JRE MMA Show #86 with Josh Thomson

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Cody373 - Day ago
Joe had better get off his knees with this whole floyd is the greatest boxer shtick. It's blatantly fucking stupid.
stephen berg
stephen berg - Day ago
Love this!! You should have Chad Wesley Smith on the podcast to talk about him getting into BJJ and his workouts for it
Planet Charlie
Planet Charlie - Day ago
I Love CowBoy 🤠 But He Got Fucked Up And I Wasted My Money!!! Stop Crying Joe 😢
Vilhelmo De Okcidento
That's because the Diaz brothers are little bitches.
Tim D
Tim D - 3 days ago
Hamish R
Hamish R - 5 days ago
Eugene Bareman knows more than josh
Derby City Wyatt
Derby City Wyatt - 5 days ago
Josh thomson is a beast knocked Nate the fuck Out
Raaap Shit
Raaap Shit - 7 days ago
He Looks like David Boreanaz 😬
Luna Kontot
Luna Kontot - 7 days ago
LOL...hot girl topic was fun to listen to
Skippy Picky
Skippy Picky - 7 days ago
Josh beat Benson
Champ - 9 days ago
i like hearing from people who don't know mma, just not all the time :D
person of interest6
person of interest6 - 9 days ago
The problem I have with the UFC is, that they don’t do a good job at showing the public who all is in these weight classes and who is even the champion for them. Like where do I go to find mmmmmm the light weight champion??? Or who all is in these weight classes for people who are not balls deep in MMA like myself. Any advise??
person of interest6
person of interest6 - 7 days ago
daniel valdes ohh nice!! Thanks man
daniel valdes
daniel valdes - 7 days ago
person of interest6 UFC app has all the rankings of every weight class
O.G. 4019XX
O.G. 4019XX - 9 days ago
I think this was my favorite MMA episode yet! 💯
person of interest6
person of interest6 - 9 days ago
Why and who the fuck hired these judges?! It’s so frustrating.. just yesterday Reyes lost to Jones and it was flat out wrong.
maxwelld23 - 9 days ago
Debatable if Connor won the round against Khabib and let’s be honest Khabib didn’t have any problem taking Connor down , let’s get off Connors nuts.
ryan Godden
ryan Godden - 10 days ago
MMA is a sport but it ain't no game.
sebanold - 10 days ago
We need josh back on here for another one
Leo Lion
Leo Lion - 11 days ago
I like josh but it seems like he's coked up
Son Hyomin
Son Hyomin - 11 days ago
Damn Josh is a great fighter but has no fuking clue about ppv numbers and marketing
G Salazar
G Salazar - 11 days ago
Paul is great but usman would take him to the ground all day.
O.G. 4019XX
O.G. 4019XX - 11 days ago
I care!! 👋 I want to see cross promotions! 👋 I really want to see Chandler & Lima fight some UFC fighters!
Cunstar - 12 days ago
Brian Callad is basically stephen smith
...CellAmen... - 13 days ago
Trinidad MMA
Trinidad MMA - 13 days ago
Had to stop listening after he said Ryan Bader has a good chance of beating stipe WTF is up with this guy lmao
christian12moore - 13 days ago
gruj4 - 13 days ago
I guess Masvidal flying knee on Askren is not good for Stephen A Smith either
Simple_Pleasures _Adventures
Good podcast
brazy Twon
brazy Twon - 13 days ago
And Josh sound stupid talent is not bringing in the money the most talented fighters are not the highest paid it's the shit talking that brings the fans n eyes that's why this was cowboy biggest fight he dont make money with conor and hes has all the talent
brazy Twon
brazy Twon - 14 days ago
Who thought Cowboy was going to win that fight 90% knew Conor was lol so shut up joe n Josh yall sound hella mad for mma if they want mma to grow you need Stephen A Smith n I hate him
brazy Twon
brazy Twon - 14 days ago
I hate Stephen a Smith but he has a point
brazy Twon
brazy Twon - 14 days ago
And cowboy didnt quit. But how you gon tell this man what he saw it look like cowboy Get me belong in the Conor
It's MyRum
It's MyRum - 14 days ago
Amanda Nunez is the Goat. Belator has two cool fights. MVP and Lima, other then them no on interests me in a PPV against UFC fighters.
miles lomas
miles lomas - 14 days ago
amazing podcast hope to see more of josh, this was my first encounter, and i enjoyed him an awful lot i will enjoy watching his previous fights xd
jack greenway
jack greenway - 14 days ago
What Khabib does in the octagon works but I'd don't what any of you say, 99% of the mma community boo whenever a fight is on the ground or predominately grappling 99% of the time.
Felix Ayala
Felix Ayala - 14 days ago
Mareks Marek
Mareks Marek - 15 days ago
0:04 - Stephen A Smith, dick punchies, he is nice guy.
13:22 - A Smith funy guy until he meets Cowboy in elevator
15:03 - D.C. defending A Smith
ben collins
ben collins - 15 days ago
Fair enough to Stephen A for trying to learn the sport, but giving such a strong opinion on something he is only starting to learn and let's face it, doesn't know shit about, is wrong.
Phil Pacific
Phil Pacific - 15 days ago
i think i would be tied between josh and dom cruz for my favorite retired fighters. i love the creativity, perspective, passion and just plain heart that they bring.
Simon Naughton
Simon Naughton - 14 days ago
Phil Pacific spot on
Jon Chapman
Jon Chapman - 15 days ago
Josh has always been such a cool guy, I know I’m not alone in my opinion that he should have been given the W in his third fight with Melendez, I remember that decision really pissed me off at the time and back then, I was more of a fan of Gilberts.
Joseph Shattuck
Joseph Shattuck - 15 days ago
My God this is why I love Joe Rogan. He's just a phenomenal person. I don't get Starstruck by most actors and actresses. But he's definitely somebody I would like to meet him. He's a great guy
Rickyricardo - 15 days ago
#PowerfulJRE #JoeRogan it seems to people that the more you talk about Stephen A. the more you seem to be jealous of him. You act like a child boy
fredrb28 - 15 days ago
NOOO DC is dog shit. Please have Paul Felder, Dom Cruze, who the fuck ever but DC.
Sean Nilo
Sean Nilo - 15 days ago
Joe Rogan and Josh Thomson ladies and jellomen! Lol
Tudor C
Tudor C - 16 days ago
Bring Michael Franzese on your show !!
ffggg Reyes
ffggg Reyes - 16 days ago
ERIC FARTMAN - 16 days ago
Is this episode supposed to be about sucking Conors dick??? Cause thats how it looks like
Dustin Daughtry
Dustin Daughtry - 17 days ago
Why does this guy act like a spaz?
Phil Pacific
Phil Pacific - 15 days ago
because underneath he totally is haha
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson - 17 days ago
Pitbull is calling out Aldo
jensen - 17 days ago
Conor "Conor McGregor money" McGregor
mcsmoothstyle - 17 days ago
Josh reminds me of AC Slater from Saves by the Bell.
Charles Wolfe
Charles Wolfe - 18 days ago
This guy says K every 2 seconds k
ibot989 - 18 days ago
It’s not even a different thing with fighting, nobody who enjoys a sport respects the non-sequitur ramblings of pundits.
The Last Roach
The Last Roach - 18 days ago
Fuck Joe Rogan
Brian Sull
Brian Sull - 18 days ago
A Y - 18 days ago
Peter Bird
Peter Bird - 18 days ago
"There's a lot of guys her size she could beat,I mean,a lot. If you took the roster of the UFC's bantamweights, 135 pounds, and you paired them up against Ronda Rousey, she might be able to beat 50 percent of them. That's not a joke." - Joe Rogan on Ronda Rousey
ukpkmkk - 16 days ago
Peter Bird Even professionals get it wrong from time to time. The whole damn world acted like she was Supergirl, so I’m not sure what you think you’re proving with that quote.
Alex Assenza
Alex Assenza - 18 days ago
Right off the bat..I agree with both their stances but josh..dont ever put hockey and baseball players in the same category. Hockey is the next toughest thing after fighting
José Luis Gonzalez
José Luis Gonzalez - 18 days ago
Dick punches, Punching Babies... LOL
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - 18 days ago
funny how every other UFC employee like cormier dom or bisping all think stephen was fine doing what he did lol, i wonder why hmmmmmm
Georgios F.
Georgios F. - 18 days ago
I don't really understand how these guys can put Conor to the same league as Masvidal. They are supposedly knowledgeable in the fighting game and talk as if Conor stands a chance. Masvidal would baptize him to retirement for good and would embarrass him irreversibly.
LN - 19 days ago
Josh being bias and delusional about UFC and bellator cross promoting just because he works for bellator aahahhaha
Please stop, thats cringe
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