AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !

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Krystal Webster
Krystal Webster - 20 minutes ago
a z I have a very strong connection to that my bed is like all made and then as soon as I get into it pillows or on top of me and everywhere
Lizzie Blue
Lizzie Blue - 22 minutes ago
i want her earings!!!
Helen Steininger
Helen Steininger - 58 minutes ago
azzy! im a kid and im pretty sure I can make a sushi pillow with a little help
BarfingUnicorn Productions
6:45 i own that one uwu
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson - 6 hours ago
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh im a kid...
The Man In a NAPPY
The Man In a NAPPY - 13 hours ago
Who is a single Pringle like me like if you are
Evy Jablonski
Evy Jablonski - Day ago
smartys are still real
Lil_Sky - Day ago
Smarties are still a thing!
Mira Chan
Mira Chan - Day ago
I had that exact cake for my birthday yesterday.
Sorry to the gf but he a LIAR!
Maribel - 2 days ago
Awww..... If you think that the guys stepped up there romantic side put a like
Arthi .M.P
Arthi .M.P - 2 days ago
Diys , antiques
SillyLilly Gacha
SillyLilly Gacha - 2 days ago
So I made a cardboardrose fore my dads girlfriend but then they split... a few years later I came to her house and she still has them!
Shadow Kittie gacha
Shadow Kittie gacha - 2 days ago
Azzy:hits arm on desk me:the classic youtuber ingury
Ducky yellow
Ducky yellow - 3 days ago
My Name is Emily!!!😝
Carlee Nye
Carlee Nye - 4 days ago
Nice speach azzy
Abderrahim Zoumar
Abderrahim Zoumar - 5 days ago
(> - <
(> <
Always lonely
Btw using my dad's account ima girl
waterChing Poon
waterChing Poon - 5 days ago
$365-730 of nail polish
GucciChim Shook
GucciChim Shook - 6 days ago
i just realised how cool would it be if there was a mini rollercoaster with cupcakes as passengers and at the end the cupcakes would go in my mouth lol
sarina Salek Moghaddam
sarina Salek Moghaddam - 7 days ago
Did anyone realise that there was a ring in the Cinderella glass slipper?
Dsean Poindexter
Dsean Poindexter - 6 days ago
Yes, azzy said that there was a ring in it
Mariam Ellian
Mariam Ellian - 7 days ago
Me hears DNA at the back of my head bts DNA💜
Scilynn Gros
Scilynn Gros - 8 days ago
Azzy:Kids, adults,dogs, cats. If you don't love pillow forts are you even human.
Me: What!?
Laila Ali
Laila Ali - 8 days ago
the only thing everyone has that u can give but still have more off it is love :)
ITz_Lia - 8 days ago
My gma has pink eye Wich is contagious
1 like = 1 prayer
Vanille Schoko
Vanille Schoko - 8 days ago
And im still Single 🤭🤗😶😐
G_ Zizi
G_ Zizi - 8 days ago
Do you fave peirsings
Annara Zacarias
Annara Zacarias - 9 days ago
Maegan Q.
Maegan Q. - 9 days ago
I don’t like cats and there trash
Ava Parker
Ava Parker - 9 days ago
4:07 in the after, I have the same curtains!!! 😂😂😂
unicorn #1
unicorn #1 - 10 days ago
I woke up to my new kitten it was lost in are car (I woke up to it scratched me)🐱
Gacha Pastel
Gacha Pastel - 10 days ago
And a pinch of creativity
Helen Hu
Helen Hu - 10 days ago
When you forget the name of candy, ur friends be like: ARE U CRAZY???No offense azzy
Milia Uddin
Milia Uddin - 10 days ago
Do you read all your comments? Doesn't feel like you do. Love your videos 💗💗💖💖😁😁
Min Kantrowitz
Min Kantrowitz - 10 days ago
police: your under arrest azzy: why? police: your to cute
Fierce Fire
Fierce Fire - 11 days ago
And chocolate 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
Fierce Fire
Fierce Fire - 11 days ago
I love ❤️ your videos you are amazing🍫🦄🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
murakigal65 - 11 days ago
This is how you know that relationship is a happy one and that your boyfriend or girlfriend is worthy to love you
Aliathewolf - 12 days ago
Smarties are alive
Chrysteanna Lanham
Chrysteanna Lanham - 12 days ago
But it’s ok you can love ur self
Chrysteanna Lanham
Chrysteanna Lanham - 12 days ago
I am single too
Jose Acosta
Jose Acosta - 12 days ago
Jose Acosta
Jose Acosta - 12 days ago
What's with the romantic music
Kristy Golden
Kristy Golden - 12 days ago
Every time I make a pillow fort my dog takes it for his self!
Zachyshows - 12 days ago
who has skittles and smarties at their house
Chris Brush
Chris Brush - 13 days ago
Yes finally golden girls you watch that show
Wilted Røse
Wilted Røse - 13 days ago
I made the little breakfast before
Emma Perdomo
Emma Perdomo - 15 days ago
Athena Morales
Athena Morales - 15 days ago
Theses boyfriend's are sooo sweet 😄
Potter HeadYT
Potter HeadYT - 15 days ago
The card board box fire pit and paper flowers look like they came out of Bendy and the Ink Machine...
Galactic Unicorns
Galactic Unicorns - 17 days ago
I like to say, “caramel is better salted”
Isah Azizi
Isah Azizi - 17 days ago
ive disowned you
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