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2 079
Lachlan Thompson
Lachlan Thompson - 9 hours ago
its wierd i can chin up more than lannan and im 10!
LAUREN MATAGARO - 12 hours ago
lufu has a strong boyfriend
Wvv Slav
Wvv Slav - 12 hours ago
I love how wroteshaw can lift as much as marcus
Jacob Montgomery
Jacob Montgomery - 13 hours ago
LuFu's comment: Go to 20, 2020 videos. LOL reason all this stuff is happenin!
Ecko Hayden
Ecko Hayden - 14 hours ago
Lannan: how do you beat that
Bazza: hold my water
Danny Christie
Danny Christie - 15 hours ago
I think cray changed my sexuality lol ( im joking)
abe sweaney
abe sweaney - 16 hours ago
Fresh should be on click
Nadia Leunig
Nadia Leunig - Day ago
did anyone notice that when it was 90 kgs it was like 198 lbs but when it was 120 kgs it was like 108 lbs instead of 208 lbs just me? ok
Baller 0620
Baller 0620 - Day ago
Marcus lifted me up with 2 fingers!!!!!
Unicorn squad LolI
Unicorn squad LolI - Day ago
Loser fruit is thick
Aidfam Westmacott
Aidfam Westmacott - Day ago
LazarBeam has the hottest body
Poo Fart
Poo Fart - Day ago
I'm only eleven and I survived till loser fruit went down
The Zero To Hero Kid
Thumbnail: lannan lifts a weight and everyone is shocked
Reality: Marcus destroys all of em'
Me: huh?
Harrison Donnelly
Harrison Donnelly - 2 days ago
I’m sorry lannan but you are so weak
Luke Precht
Luke Precht - 2 days ago
I wonder how lannan reacted to Brady leaving the pats
Gabe Romero
Gabe Romero - 2 days ago
love your vids
ruili1 - 2 days ago
lazarbeam is not that strong, but he has big brain
Toph No
Toph No - 2 days ago
Cruz Barrera
Cruz Barrera - 2 days ago
Crays mustache looks like egg heads mustache from the sonic movie
zach sjoerdsma
zach sjoerdsma - 2 days ago
Lannon makes this crap so alive
Anthony Kalo
Anthony Kalo - 2 days ago
struggling at 264lbs pfft
Jacob Weiss
Jacob Weiss - 2 days ago
Jacob Weiss
Jacob Weiss - 2 days ago
That is the most craziest thing I have ever heard
LoLFAcE74 - 2 days ago
they were at sydney corportae park u can see in the bag ground of the chin up challenge
It’s me Dark Fishy
It’s me Dark Fishy - 3 days ago
Im 9 And i BEAt alllll of them
It’s me Dark Fishy
It’s me Dark Fishy - 3 days ago
Im 9 And i did it longer than lazarbeam
Corgi - 3 days ago
ToxicWasterYT - 3 days ago
Marcus: Wins competition
Jack Enderle
Jack Enderle - 3 days ago
*Marcus flipping the tire*
Bazza: get yourself a man who can do that
Kath: I did😏😏
SpartanJJ75 MF / XD
SpartanJJ75 MF / XD - 3 days ago
Marcus is goated at weight lifting
Pro Ewok_Gamer495
Pro Ewok_Gamer495 - 3 days ago
Love the demented face Muselk pulls at the start when he lifts the weights
Anders Appelberg
Anders Appelberg - 3 days ago
Im 14 and i can deadlift more than anyone of these guys exept marcus
The Furious Flow
The Furious Flow - 3 days ago
Lazarbeam is the reason I watch click btw
Sycc - 3 days ago
Everyone trys then there is lazerbeam🤣
Wbfp_ Singh
Wbfp_ Singh - 3 days ago
So I love you all
Wbfp_ Singh
Wbfp_ Singh - 3 days ago
Since I had a night mare
Wbfp_ Singh
Wbfp_ Singh - 3 days ago
You helped me go sleep at night
Brayden's life
Brayden's life - 3 days ago
Any body else laying in a bed and eating food
Hazqex - 3 days ago
I like how Lazar is just all messing around the whole time
Eye-Ball Inc
Eye-Ball Inc - 4 days ago
I am very surprised how Marcus won
Joseph Emerson
Joseph Emerson - 4 days ago
Hate loser fruit she and Marcus just brag she just brags about Marcus
Du0z Gaming
Du0z Gaming - 4 days ago
It’s ThenBeam/ConstructionBeam - NowBeam/GamingBeam
Owen Wright
Owen Wright - 4 days ago
These are pretty much a shit version of sidemen
blair cunningham
blair cunningham - 4 days ago
here me out...
cray lowkey looks like freddy mercury
Daniel Hodgson
Daniel Hodgson - 4 days ago
Rhys McEvoy
Rhys McEvoy - 4 days ago
Rhys McEvoy
Rhys McEvoy - 4 days ago
I can do all of these and I am y
Oliver Channing
Oliver Channing - 4 days ago
110kg is 242lb not 108lb
S7 Zaktra
S7 Zaktra - 4 days ago
Ahhh I didn't know 110 kilos was 108.8 pounds wow
dylan turner
dylan turner - 4 days ago
Bruh im a kid i did a bridge for 10 min and lannen last 10 secs
dylan turner
dylan turner - 2 days ago
@angelito .345 ok try me bitch
angelito .345
angelito .345 - 2 days ago
@dylan turner rah 100 ain't shit I'll toss you across the room
dylan turner
dylan turner - 2 days ago
@angelito .345 and i weigh 100 he cant do plank for 1min
angelito .345
angelito .345 - 4 days ago
He has more weight to carry 🤷🏾‍♂️
Wulf - 5 days ago
3:48 110 kg is 242.5 lbs not 108.8lb 🤔
Faith Tierney
Faith Tierney - 5 days ago
Good job supporting by home team the paitriots
Carl Baskin
Carl Baskin - 5 days ago
You know your a try hard when your 14 and you can dead lift more then some of your favorite YouTubers
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 5 days ago
Lazer beam is wearing sidemen merch.
GAB YT - 5 days ago
GAB YT - 5 days ago
Ricardo 69
Ricardo 69 - 5 days ago
You know it is not a Click video if Lannan did not BIG BRAIN
Rufus Neary-Taggart
Rufus Neary-Taggart - 5 days ago
wow i’m so surprised 😂
Mugzeii - 5 days ago
Just realized aussie antics is in this video 😂
Camjam 2323
Camjam 2323 - 6 days ago
Lannan, Tom Brady sucks
Ollie Delaney
Ollie Delaney - 6 days ago
I can see how lannans dad said he was a discrase because if u look at the before and after jeez
Coleman Dakoda
Coleman Dakoda - 6 days ago
only cray and marcus have a decent deadlift form
Ciera Jones
Ciera Jones - 6 days ago
I love how supportive the boys are of fruity!
AvedgE Yo
AvedgE Yo - 6 days ago
It's ok Marcus was on steroids
Axel Diberius
Axel Diberius - 6 days ago
Does lazarbeam wear sidemen pants
angelito .345
angelito .345 - 4 days ago
Big up sidemen
Tyler Baldwin
Tyler Baldwin - 6 days ago
I mean lannon used to work construction so
Student William Cannon
Student William Cannon - 6 days ago
If y’all in US or United States Marcus lifted 352 pounds geez that’s a lot
JSun246 - 6 days ago
lol why is aussieantics there 13:12
DEM YEETERS! - 6 days ago
I wonder what went through their brains when they took the thumbnail
Hunter Bell
Hunter Bell - 6 days ago
Like for a petition to revive click
GrizZly_ BeAr209
GrizZly_ BeAr209 - 6 days ago
Cray looks buff
MICAH FELDMAN - 7 days ago
anyone relize tha that was only 4 execizes
jodery - 7 days ago
I am surprised to
Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright - 7 days ago
Pop in of
-_-GetClapped - 7 days ago
Annan are those sidemen joggers
Daniel Ajimatanrareje
Daniel Ajimatanrareje - 7 days ago
How long did the winner go to for the plank comp
Daniel Ajimatanrareje
Daniel Ajimatanrareje - 7 days ago
I liked when he said they played for ego and I play for wins
benjiii 1215
benjiii 1215 - 7 days ago
On the 110 kilos it says 108 instead of 208
more tim
more tim - 7 days ago
I did planks with them and got 3rd almost 2nd
Emmet Schmit
Emmet Schmit - 7 days ago
do a part 2
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