McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk $10,000 Madden Challenge | Thursday, June 4th

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ShOrT RoUnD - 23 days ago
6:38 honestly a very realistic Jameis throw
ShOrT RoUnD - 23 days ago
3:42 X is open
Daryl Newby
Daryl Newby - 26 days ago
Ty.....throw the ball earlier
Trent Simmons
Trent Simmons - Month ago
When Jameis threw an interception in the back of the endzone, I knew this game was realistic.
Aidan Lewis
Aidan Lewis - Month ago
Pat im top 100 on Ps4 for madden 20, and i love the packers i need to help my mans out lmk, i got him ballin out
blaine hasselmann
blaine hasselmann - Month ago
This is great💪 best YouTuber out there, love the support
Boss with the hot sauce
George Floyd family fund? Gtfoh
Harry Pembroke
Harry Pembroke - Month ago
Saints lets go
SF TKO - Month ago
What’s with AJ smoking cigars? He prob thinks he looks so sick. Bet if he actually smoked something his virgin lungs would make him yack
Alexander Roberts
Alexander Roberts - Month ago
Cash app: alex239357
Go packers
B Brickner
B Brickner - Month ago
Man those guys suck at madden
Michael Falcon
Michael Falcon - Month ago
Leggo Packers! Cash App = BirdMann1111
Uncle Nature
Uncle Nature - Month ago
Lol i love Boston Connor
James Odom
James Odom - Month ago
Drew Breese did nothing wrong!
Nathan Cline
Nathan Cline - Month ago
AJ Hawk with the Pens shirt represent!!
ZeusHD - Month ago
I live in MPLS!! $urmah as a vikes fan there’s no good outcome in this but Saints win
Devin Manchester
Devin Manchester - Month ago
If Drew Brees is pulled from being starter i think im done with nfl. Jeez 😪 so close so many years.
Wuxia Games Central
Wuxia Games Central - Month ago
Black vs dark green. No wonder they threw interceptions
Christopher Handal
Christopher Handal - Month ago
#9 is a piece... youre a piece you loser. Brees has given millions to his community. what have you done?
Dee Malik
Dee Malik - Month ago
Whether its Pat or someone else who's got gift of the gab, NFL announcers these days are getting too slow with the play calling and of unusual silences mixed with strange comedy between the duo's. Pat does well at holding conversation with anyone so he'd no doubt be a solid contender for MNF and hope he gets a gig with them
Milo McCabe
Milo McCabe - Month ago
Thanks for making my Packers look bad
Hakeem Benhamadi
Hakeem Benhamadi - Month ago
Venmo Hakeem-Benhamadi Packers
Cade Kinney-Shackelford
Drew brees getting way too much hate for saying he wouldn’t knee because he felt it’s disrespectful to his grandparents that served this country
CockOfTheWalk - Month ago
Go Saints. Venmo @Ross-Goodin
Kayla Moore
Kayla Moore - Month ago
Looks like things to come based on the moves made this off season.
Kayla Moore
Kayla Moore - Month ago
Packers go pack go
Mikey Adelberger
Mikey Adelberger - Month ago
can you guys PLEASE continue this, like once a month the boys just play and you guys commentate, I was too entertained by this
Tanner Sellers
Tanner Sellers - Month ago
Saints for the W
Venmo: tsell8
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson - Month ago
Conners got this in the bag fs. Venmo: zjohnsonnb12
Big Time Brien
Big Time Brien - Month ago
No hate but you can tell none of these guys are big madden guys
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez - Month ago
If you think about it, it's a preview of how Pat would potentially do his commentary for Monday night football. Heck it'd still watch Pat do commentary for e-sports.
Dom Ankney
Dom Ankney - Month ago
I got the Saints. Venmo is domankney
Otto Grossi
Otto Grossi - Month ago
Saints Venmo: @Otto-Grossi
R B - Month ago
One of you jerkfaces coulda picked an away jersey
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - Month ago
Pat absolutely killed me with "He threw it to a defensive meeting room!"
James Toso
James Toso - Month ago
Saints by 9000. Venmo: James-Toso
Cut It
Cut It - Month ago
That's exactly what happens when you use Xbox on a $10,000 Madden game.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - Month ago
Damn. I didn't even see this before. This seems very interesting. Can't be consistently repeated, but a good act of charity with something interesting.
Willie Wilson
Willie Wilson - Month ago
“He threw it in a defensive meeting room” lmao
Roger Daquavis
Roger Daquavis - Month ago
Saints all the wayyyy!!!! Venmo: Nico-Cavazos
Josh Lynch
Josh Lynch - Month ago
Can't wait to see someone run the stretch 67 times
Jonathan rocca
Jonathan rocca - Month ago
I’d play either one of them and they could pick the team for 100,000
Garriott Jones
Garriott Jones - Month ago
T - Month ago
Skip Bayless next Monday: Did you see Aaron Rodgers play against the Saints. I am telling you, he is de-cli-ning,
Matt Vanderwerff
Matt Vanderwerff - Month ago
Saints- Venmo @matt-vanderwerff-1
Puela Lefiti
Puela Lefiti - Month ago
Ty needs to give some hit sticks 🤣
zist410 - Month ago
Let's go saints team pat /conner cash app:$410ziggy
Genisse Aguilar
Genisse Aguilar - Month ago
Saints- Venmo @genisse
William Allard
William Allard - Month ago
Def going to be Conner and the saints @Will-Allard-1
ITStheSUNSHINE - Month ago
Saints - venmo: joshhouck77
Steven James
Steven James - Month ago
Hey, cool glasses.
TrickyRicky48 - Month ago
You should let viewers play someone at the office
TrickyRicky48 - Month ago
CadenLisa - Month ago
You guys gotta play some of the older versions of madden, specifically on the PS2 era. So you can play actual simulation football.
Stacy Davenport
Stacy Davenport - Month ago
Go Saints $SkylerDavenport82
Brandon Cody
Brandon Cody - Month ago
Ty should have put the punter at QB. Would have won 😂😂😂
joshua D
joshua D - Month ago
go Packers! Cashapp $wtfdixon
Brent Buchanan
Brent Buchanan - Month ago
The Patriots always have a random coach wonder why ol bill doesn't do the madden
Brad Holman
Brad Holman - Month ago
Venmo is @bradsdesignss
Wyatt Hardin
Wyatt Hardin - Month ago
Luc D
Luc D - Month ago
GB $LvcD
Recon2g - Month ago
I would beat Boston Connor
Adam Prater
Adam Prater - Month ago
Saints @adamprater8
Gurveer Cheema
Gurveer Cheema - Month ago
Saints $cheema49
Justin Wooley
Justin Wooley - Month ago
I must have missed it, why didn’t they use Drew Brees?
Joshua Vaughn
Joshua Vaughn - Month ago
Drew Brees segment not madden challenge
Joshua Vaughn
Joshua Vaughn - Month ago
Why aren't yall using Brees?
Subatomic Superstar
Subatomic Superstar - Month ago
In a McAfee Hawk Sport Talk upcoming game.....

Brady vs Peyton: The Rematch
D.J. Smith
D.J. Smith - Month ago
Packers $djsmith6
T Speez
T Speez - Month ago
Saints and Jameson and Connor is gonna win
Jalen Rivers
Jalen Rivers - Month ago
Saints will win let’s go Boston Connor 😤💪🏾 @jalenkr cash app
ThatOneGuyTim - Month ago
I got the saints and Connor $timwest5
Justin Wooley
Justin Wooley - Month ago
Corner blitz from the left side all day on Ty
Nate Kremer
Nate Kremer - Month ago
Saints by a fuckin mile
Cash app- $NateKremer
Chase Robert
Chase Robert - Month ago
Packers! @Chase-Kallenbach
Andre Troncao
Andre Troncao - Month ago
I predict the the saints will win because I am very disappointed in Drew and Connor is using Teddy. My Venmo is @Andre-Troncao P.S. pat said the time of the prediction is unimportant on the June 5th Friday show
Tanner Kimball
Tanner Kimball - Month ago
Saints will win @tanner-kimball
Griffin Kidder Smith
Griffin Kidder Smith - Month ago
CLICK CLACK saints. venmo:gsmith03.
Kaelib Whitley
Kaelib Whitley - Month ago
I’d put a 100$ bet to play either of them😂
Jake Haye
Jake Haye - Month ago
Saints win big
Venmo Jake-Haye
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