5 Things Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

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Aaron Kolatch
Aaron Kolatch - 7 days ago
I know for a fact that at one point I was losing way more than a hundred hairs a day. As a result now I have a horseshoe hairline.
Every-One - Month ago
Lady you have to check this out
Cèline Oriol
Cèline Oriol - Month ago
Click magic https://womanuniverse.net/8-things-your-hair-can-tell-you-about-your-health/
Cedric Hua
Cedric Hua - 2 months ago
So people are going to be hairist and judge other people by their hair
eve grier
eve grier - 2 months ago
Alopecia Areata is actually a really pretty name. Lol that'll be my stage name someday 😎
Chris Chapel
Chris Chapel - 2 months ago
I tell my son that nerds rule the world. Who else agrees?
Christina Quiroz
Christina Quiroz - 3 months ago
She is so scared her hair is going to fall out this Christmas. Oh yeah and it came back curly
Christina Quiroz
Christina Quiroz - 3 months ago
My granddaughter at age 5 lost all her hair on Christmas day an then the following year 2018 at age 6 on Christmas day she lost her hair again. It's been a mystery. Any thoughts
Myriam Philistin
Myriam Philistin - 3 months ago
Is this guy the same from Crashcourse YouTube channel?
depressed soul
depressed soul - 3 months ago
Wait so google isn't an actual doctor?
I thought it had a genuine degree!!
CrossoverGenius - 3 months ago
ok does hank move this much while talking or is this a green screen trick of some sort?
Margot Robinson
Margot Robinson - 3 months ago
When Princess Grace of Monaco died, Princess Caroline was so inconsolable in her grief that her hair fell out, and took years to grow back.
The Last Schmuplet
The Last Schmuplet - 3 months ago
Great video, Hank. Keep it up!
HashBuddha - 3 months ago
The first 2 minutes made my head v itchy
Yudri Tewak
Yudri Tewak - 3 months ago
Do a video on best shampoo for hair. Do we need commercial shampoos at all and stuff like that...
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens - 3 months ago
Can yall do a video on auto immune diseases
MemuJBR - 3 months ago
I have a question what about changes in hair color. In my teens and early 20’s my beard was deep black. In my late twenties. t still is mostly deep black I do have red and blond hairs peppered throughout my beard Is there a reason for that to happen? To be clear I never died my beard.
Silver Bells
Silver Bells - 3 months ago
Didn’t even watch yet, but this came at a really good time
Gustavo Gonzalez
Gustavo Gonzalez - 3 months ago
What if you shave your head’s hair and your body’s?
hardinfardin - 3 months ago
unhealthy eating, sleep, low T, alot of stress can actually make u look older than u think! :)
Holly Rockwell-Celerier
Holly Rockwell-Celerier - 3 months ago
What causes hair to not grow at all? I had my hair cut almost 10 years ago and it is only about 2" longer than it was then. Yes, I do tie my hair back but it isn't a "style" choice. My hair is so fine (a genetic thing, my father had the same thing), and it is because it is so short it blows around and gets in my eyes. By short I mean maybe 5" in the front and 7" in the back. Even my leg hair doesn't grow much, I only "have" to shave about every three or four months. This I don't mind at all but I do like playing with shaving cream - chuckle.
Casey O
Casey O - 3 months ago
Holly Rockwell this could be a thyroid problem. My mom has severe problems with her thyroid and when she is not on her medication her hair basically doesn’t grow much if at all. You may want to talk to a doctor about it.
Lauretta Mae
Lauretta Mae - 3 months ago
Well now I know why I’m a hairy beast now. I was diagnosed with epilepsy 3 years ago and I never knew why hair started growing on my chest.. 👀 it’s the seizure medication I’m taking
Veronica S
Veronica S - 4 months ago
Well that's interesting to see why chemotherapy basically made the hair on my head look like Frankenstein's monster
Vita Lay
Vita Lay - 4 months ago
So premature grey hair passes? k thx
Bron - 4 months ago
So high estrogen can give me extra hair. And low estrogen can give me extra hair? Did I hear this right?
Influx27 - 4 months ago
Thank you so much for this. I had the first condition listed here as a kid and the nurse at my grade school told us that it was from not washing enough. Shame from that encounter followed me for years. I guess we should have gone to an actual doctor instead
Alesha Ludwig Von Frankenstein
PCOS is hell with hair...love my thick lluscious hair but I wish it was just my head 😋😋😋
tiki trash
tiki trash - 4 months ago
Sebum. Sebum run.
What Face
What Face - 4 months ago
My wife left me 6 months ago. Since then i have lost around 80 pounds and most of my hair.
Vince85 - 6 months ago
Pulling her hairs..lol
roronoazoro - 6 months ago
Each time I had move to a different country with a different climate my cells in my body mutated, and as side effects I have gained extra hair where I have never had before. It made me look more manly, so I am pretty much fine with it till women like it.
Ali  Bentz
Ali Bentz - 7 months ago
I had alopecia areata. It’s really embarrassing.
Liusila - 8 months ago
7:30 wtf is this. I have tiny transparent hair pretty much everywhere. I’m not anorexic!
Liusila - 8 months ago
I’ve had dandruff and an itchy spot on my head. It really doesn’t respond to any shampoo and I know it’s part of a bigger thing because when it gets worse a few other areas around my body get really dry and start to itch. Wtf.
Willie Richard Johnson Projects
I started going bald at 16 or so
ღ Ashimari ღ
ღ Ashimari ღ - 10 months ago
I leave the floor coated in hair wherever I go but I have a super thick coat of hair, even with shoulder length, it takes a ton for it to dry
It's been months like this and no notorious change, but as the video says, probably has to do with Ballet hahah
MsMcmoe - 10 months ago
Hmm, didn't hear it mentioned that a persons' thyroid may be out of balance, or there's a nutritional/vitamin deficiency .
Wannabe Canadian
Wannabe Canadian - 10 months ago
My mom has alopecia, and she has no hair at all.
I was wondering, is it genetic?
limpnjen - 10 months ago
That first picture of the baby head made my skin crawl.
Mr Niceguy
Mr Niceguy - 10 months ago
The title doesn't fit to the content. Should be... "5 (interesting) hair conditions"
Maurice Spence
Maurice Spence - 10 months ago
I noticed I had alopecia areata after a visit to the barbershop. I thought I was aging way fast or something
Rachel Holt
Rachel Holt - 10 months ago
Shedding more frequently can also be caused by thyroid imbalances
Morris Chen
Morris Chen - 10 months ago
Thank you for using trans/gender-inclusive language!! This just made me love you and your channel even more (which I didn't know was possible)
Mathew Subritzky
Mathew Subritzky - 10 months ago
hair loss can be a result of spinning on your head.
Lucia Jayne
Lucia Jayne - 10 months ago
@sciShow ... about personal health ... what about a video in oil pulling. Is there science behind it?
Michael P.
Michael P. - 10 months ago
Going through the ninth month of tellogen effluvium, the hair has still not recovered. I've learned my lesson with stress.
Letolz Velostoll
Letolz Velostoll - 10 months ago
"menopause can affect someone's..." you can tell "menopause can affect a woman's..." is being avoided, because men can undergo menopause now.
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 10 months ago
Why does hair grow long on your head but not your arms and legs
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 10 months ago
Im 16 and have gray hair
Lio Jio
Lio Jio - 10 months ago
more like 61
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 10 months ago
If goku or vegetas hair fell out it would be a nightmare
Zen Monk Simon Jakushin
Zen Monk Simon Jakushin - 11 months ago
My scalp is itchy...
Elly Arrow
Elly Arrow - 11 months ago
Omg, bio female... as in opposed to what... artifical females?? O.O
- - 11 months ago
One time I suddenly developed alopecia barbae which caused a small, circular bald spot in my beard (which was still visible even after shaving because it was completely hairless) and it was caused by stress and went away after a while.
chad x
chad x - 11 months ago
Right. So leave it to your incompetent doctor.
Hypatia Ravenclaw Kovalevskaya Sklodowska
"your hair isn't just something that you have to deal with every morning" - first time someone accurately described hair imo
Vylpes - 11 months ago
Where are my fellow red hair bois :P
Luka Cvitkovic
Luka Cvitkovic - 11 months ago
Ah yes, seborrheic dermatitis, a simple spell, but quite unbreakable
DaBlondDude - 11 months ago
Nice disclaimer lol, though kinda sad it's needed
Nishant Sengar
Nishant Sengar - 11 months ago
Nicely explained, but what causes premature greying of hair, can that be treated? I have seen even the 5 years old kids start to have grey hair.. is it all diet dependent?
Nishant Sengar
Nishant Sengar - 10 months ago
@gingergamergirl98 I thinks it's more to do with your diet, especially if it lacks vitamin b6, b12 and D..
gingergamergirl98 - 10 months ago
Nishant Sengar AFAIK it’s genetic
Jeremy Pickett
Jeremy Pickett - 11 months ago
Too many comments way funnier than me :) Thank you Sci, this happens to the best of us and shouldn't be feared. I had a severe health thing, three months later my hair fell out, three months after I am back to normal. Well, normalish :)
Talk to your doc, and we dont judge.
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