We Locked Our Phones Away For A Week

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Siham Rahmouni
Siham Rahmouni - 2 days ago
I don’t think I can last a day 😂
Julian Naranjo Lopez
Julian Naranjo Lopez - 3 days ago
Wtf 10 months ago?
Seizing Flips
Seizing Flips - 5 days ago
What do y’all think about greythan
emilie douglas
emilie douglas - 5 days ago
this isn’t your first time here, also won’t be the last so welcome 😭
Fernanda Cuadros
Fernanda Cuadros - 5 days ago
i love how they got exited about pigs🙂🤣
Chloe Garwood
Chloe Garwood - 6 days ago
Put some of ur valuable things in an unbreakable box and try open it to get ur stuff back
Zianna Venzor
Zianna Venzor - 9 days ago
who's here in separate 2020?
Madison Mailhiot
Madison Mailhiot - 9 days ago
Ethan at 14:55: wonders if he can pet the pigs
Ethan at age 14: confidently wants to pet babies
Woohyeok Choi
Woohyeok Choi - 9 days ago
Fun fact: u are watching this on ur phone
voidenergy - 10 days ago
honestly idk why i’m crying in a happy way, they seem so happy and stress free and so open now. seeing them happy makes me the happiest and as i look back now i wonder what happened to them making vids they loved. they said they were gonna make vid they liked and start a new beginning and then like after the doc. they stopped :( i rlly hope they are okay
voidenergy - 10 days ago
they seem so much happier 🥺
shannie shean
shannie shean - 11 days ago
5:53 look at ethan and thank me later
Hattie Simpson
Hattie Simpson - 12 days ago
I’m watching this again and I can’t even remember wtf the video was lmao but I’m still watching!
The Life Of A Vloger
The Life Of A Vloger - 14 days ago
OMG I GUESSED HAWAII but like it was obvious for me bc I’ve been there
Molly Frey
Molly Frey - 14 days ago
“just j chillin”
Maren Anna Ness
Maren Anna Ness - 14 days ago
Does anyone agree that the Dan twins could be pastors!
Gigi Love
Gigi Love - 14 days ago
I went to YoungLife Camp, look it up on what YL is, but its a camp when we don’t have any electronics for a full week:) it was so relaxing not stressing about social media! I definitely recommend putting your phone down for a weekend it’s so much fun and so nice
The Avalon Life
The Avalon Life - 16 days ago
it’s kinda like Emma editing this video. idk but like if u agree lol 😂
Tahira Ahmad
Tahira Ahmad - 16 days ago
Me watching dolan twins be not subscribing to them and but watching all the time +i don't know why I'm not subscribing to them
SmallPumkins - 17 days ago
I can’t survive an hour without my phone and they’re locking they’re for a whole week-💀😂✨😌
Christo Kruze
Christo Kruze - 17 days ago
Hi my name is Christo not really important I have a friend named Jordyn and she loves Jason Dolan so much so as her friend I’m asking can you send her one message that would mean the world to her. Her instagram is jordynkiera_ thank you
Pari Kapadia
Pari Kapadia - 17 days ago
if lifeguard grayson was a thing, then i would drown on purpose
now thats edgy
now thats edgy - 17 days ago
I'm still confused who's Grayson who's Ethan
Zayed toys and games
Zayed toys and games - 17 days ago
This was posted on my birthday hehe
Bridie Fieldstead
Bridie Fieldstead - 21 day ago
It’s currently 2:30am and I have to wake up at 6:30 for school and I’ve been watching the Dolan twins since 11pm 😂
Leah Ewe
Leah Ewe - 21 day ago
I am going to like all your comments
Leah Ewe
Leah Ewe - 21 day ago
samarth kohli
samarth kohli - 21 day ago
I am sorry, what vedio
I just became a fan..
Anarghya Amarnath
Anarghya Amarnath - 19 days ago
The video which they posted before this one It's time to move on...
Dr.SoonToBe - 21 day ago
How ... how did you survive?
Poor Mom life
Poor Mom life - 22 days ago
Dylon Howes
Dylon Howes - 22 days ago
Ethan: "Kyle please confirm that we haven't touched the box the entire week"
Kyle: "YsggarVaheegbajsgVvXHys!!"
Ethan: "Thank you."
Dylon Howes
Dylon Howes - 22 days ago
12:07-12:12 is it just me or does Grayson kinda look like Nick Jonas?
Gracia bashyaha
Gracia bashyaha - 23 days ago
Rise and Shine 😂😂
Olivia Hamm
Olivia Hamm - 23 days ago
Still my favorite video🤍
lara mathen
lara mathen - 23 days ago
28:24 oMg lOoK iT’s kRiStiNa
Anshrutha - 23 days ago
they vibes from this video were immaculate. I'm so proud of you guys
godly sowah
godly sowah - 24 days ago
Moral of the video? :
~"Beyonce wasn't built in a day".
Olivia - 24 days ago
“ThERe’s PiiiiGs” hahaha I love them
Ya Jack
Ya Jack - 26 days ago
Swear I went to wake my friend up one day she was talking about “no” literally I looked at her and said “what you mean no.” 😂😂 literally exactly to a T.
Isabelle Hofer
Isabelle Hofer - 27 days ago
We use the same chocolate chips cause my brother is allergic to dairy
sienna bronte
sienna bronte - 27 days ago
the vibes are immaculate here wow
Lacey Karle
Lacey Karle - 28 days ago
31:38 who else really wants to know what song their dancing to is?
M&M Jr. Chocolaty goodness
No one:

Grayson: DiD yOU fILm The PiGs!
Loretta Malfitana
Loretta Malfitana - 28 days ago
This reminds me of when my dad got so pissed at me because I was on my iPad for to long so he took me on a vacation and took my iPad away to🖤
Kenzie funny cat vids and cute cat Vids
I didn’t have my phone for a month and there were no notifications from people only from games
Tamaraa ___
Tamaraa ___ - 24 days ago
Aww that's so sad 😭😭
Shyla Swatsenbarg
Shyla Swatsenbarg - 29 days ago
Who else is having a Dolan Twins MAROTHON..
Edit : And loose track of what time it is.⏰
Emily Moran
Emily Moran - Month ago
Grayson is so sexy, even with a Hawaiian shirt
ken dog
ken dog - Month ago
Me: you know what? thats a good idea, ill try that."
Also me: *clickes on 5 more of their videos*
Lydia Morgan
Lydia Morgan - Month ago
graysons orange toenails are fire
Lucero Arias
Lucero Arias - Month ago
I can ALWAYS count on this video to snap me out of my bad mood & lift my spirits up. Seeing them happy makes me super HAPPY 💜
Gabby Jensen
Gabby Jensen - Month ago
Dolan Twins: leave their phone for a week
Dolan Twins also in the same week: go on vacation
Me: 👁👄👁
Beril Gürkaş
Beril Gürkaş - Month ago
Really enjoyed this video!
Juhi Varshney
Juhi Varshney - Month ago
Is it just me or at 19:35 his looked like Thomas?
Fleur Derix
Fleur Derix - Month ago
Grayson trying to water out of his ear HAD ME DYING HAHAHA
Lauraa Schilling
Lauraa Schilling - Month ago
i literally huged my phone am i weird 👁👄👁
taliyvh s
taliyvh s - Month ago
Mmm fresh air 🏄🏽‍♀️🌊🌴
Ariana Rodriguez
Ariana Rodriguez - Month ago
14:29 you call that a villa Gray❤️
Selly Akther
Selly Akther - Month ago
Fun fact: Ethan was in a relationship at this time.

He still is..lol
Brina Šantl
Brina Šantl - 23 days ago
lara mathen thanks
lara mathen
lara mathen - 23 days ago
Brina Šantl kristina alice
Brina Šantl
Brina Šantl - 23 days ago
Selly Akther with who?
Austin Escarez
Austin Escarez - Month ago
You never forget your first
Braelyn Tillotson
Braelyn Tillotson - Month ago
Grayson is just 😍🥴
Winter Cardboard
Winter Cardboard - Month ago
*doesnt have phone for a few hours
"I feel like a more pure version of myself"
Joelys Pinto
Joelys Pinto - Month ago
Wait wtf it’s 11:08
God is amazing faith in God
you guy can just us your laptop
Daniela - Month ago
Well I mean one of my favorites
Daniela - Month ago
This is probably my favorite Dolan Twin video because just the aesthetic and the things that they say is so meaningful and also the ending it makes me cry because of how much I love them
milis - Month ago
The polariods at the end was everything
Ve Ra Sha
Ve Ra Sha - Month ago
Come on I am not the only one who is binge-ing over them during qaurantine....
Megs Maas
Megs Maas - Month ago
Watching this in quarantine hits diff
ShawnieGirl !
ShawnieGirl ! - Month ago
Wow, a little nip right there😅😂
ShawnieGirl !
ShawnieGirl ! - Month ago
Funny and frickin hawt 😂😍
Dina Mo. Mokh
Dina Mo. Mokh - Month ago
31:07 the part E made fun of gray again is so freaking funny lmfao😂💔💥
Julia Fides
Julia Fides - Month ago
The pictures at the end were very aesthetically pleasing
Getting to 20k before corona ends I’ll sub back!
I shivered when he almost dropped his phone off the bed
TahliaDadolan Dolan
TahliaDadolan Dolan - Month ago
Kelly Belly
Kelly Belly - Month ago
No one:
Not a single soul:

Ethan: The master suite goes to the master twin.
Rebekah - Month ago
Who knew E was in a relationship in this video?
Asiah-Mae Murray
Asiah-Mae Murray - Month ago
So inspirational and amazing love you boys
Margaret Nulman
Margaret Nulman - Month ago
i'm also a twin from new jersey maybe i can get famous too
Kqlice edits
Kqlice edits - Month ago
who else is here after they found out kristina and ethan were dating during this
Ashley Mcadam
Ashley Mcadam - Month ago
I’m like Ethan, have to sleep cuddled up to a pillow. Honestly so comfy.
HJ 39
HJ 39 - Month ago
27:07 there is kristina behind ethan, aww they became official in hawaii. I ship them so hard.
Adyson Salvatore
Adyson Salvatore - Month ago
Ok maybe it’s just me but I can watch them for like 6 hours straight and not even notice
Mykenzie Baldwin
Mykenzie Baldwin - Month ago
this is my favorite dolan twin video ❤️
Libby C
Libby C - Month ago
Not even the pigs:
Ethan: CAn i pET tHEm?!?!
Layla - Month ago
You are both so much more than views. 😘
gianna - Month ago
i love the series of dolphin sounds when ethan was like falling down the cliff thing 😂
Lily Edwards
Lily Edwards - Month ago
this video is the reason us girl fangirl over the dolan twins
Shereen Elise
Shereen Elise - Month ago
Extremely confused as to how Ethan and Kristina started dating during this time period
Avacado TikToker
Avacado TikToker - Month ago
Okay but Grayson in that blue shirt and Ethan in that yellow shirt🥴😽😪❤️
Gül Gün
Gül Gün - Month ago
I could watch this video every fugging day
Vicky Nielsen
Vicky Nielsen - Month ago
hahahahahahahahahahahaha havent even watched yet lolololol
marlee woolz
marlee woolz - Month ago
22:14 LOL
Sarah_Oof Vlogs
Sarah_Oof Vlogs - Month ago
I would die without my phone
Rianne Del Mundo
Rianne Del Mundo - Month ago
I was smiling throughout this video 💞
Salsabeel Hawamdeh
Salsabeel Hawamdeh - Month ago
Am i the only one that noticed that the hotel they went to is the same one that BTS went to in bon voyage s2?? 😂❤️👀
Kartikeya Naidu
Kartikeya Naidu - Month ago
Awh man they broke streaks...
Random bandom
Random bandom - Month ago
Grayson is dad material
Lilli's covers
Lilli's covers - Month ago
G: what do you call this place?
google: house
i literally died
Odile Champagne
Odile Champagne - Month ago
27:07 who is that do you think it’s Kristina Alice 😌🤨put it in 0,25x
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