We Locked Our Phones Away For A Week

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Bri S
Bri S - 7 hours ago
Grayson: this is a great welcoming to *hawaii*
Ethan:I think we are officially off the grid
Bri S
Bri S - 7 hours ago
Grayson: why do you get the bed sticks and a fan
Manatees Are so cute
Manatees Are so cute - 13 hours ago
Who thinks they should buy an island and have crazy adventures on it?!!?! I know they mad expensive but image that...
Grace D.
Grace D. - 13 hours ago
Who’s that girl? slow it down 27:06
Happy Wang puppy
Happy Wang puppy - 21 hour ago
I love you guys so much 💜💜
DB hoops
DB hoops - 23 hours ago
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Bernadette Ortega
Bernadette Ortega - Day ago
I live on the north shore of Oahu and I know exactly where you were. So freaky that everything was so familiar! Glad you guys had a fun time in Hawaii..aloha!
Grace Miller
Grace Miller - Day ago
Honestly I would marry Grayson he’s like really lowkey thoughtful, the type that a lot of people don’t notice at first and it’s the cutest😂😂
Karolina L.A
Karolina L.A - Day ago
If I did the challenge of not using my phone for a week then I would lose for watching your videos 😂
Lilly May
Lilly May - Day ago
Grayson: can you guys guess where we are yes...
Eathen: tries to get star in his mouth
Reenad Alsubaie
Reenad Alsubaie - Day ago
I love seeing them happy with their life ♥️
Ratty ArTy Chinta
Ratty ArTy Chinta - 2 days ago
Omg did they just make that knocking things , to cancel bad things to happen ?.thought only in my country do that lol 😂😲😲
Ceyda K.
Ceyda K. - 2 days ago
I actually stopped watching their videos for while while maybe like 9 months or something. And now i‘m happy i‘m back and happy that their back and i appreciate it. Love these happy goofs
phxiy - 2 days ago
j curious have they been grounded before
NÉA H - 2 days ago
Lol I spend a week without my phone several times a year. #larperlife
Hpi Popu
Hpi Popu - 2 days ago
Who’s watching this on their phone
jennifer xoxo
jennifer xoxo - 3 days ago
If u remember gray said that he had an Snapchat and he couldn't answer it and then at the end his phone was dead......
Gediminas Rimkus
Gediminas Rimkus - 3 days ago
Who just loves Grayson smile?
Mia Garlitos
Mia Garlitos - 4 days ago
Bro no way they were at the island that I live on
Beth Treasure
Beth Treasure - 4 days ago
Who's cuter?

Grayson: like
Ethan: comment
Makayla Ward
Makayla Ward - 5 days ago
Every time they say they haven't thought about using their electronics I'm like you just did dude
Galaxylover - 5 days ago
Omg I love u guys 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘
Carys Vuckovic Kirley
Carys Vuckovic Kirley - 6 days ago
when e and gray get woken up both of their reactions are "holy f*uck"
Auggie Beeler
Auggie Beeler - 6 days ago
the twins loving life with no electronics: vibing
us watching this video: 👁👄👁
Gacha sophie
Gacha sophie - 6 days ago
Grayson or ethan saying sorry the cute way: sorry
sophia karpoev
sophia karpoev - 6 days ago
11 pro in the thumbnail calling me poor
Kiran Xx
Kiran Xx - 6 days ago
the way i wanna be friends with them 😔❤️
Rilynn Carlley
Rilynn Carlley - 6 days ago
Lol why do they both have lotion and tissues next to their beds 😂😂😂
Summer Bryson
Summer Bryson - 6 days ago
Perth beaches are better
mateusz cieslak
mateusz cieslak - 7 days ago
you inspired me guys...
Leona van Kempen
Leona van Kempen - 7 days ago
I wanna do this too! Who wants to go to Hawaii with me??!
Óscar Duran
Óscar Duran - 7 days ago
Imagine that but like 2 months that’s what happened to me
rewan ghoneim
rewan ghoneim - 8 days ago
why was it sad at the end like i was literally about to cry even tho i don’t cry about stupid shit like this
Liana Heyahe
Liana Heyahe - 8 days ago
I actually enjoyed this video
RedCrypticness - 9 days ago
There’s a solution to ur problem, buy a new phone :)
Shannon Brown
Shannon Brown - 9 days ago
Their excitement over some pigs is the purest thing in this world!
blurboy99 - 10 days ago
This is the most annoying video ever
lailamayzing !
lailamayzing ! - 10 days ago
Im not even kidding, at the end, when they showed all the photos and stuff, i cried
Gameing Oof
Gameing Oof - 10 days ago
Is it iconic that my mom took my phone for 2 months while I was watching this video?
Toothless fangirl
Toothless fangirl - 10 days ago
One of my friends phonescreen was broken and while it was in repair we all spammed her and she had like 7000 Messages and her phone was blowing up 😂😂
Falling Star
Falling Star - 10 days ago
i feel so proud for the twins. i love that they seem so free and human. they should do this more.
Briqueen 108
Briqueen 108 - 10 days ago
24:25 the chef of the week goes to Grayson Dolan
Amy Nguyên
Amy Nguyên - 10 days ago
Omg wtf I’m watching this again in 2020 and when the vid came out I didn’t even realise that it said rise and shine in the video
Lu ssgjj
Lu ssgjj - 11 days ago
im in love with your happiness im being serious.
shaelyn mcclunn
shaelyn mcclunn - 11 days ago
Grayson’s like the coolest dude. He makes breakfast? Like damn. ❤️ So awesome.
Ashlee Long
Ashlee Long - 11 days ago
Who reads the comments throughout the video
Gabijosooo :3
Gabijosooo :3 - 11 days ago
This video made me realise how boring my life is and how i’m addicted to my phone
Antonia P.
Antonia P. - 11 days ago
Honestly I would have died without being able to listen to music. No social media, easy, but music?
maang kiim
maang kiim - 11 days ago
is this kyle
Black&Wavvy - 12 days ago
Dolan Twins: Phone gone for a week
Me: Every electronic gone for 2 months
cherrytiffilms - 12 days ago
* slaps butt
“n o w.”
cuts to next slide 💀 i like that’s how he wakes him up
charcs_7 - 12 days ago
This video was refreshing I loved every second of it bcuz I literally forgot about all my problems and stresses and anxiety ugh and I didn’t know how much I needed to see gray in a speedo surfing in Hawaii...simply beautiful😌
charcs_7 - 12 days ago
24:19 NOW THATS DADDY MATERIAL hey babe wife me up cuz I also love to cook so life would be fuckin great
Reema Ibra
Reema Ibra - 13 days ago
I love this video, I am definitely gonna try this ❤️❤️❤️
Eva Doyne
Eva Doyne - 13 days ago
31:37 please tell me everybody saw how in sync that was HAHAH
Sally Lowery
Sally Lowery - 13 days ago
Half way through the video. Still haven’t told me where they are at...
But the will probably end up leaving their phone at the “unknown” destination.

*I am guessing Hawaii
*If they forget there phone I am going say,
“Well that’s a shocker!”
*Said sarcastically...
kentky95 - 13 days ago
best line "a stripper lifeguard"
Cloe Relene
Cloe Relene - 13 days ago
i’d be lucky to get 38 texts in a month ngl😂
Rian Boone
Rian Boone - 13 days ago
Do this but take a flight somewhere
Ayanna Richilano
Ayanna Richilano - 14 days ago
"What are walkmans"
Wellllllll you could...IF YOU KNEW WHAT A WALKMAN WAS
no hate just my thoughts while watching hahahaha
Brooke richard
Brooke richard - 7 days ago
Lol agreed
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