NBA's Best 50 Plays | 2018-19 NBA Regular Season

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Damjan - 3 days ago
"you don't see that every day" - We did, back in the '90s.
Kye Davis
Kye Davis - 23 days ago
They better have added Lillards game winning three
imusthavewhisky - Month ago
08:16 isn't that a double drible?
Alluminati - 2 months ago
Compare this to wnba top plays
Tore Wisdom
Tore Wisdom - 2 months ago
Meny people think fotboll is best sport,,,when you see NBA MAYBE CHENGE YOUR MIND
John West
John West - 2 months ago
2:15 This boy wearing sandals
Str8Cash, Homie
Str8Cash, Homie - 2 months ago
Imagine if joe buck called these plays....
Str8Cash, Homie
Str8Cash, Homie - 2 months ago
Hornswoggle befuddled
Philip Lawrence
Philip Lawrence - 2 months ago
The 2018-2019 season will hands down be one of my favorite nba seasons. It was both Dwayne Wade's and Dirk Nowitzki's last season, and D-Wade had his share of unreal plays. Derrick Rose's 50 point game wins moment of the year. Luka Doncic winning ROTY. Lillard's logo buzzer beater shot that literally ended the OKC franchise causing Brodie and PG-13 to be traded (painful to watch coming from an OKC fan). Lastly, Kawhi Leonard's buzzer beater calling series over the Sixers. Hell one of the most dramatic and intense buzzer beaters I've seen, just watching the ball hit the rim 4 times felt like forever. Thus, leading to the conclusion of him leading an entire nation behind his back to end a Warriors dynasty. WHAT A A SEASON INDEED.
trishowsky 1337
trishowsky 1337 - 3 months ago
jeremias marengo
jeremias marengo - 3 months ago
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Christian Rodoreda
Christian Rodoreda - 3 months ago
16:47 Bledsoe just left cp3 alone
Jared Sanchez
Jared Sanchez - 3 months ago
I first thought the Bam special double starting @ 3:06 was his miraculous ability (which he certainly has), but that combo was more impactful only because of the absolutely terrible play from the undeserving euro boy fournier . That trash should not be in the league. Fuck White Supremacy! End Western Modernity! All Slaves Rule!
Jtwood274 -
Jtwood274 - - 4 months ago
2:49 turn down your headphones
Phong Vong
Phong Vong - 4 months ago
Basketball first or techniques! Teacher first or chalk?
Phong Vong
Phong Vong - 4 months ago
Trump! How much i have to pay! 2 Q's. Am i right?
Jack Arnold
Jack Arnold - 4 months ago
11:35 i thought freddy was on iCarly
Micheal Kelly
Micheal Kelly - 4 months ago
Wade winner against GSW should be #1 followed by Rose 50
Alexander Chavez
Alexander Chavez - 4 months ago
Buddy Hield's really seems like a double dribble
BrawlZilla Stars
BrawlZilla Stars - 5 months ago
Pls take out the James garden one
BrawlZilla Stars
BrawlZilla Stars - 5 months ago
Please take out the James harden clip!!
Prince Williams
Prince Williams - 5 months ago
Man I was just a little bit of time
golden bear
golden bear - 5 months ago
0:49 since when you can 3 step in basketball?
golden bear
golden bear - 5 months ago
oh ok thanks. he drived that bitch like a gypsy running away with my xbox
hasher salik
hasher salik - 5 months ago
U can only do it if ur going for a drive Now don't tell me that u don't know what's a drive😂
hasher salik
hasher salik - 5 months ago
U can only do it if ur going for a drive Now don't tell me that u don't now what's a drive😂
Caner Erten
Caner Erten - 5 months ago
3:17 WTF
XPablo _36X
XPablo _36X - 5 months ago
Lets pray for Koufos soul🙏🏼
Matthew Andru
Matthew Andru - 5 months ago
0:53I don’t think anyone has traveled more In there life
Random Things Entertainment
12:52 to 13:33 my favorite clip on the video. Maybe one of the best clutch shots I've seen so far
Erik VPR
Erik VPR - 6 months ago
Ohhh!!! You have to be a NBA fan, to know this NBA phrase!!
gingerfootman - 6 months ago
0:52 I think he didn't like Giannis basketball. Didn't say his shitty line.
Pooh Numthong
Pooh Numthong - 6 months ago
I hate fucking basketball!!!!FUCK
J TC - 6 months ago
Buddy double dribbled. Stevenson stepped on dude's foot. And exactly zero Raptors plays. Zero. Next.
AOK - 6 months ago
INSANE!!!! 😯😯😯
Professor Chameleon
Professor Chameleon - 6 months ago
Look at Dwayne wades foot it’s over the line versus warriors
Danny Ayoub
Danny Ayoub - 6 months ago
OMG your discovery might’ve just changed the nba forever. And it and no it wasn’t
Jason Miller
Jason Miller - 6 months ago
So Giannas didn’t travel? :50
Kye Chun
Kye Chun - 6 months ago
D Wade still had ice in his veins
Karlsson vom Dach
Karlsson vom Dach - 6 months ago
yo nba, you gotta work on your endings. its always commin too spontaniously
Juan Torres
Juan Torres - 6 months ago
I still think that jeremy lambs INSANE game winner should have been the top play man.
MultiPawel84 - 6 months ago
6:36 ball passed from out of court
Doctor Dutcher
Doctor Dutcher - 6 months ago
0:50 *ahem t r a v e l*
Backflip Life
Backflip Life - 4 months ago
Yea I replayed the same part 4 time to see if it was
Dijarn Russell-Walters
Dijarn Russell-Walters - 4 months ago
i was thinking the same thing
Ju7i08008 - 6 months ago
Not one single raptors highlight? #nbahatestheraptors
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee - 6 months ago
Giancarlo Tubal
Giancarlo Tubal - 6 months ago
The Greek freak ♥️
BADMoeBrown - 6 months ago
I've been waiting a long time for someone to say "Baryshnikov" again while commentating.
Jassiem McGill
Jassiem McGill - 6 months ago
1:00 Gianns travels
Margaret Amelia
Margaret Amelia - 6 months ago
If you see D-Wade on the thumbnail you know it's going to be lit
Sahil Charania
Sahil Charania - 6 months ago
4:13 luka doncic....hawks will forever regret getting trae young instead of LuKa
What are you looking at
What are you looking at - 6 months ago
Trae is pretty good too
Night Slasher
Night Slasher - 6 months ago
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Night Slasher
Night Slasher - 6 months ago
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Ray Smith
Ray Smith - 6 months ago
Mitchell (Utah) and Murray (Den) look like future MVPs. And I'm a Laker fan.
Hector Melecio
Hector Melecio - 6 months ago
Decto D
Decto D - 6 months ago
Eventhough the Raptors are defending 2019 champions, in the upcoming 2019-2020 season the Cavaliers will give them some competition.
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda - 6 months ago
No, the team is still good. Siakam alone could beat clevland [Unless Darius Garland is an All star in his first year].
Jayson Merino
Jayson Merino - 6 months ago
Watch this best spin move of the nba season
Mr. Splash Man
Mr. Splash Man - 6 months ago
10:04 is someone dying?
James Pursell IV
James Pursell IV - 6 months ago
8:14 double dribble?
Toxic Vapor
Toxic Vapor - 6 months ago
“OH MY GOODNESS, what a travel by giannis”😂😂
CN Hutchins
CN Hutchins - 6 months ago
Javier Sergey
Javier Sergey - 7 months ago
6:10 : 2k my career
NISRINA R R - 7 months ago
a will support you NBA
Carl Does Music
Carl Does Music - 7 months ago
Clippers D won't be allowing anything to make it here 2019-20 season
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