NBA's Best 50 Plays | 2018-19 NBA Regular Season

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Prince Williams
Prince Williams - 4 days ago
Man I was just a little bit of time
golden bear
golden bear - 8 days ago
0:49 since when you can 3 step in basketball?
golden bear
golden bear - 8 days ago
oh ok thanks. he drived that bitch like a gypsy running away with my xbox
hasher salik
hasher salik - 8 days ago
U can only do it if ur going for a drive Now don't tell me that u don't know what's a drive😂
hasher salik
hasher salik - 8 days ago
U can only do it if ur going for a drive Now don't tell me that u don't now what's a drive😂
Caner Erten
Caner Erten - 13 days ago
3:17 WTF
XPablo _36X
XPablo _36X - 14 days ago
Lets pray for Koufos soul🙏🏼
Matthew Andru
Matthew Andru - 22 days ago
0:53I don’t think anyone has traveled more In there life
Random Things Productions
12:52 to 13:33 my favorite clip on the video. Maybe one of the best clutch shots I've seen so far
Erik VPR
Erik VPR - 23 days ago
Ohhh!!! You have to be a NBA fan, to know this NBA phrase!!
gingerfootman - 23 days ago
0:52 I think he didn't like Giannis basketball. Didn't say his shitty line.
Aventacore P
Aventacore P - 24 days ago
I hate fucking basketball!!!!FUCK
J TC - 26 days ago
Buddy double dribbled. Stevenson stepped on dude's foot. And exactly zero Raptors plays. Zero. Next.
AOK - 27 days ago
INSANE!!!! 😯😯😯
Sascha Obarianyk
Sascha Obarianyk - 28 days ago
Look at Dwayne wades foot it’s over the line versus warriors
Danny Ayoub
Danny Ayoub - 28 days ago
OMG your discovery might’ve just changed the nba forever. And it and no it wasn’t
Jason Miller
Jason Miller - 29 days ago
So Giannas didn’t travel? :50
Kye Chun
Kye Chun - 29 days ago
D Wade still had ice in his veins
Karlsson vom Dach
Karlsson vom Dach - Month ago
yo nba, you gotta work on your endings. its always commin too spontaniously
Juan Torres
Juan Torres - Month ago
I still think that jeremy lambs INSANE game winner should have been the top play man.
MultiPawel84 - Month ago
6:36 ball passed from out of court
Doctor Dutcher
Doctor Dutcher - Month ago
0:50 *ahem t r a v e l*
Ju7i08008 - Month ago
Not one single raptors highlight? #nbahatestheraptors
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee - Month ago
Giancarlo Tubal
Giancarlo Tubal - Month ago
The Greek freak ♥️
BADMoeBrown - Month ago
I've been waiting a long time for someone to say "Baryshnikov" again while commentating.
Jassiem McGill
Jassiem McGill - Month ago
1:00 Gianns travels
Margaret Amelia
Margaret Amelia - Month ago
If you see D-Wade on the thumbnail you know it's going to be lit
Sahil Charania
Sahil Charania - Month ago
4:13 luka doncic....hawks will forever regret getting trae young instead of LuKa
What are you looking at
Trae is pretty good too
Night Slasher
Night Slasher - Month ago
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Night Slasher
Night Slasher - Month ago
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Night Slasher
Night Slasher - Month ago
im also a basketball player name is lance thomas
Night Slasher
Night Slasher - Month ago
refs suck
Ray Smith
Ray Smith - Month ago
Mitchell (Utah) and Murray (Den) look like future MVPs. And I'm a Laker fan.
Hector Melecio
Hector Melecio - Month ago
Decto D
Decto D - Month ago
Eventhough the Raptors are defending 2019 champions, in the upcoming 2019-2020 season the Cavaliers will give them some competition.
This is a very very very long username
No, the team is still good. Siakam alone could beat clevland [Unless Darius Garland is an All star in his first year].
Jayson Merino
Jayson Merino - Month ago
Watch this best spin move of the nba season
Mr. Splash Man
Mr. Splash Man - Month ago
10:04 is someone dying?
James Pursell IV
James Pursell IV - Month ago
8:14 double dribble?
Toxic Vapor
Toxic Vapor - Month ago
“OH MY GOODNESS, what a travel by giannis”😂😂
CN Hutchins
CN Hutchins - Month ago
Javier Sergey
Javier Sergey - Month ago
6:10 : 2k my career
NISRINA R R - Month ago
a will support you NBA
C D - Month ago
Clippers D won't be allowing anything to make it here 2019-20 season
Will Ocasio
Will Ocasio - Month ago
6:42. He thought he can block D-Wade 😂
lyricsfromsweden - Month ago
7:47 "Nikola Jokic - a 70 footer" implies that Jokic is 70 feet tall.
lyricsfromsweden - Month ago
@Javier Sergey It was a joke, dipshit.
Javier Sergey
Javier Sergey - Month ago
lyricsfromsweden 70 footer pass
The Casual Gamer
The Casual Gamer - Month ago
Nothing at all from the Pistons? Even Griffins 50th Point game winner? Fuck this league.
Logan Schroeder
Logan Schroeder - Month ago
9:09 that’s a travel by rubio
Jamison Prosser
Jamison Prosser - Month ago
2 steps....
van bewley
van bewley - Month ago
Jared Allen had multiple epic blocks, along with many brutal posterizations 😂
ktoś - 2 months ago
So no one is going to talk about Nikola Jokic no look, overhead two handed, (almost) half court shot after being pulled, and fouled by Kawhi Leonard?
ktoś - 2 months ago
13:57 I always thought, that he dunked it.
John rodri Cal
John rodri Cal - Month ago
Technically it is a dunk
Jason Macaraig
Jason Macaraig - 2 months ago
Meteor jam
Eli - 2 months ago
Good lord Giannis travels so much.
Ded0099 - 2 months ago
jokic over luka all day
Atakan KARACA - 2 months ago
17:00 Lance steps on the defenders’ foot! How can you miss it?? It shouldn’t have been on this list.
Sawa - 2 months ago
Lance Stephonson playing dirty again 16:53 stepping on his foot
CaliRail - 2 months ago
Sawa got to love him
arif erdem
arif erdem - 2 months ago
𝓙𝓐𝓜𝓔𝓢 𝓗𝓐𝓡𝓓𝓔𝓝 is the best!! as you can see : 🏀🏀
andrew chan
andrew chan - 2 months ago
It should be top 50 dunks as top 50 plays
Rilee Stapleton
Rilee Stapleton - 2 months ago
I feel like Kawhis no look steal could’ve made this
JD - 07TV - Roberta Bondar PS (1516)
1:36 when you try your best but you don't succeed
Vis Santana
Vis Santana - 2 months ago
Only d wade can make that pass.
Simon Marsh
Simon Marsh - 2 months ago
Looks like my man in the thumbnail is about to start flossing lmao
Emily Grey
Emily Grey - 2 months ago
hi guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eli Cunningham
Eli Cunningham - 2 months ago
Stopped watching because 50, 49, and 47 had BLATANT travels.
yash advani
yash advani - 2 months ago
Lance Stephenson has big fouls. lmao
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