Jacksfilms Ruins his Marriage while Sinking Cold Ones

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Cold Ones
Cold Ones - 9 months ago
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little ticked off
little ticked off - 6 months ago
Please keep the "jeff" curse word replacement, me and the buds could not stop laughing when we were high (though we had no clue what we were doing)
Poonis Png
Poonis Png - 7 months ago
no dont cunt
REEL SIXX - 8 months ago
Where the fuck is clown?
Da Epic Abomination Routine
Did you eventually get a "REVIEW" Tattoo below your "MEME" one? pls reply b0ss!
111333meta - 9 months ago
Anything4views i swear to christ m8 interview big lez im writing this from my skits cave
Alderak1 - 4 days ago
A 4mg edible wouldnt do shit to me. I usually have to eat 30-50mg to get a decent effect. Wtf edibles are weird.
Jiggy McJiggums
Jiggy McJiggums - 5 days ago
Bruh jacks more fucked than my social life
Wiggy Pop
Wiggy Pop - 7 days ago
Am I the only one who created the Irish hand grenade shot, just a tequila shot chased with a jaeger bomb, and thought it was a real shot that was a real thing someone already created?
5PVC3 - 8 days ago
drunk Jack is to good for us
andy hutter
andy hutter - 8 days ago
A guy I knew in college got Iced in the middle of class on his birthday and did it right in front of the professor
Dandy Doodads
Dandy Doodads - 9 days ago
u know ur drunk when your eyes are closed for 70% of your story
Calthecool - 12 days ago
I was playing super Mario 64 while listening to this, and hearing 34:26
Really tripped me out for a second, because I thought my tv’s volume randomly turned on.
angry turtle
angry turtle - 19 days ago
No one:
Drunk jack:
shud tha fukup here's my shot coleshon
Frederik Andersen
Frederik Andersen - 23 days ago
f for jack
Cahil Abraham
Cahil Abraham - 23 days ago
""you ever played soggy sao bro?"" MAX hahaha
Cahil Abraham
Cahil Abraham - 4 days ago
@AnarchiacTV when you get all the fellas together and stand in a circle and the last one to cum on a biscuit has to eat it
AnarchiacTV - 4 days ago
What is that?
Matty Vends
Matty Vends - 23 days ago
Barry Mecokiner
Barry Mecokiner - 23 days ago
Twitter for Android is pretty cool :)
Don Weezing
Don Weezing - 29 days ago
Jetles - Month ago
Crazy how he planned Twitter for Android for this long with the exact tune
gawslin - Month ago
To get as fucked as Jack, take a shot everytime he says "I'll tell you this"
QuintinPlays _
QuintinPlays _ - Month ago
you thought you were sneaky with the copy of chef
50 50 Fold
50 50 Fold - Month ago
I insuld Dbz once and get slammed.
Tøxic Thømas
Tøxic Thømas - Month ago
Cdizzy - Month ago
i think jacks eyes were closed more than they were open.
Brad J S
Brad J S - Month ago
I always forget Jack is a fellow Maryland native
Ashton Wu
Ashton Wu - Month ago
We all know it's Onision they were talking about
Blake Bramley
Blake Bramley - Month ago
“Goon bags” sounds about like the most accurate description of 20’s aged white men drinking box wine that I can think of. Aussie slang is ALWAYS on point
ZiG[E] - Month ago
box wine is goon bag not the ppl
syllas x
syllas x - Month ago
Able - Month ago
45:48 That interaction between Jack and Chad LMFAO
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams - Month ago
I loved this podcast so much, how did I miss this one! :)
danon - Month ago
Makers mark and blue moon? Cold ones got fucking class.
Denny - Month ago
I love how they always fuck up the intro XD
Andrew Mellin
Andrew Mellin - Month ago
Drunk jacksfilms is the best jacksfilms.
Owen Swann
Owen Swann - Month ago
Brandon Universe
Brandon Universe - Month ago
Should have gotten ian
carl Walker
carl Walker - Month ago
dudes a dick i have spoken
Dash Monkhouse
Dash Monkhouse - Month ago
Tyler Strickland
Tyler Strickland - Month ago
me drinking my beer while u guys are complaining about how u dont have beer :)
Susan Wojcicki
Susan Wojcicki - Month ago
Jack be like:
Lian Hesselman
Lian Hesselman - Month ago
Shut the fuck up susan
Brandon Lei
Brandon Lei - Month ago
chef in the background just vibing
xela llahsram
xela llahsram - Month ago
5mg??? Fucking pussya
Adin Outcalt
Adin Outcalt - Month ago
January 2nd 2020 still no music video
Hyper - Month ago
we have 2 hours left where is the music video
Besieboo23 - Month ago
Jacks music video today
Watery Guffman
Watery Guffman - Month ago
I thought they didn't like gay people
Zxerds - Month ago
95% of the time jacks eyes we're closed
Carl Lopez
Carl Lopez - Month ago
can we get rid of chad lmao
Stan Pines
Stan Pines - Month ago
Ninja - Month ago
37:00 BREXIT BABY!!!!!
Learned Ernest
Learned Ernest - Month ago
Trip - Month ago
The sound to your intro is hot water pouring isnt it?
Endorcer - Month ago
1:06:00 it looks like a light bulb with aluminum foil
Angelcraft Souljah
Angelcraft Souljah - Month ago
GabrielOrWhatever - Month ago
I love this podcast it’s just a bunch of drunk cunts shooting the shit
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez - Month ago
he reminds me exactly of how a friend of mine acted while drunk in college
George Grund
George Grund - Month ago
Jacksfilms officially supports the IRA, and he has invented a disgusting beverage to prove his love of terrorist acts against civilians. Bruh
Calthecool - Month ago
Chad: 1:08:08
AwsmNova - Month ago
Jacks drunk flamboyance makes this one of the funniest podcasts ever
Wicca Life
Wicca Life - Month ago
Ik what a Long Island is I'm from the US
Peter Villads Nielsen
Peter Villads Nielsen - Month ago
Why does this Jack dude always close his eyes when speaking?
Isabel Slade
Isabel Slade - Month ago
Dr. Baldskin
Dr. Baldskin - Month ago
Is it me or Jack as become more awkward and unfunny over the years? I remember him being one of the funniest people on the platform, but now his mannerisms seem more awkward and erratic. On top of that, it's like he is always trying to be funny and it rarely lands. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be mean, I used to love his sense of humour, I'm just confused about what happened
David Robinson
David Robinson - Month ago
You guys need to get Boris!
matt - Month ago
I really hope Kevin's plan comes to fruition
Sassythot - 2 months ago
Jacks 'Gay Vibes' Films
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