HIGHLIGHTS | Jaime Munguia vs. Spike O'Sullivan

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Rhamses Abud
Rhamses Abud - 9 days ago
Munguia vs caballo bronco
oveti naisua
oveti naisua - 11 days ago
He can only gave a punch but cant take it
Daniel - 4 days ago
He absolutely can take them
thchillz - 11 days ago
Munguia reminds me of Tong Po from the movie Kickboxer!
PugilisticAries - 14 days ago
Munguia vs Adames 🥊
CPTPuma 345
CPTPuma 345 - 14 days ago
Munguia is too sloppy Canelo and other boxers are more technical at middleweight
Guru Sevilla
Guru Sevilla - 19 days ago
spike was able to stun munguia and he was put to sleep in a different dimension by david lemieux's monstrous left ...if jaime gets hit by david...its going to be a different story altogether
rapfree gamer
rapfree gamer - 21 day ago
jajaj que lo agan pelear contra alguien de la elite y lo bajan rapido su defensa es demasiado mala
Ben Blanco
Ben Blanco - 29 days ago
Mungia vs Lemieux Would Be A War!!!!🥊🥊🥊💯
cota restoration
cota restoration - Month ago
No hay rival pequeño. ..higual un hombre con experiencia y bien preparado le complica la noche a cualquiera....si no lo creen pregúntele a Anthony Joshua. No es que Jaime no esté listo pido ábrelo acabado antes pero el consejo de todo entrado es boxealo ...tomate algunos rounds y las cosas se complican a veces
OrdZ 1
OrdZ 1 - Month ago
Mungia moviendose mucho mejor que en otras peleas pero le falta todavia
vald0 Dz
vald0 Dz - Month ago
It's possible munguia vs Ryan garcia??
Daniel - 4 days ago
Apache APACHE - Month ago
I'd love to see this kid here go up against Ryan Garcia, I'd bet Garcia will rip him apart!!
Brandon Blanco
Brandon Blanco - Month ago
They're in different divisions, bud. And Garcia is a cherrypicker.
Btd Bandz
Btd Bandz - Month ago
Ppl sayin he’s nah ready is wrong he’s ready spike was eating all the big heats like a piece of iron any boxer prolly woulda gon down
Max Power
Max Power - Month ago
Munguia vs Lemieux!!! Make it happen GBP.
Ben Blanco
Ben Blanco - Month ago
Mungia vs Lemieux Would've Been A Classic!!!!🥊🥊🥊💯
Nena A.
Nena A. - Month ago
The announcer claims there's no Mexican power, but only speed knocked the Sullivan guy down...ha ha ha yeah right. His statement makes no sense... I've seen boxers do flurries of speed without power and their opponents were able to survive to see a scorecard. This is definitely not the case here... there had to been speed in combination with power to have overwhelmed Sullivan down to the canvas. Speaker try to minimize the strength and power of Jaime Munguia because a Mexican knocked out a White man. If it we're the other way around the announcer's comment would've been different.
5xNFLMVP PeytonManning
5xNFLMVP PeytonManning - 2 months ago
Thats a badass mustache
Jadan Gaming Empire
Jadan Gaming Empire - 2 months ago
If Spike O Sullivan would have been better his career would have been portrayed in a movie by Daniel D Lewis
jo blow
jo blow - 2 months ago
Like to chris euban K vs jamie
Bagdat Baffalo
Bagdat Baffalo - 2 months ago
Michael Blackmon
Michael Blackmon - 2 months ago
GGG going to knock his a**out.
Eduin Pineda
Eduin Pineda - 2 months ago
Garvonta jaja
Elias - 3 months ago
I wanna see Jaime Munguia vs Ryan Garcia.
vzhoj H
vzhoj H - 3 months ago
Ireland and Mexico.....lands of great warriors. Viva Mexico e Irlanda! Erin Go Bragh!
Mr. Mackey
Mr. Mackey - 3 months ago
Munguia reminds me of the G-Man McClellan
Good Guy
Good Guy - 3 months ago
Mungia should keep fightin scrubs soon it would be his time to shine
Қазақ Баласы
Қазақ Баласы - 3 months ago
Jaime Munguia vs Kanat Islam is a great fight
Rjj Junior
Rjj Junior - 3 months ago
Eubank beat and smash Mungia brutal fashion
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez - 3 months ago
Mejoro bastante su defensa! Aún le falta pero ahí la lleva...
Mattycakes - 3 months ago
My man's from the wrong century.
el chilango
el chilango - 4 months ago
Munguia is really improving i believe he loses patience sometimes throughout the fight but he's improving almost ready for elite fighters.
Hugo Garcia
Hugo Garcia - 4 months ago
Estodo munguia de aqui pal real tu bas para riva suerte tu bas laser el procimo idolo mexicano echale muchos huevos porque ya viene lo mejor y tu siempre firme , te saludo de todo onestisad compa desttuctor
marco deleon
marco deleon - 4 months ago
This guy ain’t ready for canelo, munguia who?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
angel jimenez
angel jimenez - 4 months ago
Felicidades campeón eres el mejor saludos desde Ecuador
Knockout Investing Life
Knockout Investing Life - 4 months ago
Fernando Vargas 2.0 vibe. Kid needs to focus more on defense. Slow and easy to hit. Any top middleweight would put him down.
Stav Vo
Stav Vo - 4 months ago
Clearly mustache got hands ... looks to me like he got paid to make young John a star
Мерей Муслимов
Не соперники они Гене
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia - 4 months ago
No disrespect, Jaime Mungia is not ready IMO to face Canelo, GGG, or Danny Jacobs. He would get eaten up alive by Canelo.
Nando M
Nando M - 4 months ago
finally we get to see the aboriginal native vs the euro invader.
Alex Sunderland
Alex Sunderland - 5 months ago
He lands down that's illegal
Fowi Duke
Fowi Duke - 5 months ago
Si no se lo quitan lo hace carne molida
Raul Beltran
Raul Beltran - 5 months ago
Munguia vs Madrimov make it happen 🔥
Migdalia Rodriguez
Migdalia Rodriguez - 4 months ago
Raul Beltran Munguia vs islam
ChickenzYT - 5 months ago
Spike's daughter is in the same school as me.
She is in second class.
I'm not lying it's true.
The school she's in is in ireland.
That's all I'm saying.
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz - 5 months ago
Ya ponganle Al canelito ..para que le ase ala M" el oscar de la Hoya😁😁😁...pero como ya sabemos..le va lastimar la carita al canelito 😱😭😁😁😁😁hulerooooooooooooo
Khalid Mayes
Khalid Mayes - 5 months ago
mark sheppard
mark sheppard - 5 months ago
liam williams knocks him out and the new
Matty900365 - 6 months ago
At 23 hes an absolute animal.
Jose juarez
Jose juarez - 6 months ago
Pelea bien este munguia
Napi Coyote
Napi Coyote - 6 months ago
I wanna' see Eubank jr, clean this Mexican's clock...!
Kieran - 6 months ago
Fight liam Williams
daniel cano
daniel cano - 6 months ago
and they try to put muniga againts canelo smh
Caesar Augustos
Caesar Augustos - 6 months ago
Chavez Jr is Next
Migdalia Rodriguez
Migdalia Rodriguez - 6 months ago
I wanna see munguia vs kanat islam or sergio Garcia next before a ggg or andrade fight .
Orozco Family
Orozco Family - 6 months ago
With that chin 1:52 canelo or GGG sends it flying out of there
punisher lol
punisher lol - 6 months ago
This fight looks like it was sold tbh. Cuz sullivan doesn't fight like that
Jake Trajkoski_YT
Jake Trajkoski_YT - 6 months ago
Munguia wasn’t rocked going back to his corner tf
r el chacal de loas pelas
r el chacal de loas pelas - 6 months ago
Si esa derecha hubiese pasado en el minuto 1 del round noquean a munguia se fue ala esquina noquiado
smart Tv
smart Tv - 6 months ago
Munguia vs Brian Castaño. Make it happend!
Chris Saavedra
Chris Saavedra - 6 months ago
munguia has the fundamentals.. but he not ready for the elite boxers.. give him 2-3 more fights at 160 so he can get comfortable .. and then throw the big names in.
Migdalia Rodriguez
Migdalia Rodriguez - 6 months ago
Yeah and in this fight he was using hes jab more and head movement
Leon Garcia
Leon Garcia - 6 months ago
Chris Saavedra he has over 30 fights quit making excuses
Jose Fernando
Jose Fernando - 6 months ago
Jaime munguia! Ain't ready for the WOLVES! 🔥🐺🔥
427TTM6 - 6 months ago
I’m not going to even address his call outs but he has greatly improved with Erick Morales you also have to realize he is the youngest in his devision. Now I know he can take a huge punch also.
Leon Garcia
Leon Garcia - 6 months ago
427TTM6 u want him to fight bums but u want devin and tank to fight champ elite comps right ?
asdf asdf
asdf asdf - 6 months ago
Never heard of this dude but he has some hands
Cowboy Western38
Cowboy Western38 - 6 months ago
Mungia beat a 35yr old mid-level fighter .... canelo would KO him in 2rds
hardee county savage
hardee county savage - 6 months ago
Munguia VS Charlo ....🔥🔥🔥😎
Steven Choppin
Steven Choppin - 6 months ago
I blame the tash!
Preme Life
Preme Life - 6 months ago
Jaime vs Ryan!!!
BUILD WITH V - 6 months ago
Canelo would Drop Him
Dave Chavis
Dave Chavis - 6 months ago
Fricking low blows are cheating. DQ
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo - 6 months ago
Canelo would mop up the floor with munguia 😁
cuadrahtx - 6 months ago
Elite or not, he still considered a kid. I’m pretty sure he’s a lot younger than most of the names that are bf thro around in the same conversations as his.
Vergansio Pitoloco
Vergansio Pitoloco - 6 months ago
Mungia estas muy verde para pelear con CANELO, en el 3ro te irias a dormir agusto. tranquilo no te desesperes por ganar mucho dinero.....
Vergansio Pitoloco
Vergansio Pitoloco - 6 months ago
We get paid to fight not run around.....hit and don't get his is B.S , boxing is about hit and get hit but win....every boxer will get hit at some point that's what boxing is all about..
Froylan Mendoza
Froylan Mendoza - 6 months ago
Jaime Munguia es un peleador bastante bueno, demasiado bueno, es un peleador de la vieja escuela. Es de los aguerridos, de los que suben a pelear y no a correr, un peleador completo.
Frank Farfan
Frank Farfan - 6 months ago
This referi should be in amateur fights
Eli Sanlar
Eli Sanlar - 6 months ago
Está bien verde este castillo, con esa defensa tan mala en 3 rounds sería noqueado por canelo o GGG, no está listo ni para un tiro con Jacobs
TY - 6 months ago
Munguia. Vs Hurd, . Both have no defense make it happen
REAL TALK - 6 months ago
He'll get ripped apart at the next level
Kayfina Tmaras
Kayfina Tmaras - 6 months ago
Dudes not ready for canelo yet.. period!!
John Diaz
John Diaz - 6 months ago
When I was a little boy I was super excited the day I learned how to ride a bicycle ‘ that very same day I told father I was ready for a motorcycle and he said no son! U have a long way to go! Now learn how to ride it with out the training wheels!
Walter Valderrama
Walter Valderrama - 6 months ago
No convence boxeador corcho bruto ojala mejore y q sea diferente a ese mediocre de jalisco creo es otro prospecto de oscar
Mario G
Mario G - 6 months ago
Ggg would've knocked out Spike. Munguia has a leaky defense and I see G taken advantage of it. I see old man G wining by majority D.
Boss of the Bosses
Boss of the Bosses - 6 months ago
Poor white guy getting beat up in national tv. Back to the truck stop he goes 🙋
realtv101 - 6 months ago
He got rocked by the guy off Mike Tyson punchout! He not ready yet just take your time!
Skinny - 6 months ago
Canelo will break his jaw just trying to get 💰
Steve Debono
Steve Debono - 6 months ago
Still fighting washed up fighters. It's the golden boy way I guess.. Eunank JR stopped Spike about 8 years ago earlier and more impressive than this. Mungia got a long way to go
Takingout thetrash
Takingout thetrash - 6 months ago
Spike "zero head movement" O'Sullivan
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 6 months ago
I got burned 2 pounds of og kush Delajoya assistant Milo came to my house and asked for 2 pounds og. For prittu boy productions i never got my money??? Real nice act those guys!!! Never got my money!!! Delajoya were is my money???
Eduardo Levy
Eduardo Levy - 6 months ago
Munguia vs Vergil ortiz 🔥🗣🗣
edgar v
edgar v - 2 months ago
🧐 welter vs middle ....that will never happen
davidchoi3 - 6 months ago
What a glorious display of NOT moving your head whatsoever....
ACR - 6 months ago
Dela Hoya’s reaction was due to late punch in that trade. I reacted bc Munguia chin got ripped. Munguia obviously the better fighter though.
Brock Rock
Brock Rock - 6 months ago
Munguia needed to low blow to win. Hate when these "pro" fighters aren't professional. Sullivan had better chances had Mungia been a cleaner fighter
Maicol Cintron
Maicol Cintron - 6 months ago
Ese chamako leva a pasar poncimaa al canelo
Supreme Rico
Supreme Rico - 6 months ago
He is not ready for Canelo
Duarte Cardoso
Duarte Cardoso - 6 months ago
Lots of casual in the comments speak about o'sullivan like he was some journeyman
Brad Arnison
Brad Arnison - 6 months ago
Spike looking like a randomised avatar
Long shorts
Long shorts - 6 months ago
Mungia gonna be on Canelo's Knockout highlight reel mark my words
Alonzo Gracian
Alonzo Gracian - 6 months ago
Van avolar pecas nomas lo agarra munguia al canelo la neta
Rooniek Engelsman
Rooniek Engelsman - 6 months ago
The commentator kept on talking about speed when there aint none
Karma - 6 months ago
ese cabeza de bola de billlar no es rival
Raptor 99
Raptor 99 - 6 months ago
The mustache crew should have been throwing that towel since first round 😩🤣😂
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