Harry Styles - Lights Up (Official Video)

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Mariah Leah Lynn Lennie
Mariah Leah Lynn Lennie - 24 minutes ago
So we did
Giovana Mariano
Giovana Mariano - 2 hours ago
when your virgin but your also pregnant
Dávila Nunes
Dávila Nunes - 2 hours ago
Tenho inveja desse povo agarrando o Harry
Jennifer Cancho
Jennifer Cancho - 2 hours ago
DANIEL AGASSI - 2 hours ago
Typical baptism video for officially becoming a puppet of the illuminati. ... From now on it's not his art at all just a carrier of a msg of them ...
Dragon Ninja
Dragon Ninja - 2 hours ago
I miss one direction who else
Apocalíptica - 3 hours ago
já vi este video demasiadas vezes
Moisés Ramírez
Moisés Ramírez - 4 hours ago
Cancún, Quintana Roo-Mexico 🇲🇽
Pierina Ñañez
Pierina Ñañez - 5 hours ago
te amoooooo harry!!
Mya - 5 hours ago
Ok I love him but this vid is just...... weird let’s say 😐
Kim Eun Rae Rae
Kim Eun Rae Rae - 5 hours ago
Yo estoy aquí por la foto de Harry y el puestito que decía morena...si son de México me van a entender
Kate Bedsole
Kate Bedsole - 6 hours ago
This man thrives on touch
Irene Ariella Tanudjaya
Irene Ariella Tanudjaya - 7 hours ago
this is art. period.
Steeven Culqui
Steeven Culqui - 7 hours ago
Vivimos en una sociedad donde te atrapan los municipales.
TheGoldenDino - 8 hours ago
This is the definition of a drug trip
Sabrina Balbino
Sabrina Balbino - 8 hours ago
Joalin e seus rolês aleatórios
Isis Leal
Isis Leal - 8 hours ago
Zubi Star
Zubi Star - 9 hours ago
This music video makes me uncomfortable but at the same time it doesn’t it’s confusing and also tbh I’m kinda glad I’m not in this video cause it would be so Embarrassing and awkward rubbing all over him I just wanna meet him and give him a hug and kiss him on the cheek stuff like that you know
ayesha bashir
ayesha bashir - 10 hours ago
The only problem with this song is...that its not long enough!
Katelynn Palloto
Katelynn Palloto - 10 hours ago
did anyone else recognize how he did green and blue for larry or just me
Frank Filthyfinger
Frank Filthyfinger - 12 hours ago
Revolting prick. Talentless arsehole.
Swathy S
Swathy S - 13 hours ago
Want to see him ! I knw that's impossible!!!!!😭
Bella Orourke
Bella Orourke - 13 hours ago
This was posted on national coming out day.
That's all. Have a nice day.
Juana Borjes Dorso
Juana Borjes Dorso - 13 hours ago
dale hermoso ronpela
Meirani Zahra
Meirani Zahra - 14 hours ago
Can we just appreciate the diversity here?
Joyce Alvarez
Joyce Alvarez - 15 hours ago
I hate the girls🥴🥵
Galilea Martinez
Galilea Martinez - 15 hours ago
One day I saw this in my recommendation. I listen to his music now
Mayustri Gopalan
Mayustri Gopalan - 18 hours ago
2:49 - 2:53 : Harry's like no one was expecting this from me😂😍😍
ain't that sweet
ain't that sweet - 20 hours ago
Harry styles = Leonardo DiCaprio 2.0
Lily Branum
Lily Branum - 21 hour ago
He sounds like a freaking ANGEL😱😍
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson - 23 hours ago
These people get paid to touch *Harry styles*
SunflowerLvr - Day ago
My asexual ass: 😐
Everidis Morales
Everidis Morales - Day ago
Hey people six feet apart OK! 🤦‍♂️😷
Faye Delaney
Faye Delaney - 17 hours ago
Everidis Morales it was made last year in October lmao
Camila Lira
Camila Lira - Day ago
Harry se inspirando no carnaval de Olinda pra fazer o clipe. Kkkkkkkkk
Michael Cuaresma
Michael Cuaresma - Day ago
Do you love harry styles?
Like if yes
Dislike if no
idalina nascimento
idalina nascimento - Day ago
Connie Deprato
Connie Deprato - Day ago
I'm not privileged like Harry Styles or Kardashian/Jenner Women...but I would like to thank the organ donor and their family for giving me the chance to have a better quality of life...there are some things money can't buy...
Diana Flores
Diana Flores - Day ago
this video is a blessing for all people out there😍
Makayla Bennett
Makayla Bennett - Day ago
*this guy can steal ur man and ur gurl*
Oh boi...this music is so good🥵🥵🥵
Marie Curie
Marie Curie - Day ago
In adore you harry is screaming into an glass ore bottle and at 1:18 you can hear this scream!! it is an easter egg!
Faye Delaney
Faye Delaney - Day ago
Harry has an amazing voice, to do a collaboration with Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam. Am I right? Actually I already know I’m right ✌🏻
Belle Mero
Belle Mero - Day ago
It's not about him being bisexual!
He is trying to figure out about himself!
It's such an amazing mv..
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina - Day ago
I Love you sou muchhhh
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda - Day ago
misericordioso que homem gostoso
Isadora V. Menegatti
Lemon Churros
Lemon Churros - Day ago
Don't tell me you're here after watching "Watermelon sugar"
Lemon Churros
Lemon Churros - Day ago
Anyone here after watermelon sugar
Sophia - Day ago
No, i always choose this song first
Reagan Lacey
Reagan Lacey - Day ago
For people reading this, we're gonna sing "Don't Let Me Go" really loud and get him to sing it for us. Y'all know the song, right? It was leaked in 2013 and it was a scare for people cuz they thought he was leaving 1D...well, if you're going to Love On Tour, start remembering the lines!
Manasvi Malavade
Manasvi Malavade - Day ago
Imagine you being paid to touch shirtless harry eDwArD styles 🥺🥺
2:24 is soooooo cute
Zuha Khan
Zuha Khan - Day ago
Who else thinks turning the lights will save you from anything ? just me ?
Jasmine Tiyasa
Jasmine Tiyasa - Day ago
His glistening body is rising up the temperature in my room......
Jasmine Tiyasa
Jasmine Tiyasa - Day ago
Somehow I can't watch this in front of my mom or else she'll chop me into pieces and parcel it to Harold....
this song reminds me of stranger things 2 snowball dance when el, max, lucas, and mike, kissed you?
Rosy Acosta
Rosy Acosta - Day ago
This man is art😍😍
1D will comeback, promise.
Never get tired of watching this. Loveyou, Harry! :)
carlaa - Day ago
tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this video doesn't scream bisexual
Dandhara Maciel
Dandhara Maciel - Day ago
vim ver a JOALIN
rawdez - Day ago
trini shay
trini shay - 2 days ago
i will NEVER get over this song or this music video i- HIS MIND>>>>
trini shay
trini shay - 2 days ago
i will NEVER get over this song or this music video i- HIS MIND>>>>
ღMei ムみタղ ɱモじ ღ
Joalin pretty!😍😍😍😍
JuhubZ Nasz
JuhubZ Nasz - 2 days ago
thx for calming me even without knowing
JuhubZ Nasz
JuhubZ Nasz - 2 days ago
lights up is actually MASTERPIECE
Giulia Giordano
Giulia Giordano - 2 days ago
ti amo porco tutto
Natalie Miett
Natalie Miett - 2 days ago
I'm speechless
Cerrina Nani
Cerrina Nani - 2 days ago
why are they getting paid to touch HIM!!! I'd pay a FOOKING FORTUNE just to look at himmmm!😭
Júlia - 2 days ago
Quem veio aqui pela Joalin curte/ who comes here by Joalin Like this comment
ANA LUIZA ZIBETTI - 13 hours ago
@Isabel Castro eu tbm kkk
Isabel Castro
Isabel Castro - 16 hours ago
só vim aqui para ver a Joalin se esfregando no Harry😂😂
Liza Vorster
Liza Vorster - 2 days ago
Legend says it, Harry does not have CoronaVirus
Daisy Fox
Daisy Fox - 2 days ago
Ohh how I wish to be harry right now
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee - 2 days ago
Where is his third nipple tho?
Miranda arroyo
Miranda arroyo - 2 days ago
Imagine being that girl in the green swimsuit in 0:46
e bean
e bean - 2 days ago
ThiS iS a fAMiLy sHoW...oR iS iTTttTtTtt
Angeline Dias
Angeline Dias - 2 days ago
This song and this guy = everything
Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen - 2 days ago
there's always water in harry style mv
Helena Almeida
Helena Almeida - 2 days ago
Alguien de aquí que haya venido x leer el hilo de Ceo_de_los_hilos en Instagram? 🤣
Tereza Plaza
Tereza Plaza - 2 days ago
guys I am only 12 wtf Harry ?
HRIS HAANT - 2 days ago
Harrys new music sounds like zayns old music.
Zayns new music sounds like Harry's early music
Yeet Skadeet
Yeet Skadeet - 2 days ago
It's been a while since I've dared to watch anything involving Harry since 1D up and dipped, but I will say, this mans has some luscious *t i d d i e s*
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