115 910
4 028
Emma Firth
Emma Firth - Hour ago
Cray even looks like a strong man for 1905
X_999CPS 21
X_999CPS 21 - Hour ago
For those that only watch for Lazarbeam
Ttv Memes
Ttv Memes - 2 hours ago
Lazarbeam: yass queen
The BoyZ
The BoyZ - 3 hours ago
Lennon wheezing sidemen clothing
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez - 4 hours ago
Marcus's legs tho
Cohen Desmond
Cohen Desmond - 7 hours ago
I’ve already go a STICH IN MY BACK what do you mean
Like if can plank for more than 10 min 50 secs my pb
Someone plz don’t lie but also plz beat it
Erdzhan Gamer123
Erdzhan Gamer123 - 8 hours ago
Why is lazerbeam wearing sidemen merch
Dumb Stuff on apex
Dumb Stuff on apex - 10 hours ago
Get it? Being "tired"... ha... ha... uhhh
MattyD - 11 hours ago
What’s going through lannans brain? Nothing, and nothing has ever went through his brain
Kaba Virdi
Kaba Virdi - 11 hours ago
Frutery yesss me nooooo
Zach Timmins
Zach Timmins - 11 hours ago
I love how Lannan is wearing Sidemen Merch.
Taylor McKeta
Taylor McKeta - 12 hours ago
It went from 108 to 284
BuraKaii Gaming
BuraKaii Gaming - 19 hours ago
I would love to see yall do the (US)Army Combat Fitness Test
Noon Star
Noon Star - 20 hours ago
Who seen the we kick ass thing on the wall
Frxzkk - 22 hours ago
Javon E
Javon E - Day ago
your videos are good.
Billy - Day ago
What is marcus’ deadlift max? Just curious
animated girl
animated girl - Day ago
Did you see what the sign says its we kick ass in here
Marcus leaves click
charlie russell
charlie russell - Day ago
It’s almost laughable that besides like Elliot and Marcus they can’t lift the weight that Vikk a scrawny midget can lift more then then lmao
Terence Griffin
Terence Griffin - Day ago
Chevy_Monte - 2 days ago
Click lift weights
Grease Monkey 1212
Grease Monkey 1212 - 2 days ago
I can't even do 2 chin ups
Keith Jones
Keith Jones - 2 days ago
I'm not trying to be a dick but I can deadlift 500 pounds and hold a plank for 32 min
Supa Tep
Supa Tep - 2 days ago
By the way loserfruit you're awesome and muselk you're awesome too I've always wanted to meet you guys🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶👍🤗
Supa Tep
Supa Tep - 2 days ago
Lazarbeam I can roll a flat tire faster than you I would like a small tire that's basically cheating so you should be disqualified and oh yeah I challenge loserfruit to who can do the bridge the longest I'm probably going to lose though
bcm200 - 2 days ago
I can hold a plank (bridge) for 6 minutes we got timed and I held it for the longest.
shadow wolf
shadow wolf - 2 days ago
Do the most fit couple
Call Me Blevins
Call Me Blevins - 2 days ago
Wow I'm so surprised
2x pianoman
2x pianoman - 2 days ago
Did you guys notice when it was 110 kg it was 108 pounds but 90 or something was 190 I am so confused
Nathaniel De Souza
Nathaniel De Souza - 2 days ago
Who else would do this as a kid?
Benjus - 2 days ago
When a 12 yr old is better than you at plank
Jake Roche
Jake Roche - 2 days ago
11:01 ummm thats weird
frank shibu
frank shibu - 2 days ago
1 more
1 more
1 more
Chris Dimovasilis
Chris Dimovasilis - 2 days ago
The longest I can hold planks is about 3 minutes and 35 seconds
Tell me your score
Smartguy082004 - 17 hours ago
Chris Dimovasilis 7 minutes and 37 sec
Mr DDD Herrmann
Mr DDD Herrmann - 2 days ago
Calamari1221 - 2 days ago
Gotta get more girls in these vids to make it fair haha
NRG cluth
NRG cluth - 2 days ago
J he
cmrock Darby
cmrock Darby - 3 days ago
108 lb is easy
Paty O’s
Paty O’s - 3 days ago
I think I can lift more then lannan
Vincent Truong
Vincent Truong - 3 days ago
Said 108 when it’s supposed to be 208
Alex Velasquez
Alex Velasquez - 3 days ago
I can deadlift 225 one handed an I’m 11 with two I can do 300
EPIC dylan
EPIC dylan - 3 days ago
Copying sidemen but this is still better
Corey Cunningham
Corey Cunningham - 3 days ago
Does anyone else hate when Marcus and lufu overreacte to each other like ffs we get it your in a relationship and aswell when cath wins something Marcus acts as if she's the best do your channel a favour and remove Marcus
noel cocjin
noel cocjin - 3 days ago
They forgot one thing....

Arm Wrestling
Lim Bryan
Lim Bryan - 3 days ago
u guys can basicly lift 2 of me
Middle Community
Middle Community - 3 days ago
you think your cool when you lift it with 2 fingers but its all your back
Benjamin Morris
Benjamin Morris - 3 days ago
My English teacher broke her pelvis deadlifting
crist serr
crist serr - 4 days ago
FAZE can do 20
Mikhylo Olga Oszust
Mikhylo Olga Oszust - 4 days ago
I live in the country in Canada so I bet I can beat all u city people
Jhf 330
Jhf 330 - 4 days ago
That tire was so small
Taylan Ozmen
Taylan Ozmen - 4 days ago
If I knew lanan before I would not recognize him
Lazarbeam da best
Lazarbeam da best
Ivyxr - 4 days ago
Sniperking 1837
Sniperking 1837 - 4 days ago
Yo tell Marcus to workout with me I dead life 300 I'm a 15 year old that weighs 188.5 and caress over twice my weight
Bull Doggy
Bull Doggy - 4 days ago
Bazza and loserfruit best me in bridges, everyone else sucks cause I’m 10
Gabriel amaro
Gabriel amaro - 4 days ago
I beat you all and I'm only 10( I beat you at the bridge
youngblood clutch 713
youngblood clutch 713 - 4 days ago
It’s 108 lb
GGx Mango
GGx Mango - 4 days ago
Im 14 yrs old and i can dead lift 265 lbs. Like if you believe me
cuza co nstable
cuza co nstable - 2 days ago
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