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Polygon - 9 days ago
Want to bond with your pet by calculating their HP? You can find all the resources here:
dragonmaster 100
dragonmaster 100 - 4 days ago
You know the ironic thing is that a Pokemon can have in nature that affects the growth has your Pokemon stats but the one stat Nature's do not interact with is HP.
Atamosk1221 - 4 days ago
i swear to god that better be a real moustache you had in the video.
Megan Elbel
Megan Elbel - 5 days ago
My dog Parker is a Lvl 44 Paladin with 141 HP. Thank you, Brian.
Maximilian Cooke
Maximilian Cooke - 5 days ago
:C why not put the table and the blank form all on one PDF. I'm not a ranger. This is a lot of work!
T h I c C B u R g E r
T h I c C B u R g E r - 6 days ago
You include Millennial plants, but not the Gen Z pet rocks? AGEIST! AGEIST! AGEIST!
Austin Games
Austin Games - 2 hours ago
4:12 I have called cows beef dogs before, its great when things are just dogs
Cyn - 3 hours ago
this is the first time i have ever payed any positive attention to polygons existence. thanks to this man.
Jake Sloan
Jake Sloan - 3 hours ago
You should find every ServSafe violation in Overcooked
CreativeName 487
CreativeName 487 - 4 hours ago
Is a sponge in the fish category since it’s all aquatic animals or is it exotic
Aidan - 4 hours ago
i really can't stress how funny this video is to me, but suffice to say i've been laughing to the point of crying on the floor for the last 20 minutes or so
Thomas Quigley
Thomas Quigley - 4 hours ago
That is not a cute cat
T. R.
T. R. - 4 hours ago
It is killing me that I can’t find the name of the song BDG dances to during the title. He danced into my soul at that moment, and I can’t even find the song to relive it.
katchatty26 - 5 hours ago
ok but whats his hp
KingMJAH - 5 hours ago
wait so he is barbarian class level 63. but what are his hit points ? how do you use the Pokémon rages in conjunction with the level ? what about multiclassing ?
James Poole
James Poole - 6 hours ago
Can you do a video about Hallow knights lore or something about its most annoying bosses or enemy’s cause god damn I love your videos and it would make my life time to see your beautiful mustache flap about my favorite dead bug
Crabhammer - 6 hours ago
15 hours of this cat screaming please
Griffin Sweeney
Griffin Sweeney - 6 hours ago
the first thirty seconds or so of this video are just the ramblings of college dropout victor frankenstein before he went apeshit and created life
Sage Derby
Sage Derby - 8 hours ago
the only winning move is not to play
Omar Sanchez
Omar Sanchez - 9 hours ago
A video about "which Arkham boss to work for" would be interesting.
bapplelap - 12 hours ago
*my bird is a barbarian*
APPLE CIDER - 13 hours ago
*horny dog*
Andrew Gaytan
Andrew Gaytan - 14 hours ago
Okay YouTube, I’m here. What do you want?
Mehreen - 15 hours ago
bdg doing the real calculations
Kilobytes - 16 hours ago
You think I don't know my V-pets' HP stat?
Looanna1 - 16 hours ago
I have a level 5 cleric cat with 77 hp points thank you good night
REVMr SubG3N3 - 16 hours ago
Epic SWAG! Great delivery of science and math and nice shouts to the pet peoplez! NIce!
Bruh - 17 hours ago
I’m not a HUGE fan of the mustache other thank that great vid
Gopher - 18 hours ago
what was the song playing in the background at 1:00?
EighteenCharacters - 18 hours ago
I'm angry that I'm just finding this channel.  Now I have to watch ALL the other previous videos.
Paisley McKenna
Paisley McKenna - 10 hours ago
You have begun your journey. Good luck. It will never end.
Zyxenfryx - 19 hours ago
In D&D terms, a level 63 Barbarian could destroy all of creation with a fart.
Careful what you feed that cat.
E Wisken
E Wisken - 19 hours ago
Hi yes hello I'd like to introduce you to Rocket, the level 8 tortoise with 243HP
Daniel Prieto
Daniel Prieto - 20 hours ago
Now to calculate your mustashes hp. JK it's 1000
Dr.FiRe - Day ago
Anyone knows the name of the music in the intro ?
Kit Fahey
Kit Fahey - Day ago
please rank all the minecraft Disc's.

miranda hatch
miranda hatch - Day ago
Oh I LOVE zuko
miranda hatch
miranda hatch - Day ago
Hi this is my humor? Which I think makes it... our humor. The collective humor of this generation in fact...
Matias Seppala
Matias Seppala - Day ago
Want about “what rainbow six siege map would be the coolest to live on?”
Elliot G
Elliot G - Day ago
Hope long do y'all think it took BDG to realize whales aren't fish?
Mary Knaeble
Mary Knaeble - Day ago
...what about pet rocks? How will I know if all my childhood pets are still alive?!
Laerr - Day ago
Subscribed for PETSS.
Helena C
Helena C - Day ago
Is there a room on that observation sheet for 'criminal record'
L G - Day ago
The only reason polygon is slightly relevant
soozafone - Day ago
I love you Zuko
help me
help me - Day ago
this model doesnt work very well for hermit crabs, i used the ranger x exotic pet model , 177 +(87*2.8) = 420.6 and while im happy he got such a fun number, hes very faint of heart and strikes me as some thing a little weaker. maybe its his shell that makes him so op, or i failed algebra for a reason. im still happy, nonetheless
Forest Mannikko
Forest Mannikko - Day ago
jushpubby - Day ago
"What breed is your cat?"
She's a level 21 Cleric with 117 HP
sarinspill - Day ago
Hey Brian my man can you explain fire emblem next cause I’m Confused
Daniel Prieto
Daniel Prieto - Day ago
Pro gamer move
Rouge Cur
Rouge Cur - Day ago
After a week of treacherous observation, I have determined my dear pet’s stats.
Name: Layla
Gender: Female
Type: Dog
Class: Paladin
General: 30
Vocalizations: 20
Grooming: 29
Paladin: 190 (she’s a good girl)
Final total: 269
Pet LVL: 77
HP: 300
I feel as if I have grown ever closer to my sweet Golden Lab. She is sleeping at the end of my bed and is just the cutest (definitely not a cleric tho)
Qiang Huangsha
Qiang Huangsha - Day ago
didnt come here to watch you awkwardly flirt with an asian girl
GoldenWarrior859 - Day ago
I am sorry but can I get the name of that sick song playing at the beginning
Bacon Invader
Bacon Invader - Day ago
"Science shouldn't be easy, it should be correct."
Ty Evans
Ty Evans - Day ago
Okay. Thought he meant horsepower.
EMISUCHI 21 - Day ago
are we just not going to ask why there's a skeleton hanging upside in his house?
King Willow
King Willow - Day ago
My rabbit is a Barbarian, I probably should’ve seen that coming
Anas Bahi
Anas Bahi - Day ago
Please help me out, what's the into music
darkdeifan - Day ago
whats that shieldon doing in "reptiles" dinosaurs? aren´t reptiles
and entei looks more like a lion? but thats my opinion
Anyaway loved the videos, thanks for making me laugh and giving me something to do when I´m bored
Bri Fitz
Bri Fitz - Day ago
I definitely turn to pets to fill the void. Also plants, but I don't raise them!
PangoPixel - Day ago
Well obviously you were spotted in the ghillie suit. It didn't match your environment and Zuko was affected by your presence. Next time you should try the dining room chair ghillie suit.
Snerk Bean
Snerk Bean - Day ago
Zuko: meows like an old smoker
Me: “that’s rough buddy”
Ninetails - Day ago
"He loves me with all my heart, and i love him as much."
*Brings cat closer*
*Cat pushes away*
anthpo - Day ago
This is my new favorite video.
jon - 14 hours ago
didn't expect to see u here but omg u have taste
Niskis - 2 days ago
*Puts Wailord under fish and not mammals*
alphapuggirl120 - 2 days ago
Dope vid! brought me though a phat ass panic attack! love u brian! 😘
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