Kevin Owens rants against Shane McMahon: SmackDown LIVE, July 9, 2019

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B FMSmith
B FMSmith - Minute ago
Chase Stallings
Chase Stallings - Day ago
Chase Stallings
Chase Stallings - Day ago
Shane is more hardcore than Owens.
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed - Day ago
Chris 'The Alpha' Jericho
Who is here after heard KO's promo was unscripted?😜
kevien owens is like cm punk
βιβη Π.
βιβη Π. - Day ago
Ishtiaq Bhat
Ishtiaq Bhat - Day ago
I love ko thoughts
Er boro
Er boro - Day ago
I haven’t watch wwe in a year I did not even match the last taker match but I returned to watch Kevin pipebomb
Er boro
Er boro - Day ago
Kevin Owen the voice of the voiceless
Er boro
Er boro - Day ago
He is the new CMPUNK
Er boro
Er boro - Day ago
This is the modern era cmpunk vs triple h,this feud has that much of a vibe and yes Shane is good as hhh
Er boro
Er boro - Day ago
Fook cm punk, from the first day I saw Owens outmatch cena in mic in their feud I knew this is going to be the new cm punk AND HE IS BETTER THEN HIM
Yemen Salah
Yemen Salah - Day ago
Cm Punk wanna be😂😂
Cobster YT
Cobster YT - Day ago
Hey guess what idiot there's more than 1 microphone LMAO 😂
Daniel Mulholland
Daniel Mulholland - Day ago
My fiancè, who never watched any wrestling before we met, said within a few weeks of seeing him, that she did NOT like Shane McMahon. Lol, it sucks, because Shane actually is a better wrestler than alot of them out there, but he's on too much.
Ryan Foley
Ryan Foley - Day ago
2:55 the sign 😂
Alveera Ilyas
Alveera Ilyas - 2 days ago
The names he said were true
Michael De Santa
Michael De Santa - 2 days ago
Kevin Owens: *ranting*
Shane McMahon: cut his mic off
*cuts Kevin's mic off*
Shane McMahon: there we go
*Kevin Owen's gets a new mic*
Loved that part
Mike Law
Mike Law - 2 days ago
Crowd respects Kevin what chants and everyone is silent and listening
dante caruso
dante caruso - 2 days ago
Evry word Kevin Owens said is 200% true
Hey Jones
Hey Jones - 2 days ago
I can't believe I love Kevin Owens now thank you WWE you something right
Slim Jimmy
Slim Jimmy - 2 days ago
Bring back Kane with his 90’s attire
Uneek Flow
Uneek Flow - 2 days ago
Kevin Owens speak the damn truth.... Kevin Owens is take a page out of Cm punk Book —
Curtis Wright
Curtis Wright - 2 days ago
Sub to ya kip clips
DXingIndia - 3 days ago
i think they r trying stone cold return
linden bowles
linden bowles - 3 days ago
shane gets to much tv time when shane calls him self the best in the world
Zayden Terrado
Zayden Terrado - 3 days ago
There was a kid with a WWE>AEW sign
Sconox LP
Sconox LP - 3 days ago
looks like a worked shoot.
Sconox LP
Sconox LP - 3 days ago
well, bring the queen tournament in and the king tournament back means there should be a ppv Royalty of the Ring!!!
first with the fem as the main event and the king genuinly taking the backseat to the queen, while one year later the fem and male roster feuding whom should be the main event. the stuff should, to about 80to90%, write itself there.
HaRdCoRe 466
HaRdCoRe 466 - 3 days ago
Thought it was a real pipe bomb. But they wouldn’t post it if it was real.
ready - 3 days ago
Best bromo in this year
Ellis Maurin
Ellis Maurin - 3 days ago
That's my boy! KEVIN OWENS! Since day 1 .. i believed with him!
SKULLGAMER HD - 3 days ago
Now Kevin owens is a mix of angry cm punk and stone cold
Steven Cisneros
Steven Cisneros - 3 days ago
Kevin Owens is right, he's becoming the "CM Punk" of this era
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena - 3 days ago
love how the announcer gave his mic😂👍. clearly even he thinks its dumb to introduce Shane like that TOO
Dak 4 PresGoat
Dak 4 PresGoat - 4 days ago
icon sting
icon sting - 4 days ago
Everytime this type of promo strike i just think of one man:
Sconox LP
Sconox LP - 3 days ago
i think of Dusty Rhodes in his wcw comeback as seven.
MusicalGamer/Pianoest Johnson Johnson
Keven aint lying shane mcmahon the boy wonder is a lyer
Dipankar Das
Dipankar Das - 4 days ago
I'm just waiting aew weekly tv deal nd I can quit watching wwe peacefully 😚
Dipankar Das
Dipankar Das - 4 days ago
This is not rant this is truth😒 nd cm punk is right 😒
Ray Simmons
Ray Simmons - 4 days ago
WWE has turned into WCW 2000. AEW turned into WCW 1995. Interesting.
Sconox LP
Sconox LP - 3 days ago
how can something turn, what's not even there yet?
Maya Ortiz
Maya Ortiz - 4 days ago
You get promos like this when Eric Bischoff is in charge!
Leonard Muthafuckin Washington
Why he snatch Byron headset off like that?😂😂😂
Simply Lew
Simply Lew - 4 days ago
The best kind of Kevin Owens. I've been waiting for this for so long.
Colby Shapiro
Colby Shapiro - 4 days ago
Anyone else think it's funny that he pulled the curtain at the end?
CrazinessAmerican2006 - 4 days ago
I've been to that arena in New Hampshire, well not for WWE, but for a hockey game back in 2013. I'm from Vermont.
Jay J
Jay J - 4 days ago
Went off script? Lol!
Latrice Hylton
Latrice Hylton - 4 days ago
Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon summer slam make it happend
Prince J
Prince J - 4 days ago
Shane is a bicth
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