Harry Styles - Lights Up (Official Video)

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Lucas JADE
Lucas JADE - 10 hours ago
my bae is come back lol 😂😂 it's looks like so good to see you during the time I've never heard news about you. You stay the same and love this way of living ❤
I'm fond of this song ❤pursue like this
Letícia Cunha
Letícia Cunha - 11 hours ago
Oh my God Joalin❤
Melisa 334
Melisa 334 - 11 hours ago
Why the fuck does this masterpiece have only 33 mil. views???????
bratsful 101
bratsful 101 - 11 hours ago
lowkey jealous of the people who were rubbing against him :(
Valeria Costa
Valeria Costa - 11 hours ago
isso é a famosa Suruba
Milena Cuan
Milena Cuan - 12 hours ago
Joalinnnnnn 😍😍😍
Hey there
Hey there - 13 hours ago
This gives me a vibe of 90s
AaronBlue Jaeger
AaronBlue Jaeger - 13 hours ago
This wat happens when u go solo
Ocean xx Solitude
Ocean xx Solitude - 11 hours ago
Is it in the positive sense or the negative?
Mya Merriman
Mya Merriman - 14 hours ago
BAglamdoll - 14 hours ago
Do you know who you are? The key to life!!!!!! Thank you harry for bringing into this world such beauuuuuutiful composition. Congrats to the creators!!!! Im obsessed w melody, instruments, chorus behind, beats, etc etc etc.
Vansangpuii Sailo
Vansangpuii Sailo - 14 hours ago
Harry Harry Harry ....
Alyssa Guimba
Alyssa Guimba - 15 hours ago
here after harry releasing his tour AaaAaAaAaAa
Nika K
Nika K - 15 hours ago
" I STAN HARRY" I STAN" !! This was awesome!
Mack Silver
Mack Silver - 15 hours ago
And he's considered an artist? 🤮
Ca Zi
Ca Zi - 12 hours ago
Then why are you here? Believe me, in this comment section there are a lot of people who disagree with you. Go and spread your hate somewhere else. Please.
Mack Silver
Mack Silver - 13 hours ago
@TheSummertime & TheButterflies sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of this shitty song
TheSummertime & TheButterflies
Pee pee poo now say that again without crying
Marj Cras
Marj Cras - 15 hours ago
Director : we r going to touch Harry today-
Me : YES
emily - 15 hours ago
when he said la da da da i became pregnant
emily - 15 hours ago
i saw this before a million views
Jinky Ortega
Jinky Ortega - 15 hours ago
Harry I love you 😍😘
Sarah Nathalie Smith Carugati
did I just cry and become horny at the same time
JodieeXO - 16 hours ago
He's so perfect! Urghhh...
Gabriela Carreras
Gabriela Carreras - 16 hours ago
Texas Beaver
Texas Beaver - 16 hours ago
I'm a simple girl I see shirtless Harry, I click.
ZOZO Al-Hilu
ZOZO Al-Hilu - 16 hours ago
this is giving me Dorian Gray vibes..
Creator Unreality
Creator Unreality - 17 hours ago
Lucy Freeman
Lucy Freeman - 17 hours ago
A bi icon?? or at least a bi anthem
Jo NS - 18 hours ago
This is song to play when you go to your girl's place, breaking up and driving back home through long highway at night
ManiSoul chanteuse
ManiSoul chanteuse - 19 hours ago
Nouveau petit joyau
Aarav Deccan
Aarav Deccan - 19 hours ago
Listen at 0.75 speed. Literally a drug
Maya - 19 hours ago
never been a Harry’s girl but damn right now I’m wet
DJ GOKU - 19 hours ago
Can you stop instagram advertisement now?
FISH WEB - 20 hours ago
Hey get back😭😭❤️
Kaila Love
Kaila Love - 20 hours ago
Please do a mash up of Find You Again By Mark and Camila your song and Lights Up 😭😭😭😭 do you know who you are?...I remember you told me the spark in your eyes makes it blurry.... I keep mashing these two together in my mimd
dinesh kag
dinesh kag - 20 hours ago
Sounds like zayn.
Hriata Ralte
Hriata Ralte - 20 hours ago
Mizo ngaithla ve in awm em??
melissa stop it
melissa stop it - 21 hour ago
love on tour 2020
Jay Vala
Jay Vala - 22 hours ago
After long time
Spec SUI
Spec SUI - 22 hours ago
How many girls do you want in the video?
Harry : Yes
TheSummertime & TheButterflies
How many boys do you want in the video? Harry: Yes
Lara Vasconcelos
Lara Vasconcelos - 22 hours ago
Isabel Valtierra
Isabel Valtierra - 22 hours ago
Te amo cabrón, pero tus boletos para el concierto están muy caros :/
Sky Crown
Sky Crown - 23 hours ago
El 3 de octubre nos volvemos a ver amor de mi vida
Arlete M. Souza
Arlete M. Souza - Day ago
nova musica do harry ahh😍😍🤗
Sara Rahtz
Sara Rahtz - Day ago
I feel like all these young fans and silly comments arent even grasping the depth of this song. Especially considering he said its about sex and being sad. I feel like if this isnt saying "leave me alone for being curious about men" idk what else is. Leave harry alone we love you no matter who u love ❤❤
L a r r y i s r e a l
0% Drugs
0% Naked People
0% Sex
100% Tal-
oh wait
Keven Kemp Legault
Keven Kemp Legault - Day ago
Oki so all those bulge grab were from the bottom of his heart I guess 😂😅
Ana B
Ana B - Day ago
Absolutely nobody:
Harry with no reason: 2:24
Mr. Moseby
Mr. Moseby - Day ago
maria galvez
maria galvez - Day ago
I love you baby
Aurely Hernández
Aurely Hernández - Day ago
¿Gustan hacerme un depósito de $4000 pesos para poder ir a verlo?🥺
Brenda Badillo
Brenda Badillo - Day ago
기규비 - Day ago
Caity Pie
Caity Pie - Day ago
You deserve the work
Caity Pie
Caity Pie - Day ago
Caity Pie
Caity Pie - Day ago
Derran McB
Derran McB - Day ago
Best song right now ❤️
Marie L
Marie L - Day ago
highkey hot
lana banana
lana banana - Day ago
OMFG why he is so fucking beautiful 💗💗💗💗💗
Bella Farias
Bella Farias - Day ago
Nataly Muñoz
Nataly Muñoz - Day ago
Simplemente hermosa😍❤❤
nicol krčíková
nicol krčíková - Day ago
This is literally a legal porn . Change my mind.
Lineta Rimkeviciute
Nice song listening and relaxing 👍
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