Jon Jones confronts vandals in his city and forces them to hand over spray cans,McGregor reacts

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David Walker
David Walker - 2 days ago
Yea because Jon Jones cares about the community but when he crashes into a pregnant lady he runs away from the scene of the accident.
John Sotelo
John Sotelo - 11 days ago
Jon Jones is his worst enemy, he tarnished his own legacy, he just can't get control of his inner demons.
Mazinger Z
Mazinger Z - 12 days ago
Greg Jackson: "Jon, Jon Jones! Go get some cans"
J B - 13 days ago
Tune in next week to see Jones save a man from a burning building. Ha ha
kareem Ahmed
kareem Ahmed - 15 days ago
Everyone has a plan untill the next man pulls out a gun
Shiv2424 - 23 days ago
Dana White or Joe Rogan for President 2020?!?
Jerry Tom
Jerry Tom - 24 days ago
Never forget that George Floyd pulled a loaded gun on a pregnant Black woman's stomack during an armed home invasion.
Joe O
Joe O - 25 days ago
I don't want to hear about a UFC fighter getting shot by an angry 12 year old.
Brian D
Brian D - 26 days ago
He asked for 30 million . They bring in 50 with one of his fights.... sounds reasonable to me
But he doesn’t run the business and the business is ran by Investors soo... Dana sounds reasonable to me too
joezib - 27 days ago
Why doesn’t Dana just let JonJones go.. but I do love his tweet👍🏻
Ctyler93 - 28 days ago
How many antifa soy boys could Jon Jones shred at once? My guess... 8
Ctyler93 - 28 days ago
6:35 who rides a skateboard like that wtf
Andre Stefen
Andre Stefen - 28 days ago
Respect Jon
Equalizing while Rising East
The so called 'peaceful protests/protesters' are all just a cover and decoy for the traitors, Back Lives Matters terrorists, ANTIFA terrorists, violent mob anarchists, vandals, looters, and rioters. Any mma fighter or any athlete or celebrity that I catch supporting this bullsh*t, I will root against you for the rest of my life.
Equalizing while Rising East
Lol lmfao! Connor concerned about racism rofl!😁
Stanley Shieh
Stanley Shieh - Month ago
That young man should have stood his ground and fought Jon and let people know who is the champ.
Kyle romus
Kyle romus - Month ago
White kids in masks with cans of spray paint, Antifa. They've been dropping off pallets of bricks, bottles filled with gas and gas cans, and other miscellaneous weapons along protest routes. Don't take their bait, they're not the ones that live in those neighborhoods
Seems my post keeps getting removed, this is the 4th time I've posted it. It also appears mine's not the only one, others have had posts removed on other videos on this subject. Has anyone else seen this?
Crystal lopez
Crystal lopez - Month ago
Daina White hates Jon Jones Because he is A Muslim and since he cant stand seeing A Muslim being The Face Of The Support
Chuck green
Chuck green - Month ago
What are the odds of the first super hero ever being a black mma fighter. Mad love and respect for john, and the righteous brothaz. Love y'all 💪✌✊
Tom Fury
Tom Fury - Month ago
Who cares!
cypresspuz - Month ago
Jones just had somebody filming him playing the sheriff to make people forget about his last roid cycle. You cant believe that was a coincidence
shogrran - Month ago
Connor saying "there's no place for racism" is hypocritical.
Lj Castille
Lj Castille - Month ago
Some folks have to stop being small--minded fools. Raiding a deli obviously has nOTHING to do with it. You have protesters, then you have EVERYBODY ELSE that are just looking for an excuse to be lawless or exhibit whatever anger or criminality moves them. It's not difficult to see the air between the two concepts. When COPS are lawless, and politicians are liars and thieves, what message does that give to people that are already prone to anti-social behavior? Massive crowds provide an amount of anonymity, which is a DINNER BELL to ANYBODY with an itch for chaos, for WHATEVER reason. We KNOW this, you can't control a mob, how about controlling the CAUSE so we stop ending up here instead? An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure.
R&T M - Month ago
Kick rocks askren nobody cares
Drew Bravo
Drew Bravo - Month ago
If you wanna get your aggressions out and felt, do all your damage to the police cars. Pigs use them to curb all kinds of laws put in place!! Like flashing their 🍒 just to go through red lights. Cause you know, they're obviously above waiting for it to turn f.ckin green.
Tha Reaper
Tha Reaper - Month ago
First time ive admired Jon Jones for something :O
Is this Black Friday?
Niko Atanoa
Niko Atanoa - Month ago
That's Donald trump hidding the truth lives matter
Michael Pedone
Michael Pedone - Month ago
Good on Jones, man is trying to change.
John O'Quinn
John O'Quinn - Month ago
I would have poked him in the eye, before he killed me.
notImpressed - Month ago
Talking to an older guy at work.. he was saying the protestors in situations like these are never the problem.. he said its thieves that are the problem because they take advantage of situations like these to rile people up and get them to break into buildings as a riot which gives them the easiest outlet to steal as much as they can.
TeamAtk4Game - Month ago
First time I see John not being a scum bag
BenCodes - Month ago
ben askeren we don't need a leader everyone needs to put an effort in.
BenCodes - Month ago
good work jon jones
Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter - Month ago
Jon Jones needs to give his head a shake, he lost to Dominic Reyes and says he’s got nothing to prove fighting him, the judges saved him from becoming a woodley
Scott Sharp
Scott Sharp - Month ago
Jones, Tito, chuck, anden lesnar in a four man tag single elimination for the “LBC” lil barclay championship belt.!. Gtfo
John Cosgrove
John Cosgrove - Month ago
Why won't Johnny stop taking drugs and cheating ? I think he's a bum.
Lankey Bastard
Lankey Bastard - Month ago
10 minutes of fluff for 20 seconds of nothing? Last time I click on one of these.
Triple 666
Triple 666 - Month ago
Well... Askren is meant to be a fighter, his grammar is dog shit!
Hurdygurdy man
Hurdygurdy man - Month ago
All ufc fighters get in there and sort this shit out 😂
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸
EZ triple C... Thats not rioting. Those were just protesters. If it was a real riot, your privileged ass would be running away from it, scared for your life. You aint gangstah!!
Spondoolie - Month ago
White kids spray painting "BLM"
Jon Jones: "give me the spray cans"
police see JJ with spray paint: "DROP THE WEAPON!!!" *gunfire*
cruhg - Month ago
jones telling other people to behave morally? ah shit i'm in bizarro land and nothing makes sense anymore
Joey Kozma
Joey Kozma - Month ago
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez - Month ago
Jon this guy!
Tim Jim
Tim Jim - Month ago
A black person seems to get killed almost daily or at least once a week in America and only now with all this rioting I’m surprised it’s taken all this time until now and also people talk about police saying ooh there not properly trained or whatever nothing to do with the fact he was handcuffed with 3 police officers couldn’t move or go anywhere why the police man felt the need to have he’s knee on his neck for almost 9 minutes it’s clear there is a massive problem with racism within the police in America you don’t need proper training to know to do what he did !!
NBA Ezzy
NBA Ezzy - Month ago
It’s sucks cause the people looting are turning it into a warzone
Abdullah Alfaraj
Abdullah Alfaraj - Month ago
Conor is racist you guys remember what he did with khabib and ali abdelaziz
codee comah
codee comah - Month ago
Adesanya.. knock it off...
Dan Hooker 👏👏👏🙏
Bisping with the cold hard truth... weve all been lied to... not just with Corona but with all the BS the MSM Propaganda says that matters. Its time to turn off the channel to these lie for ratings news networks!!!
diamondmm - Month ago
u gonna get clapped by the same parrot u voted for , or else Jon Jon gonna take away your spray can ... gimmi da sprei ken
John Doe
John Doe - Month ago
stupid crazy
Majesty Studio
Majesty Studio - Month ago
J J is a nice guy. Thank you 🙏🏻 for making sure we keep things together and safe
Kenneth Wagster
Kenneth Wagster - Month ago
Jon out there 38 blocks from the riots harassing teenagers over a spray can. 🤦‍♂️
I’m with Bisping on the corona virus thing
robert lewis
robert lewis - Month ago
Bruh jones can get money any way he wants why the ufc pretending he didnt wanna fight
Soul Crow
Soul Crow - Month ago
Better give Jon Jones the damn spray can or he will poke you in your eye over and over and over again...
TegridyFarm - Month ago
Jon still did not confronted himself for all the things he has done
Rick B
Rick B - Month ago
Does anyone else find it strange seeing Jon Jones attempt to PREVENT crimes? Jon should look into forming a group of guys to follow HIM around to make sure he doesn't get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.
Joseph Michaels
Joseph Michaels - Month ago
Franklin Franklinson
Franklin Franklinson - Month ago
They gave him those spray cans hella fast. I guess they know they was about to get fucked up.
AwesomeGuy772 - Month ago
Man that protest was very peaceful. You can almost here a pen drop
Devon the Legend
Devon the Legend - Month ago
This ain't no Gotham city people
Mr. perfect the only one
BRAVO JON JONES WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oiluis18 - Month ago
I haven't seen aakrin since he got kneed out
Mr. perfect the only one
The ONLY ONE that had to be blame is the MAYOR because he's the police real boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's also a Christian :)
jason - Month ago
Bisping got me thinking now 🤔
male person
male person - Month ago
Give me the spray can
What I wasn't doing anything
Give me the spray can
Bro I wasn't even...
Give me the spray can
Here bro
😅😂🤣😂 Stupid little boy. That's what we want to see Jon haha🤣🤣
undrachevr - Month ago
Much love for the people who are actually sticking up for their city instead of destroying it. Let's not judge an entire race/community off a few people's actions. Judge everyone accordingly, even yourself. Stay safe everyone
Silky Johnston
Silky Johnston - Month ago
7:33 for Jones and the spray can
Ramo Larroc
Ramo Larroc - Month ago
Yoel Romero would say some crazy shit like
ledzeppelinzoso - Month ago
That was really pimp of jon
gemmalouise08 - Month ago
Well done john
Richie Wang
Richie Wang - Month ago
I like that he's calling out Izzy because it's an easier fight. Reyes would kill Jones
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - Month ago
Riots so bad John Jones actually looks like a decent human being that should tell these idiots something
Brother Barbon
Brother Barbon - Month ago
He’s the best so give it to him !
poijupoij - Month ago
Right on Jon Jones!
Bruce Schram
Bruce Schram - Month ago
Jon Jones is still one of the most gifted fighters in MMA
retro1980 - Month ago
Mike Bisbing, the whole Corona thing has been about control and population reduction. Yes let's see what the numbers say after all the socializing.
Sol Stephens
Sol Stephens - Month ago
big up the GOAT
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