Why Machines That Bend Are Better

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Charlie Mallindine
Charlie Mallindine - 30 minutes ago
Weird flex but ok
TootTootMcbumbersnazzle - 2 hours ago
Wonder if the "SimpliSafe" package comes with firearms.
SWAGCOW - 2 hours ago
Cool idea. Even if the parts don't last as long as normal spring loaded components they can be 3d printed and replaced easily.
Neal Sterling
Neal Sterling - 4 hours ago
Absolutely fascinating!
Motion without any moving parts only using material properties.
Qlimax - 4 hours ago
@ 5:10 You could put a ratchet setup on that pivot point and make for an interesting tool
David Abbett
David Abbett - 5 hours ago
Stunning .... Thank you
André A.N
André A.N - 6 hours ago
I got a great idea for not accidentally activating nuclear weapons: Don't fu**ing make nuclear weapons.
Bruno Mostert
Bruno Mostert - 6 hours ago
it's all about you define "motion"
Malcolm Hughes
Malcolm Hughes - 8 hours ago
i had some pegs that were compliant hinge but they blew apart and dropped my clothes on the ground. im interested in the temperature issues as metal gets cold but it gets brittle...
Max Headrom
Max Headrom - 8 hours ago
Awesome! Why the suite when in Utah?
Building with Todd
Building with Todd - 8 hours ago
Sorry, let me pick up my mind as it has just been blown!
This video has my creative juices flowing like crazy and I have a tiny bit of experience with 3d printing and might have access to a printer and can't wait to click one of these devices in my own hands.
Thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building👍
CatzHoek - 8 hours ago
That is cool technology
Paul Ocone
Paul Ocone - 9 hours ago
Makes me wonder if there are any applications for musical instrument design. My dad repairs woodwind instruments, and he has to work with the challenges of traditional machines all the time.
Spencer Lemay
Spencer Lemay - 10 hours ago
Anyone else think Aphex Twin when they clicked this video?
VianaAutoCenter - 11 hours ago
Hello Derek can you make a video of the international space station component's and explain how long it took to build it?
VianaAutoCenter - 11 hours ago
Your videos are great. I learned a lot.
Francesco Varrato
Francesco Varrato - 11 hours ago
Pounds? Is it even a measure unit?
DDODJO - 11 hours ago
This was amazing. Thank you!
Herman Woo
Herman Woo - 11 hours ago
Wow glad there are smart people like this in the world.
Pharmatica - 12 hours ago
How will it hold up at -270 c in space?
arman rgun
arman rgun - 12 hours ago
aphex twin logo!
Voyager - 14 hours ago
Ucmh - 15 hours ago
As a numbers guy... this video has an unusually high ratio of likes to views.
Screw The Net
Screw The Net - 15 hours ago
Build me a stepford wife, with al lthe right bendy parts. YEs, everyone and anyone can have their own kinds one day...but I get mine first I says! >,;,
Sammy Fiction
Sammy Fiction - 16 hours ago
He doesn't know PepeLaugh
Noen - 16 hours ago
jjohnston94 - 16 hours ago
I guessed right about the elephant. And yes, I would like a cookie. I'm fresh out.
Khushi Sharma
Khushi Sharma - 16 hours ago
Hey everyone. I am starting a new science channel. I would appreciate any name ideas and tips... Thanks for the time : )
David Secrest
David Secrest - 16 hours ago
Says silica Is as brittle as glass. Isn't silica glass?
SOUMYADEEP GHOSH - 16 hours ago
down and left
Unity Alpha
Unity Alpha - 16 hours ago
oh my god this stuff is soooo cool.
My inner child is screaming at me to get a hold of this stuff so i can bend it my self and stuff like that and understand how it works
Mohammed Medhat
Mohammed Medhat - 17 hours ago
This killed me in my recommendations.
Slaphappy Duplenty
Slaphappy Duplenty - 17 hours ago
Wow. Now we can finally invent springs.
I_Megaman_I - 17 hours ago
pretty cool, the next step would be an AI designing this things, like generative design but only for motion devices.
luketube - 17 hours ago
Okay YouTube, I watched it. Happy now?
Karataron - 18 hours ago
oddly satisfying video to help you physics
Duff Harris
Duff Harris - 19 hours ago
So the new MacBook Pros are superior after all.
George Papag
George Papag - 19 hours ago
Freaky cool!
Hayyan Media
Hayyan Media - 21 hour ago
But do they biodegradable? Are making more items which will add to microplastics in the oceans?
trance dj
trance dj - 22 hours ago
Prof Howell = Dentist from Hangover???
chris4072511 - Day ago
That gripper lacks the key features of vice grips: adjustable distance jaws and locking when closed.
jjohnston94 - 16 hours ago
Yeah, well, it's really more of a proof-of-concept piece than a market-ready product.
Luke Watson
Luke Watson - Day ago
Did this video had a different title? 🤔
bugz000 - Day ago
11:47 "hey vsauce, michael here."
SD sc0rch
SD sc0rch - Day ago
Q --- do these compliant mechanisms get coupled with piezoelectric materials??
seems like it would be a natural fit and or application
SD sc0rch
SD sc0rch - Day ago
Mush V. Peets
Mush V. Peets - Day ago
He was right w/r/t/ the elephant's trunk, actually. It _does_ go up and in. Just that that movement happens to be cancelled by the rest of the elephant. :P
As for those silicon clickety bits, does this mean we can now etch compact mechanical computers with the same techniques used to make compact electronic computers?
Kutulue - Day ago
Wow this completely blows my Non-Compliant mechanisms out of the water.
Alex Dearman
Alex Dearman - Day ago
Great vid. What is the white plastic that was used for the elephant etc?
Tunde O
Tunde O - Day ago
8:27 , looks like a James C Maxwell bust
David Messer
David Messer - Day ago
Mechanical systems can be much more reliable than electronic ones. I wouldn't be surprised if nuclear bombs have many mechanical devices in them.
I heard of a missile that used a spring-wound gyroscope instead of motor driven. It didn't use a battery that could go bad or need to be replaced. It only needed to run for a minute or so, so using mechanical energy made since. It could be stored for years without worrying about replacing the battery.
Wellful Goodness
Wellful Goodness - Day ago
I thought this was a new Aphex Twin song since that thing looks like his logo.
arman rgun
arman rgun - 12 hours ago
i know right
Iian - Day ago
"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist."
Gamikom - Day ago
You are excited about weapons of mass destruction... Unsubscribed!
Ricardo paixao
Ricardo paixao - 16 hours ago
Carlson Darlson
Carlson Darlson - Day ago
Hi! Michael, here.
Rodolfo Gonzalez Rivera
I can see compliant mechanisms implemented in car engines sometime in the future
SgtRevan - Day ago
Begs the question, why are these not mainstream yet?
Gaming Casualties
Gaming Casualties - Day ago
bending parts will break easily
Christopher Moye
Christopher Moye - Day ago
Mind beyond blown
scanlime - Day ago
flexures are cool; too bad about the nuclear weapons tho
Roberto Smith
Roberto Smith - Day ago
Stop trying to be a comedian and interrupting the guy. Makes it too annoying to watch.
Zareth Wilson
Zareth Wilson - Day ago
AMAZING. I'm truly staggered. I screamed myself hoarse and wept tears of joy.
sunshineo23 - Day ago
Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface
9:50 people don't seem to realize how similar many properties are of metals and plastics.
Mauricio Ahumada
Mauricio Ahumada - Day ago
0:30 the chair in the back is so happy to be on camera
LogicalOne - Day ago
this is so amazing.
Lizard Mann
Lizard Mann - Day ago
Let's classify random informaton we definitly will not use^^
Bastiproton - Day ago
Am I the only one who thinks the thing in the thumbnail kinda looks like two people in the missionary position?
Roko Lazić
Roko Lazić - Day ago
I thought I was going to see a video about machine pressing. This is much better
Sanzo - Day ago
I was thinking how silimar he and physics girl was at presenting. And there they were.
Ben The Shrubber
Ben The Shrubber - Day ago
super foward thinking applied materials science.. wonder what happens when i stick my finger in that there
but anyway i thought the problem wasnt 'how can we get flexible materials into things/ how can flexible material work for us' but ' how can we make flexible materials reliable and what engineering and material science is required to produce the material that can do this and withstand and tolerate it'
Syam Ahmad
Syam Ahmad - Day ago
hoo, i guessed the same... 4:45
wiebe V aken
wiebe V aken - Day ago
I got a veritasium advertisement on this video... Nice
Genesis Gaming
Genesis Gaming - Day ago
Am I the only one that thinks the thumbnail looks sexual?
Dom Arseneault
Dom Arseneault - Day ago
Wild Prusa @11:40
XHAD - Day ago
You would need to replace the entire system if even one section of it breaks thou
Krosis - 25 minutes ago
+Dan Lorett if you build the entire system out of multiple pieces like that you lose structural integrity,
Dan Lorett
Dan Lorett - Hour ago
+XPOHOC Yeah, no kidding. I work at a hardware store that sells chainsaws and generators and you would not believe how many customers have to wait weeks to get a random plastic shroud or cover or a rubber gasket. And it's not cheap. The real question is if manufacturers are going to start embracing this technology or if they're going to go all recording industry and just engage in a massively futile effort that just delays the inevitable. There are parts that will still require traditional manufacturing (or at least 3D printing sophisticated enough that it doesn't make economic sense for service centers to have the 3D printer required) but a LOT of stuff could literally just be a quick file download and 3D print instead of spending 15 minutes putting in an order on a clunky website and then waiting weeks to get a piece of plastic or a 10 cent rubber ring.
XPOHOC - 2 hours ago
+Dan Lorett That, perhaps, is one of the most exciting elements. "Broken part? Doesn't matter, just print out a replacement!"
Dan Lorett
Dan Lorett - Day ago
Nah. The ones they showed were just single pieces. Like anything else you could build entire systems out of these pieces and just replace any broken parts like we already do with normal mechanical systems. Also replacements would be cheaper and easier to get - no more ordering parts and waiting for them to be delivered - just download the file (if you don't have it already) and 3D print it.
I totally got the elephant!!! Man I'm feeling smart today. Take that holiday inn express! lol
ok seeing this stuff reduced to no wear hmm why not use these complient mechnisims to replace the moving parts of a car engine i can easily see them replace cams and pistons
Bady89 - Day ago
Are you happy now YouTube ?
WC 1A - Day ago
Ligma Nutz
Ligma Nutz - Day ago
That clutch is so cool
Arwyn Evans
Arwyn Evans - Day ago
1:10 italian boys.
smherczeg - Day ago
I was very satisfied to see everyone going "ooohhh!" just like how I am sitting here now.
Bacon Gravy
Bacon Gravy - Day ago
One step closer to surgical nanites.
mark grissom
mark grissom - Day ago
I can't stand it....
Let me put my finger in there lol
Neet - 2 days ago
Rude, distasteful interview 0/10
Dylan V
Dylan V - 2 days ago
Its great to see people are starting to use flexibility as an advantage in designs (even though I personally never use it). My concern is that when using flexible materials in designs like the WMD activation device, you would have to really see how long thin pieces of whatever material they would use can last without input for years. From my experiences, when things are just sitting out, events in a temperature controlled room, they're going to degrade, plastics especially.
I'm not trying to sound like an ass but that switch test is definitely flawed. Sure you can take a freshly molded/printed plastic switch and it works as he said over a million times without breaking, but that was also in an environmentally controlled room. I would like to see how well it works after going through heating and cold cycles, in different humid environments, and after just sitting for extended periods of time. If it can do all those better than traditional switches then you've got yourself a good design.
Abhinav PV
Abhinav PV - 2 days ago
I break my heart when he said the information is classified😭
doopliss21 - 2 days ago
Aphex Twin thumbnail
Umbra - 2 days ago
"He's pretty nonchalant about his work."
Just bragged about how his book is the most cited source in compliant mechanisms and over-exaggerated about how all engineers do nothing but design against flexion.
jianhe1234 - 2 days ago
Mechanical fatigue due to repeated movement is one thing, heat cycle fatigue is another. Would like to see how it tested against conventional tools in a heat cycle environment, maybe the machine turns on and it got hot, and then turns off and cools again. Or rather cycle life in extreme temperature conditions. Very interesting video
Edward Carnby
Edward Carnby - 2 days ago
Isn't this video kind of pointless? I mean, _of course_ machines that bend are better than machines that don't bend. It's a foregone conclusion - if I have a device that can do X, and another device that can do X + A, then the device that can do X + A wins every time. The only reason that wouldn't be so is because of cost considerations and that's not a factor here.
Anyone with the functioning intelligence of a eighth grader should be able to understand this fairly readily without having to watch 13 minute long video on the matter... But then I suppose the creator wouldn't be able to keep raking in that sweet sweet ad revenue on Youtube, so there's that, I guess.
The Tired Kitty
The Tired Kitty - 2 days ago
Why are there so many dank doodle memes in the comments XD.
The Devil In The Circuit
@11:32 "Nook-yoo-ler weapons." Professor Howell, you're embarrassing us all.
fireyhand - 2 days ago
so how do they deal with fatigue
higgsbosonseeker - 2 days ago
Fine I give up youtube!!! Stop recommending me this... Oh.. that is fascinating.
Paulo Castro
Paulo Castro - 2 days ago
geometry is better therefore tools that can shape shift is better every engineer knows that
bbbzerk - 2 days ago
This video was super fascinating.
BLACKB0MBER - 2 days ago
Bite my shiny metal a**, meatbags! BENDER BENDER BENDER!
SentinelPrimek - 2 days ago
Wow, one of the most amazing things I've seen.
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