Lil Huddy Asks Charli D'Amelio to Be His Valentine

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Angel Huitzizilin Quintero Martinez
F por stable ronaldo (ron)
noe cintron
noe cintron - 15 hours ago
This is how many people want to know we’re charli and chase are
Audrey Lin
Audrey Lin - 21 hour ago
Whose here only from the thumbnail and from the break up 🥺
Josey Johnson
Josey Johnson - Day ago
Will you be my Valentine
paul okpuzor
paul okpuzor - Day ago
they are too adorable I keep on watching this awwwwwwwww😘
Feature Line
Feature Line - Day ago
Surprised lil huddy didn't break into 2 when she jumped on him.
Bryannupnext - Day ago
Come at me fan girls they broke up so what stop sucking them up
Ebba Kleiven
Ebba Kleiven - Day ago
They was soooo sweet❤️
Juan Herize
Juan Herize - 2 days ago
Tdxtd. Tu ugh. Va gyuviygvgy
cute ako
cute ako - 2 days ago
Emma :3
Emma :3 - 2 days ago
Chase Hudson & Charli D'amelio is cc
Symphony Short
Symphony Short - 2 days ago
Freddy bc she had her😭🤩🤪
Michelle Song
Michelle Song - 3 days ago
So cute
Ysabelle Andrea Benavidez
hahaha so cute
N&J Squad
N&J Squad - 3 days ago
Who's here in september and sad
anxious angel
anxious angel - 3 days ago
Why is charli so chill? Give me a reason to hate on you sis I'm desperate
Gachaxlife*fan21 gacha
Gachaxlife*fan21 gacha - 3 days ago
Lps CarolinaTv
Lps CarolinaTv - 3 days ago
Awwwwwwwww that is sooo cute
B L A C K 4 4 4
B L A C K 4 4 4 - 4 days ago
FG XxZAEEMxX - 4 days ago
this is funny, (kinda)
Jaylyn Natividad
Jaylyn Natividad - 4 days ago
Ethan Malgas
Ethan Malgas - 4 days ago
Bruh i wish they never broke up bruhh
Mr Splash
Mr Splash - 4 days ago
Fuck you chase she’s my girl I well cal my boi mr beast
Gaming Central
Gaming Central - 4 days ago
Who watching this after they broke up
Kady Sparkles
Kady Sparkles - 4 days ago
Zion Jones
Zion Jones - 4 days ago
Nour Atef Fathy
Nour Atef Fathy - 4 days ago
This is weird omg all the boys out there be like
chuepwint phyuthin
chuepwint phyuthin - 4 days ago
1:35 i miss it
Brian Clark
Brian Clark - 5 days ago
The way when they did the climb and when huddi looked at her 🍒
Sheila Mendez
Sheila Mendez - 5 days ago
Aww 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Rishabh Raj
Rishabh Raj - 5 days ago
Bruh when he climbed her all his bones snapped 0:59
Fiona Cai
Fiona Cai - 5 days ago
alejandra Lopez
alejandra Lopez - 5 days ago
Urte Norkunaite
Urte Norkunaite - 5 days ago
whos here...🥺
Athanasia Bouba
Athanasia Bouba - 5 days ago
I love you Charlie and Chase I wish to see you up close
Aurora Lucia Galassi
Aurora Lucia Galassi - 5 days ago
peccato che si sono lasciati
Aurora Lucia Galassi
Aurora Lucia Galassi - 5 days ago
Aurora Lucia Galassi
Aurora Lucia Galassi - 5 days ago
Shanay Beards
Shanay Beards - 5 days ago
LuisCoronel2005YT - 6 days ago
fuck chase
Ashley Lopez
Ashley Lopez - 6 days ago
So cute
Ashley Lopez
Ashley Lopez - 6 days ago
I know
PABLO SILVA - 6 days ago
Charli soy tu fan me llamo paula
IC3 Cream
IC3 Cream - 7 days ago
Charli lives to reget her dumb ass idea
Girl Idk
Girl Idk - 4 days ago
Keira Murray
Keira Murray - 7 days ago
now in march june may and jan addison and chase are not charil friends any more
Alexis Tucker
Alexis Tucker - 7 days ago
Is anybody else Watching this after cha cha broke up ?
Awts Gege
Awts Gege - 7 days ago
Guess they are very wild in bed. Coz Charli is a very wild girl........
Girl Idk
Girl Idk - 4 days ago
she’s a minor u freak
Dreamy - 7 days ago
y e s .
Diana Nguyen
Diana Nguyen - 7 days ago
moji sister's
moji sister's - 8 days ago
Wow You mad bro
Wow You mad bro - 8 days ago
Lil huddy is gay
Hudson Peir
Hudson Peir - 8 days ago
My name is Hudson
Jennifer MH
Jennifer MH - 8 days ago
i love chase
Leo Messi 1007
Leo Messi 1007 - 8 days ago
POV you want them to get back together 😭🥺
Natasha Andric
Natasha Andric - 8 days ago
s a r a h X b t s
s a r a h X b t s - 8 days ago
Why the fuck it’s in my recommendation I hate them ....
s a r a h X b t s
s a r a h X b t s - 8 days ago
Sssniperwolf Fan page I just wanted to write this comment 🍔
Sssniperwolf Fan page
Sssniperwolf Fan page - 8 days ago
Then don't watch it
Cezar Neagu
Cezar Neagu - 8 days ago
Hannah Maria Roy
Hannah Maria Roy - 8 days ago
Were Charlie and Chase dating
Bijan M
Bijan M - 8 days ago
1:18 chase tried to lick Charlis cherries
Crimzill - 9 days ago
They broke up..but they are still friends
kaylee kang
kaylee kang - 9 days ago
well this didn’t age well
Violet Thomopoulos
Violet Thomopoulos - 9 days ago
Wasnt heidi called mrs damelio?!
definetlynot Flo
definetlynot Flo - 9 days ago
It feels like it was just yesterday
Saya Ann
Saya Ann - 9 days ago
who is ust watching this durin quarantine
Nabil Ashrar Pidim
Nabil Ashrar Pidim - 10 days ago
1:36 y'all havin' fun right there
mini chalamet
mini chalamet - 10 days ago
damn they were cute.
JT G - 10 days ago
You can always tell when people make up their own nickname.
Isa _ Rodríguez
Isa _ Rodríguez - 10 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Malcolm Mansell
Malcolm Mansell - 10 days ago
i know right
Sebastian Da silva
Sebastian Da silva - 10 days ago
Awwwwww so cute
Lutendo Maubelo
Lutendo Maubelo - 11 days ago
Go 🤣🤣🤣 Charlie
Eva Quiroz
Eva Quiroz - 11 days ago
Omg cute
Lana Ajouz
Lana Ajouz - 11 days ago
they r sooo cute
Shyma Ghosh
Shyma Ghosh - 11 days ago
oh come on, I'm melting. can u guys be back already :( ugh :(
Jalissa Reyes
Jalissa Reyes - 12 days ago
This is so cute
• Bluebxrry Milkies •
Sarah Martinez
Sarah Martinez - 12 days ago
ChaCha forever
Dodora Games 09
Dodora Games 09 - 12 days ago
i miss this they were cute together😥
Alejandra del Pilar Jim�nez Ropa
No entiendo ningún comentario :( :”)
-Dragons Gaming-
-Dragons Gaming- - 13 days ago
omgggggggg it was so cute when chase was climbing charli and he was just hugging her omggg i can’t i miss them together so much 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭
Felicity Guest
Felicity Guest - 14 days ago
I wish I was lil huddy
Exuenplays Roblox
Exuenplays Roblox - 14 days ago
whos watching this where after they broke up and now their friends
Rukhshana Iman
Rukhshana Iman - 14 days ago
Im such a huge fan of Charli damelio Dixie damelio and Addison rae I LOVE YOU CHARLI DIXIE AND ADDISON AND I HOPE ALL OF YOU CAN STAY SAFE ❤ BYE
Maria A rainha
Maria A rainha - 15 days ago
Mano ela falou portuguess
ashley villanueva
ashley villanueva - 15 days ago
ashley villanueva
ashley villanueva - 15 days ago
awwwww so cute
lulu rae
lulu rae - 15 days ago
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txrquoiise - 16 days ago
Anyone in sep 2020??
Huberline Lubin
Huberline Lubin - 16 days ago
Zoe Marie Santiago
Zoe Marie Santiago - 16 days ago
I miss this :(
Ananya - 16 days ago
Their both voices are soo smooth. Omg Imma start crying 🤧♥️
Damon Ball-baker
Damon Ball-baker - 16 days ago
Eww cutties😂
Brooklyn Rachel
Brooklyn Rachel - 16 days ago
Can we talk about how they are the perfect height for each other 🥺🤩
Rata Lacouture
Rata Lacouture - 17 days ago
Charli : act like y like me
Chase : walks away
Chases mind : I do like you

Me : chase confess it already u like her
Esther Villarreal
Esther Villarreal - 18 days ago
I miss them get back together
Esther Villarreal
Esther Villarreal - 18 days ago
Who's here in ,2020
Meerah Alfalasi
Meerah Alfalasi - 18 days ago
Why chair do Chase love when cute to together 🌻🌷
Travis Moore
Travis Moore - 18 days ago
Love your YouTube videos
ÄňïňhäBTS Barbosa Oliveira
Eu shipooo
Allison Perez
Allison Perez - 19 days ago
Awww She blushed when he was climbing her..🥺 That was soo cutee.. 🥴 I wanna try that but I'd probably get knocked down, unless it was somebody's body type like chase, lmao
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