I Dated My TEACHER In High School - Imagine Lifetimes

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LayzeTV - Day ago
I have also called my teacher mom once. It was really embarrassing
Obviously Obsessed Gaming
Jacks auto focus found an Alien on a new planet
ツRelaz - 2 days ago
I Been Drawing Since I Was....
gacha bean
gacha bean - 2 days ago

Also Jack: *D R U G S*
SpikedKitten110 - 2 days ago
Uma baba sounds like Omar baba from come fly with me 17:59
Legend Paranormal
Legend Paranormal - 3 days ago
Luke Heide
Luke Heide - 4 days ago
The lightsaber should have been green, then you have the jack septic-saber
Anushka Debnath
Anushka Debnath - 5 days ago
Sean-*selects female*
Als sean_*thinks bout leads* " nah should I do both. Yea I should do both "
Liana Panetta
Liana Panetta - 5 days ago
Me and Sean are the same
Liana Panetta
Liana Panetta - 5 days ago
Typical Pro
Typical Pro - 6 days ago
i thought you were gonna marry your teacher
Epic Globrax
Epic Globrax - 6 days ago
Jack: what does a person with these need
Me: a hobby
Anni Ka
Anni Ka - 7 days ago
Jack not knowing that "Mutti" and "Vati" are actual German words is a whole mood
Brook Bull
Brook Bull - 7 days ago
unas annus
Ural Arif
Ural Arif - 7 days ago
Baba means dad in turkish
Ural Arif
Ural Arif - 7 days ago
Jack different languages
LegendsOfDragonzYT - 9 days ago
Jack:"I even have my own lightsaber"
Me:Ok boomer
Amber Gil
Amber Gil - 11 days ago
What’s with the notch of hair in the back of ur head
Annebeth Tachibana
Annebeth Tachibana - 12 days ago
Dear Jacksepticeye, the word Vati and Mutti sind actually mommy and daddy in german :3 and you pronounced it very well! You'll get an award from Austria!
Kush Rao
Kush Rao - 13 days ago
6:04 Every American 😑
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 15 days ago
I'm a batim person
I'm a batim person - 15 days ago
"Wow, I do need to retire, I'm seeing floating lamps"
I'm dying 🤣
Tiny Sanyo
Tiny Sanyo - 15 days ago
3:10 yaehh meh to
Brownie Playz
Brownie Playz - 16 days ago
Baba is what i call my dad
alex hughes
alex hughes - 16 days ago
Mrs Robinson.
Some fifty shades of grey shit going on here.
xXGãçhä ÇhåñXx
xXGãçhä ÇhåñXx - 16 days ago
Jack: l grew up with dogs so..

Me: oh..same, now we are all special!
Nadia Wrzesinska
Nadia Wrzesinska - 16 days ago
My name is Nadia 😂😂
Lisa Archangel
Lisa Archangel - 17 days ago
Lmao as soon as he chose uma I was like- bruh STOP AVOIDING THE GAY
Captain Napkin
Captain Napkin - 17 days ago
I sPeAK geRmAn, i aM gERmAn
Hailey Alice
Hailey Alice - 17 days ago
they're all my type

the baby names main the visitor centre for
Nice man bun
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog - 20 days ago
*Dude, I came out of the pussy Dancing* XD.
Jessie Vera
Jessie Vera - 25 days ago
Ha 911
Skylarose Howat
Skylarose Howat - 25 days ago
whys hw so slow to leave jackman be getting old
Skylarose Howat
Skylarose Howat - 25 days ago
jack get a tattoo on your knuckles that says 'game'
Nicole Emge
Nicole Emge - 26 days ago
11:50 hi my name is mmmm
Pilot_Clash - 28 days ago
jack says that baba is a made up word, but its not, its how to say father in mandarin
Jncbes - 28 days ago

The internet: Jacksepticeye officially comes out
Maria Gloria
Maria Gloria - 28 days ago
Kaktüs Kayako
Kaktüs Kayako - Month ago
Oh my... Baba just means father in turkish boi
hanzo is my man
hanzo is my man - Month ago
i liked to beat other kids
ᚦᚺᚨᚱᚨᛘ - Month ago
Just played this game IRL kinda went bad
caitlin - Month ago
no way did an irish person pronounce mam as “ma’am”
countess nadia
countess nadia - Month ago
she wants to dance like "UMA" Thurman
geniusgirls now
geniusgirls now - Month ago
11:50 my name is MMMMMHMMMHMMM
Nadia Stanke
Nadia Stanke - Month ago
Soooooo... my name is Nadia...
*me lying in bed almost asleep watching this video*
Jacksepticeye: "NADIA!"
Me: WHAT? Oh holy shit... dats mah name
Dynasty Star
Dynasty Star - Month ago
0:17 OH GOD, I didn't realize this was a Jackscepticeye video :( RUNNNNNNNN
xd_ Supreemo
xd_ Supreemo - Month ago
bet he did both just to not offend anyone, Just sayin
Matthew Brodsky
Matthew Brodsky - Month ago
It's like this game was made specifically for Unus Annus
YABOIZ4CK 238 - Month ago
I didn’t go to high school I went to secondary school-Jack 2020
ariana olson
ariana olson - Month ago
“va-ti mu-tti they’re making up their own language” it’s german jack😂😂😂
ArtifitialPotato5467 - Month ago
Jack in the high school part you said none of these are football although on the left there was American Football...BTW good funny vid
Dark-Wolf 987567
Dark-Wolf 987567 - Month ago
That lightsabor is cool lol
Dystopyx Rose
Dystopyx Rose - Month ago
I love how jack just bangs the lightsaber against his head
Brickmaster E
Brickmaster E - Month ago
Slimm Jimm2000
Slimm Jimm2000 - Month ago
sean: yo what up
me: is dashie, and welcome back yessss back
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny - Month ago
Getting persona vibes from the whole teacher dating situation
V W - Month ago
I scaled up ya know a huge battle axe
Just Rusty
Just Rusty - Month ago
Uh, mutti and vati is German for mom and dad... not some random made up language 😂
Caleb Staves
Caleb Staves - Month ago
Favourite childhood toy
Me: lego
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