JRE MMA Show #86 with Josh Thomson

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xxslears2xx - 10 days ago
1.1k dislikes from Nate Diaz fans offended by Josh Thompson saying he wouldnt SAY SHIT TO YOU and just sock you, BCUZ, Nate would SAY SHIT TO YOU AND SOCK YOU.
James Remington
James Remington - 18 days ago
so much respect for Josh.
U K - 27 days ago
People give Bellator a hard time but I think they do a good job.
Jamie Wiesner
Jamie Wiesner - 29 days ago
ESPN just put Stephen A. Smith in that position for ratings.
Stephen Stuckey
Stephen Stuckey - Month ago
Hell yeah, JT is legit....strikeforce days were the shit. When nick was on top ...damn, used to tune ppl up
THANOS MEME - Month ago
Starting with Conor/cowboy fight even with orbital break, we all knew cowboy would be back in octagon before Conor... much respect ✊ 2 cowboy!!
Lakshay Puri
Lakshay Puri - 7 days ago
Dude makes around 50 million a fight Plus he's a star Why would he fight so often?
ohRoyL - Month ago
Mr. Jawshh
Mr. Jawshh - Month ago
I’m not hating on josh but literally every other old clip I’ve seen of him, he mentions knocking out Nate lol
Mr. Jawshh
Mr. Jawshh - Month ago
Leman Kurtz yeah I guess it’s not easy. Nate is known to have a solid chin Lol
Leman Kurtz
Leman Kurtz - Month ago
He's the ONLY person to do it. I would never shut up about it if it were me. "Yeah, Baby!! I love that dress on you!! Almost as much as the time I knocked out Nate Diaz!!"
Shawn Cahill
Shawn Cahill - Month ago
Probably the first show "MMA Show" where they talk about MMA the whole time. Love it.
Kenny C
Kenny C - Month ago
So is Rizin done with the carnival attraction fights now?
Kenny C
Kenny C - Month ago
I've been saying it from the beginning of UFC going to ESPN. Stephen A. has no fukin business commentating on MMA fights
Joshua Arroyo
Joshua Arroyo - Month ago
This guy is like you Joe a geek and a fighter You guys need to get this guy on the podcast bitcoin and jiu-jitsu https://roundesk.co/u/kurt@moneybutton.com
Hey Guy
Hey Guy - Month ago
So basically dana white
Jayson Padilla
Jayson Padilla - Month ago
These guys commentating a fight would be amazing
Damon141722 - Month ago
Please have Derrick Lewis on the podcast.
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob - 2 months ago
1.1k nate diaz stans watched this video
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin - 2 months ago
What do you guys think about the YouTube channel Street beefs
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin - 2 months ago
I love Al Cucuy AKA Tony Ferguson but let's get real he cannot beat khabib nurmagomedov
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin - 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure Nate Diaz took it to Paul Daley pretty bad
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin - 2 months ago
Nathan Weber knocked out twice once by this guy with a head kick and somebody else choke them out
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin - 2 months ago
Too you knocked out Nate Diaz, you got lucky,fight him now
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin - 2 months ago
And that's why Ronda Rousey is not in the game anymore she's a b i t c h wicked bad and she's also a, see you next Tuesday oh, and I'm glad she got her head pounded and I wish nothing but the worst over Ronda Rousey I hate her she's a piece of shit
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin - 2 months ago
Cowboy Donald Cerrone was nowhere near ready for that fight he wasn't in shape he was sick he just wasn't himself his head wasn't right
Kay Moss
Kay Moss - 2 months ago
Lmao Who df is Alvin Iverson!?
McSkillet - 2 months ago
I’mMikeD - 2 months ago
What is he talking about iaquinta is 5’10 and Conor is 5’9 so that theory is out the window
Vilhelmo De Okcidento
Vilhelmo De Okcidento - 3 months ago
The fact that many fighters leave the sport with broken minds & bodies, severely limits their future career opportunities.
Devon Nelson
Devon Nelson - 3 months ago
That Allen Iverson “we talkin bout practice” reference by Josh went right over Joe’s head
Mitchell 1
Mitchell 1 - 3 months ago
How bout some love for Felder? Felder is almost as good a commentator as he is a fighter. Like his shows a lot.
Mitchell 1
Mitchell 1 - 3 months ago
Aung la nsang vs Borrichinha. 🤯
K L - 3 months ago
Joe Rogan vs Jimmy Smith!
808 Kapz
808 Kapz - 3 months ago
This man is the only person on earth that took out a Diaz brother in the cage.
With no judge, or doctor
MMA Junkie
MMA Junkie - 3 months ago
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander - 3 months ago
If ed Ruth and khabib were close in wrestling, jordan burroughs would fuck khabib up in wrestling.
Daniel C
Daniel C - 3 months ago
This niggah really said McNuggets has good ground game 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel C
Daniel C - 3 months ago
Now everyone agrees that cowboy was shit... funny how the community got their panties in a bunch for a dude calling it like it is lol.
Terry Byrd
Terry Byrd - 3 months ago
The second time around for me. This was very good. Just as I remember.
ban_it - 3 months ago
I'll be really honest here. Very few great saintly people only watch women mma fighters for their fighting. With women in mma/sports or pretty much anything its always about the looks. We men love beautiful women. Now, if that beautiful woman is also a great athlete/fighter and winning then she's marketed like a diva and makes tons of money for herself and the sponsors. That's the reason Gina Carano was and still is talked about even after having just a handful of matches, because she was pretty and was winning most of her matches. Same with Ronda Rousey. The reason Alexa Grasso, Maycee Barber and a few other newcomers getting so much attention over the rest. Cris cyborg, Amanda Nunes will never be huge as Ronda or Gina because they're not as pretty; its really sad but its true. Valentina Shevchenko is one of the few fighters today who is a champion, winning and beautiful. She's well spoken too. If marketed properly she can be huge. This happens with all sports and not just mma. And it happens with men too. Instead of the looks then it becomes charisma and personality.
Ivan Mendoza
Ivan Mendoza - 4 months ago
We need to defend our sport we wouldnt have joe rogan call stephen curry a quitter get out of our sport DC would if dobe 100x better
Mudson Jones
Mudson Jones - 4 months ago
Funny how they talk about Rozenstruik as a killer who can walk through Ngannou's power... ironic to see the 20 second result.
IKB - 4 months ago
Stephen A. hates the Cowboys, so it’s no surprise he was shitting on Donald!
ahmad rahim
ahmad rahim - 4 months ago
Well this didnt age well cerone came out and said he basically qujt
Parris Lucas
Parris Lucas - 4 months ago
20 minutes crying about Steven A Smith! Daaamn!!! Butt hurt!!
Parris Lucas
Parris Lucas - 4 months ago
Cowboy quit that McGregor fight. That's why it's being discussed. S Smith ain't the only one saying it. Moral is "be positive" or people like this are gonna get butt hurt
Sapo_Samurai - 4 months ago
Kinda weird Josh hasn't aged in over a decade. Has some of that Reeves DNA.
John Doe
John Doe - 5 months ago
You know who IS going to have one of the best commentary careers after he retires from fighting? Wonderboy. I think he's gonna be top ten pound for pound commentators of all time.
Julia Prepod
Julia Prepod - 5 months ago
Only guy to knock out Nate Diaz
paul burks
paul burks - 5 months ago
Tony Ferguson should sign to one championship
Deborah Quinn
Deborah Quinn - 5 months ago
I know Steven A, actually he is the calmest guy you've ever met .
T J - 5 months ago
Steven A Smith is on the mitts for a very specific situation. He actually practicing for a confrontation in the commentary box. So that's a dick punch to Joe Rogan and an uppercut to the other dude who was asking questions.
komodo - 5 months ago
Josh "I'm not the most hated welterweight in the UFC"
Mango - 5 months ago
'He's my best friend but...' 'I'm not trying to take a dig but...' 'I have great respect for him but...'
Scott Pearce
Scott Pearce - 6 months ago
strong fight
0:53 💖
Tony Quigley
Tony Quigley - 6 months ago
no one is mentioning the DEVASTATING FULL power punch conor landed to te guys temple tat had his start to fall down after conor hit him wit the flying knee against the fence., Tat was properly the hardest most wound up punch conor ever threw... and saying te guy gave up lol
italian1ist - 6 months ago
He never had a broken orbital bone..
Cerrone even said so himself..
Richard McFarland
Richard McFarland - 2 months ago
Cerrone is done, he was a great fighter but he is getting old and it's all catching up on him
Declan Teegarden
Declan Teegarden - 6 months ago
I’m at 1:44. Joe just said “fighting is the only sport you can end early”. Like quidditch doesn’t exist.
EasyCome EasyGo
EasyCome EasyGo - 6 months ago
Joe Rogan: Now standing in the red corner Josh "Don't bring your MILF around me" Thomson !!!
Jake Morris
Jake Morris - 6 months ago
much excited as one looks on
1:02 💛💖❣
👇 👇 👇 👇💟
Darko Livrinski
Darko Livrinski - 6 months ago
I think it's not just fighting, they should show respect, deep and constructive analysis about every other sport, shows in America need to relax a bit on the sensationalism and have more professional approach, it's not all about the entertainment, people following the sport are already entertained because of the actual sport.
Madz DK
Madz DK - 6 months ago
Decent guy. Complains a lot and is fairly biased about bellator, but all in all an okay dude.
Eric Halverson
Eric Halverson - 6 months ago
I love this podcast two nerds nerding out on fighting lol
Simon Krokfield
Simon Krokfield - 6 months ago
Omg! More McGregor worshipping and shitting on poor Stephen Smith. He was right though, Cowboy did quit, and it was embarassing. He was chosen for a reason.
Inda coma
Inda coma - 6 months ago
Great podcast really like Josh as a guest he's super informed and insightful
johntheGoat 23
johntheGoat 23 - 6 months ago
This guy is annoying af ...
Reaper_MMA_155 - 6 months ago
Probably my favorite jre so far
Nehemiah Cavazos
Nehemiah Cavazos - 7 months ago
Stephen A. “I’ve studied sports like Boxing and the UFC for over 25 years” Smith .
MyLastNameWasBad - 7 months ago
The early part of this conversation sounds like a lot of taking oneself too seriously and asking for safe spaces in MMA. Grow a thicker skin and solve it in the octagon. Saying that you're going to pop someone for talking shit when they are a commentator is a lack of decorum. It's all fun and games until the joke is on you.
kevin berry
kevin berry - 7 months ago
Joe "Andrew Dice Clay" Rogan
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 7 months ago
Would love,Josh's Weigh-In Tee!
dubenstein - 7 months ago
No broken orbital bone. And he went down like he did against Gaethje
Franklin Jackson
Franklin Jackson - 7 months ago
I love Josh but did he seriously thinks that Julia Budd has better striking than Cyborg? He must be either blind or on crack
itsme alex
itsme alex - 7 months ago
The ppl who disliked are Stephen A Smith fans who don’t accept the fact he is a trash mma commentator
Reign 55
Reign 55 - 7 months ago
Guess josh was way off on the Cyborg fight
C373 - 7 months ago
Joe had better get off his knees with this whole floyd is the greatest boxer shtick. It's blatantly fucking stupid.
steeb B
steeb B - 7 months ago
Love this!! You should have Chad Wesley Smith on the podcast to talk about him getting into BJJ and his workouts for it
Planet Charlie
Planet Charlie - 7 months ago
I Love CowBoy 🤠 But He Got Fucked Up And I Wasted My Money!!! Stop Crying Joe 😢
Vilhelmo De Okcidento
Vilhelmo De Okcidento - 7 months ago
That's because the Diaz brothers are little bitches.
Z G - 7 months ago
Hamish R
Hamish R - 7 months ago
Eugene Bareman knows more than josh
Derby City
Derby City - 7 months ago
Josh thomson is a beast knocked Nate the fuck Out
Raaap Shit
Raaap Shit - 7 months ago
He Looks like David Boreanaz 😬
Luna Kontot
Luna Kontot - 7 months ago
LOL...hot girl topic was fun to listen to
Skippy Picky
Skippy Picky - 7 months ago
Josh beat Benson
Champ - 7 months ago
i like hearing from people who don't know mma, just not all the time :D
person of interest6
person of interest6 - 7 months ago
The problem I have with the UFC is, that they don’t do a good job at showing the public who all is in these weight classes and who is even the champion for them. Like where do I go to find mmmmmm the light weight champion??? Or who all is in these weight classes for people who are not balls deep in MMA like myself. Any advise??
person of interest6
person of interest6 - 7 months ago
daniel valdes ohh nice!! Thanks man
daniel valdes
daniel valdes - 7 months ago
person of interest6 UFC app has all the rankings of every weight class
O.G. 4019XX
O.G. 4019XX - 7 months ago
I think this was my favorite MMA episode yet! 💯
person of interest6
person of interest6 - 7 months ago
Why and who the fuck hired these judges?! It’s so frustrating.. just yesterday Reyes lost to Jones and it was flat out wrong.
maxwelld23 - 7 months ago
Debatable if Connor won the round against Khabib and let’s be honest Khabib didn’t have any problem taking Connor down , let’s get off Connors nuts.
ryan Godden
ryan Godden - 7 months ago
MMA is a sport but it ain't no game.
sebanold - 7 months ago
We need josh back on here for another one
Leo Lion
Leo Lion - 7 months ago
I like josh but it seems like he's coked up
Son Hyomin
Son Hyomin - 7 months ago
Damn Josh is a great fighter but has no fuking clue about ppv numbers and marketing
G Salazar
G Salazar - 7 months ago
Paul is great but usman would take him to the ground all day.
O.G. 4019XX
O.G. 4019XX - 7 months ago
I care!! 👋 I want to see cross promotions! 👋 I really want to see Chandler & Lima fight some UFC fighters!
Cunstar - 7 months ago
Brian Callad is basically stephen smith
...CellAmen... - 7 months ago
Trinidad MMA
Trinidad MMA - 7 months ago
Had to stop listening after he said Ryan Bader has a good chance of beating stipe WTF is up with this guy lmao
christian12moore - 7 months ago
gruj4 - 7 months ago
I guess Masvidal flying knee on Askren is not good for Stephen A Smith either
Simple Pleasures MTB
Simple Pleasures MTB - 7 months ago
Good podcast
Next videos