu
Königskind Neu - Day ago
the club in the inside Shows whats in halseys heart: lost, lust, confusing, regreat...blindness for real love
ShockzSZN - 13 hours ago
wow ok
constanza valentina laura martinez
nmms jimin >:v
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas - Day ago
Ahora sabemos pq Jimin lo tiene en su playist, Grande el Jimin sjjssj
Bhavika Dhyani
Bhavika Dhyani - Day ago
53k dislikes from the people who couldn't attend the party
Sophia Louise channel Gosling
I just love your songs
Cila - Day ago
remember when people criticized miley cyrus for being naked on a ball?
Nathan Macalong
Nathan Macalong - Day ago
haha well then...
Ruzzellaa - Day ago
Hi guys, this is my animation video about Monsterz featuring songs of Halsey (Experiment on me) and Alaina Castillo (Put your head on my shoulder Paul Anka cover). Hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you so much :)
Etel Popham
Etel Popham - Day ago
I’d like to dedicate this song to a few of my ex’s. Wish this song was around when I left ah well
Joslyn Nisvis
Joslyn Nisvis - Day ago
I’m so glad I never had a baby with you you can’t love anything unless there’s something in it for you. I felt that part.
FUA - Day ago
I love this song so much.
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