I Spent 24 Hours Straight In Slime

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RDX CC - 5 hours ago
How did he pee?
bee dee
bee dee - 7 hours ago
Michelle Baggiore
Michelle Baggiore - 12 hours ago
9:54 to 10:01

He hijacked my math skills😂
Chris’ Vlog channel
Chris’ Vlog channel - 16 hours ago
Violet Gacha
Violet Gacha - 18 hours ago
if you think Mr. Beast uses his friends for content:
HDpro - Real
HDpro - Real - 21 hour ago
You should spend 24 hours gay in slime
The Facts
The Facts - Day ago
you did this on my birthday
brits72 - Day ago
From the uk invite me 😂
Everything YouTube
Everything YouTube - Day ago
I subbed and I was nice and liked the first ten comments and this vid. Can I have a car, or the money that you will use to buy it (I also liked my own comment so I deserve 15k) (money for the car)
Denis Pepic
Denis Pepic - Day ago
Young thug wants to know your location
Galaxy - Day ago
What about 24 hours in arsenic?
Morgzmum is stupid Willne is amazing
He was "studying" T-series
Aidan Anderson
Aidan Anderson - 2 days ago
big boris
big boris - 2 days ago
Why is the slime brown
godly proportions
godly proportions - 3 days ago
Banana fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish
Gacha Royalty
Gacha Royalty - 3 days ago
Do Last to leave slime win 10K!!
Colleen Byrne
Colleen Byrne - 3 days ago
I felt really really bad for Mr. Beast:(
Jace Talley
Jace Talley - 3 days ago
They made this on my birthday
Vincent Fish
Vincent Fish - 3 days ago
Got your stickers
KaiAndLeon - 3 days ago
6:00 lol
Gabby Camargo
Gabby Camargo - 3 days ago
What about 24 hours in glue
Yuan Locario
Yuan Locario - 4 days ago
How about showering for 24 hour
kirst kunz
kirst kunz - 4 days ago
5:44 omg red eyes :P Someone's out to kill ya
SpookyBeard - 3 days ago
Street lights?
Slapmehdo Doo
Slapmehdo Doo - 5 days ago
Bless you
Sarah Watts
Sarah Watts - 5 days ago
What about try doing an orby pool
Erin Grace Smith
Erin Grace Smith - 5 days ago
Love it but his fingers didnt even look pruny at the end lol
Kelly Goode
Kelly Goode - 5 days ago
I have never had Sushi
Madeline Lovell
Madeline Lovell - 5 days ago
You should ban him from sushi when he fails challenges
Knight Gamer797
Knight Gamer797 - 5 days ago
What about 24 hours in Orange Juice by Concentrate
leah horton
leah horton - 6 days ago
Red Aureolin
Red Aureolin - 6 days ago
You’re the best MrBeast
Doyoumine - 6 days ago
There’s only one God.
Amelia Lewin
Amelia Lewin - 6 days ago
You didn’t fail the underwater challenge you saved yourself from death
Adamo Maccarrone
Adamo Maccarrone - 6 days ago
Tyler:Alright it's 1:30am in the morning I'm going to find the pool heater McDonalds gas station
Me:They don't sell them here bro
Sabdi Kesek-Quintero
Sabdi Kesek-Quintero - 6 days ago
I have the exact same tooth brush black and white
Ethan Michael
Ethan Michael - 7 days ago
6:43 is it just me or is this the second time I saw something in one of your videos that I own
Lil Tadoe
Lil Tadoe - 7 days ago
Song at 2:24??
arlene small
arlene small - 3 days ago
Darude sandstorm
geoizlit Gonzalez
geoizlit Gonzalez - 7 days ago
Try playing fortnite for 24 hours
Animation Ninja Playz
Animation Ninja Playz - 7 days ago
13:43 lmao
Katty Nunu
Katty Nunu - 7 days ago
Omg he watched banana fiiiiiiiiiiish!!!!!!! I LOVE BANANA FISH!!!! I wonder who recommend it to him! Cuz it was kinda a dark horse when it came out.... BUT IT'S AMAZING!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀
Belle Belle
Belle Belle - 7 days ago
Who sings his outro? They’re so good😂😂😂😂
jackson k
jackson k - 8 days ago
What kind of sushi is
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson - 8 days ago
Is your real name jimmy
Oxygen Luis 2303
Oxygen Luis 2303 - 8 days ago
10:27 "Alright ladies and germs I got the donuts so they can go nuts"Chris,2018.
GhastMan03 - 8 days ago
do 24 hours in a hot tub max temperature
diggby Mellon
diggby Mellon - 9 days ago
Booie2shoes - 9 days ago
Jimmy next challenge is to spend 24 hours is a washing machine
BLANK_BLA - 11 days ago
I thought oobleck
Toffu Ethan
Toffu Ethan - 11 days ago
T series does win unfortunately 😔
Lil help Vlogs
Lil help Vlogs - 11 days ago
2019 anyone?
DjSinz !
DjSinz ! - 4 days ago
Lil help Vlogs yup
kelly Jarvis
kelly Jarvis - 11 days ago
Ahhh that's so scary!!
Adam Moore
Adam Moore - 12 days ago
After all the videos of him loving PewDiePie and hating T-Series he watches it!
Beefie Deafie
Beefie Deafie - 12 days ago
to this day i dont know what kind of hentai was beast watching when the challenge was almost done
Rabia Aftab
Rabia Aftab - 12 days ago
I had birth at 25 sep
ღdσหuтquεεหღ :3

Like= MrBeast
Comment= MrBeast
Luann26650 - 12 days ago
Who sings his outro music?😋
Archie - 12 days ago
i subbed where's my car
Fazbeargaming 92
Fazbeargaming 92 - 12 days ago
You won't put me in slime
Tom PCfr0g
Tom PCfr0g - 13 days ago
T-series: *is in India*
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 13 days ago
Do 24 hours in oblac
mohammad miah walid
mohammad miah walid - 13 days ago
dxnnniel - 13 days ago
You can’t smell?
s yap
s yap - 14 days ago
Who sore the lego house at 6:23
Bazil Ali
Bazil Ali - 14 days ago
Spend 24 hours in sodium Chloride
Iou Oui
Iou Oui - 14 days ago
5:45 is that MrBeast with red eyes?

U guys get it?
DecidueyeStudios - 14 days ago
7:46 at 3am

MrBeast watches T Series at 3am
Tribute P Sussman
Tribute P Sussman - 14 days ago
You are evil you watched t series
vishal kumar bhagat
vishal kumar bhagat - 14 days ago
Is he mad????
southern girl
southern girl - 14 days ago
What about 24 hours in oblec or have it as a challenge for the other people.
Phyllis Moir
Phyllis Moir - 14 days ago
What song 2:25
arlene small
arlene small - 3 days ago
Dardude sandstorm
Aaron's World
Aaron's World - 14 days ago
anyone notice the voice crack at 0:06
Krov Irima
Krov Irima - 14 days ago
I'm surprised you know the anime banana fish
Annabelle Randel
Annabelle Randel - 14 days ago
I didn’t subscribe, now where’s my slime pit?
ItzAeron - 15 days ago
24 нσυяѕ= нє ρєє∂ σи тнє ѕℓιмє ρσσℓ
gothgirl - 15 days ago
yikess seeing the redness and irritation afterwards, it made mE wanna shower
BCLT470 - 15 days ago
Mrbeast: I’m gonna do what no youtuber has done before
I’m gonna go to the moon
NASA: am I joke to you?
ThatSailor_ Keldie
ThatSailor_ Keldie - 15 days ago
ThatSailor_ Keldie
ThatSailor_ Keldie - 15 days ago
Sam Masters
Sam Masters - 15 days ago
So you were gay out of the slime??
mobile legends gamer
mobile legends gamer - 15 days ago
Its ok if u put me in slime i love slime lol
Homer Dominguez
Homer Dominguez - 15 days ago
I saw the Lego house
SAY WHAT? - 15 days ago
Did everyone hear that he is going to the moon or was it just me ????
Kwaii Potato
Kwaii Potato - 15 days ago
Meh b-day was on September 24 :}
DjSinz !
DjSinz ! - 4 days ago
Kwaii Potato mine is today 😊
8x Spiral
8x Spiral - 16 days ago
5:40 HE GOT OUT !!!!
JLcuber - 16 days ago
how do you even pee?
May2531 Mayster
May2531 Mayster - 16 days ago
Cliche utterly cliche
8h fz11-12
8h fz11-12 - 16 days ago
Isnt the fire dangerous?
bleatch yodabendy777
bleatch yodabendy777 - 16 days ago
Do 24 hours in oblek
Raymond Liang
Raymond Liang - 16 days ago
Piechowski Kamil
Piechowski Kamil - 16 days ago
12:21 i've shitted myself
Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy - 17 days ago
Bread needs yeast and we need beast.
Gaming Monster
Gaming Monster - 17 days ago
5:49 something is watching you!
Woof Wizard
Woof Wizard - 17 days ago
LMAO 4:35 XD
Ye Boi Juan
Ye Boi Juan - 17 days ago
Beast: I have a lunch table :D
Also Beast: **Doesn't use table**
Catherine McClain
Catherine McClain - 17 days ago
Nice use of that Game Grumps clip. I love Game Grumps.
Random Channel
Random Channel - 17 days ago
When are you going to the moon??
Astril la Furry
Astril la Furry - 17 days ago
Spent 24 hours in the stomach of one of your friend
KillerMC 451
KillerMC 451 - 18 days ago
dont believe
I Gave Birth to you
I Gave Birth to you - 18 days ago
3:51 its queen
Happy gnahc
Happy gnahc - 18 days ago
6:35 WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!
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