Jacksfilms Ruins his Marriage while Sinking Cold Ones

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Cold Ones
Cold Ones - 4 months ago
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cheese burger
cheese burger - Month ago
Please keep the "jeff" curse word replacement, me and the buds could not stop laughing when we were high (though we had no clue what we were doing)
toe goblin
toe goblin - 2 months ago
no dont cunt
REEL SIXX - 3 months ago
Where the fuck is clown?
Da Epic Abomination Routine
Did you eventually get a "REVIEW" Tattoo below your "MEME" one? pls reply b0ss!
111333meta - 4 months ago
Anything4views i swear to christ m8 interview big lez im writing this from my skits cave
Stoner Jesus
Stoner Jesus - 15 hours ago
you guys know the kirkland vodka is greygoose thats been distilled an extra time
Hikiko - Day ago
if u try to spread "icing" ur a homo...oh wait
Djibroni - Day ago
9:52 "It was 5mg."

Wow max lol. That's like the smallest amount you can even buy.
Jacob - Day ago
Is jack in the closet or what
Sam - 2 days ago
I feel like this video perfectly shows how much pride americans have in whatever country their families are from, irregardless how many generations ago. The boys are just like, jacks not irish, why does he keep saying he’s irish?
grim - 2 days ago
Am I the only one who makes the same noises as Chad when watching?
Griffin Richmond
Griffin Richmond - 6 days ago
Moldy Bread
Moldy Bread - 7 days ago
Jack is more drunk than I’ve seen any of the other guests
MadGoon Productions
MadGoon Productions - 11 days ago
xTib Erius
xTib Erius - 13 days ago
Jack is a mixture of Bill Hader, and that squint eye fucker from 3rd rock from the sun. #factzzzzzz
Mad Hate...
Mad Hate... - 15 days ago
Cr1tikal as a guest would be dope ya cunts
I Like Videos
I Like Videos - 15 days ago
Rhys jones
Rhys jones - 17 days ago
Felix B
Felix B - 17 days ago
is jackfilms gay?
Kill yo Lol
Kill yo Lol - 18 days ago
This is so hard to watch and even I feel embarrassed
Blend Leci
Blend Leci - 18 days ago
nice clown appearance there
Gerardito Batista
Gerardito Batista - 20 days ago
Lovely Ensemble
Lovely Ensemble - 20 days ago
I have something in common with Jack where I close my eyes a lot whenever I talk and it gets worse whenever I get drunk lol
A Real Jerk
A Real Jerk - 20 days ago
I actually like Jacks Films now lmao. He's wild when he gets drunk. Loved his idea for saving memes too.
Felix Morrison
Felix Morrison - 20 days ago
this is really embarrassing for the guest and you can see it in the hosts face's
Felix Morrison
Felix Morrison - 20 days ago
how much Soy is in Jackfilms body?!
Amanda X
Amanda X - 21 day ago
Anyone have a link to chad talking about chemo?
Griffin Buswell
Griffin Buswell - 21 day ago
I love jacks willingness to collaborate with other youtubers
Robert Speaker
Robert Speaker - 21 day ago
I just love how raw and unscripted this is.
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean - 22 days ago
I love how every episode is just everyone constantly interrupting each other because they're just fuckin drunk
fik dik
fik dik - 24 days ago
Honestly this is what i live to see, just the boys chillin and drinkin
Jaden_vids_stuff - 24 days ago
This is such a rollercoaster 🎢
Da rel posty_ Malone1082
Da rel posty_ Malone1082 - 24 days ago
Imagine literally being "out of commission" ON 5 MILLIGRAMS
Ok So Rory
Ok So Rory - 21 day ago
Thank you, post malone. Very cool
Matthew Perkins
Matthew Perkins - 25 days ago
29:47 Jack: PewDiePie's no longer a gamer, he had to change his formula
Stoned Pikachu
Stoned Pikachu - 25 days ago
Stoned Pikachu
Stoned Pikachu - 25 days ago
58:38 in case you wanna see, jacksfilms jerk off Live it's the First time i laughed while seeing a man participate such activities
game GAME
game GAME - 25 days ago
iScorpion - 22 days ago
Fuck you
naters pataters
naters pataters - 26 days ago
This is the best episode ❤️
naters pataters
naters pataters - 26 days ago
Jack is kind of a boomer, but I still love him. They got him pretty fucked up lol
shockflare100 gaming
shockflare100 gaming - 24 days ago
Bruno Falcon
Bruno Falcon - 27 days ago
I barely see drunk people where I live so I can't really tell if someone is drunk or not, except for Jack, that's an easy one
bigbomb for pakistan
bigbomb for pakistan - 28 days ago
13:40 is that colossal is crazy ?!?!
Marcelo llorando
Marcelo llorando - Month ago
cheese burger
cheese burger - Month ago
Love the "jeff" replacement 😂😂😂
Donutello Leonerdy
Donutello Leonerdy - Month ago
Anyone else have the view count jump up like 300,000 views in a few minutes for them too?
ryankassulke - Month ago
youre jewish?
Spice Merchant Emhyr var Emreis
Damn, Jack gets so annoying when drunk xd He seems like a teenager who is drinking for the first time.
BuckeyesFan89 - Month ago
max: "this man has had enough I can see it in his eyes"
me: how...he's only opened them like...4 times maybe??
lovesashdreams - Month ago
18:45 this whole part im in tears fukc jack omfg
Captain Planet
Captain Planet - Month ago
Can Someone mark the moment Jack gets absolutely fucked
[Jery] jjtlikeschicken
[Jery] jjtlikeschicken - 13 days ago
the first drink
astro Pug
astro Pug - Month ago
wtf is max's double chin
jrdn sgr
jrdn sgr - Month ago
He's hanging with Chad too much
jrdn sgr
jrdn sgr - Month ago
Its forming
Viktor_the_A - Month ago
This brings back memories of me babysitting my friends while they are on edibles.
Jose Vazquez
Jose Vazquez - Month ago
EVILMAN57 - Month ago
"I don't see pewdiepie as a lets player, he did a 180" The madmen did it once again.
ShrugSzn - Month ago
Bro jack was so drunk before 20 minutes hit hahaha
me me meme
me me meme - Month ago
what long island me brain no big boy
battleguy 402
battleguy 402 - Month ago
Littlw did they know that Pewd's is an MC channel now.
Guy Barber
Guy Barber - Month ago
chad u haver a fucking tripple beer belly
Morris Köchle
Morris Köchle - Month ago
37:42 ah really
h4n5i - Month ago
article 13 doesn'T do shit yet, and most noneuropean sites geoblock because they want to prey on your personal data instead of abiding personal informationlaws in europe.
Max Hyde
Max Hyde - Month ago
Man Jack's tolerance is shit
Colton Harrell
Colton Harrell - Month ago
The longest explanation for icing I’ve ever heard 😂
poopface - Month ago
That's what happens when you're drunk lmao
Lil Jaluicy
Lil Jaluicy - Month ago
Watched this while doing my mandatory online alcohol safety lesson for college
Coonnor Brennan
Coonnor Brennan - Month ago
5mg fucking him up? I wish I was him it takes me 50 and I dont have a tolerance luckyy
Thomas Gibson
Thomas Gibson - Month ago
does jack open his eyes at any point in this
Varshious - Month ago
jack is so manic i cant tell if its the alcohol because he'll intermix it with semi-comprehensive explanations of whatever he's talking about
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