Officials conduct implosions at site of collapsed Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans

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wendy lynn
wendy lynn - 2 months ago
The cranes were supposed to fold in with the front and the back falling into the center. It was then supposed to fall down but that didn't happen. Both of the cranes hit the building and one didnt even fall. The other damaged a building and cut off the sewage to people.
wendy lynn
wendy lynn - 2 months ago
100% Success right there. One of them fell over breaking windows on the theater and breaking a sewer line while the other one didn't even come down.
Don 808
Don 808 - 3 months ago
3/12/2020 Greed & Corruption (Mohan Kailas ) owner developer, contractor, criminal. In my opinion Mohan Kailas ) is RESPONSABLE for the death of the construction workers at Hard Rock. New Orleans Louisiana U.S.A. Mohan Kailas ) is now orchestrating an attempt to demolish his partially collapsed building along with his Botched attempt at bringing the two damaged tower cranes Hard Rock, After all the crimes ( Mohan Kailas ) has committed. it's mind boggling he's allowed to continue. It appears everyone is in ( Mohan Kailas's ) pocket, Corruption, Greed, Bribery, Conspiracy, on and on What's next ?
The Strangler
The Strangler - 7 months ago
Plot twist : they let the worker who exposed the video die in there☹
The Strangler
The Strangler - 7 months ago
So theyre gonna blame ISIS now?🤣
The Strangler
The Strangler - 7 months ago
LETKON - 8 months ago
Idiots at work 😂😂😂
Dusty Construction 89
Dusty Construction 89 - 8 months ago
And that the was safe and best way hmm
Mr Wonderful
Mr Wonderful - 8 months ago
It went as planed? Wtf
latham area
latham area - 8 months ago
Why not bring in a much bigger crane, cable off the damaged roof cranes and torch it off in pieces from a basket..That one Crane is A LOT less stable now after this “ professional demolition “
latham area
latham area - 8 months ago
Ok, I’m confused...were the towers to be brought down to ground level then disassembled or perched in an unsafe manner against the crumbling building..They did hire a professional demolition company...right.?
Ted Kerz
Ted Kerz - 8 months ago
How is it that a house built out of wood in the same time looks new but this building made of metal and brick is collapsing?
Ted Kerz
Ted Kerz - 8 months ago
The people who run America arent really Americans they just think they are because they were born on its dirt.
Democrats Hate America
Democrats Hate America - 8 months ago
Went as planned......
Greg - 8 months ago
The demolition was not as planned apparently. And the second crain is in a worse position than before. But the commenter is reading from a script.
Glitter - 8 months ago
I live in New Orleans. The building has been sitting there unsafe since the collapse. Ignorance is a disease here, finding decent smart people is not always easy.
logicbloke - 8 months ago
Why does it look like CGI to me?
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! - 8 months ago
Has anyone blamed President Trump yet?
GOLD MOUTH GARAGE - 8 months ago
Wow that's crazy
Pierce Sutton
Pierce Sutton - 8 months ago
Terrorists win.
FilmAcolyteReturns - 8 months ago
That was pretty fast don’t they usually take month’s to plan out a detonation?
Deuce .p
Deuce .p - 8 months ago
That could have been a building for the homeless but instead you demolish it smh
Pastor Bruno Rafael
Pastor Bruno Rafael - 8 months ago
My God
Fuert Neigt
Fuert Neigt - 8 months ago
It was built by the Chinese obviously. America builds everything perfect. If anything breaks just say a racist statement like it was made by the Chinese.
Youbring - 8 months ago
I can tell you what it was the fact we dont do any of the smelting of metals in the US anymore guess where all the steal we use for building comes from CHINA. Check out some of the vlogs people that live there make that are not from china there was a smelting plant owner that was killed by the government for putting stuff in to the steal that makes it weaker to save some money they have 2 year old condos there that are just collapsing.
Adam Newby
Adam Newby - 8 months ago
Should’ve hired union
Boogsamillion Seller
Boogsamillion Seller - 8 months ago
Should have called in the demolition experts from Texas that took down the towers and building 7 on 9/11 for all the world to see.
Tecpaocelotl Castillo
Tecpaocelotl Castillo - 8 months ago
Cheap material and taking shortcuts. There's a reason why California have those construction laws in place.
J N - 8 months ago
I was there driving to down town and saw the whole thing. Not knowing it was a planned demo day we all thought it was a terrorist attack
DubLirious - 8 months ago
uhhh..on tending w 790 comments? tf is this garbage. ALSO "went as planned", sure why not only a couple people died...jesus
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery - 8 months ago
How tf is this not The Onion based off what they said? Did they not hear themselves?
LiquaFoo - 8 months ago
If it’s New Orleans it’s almost 100% guaranteed due to some type of corruption.
Just Wendt
Just Wendt - 8 months ago
What a waste of resource time as well's the American way...consumer economies do not end well.
Amber V
Amber V - 8 months ago
next up: Hard Rock Nick’s career
HULK HOGAN - 8 months ago
What a complete and utter failure this whole project has been since the start. Isn't there still two guys still dead inside there? The way that crane is still dangling.... Amateur hour.
Stinky Potatos
Stinky Potatos - 8 months ago
That crane is now dangling from the roof. Not as planned. #fakenews
Junior Ortiz
Junior Ortiz - 8 months ago
Came for the cranes, stayed for the cranes 🏗
Dead Fox
Dead Fox - 8 months ago
Randall Wade
Randall Wade - 8 months ago
"it went as planned.... 3 workers died"
Giselle Vergara
Giselle Vergara - 8 months ago
Damn that looked like a set up 👀
Xezbeth - 8 months ago
Idk a lot but it looks like jet fuel to me.
Hector Cano
Hector Cano - 8 months ago
It went as planned with 3 dead
Christian C
Christian C - 8 months ago
So the building collapsed on its own prior to this causing 2 deaths? Wtf kind of story is this, they left out so many details?
Westcoast Bricks
Westcoast Bricks - 8 months ago
Phantom Forces intensifies
FutureEyeSeen - 8 months ago
Love the CGI
Helicopters Who needs
Helicopters Who needs - 8 months ago
lol still slower than 9/11
I_Dawg123 - 8 months ago
Damn, they must have changed the definition of success
P B - 8 months ago
I can't believe they still left the bodies
ken nak
ken nak - 8 months ago
why couldn’t they use those cranes to dismantle the collapse?
John Smith
John Smith - 8 months ago
Why explode the cranes on a building that still has ruble which contains two unfound bodies?
Burzum - 8 months ago
Boom shakalaka
Burzum - 8 months ago
@antman DJ another day another boom shakalaka
antman DJ
antman DJ - 8 months ago
Shakalaka Boom!
Cool Hand Mark
Cool Hand Mark - 8 months ago
Thanx Drumpf/Republicunt deregulations!
Yoshi - 8 months ago
Crane falls on street and crushes 6 cars.
C.H - 8 months ago
You guys do good work like you did on twin towers
Nicolette Ferragamo
Nicolette Ferragamo - 8 months ago
Relax this was a practice run for the next false flag. #building7
DelDelincuentes - 8 months ago
So it was planned?... But failed to completely remove all personnel from the site before blowing it up. 😔 like you have one job and you failed t------.....
That Native King
That Native King - 8 months ago
I love how everybody is a demolition expert all of a sudden.
Twobarpsi - 8 months ago
Anyone think of Hillary's 2016 campaign, while watching this epic failure 😂😂😂😂😂!!
Twobarpsi - 8 months ago
They can't even "not build" something right 😂😂😂?
Shady Yam
Shady Yam - 8 months ago
Looks like nothing even changed since the collapse even after the explosion.
Ben - 8 months ago
If that went as planned, then the building collapse wasn’t unexpected.
Xaiano - 8 months ago
Do a barrel roll!
Crane "OK!"
Juno - 8 months ago
Michael Bay would have done a better job.
Jy Byrd
Jy Byrd - 8 months ago
"Officials say it went as planned".... Excuse me? That crane still being perched upon the building, but now is in pieces making it more difficult to move, was "as planned"? I'm not buying that for a second. Know why? That's the script EVERY news outlet is saying "as planned". That's how you know they're lying.
Nate Miller
Nate Miller - 8 months ago
That looked like CGI... seriously am I the only one?
spacetiime - 8 months ago
As someone who lives here, yes, you are the only one. :|
Marlon D Fugone
Marlon D Fugone - 8 months ago
Eesas son las construcciones que hacen en estados unidos para avaratar. Costos. Los ricos les vale verga. Las casas mal hechas de palitos. Cables de electricidad sin nada de seguridad solo puestos los cables con grapas. No les ponen tuveria
C.A. Long
C.A. Long - 8 months ago
That’s not a successful demo. The loads are still under stress... Jesus CBS..
Tiger Style
Tiger Style - 8 months ago
They still havent recovered their bodies? When they say last weekend i hope they mean 2 says ago and not a week.
trump 2020
trump 2020 - 8 months ago
Non union workersmanship what caused this mess
Aztlan - 8 months ago
Looks like the 9/11 “terrorist attack”
Derpy Pedro
Derpy Pedro - 8 months ago
Bill Cosby gr8 b8 m8. I r8 8/8
French’s LawnCare & Landscaping
It was that damn Sasquatch
EDB - 8 months ago
Wrongly reported; the demolition was classified as a partial success. Only one crane fell as planned.
No - 8 months ago
There are injured people. How is this a success?
Bho Loo
Bho Loo - 8 months ago
Why this filmy show off for the people by govt. Instead make it on paper, and put the culprits behind bars for longer terms, and making them non bailable. They could have simply confiscated those cranes, might have auctioned them..why show off each time. Not showing all the power exctly where needed and for what we elected them for.
That Stoner Guy
That Stoner Guy - 8 months ago
3 people dead sure if you want to call that sucesss
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu - 8 months ago
Hey wait a minute..!
I've seen this before... Let me think. Hmm... Oh yeah, 9/11!
Cujo777 - 8 months ago
It went as planned. ??? I really do not think so its even a worse danger now.
BlackWallStreet - 8 months ago
Wtf are the bombing it for if its bodies still inside?
There goes taxpayers money
nate smith
nate smith - 8 months ago
Someone couldnt pay the tax or went bankrupt. Hence this.
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