Ferrari 458 Stock Exhaust Removal!!

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alex mendoza
alex mendoza - Month ago
Lol you guys are awesome too watch go play games
morland - 3 months ago
10:25 and pause....look at his face. Lol
M8X - 3 months ago
Damn that OG outro got me
Jim The Human
Jim The Human - 3 months ago
No start up?
David Medlin
David Medlin - 3 months ago
FYI those clips you're referencing aren't anything special. They are just standard oetiker clamps and are vastly superior to worm gear clamps for things that you don't need to disassemble on a regular basis.
Jeffrey Sasquatch
Jeffrey Sasquatch - 3 months ago
How did you bypass the BCM/ECM Computer after taking out the Cat System????
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence - 3 months ago
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yeahvin - 3 months ago
That's one hell of a door handle then 😂😂😂
Jesus Esparza
Jesus Esparza - 3 months ago
My civic will dust that car
Kyle Narkiewicz
Kyle Narkiewicz - 3 months ago
Why is Cal so thirsty?
WARRIOR 353 - 3 months ago
WE NEED MORE LOUD....... that grammar lol
Savan Patel
Savan Patel - 3 months ago
New exhaust 11:14
Rye - 3 months ago
WAIT.. wat kind of RARI?
4,, 58!!
James Butterson
James Butterson - 3 months ago
I agree we all need more LOUD 🍁👊😜💨✌
Bristol Supercars
Bristol Supercars - 3 months ago
Those ‘ferrari clamps’ are called oteka clips, most exotic manufacturers use them. The brands I work with all use them.
Ian Luna
Ian Luna - 3 months ago
Have an obnoxiously loud isnt cool just anoying to everybody else
illtress - 3 months ago
Maybe a better name for this channel would be "Calvin actually does shit while Tj poses"...
mrTabascohot - 3 months ago
I need to buy a Ferrari if that is the ass it gets at 10:25
mrTabascohot - 3 months ago
3:15 might want to choose your music more carefully. The sample of the beastie boys in that song could get you flagged.
Reed Greenwood
Reed Greenwood - 3 months ago
No cat.....
“Why I’m moving to Florida”-tj
Łàüñdrÿ bæśk
Łàüñdrÿ bæśk - 3 months ago
“We need more loud” great English
gdog1195 - 3 months ago
You're a f****** b**** you suck
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 3 months ago
#33 on trending
Lydia Rose
Lydia Rose - 3 months ago
my smoker ass giggled at the thumbnail 💀
Death Painful
Death Painful - 3 months ago
Wonder if the Phillipino kid is getting paid?
Yung Tiller
Yung Tiller - 3 months ago
Does anybody know the name of the song playing at 8:10?
Bros Pros and Drones
Bros Pros and Drones - 3 months ago
Personally I don’t mind the smaller/split videos. Just more content to watch and look forward to.
Raul Zambrano
Raul Zambrano - 3 months ago
Yo trending pageeeee let’s go baby !!
Priya Appukuttan
Priya Appukuttan - 3 months ago
Do even pay Calvin
Vybz Tv
Vybz Tv - 3 months ago
Trevor Boots
Trevor Boots - 3 months ago
TJ: Im gonna make my ferrari louder!!
California exhaust law: Am i a joke to you?
Eric Jacobs Holien Bartholomew
Sabrina is fat
Poizon Freak
Poizon Freak - 3 months ago
Isn’t a cat back anything from the cat back including the cat?
ChronicFiend13 - 3 months ago
Why not get a try pod that stands tall
Maxime Ostiguy
Maxime Ostiguy - 3 months ago
''These bolts are so rusted''
**Laughs in Québec**
Ely Soloha
Ely Soloha - 3 months ago
next video: “my Ferrari exhaust caught the car on fire!”
Ciaran Duggan
Ciaran Duggan - 3 months ago
if one of the dogs are female its probably come into heat for the first time! hence the blood.
Arno Deinum
Arno Deinum - 3 months ago
those nips though
FreshlyDriven - 3 months ago
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Chris Collins
Chris Collins - 3 months ago
You should never modify a Ferrari as they are perfectly engined. Still love all your work tj.
classics07 - 3 months ago
Armytrix lol. This video is a huge face palm if you watched AdamLZ and Obsessed Garage install an exhaust on Adams GT3RS, they completely shit on armytrix exhausts and whoever buys them lolol
Joey Lopez
Joey Lopez - 3 months ago
He better start it before putting the new exhaust on
Mario  Santanna
Mario Santanna - 3 months ago
No... no... no.........
Alex Partika
Alex Partika - 3 months ago
Exhaust on the z71? When tj says we have to use a lot of brute force call Dustin
Remy Stern
Remy Stern - 3 months ago
Of course you put an army trix😂 wtf
Brandon Calvert
Brandon Calvert - 3 months ago
I feel like the only car guy in the world who doesn't like loud exhaust. I haven't caught that particular bug
roger tafari
roger tafari - 3 months ago
The fact is you have taken this ferrari from that tin to this,,mostly the two of you,,NO NEGATIVE COMMENT SHALL PROSPER!! I thought you were fucked,,but you are better
Optic Voidd
Optic Voidd - 3 months ago
"This Ferrari is sooo easy to work on"
Trevor Thomas
Trevor Thomas - 3 months ago
Not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way and I’m not sure about your preferences Teej but I would prefer for installs like this if you just make one longer episode that spans over two days with the removal and install in the same video
james melott
james melott - 3 months ago
You are milking the shit out of this thing bro
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