Amateurs vs One-Handed Chef! | Can They Beat a Pro??

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ninga gaming
ninga gaming - 8 hours ago
it said jfred and bobby not bryen
buddy6584 - 2 days ago
Team Edge vs Team Iplier cook off. Who would win?
Lucas Joergensen
Lucas Joergensen - 2 days ago
Plz more chef comps
Ryk- Art
Ryk- Art - 2 days ago
If my sister was with my friend I would slap her
Kaitlin - 3 days ago
Why is no one talking about how gorgeous Bobby’s girlfriend is?!?
Logan Sucks At Games
Logan Sucks At Games - 3 days ago
*Where is the lamb sauce?*
Alexander Willow
Alexander Willow - 3 days ago
Carol Valdez
Carol Valdez - 4 days ago
Bobby has a GIRLFRIEND wow gg i never would have thought
Deron Begay
Deron Begay - 4 days ago
So you mean Bobby is gone
Tgs venom S
Tgs venom S - 5 days ago
Why is j-Fred’s sister Bryan’s wife
Stella Khano
Stella Khano - 5 days ago
Can u do more cooking videos. Please
Jimboi - 5 days ago
BuyableGuitar5 8
BuyableGuitar5 8 - 6 days ago
Bryan is brothers with jfred 已經忘記喔仁愛區完全完全我國
The BaconBen123
The BaconBen123 - 7 days ago
At 10:46 it says J Fred and Bobby
Fortnitefan10 1
Fortnitefan10 1 - 7 days ago
Can u guys do more cooking challenges
Speedy Mgeester
Speedy Mgeester - 8 days ago
Did anybody notice that Brian and j freds team was called j fred and Bobby
Justin Marshall
Justin Marshall - 9 days ago
They didn't even link Chef Aaron's info in the description. That's janky
Gamer Animations
Gamer Animations - 9 days ago
Hahahahahahahahhaha lol
ASD DaBoi - 10 days ago
Click bait
Shane Anema
Shane Anema - 12 days ago
Bryant Wesco
Bryant Wesco - 12 days ago
by far the dirtiest video.. not mess dirty the other dirty
Smeed29 - 12 days ago
NeonDiamond Dylan
NeonDiamond Dylan - 12 days ago
0:06 BUNZ
Hsiao Brothers
Hsiao Brothers - 13 days ago
Gordon Ramsay will flip tables
Chace Lu
Chace Lu - 15 days ago
Wtf. So bias
Ze actual pepew Plet
Ze actual pepew Plet - 15 days ago
Wait BobbY
Catherine West
Catherine West - 15 days ago
Where’s the cheese 😂
سارا سعد ابراهيم العوله
Bobby has a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂
Karen Szerszyn
Karen Szerszyn - 17 days ago
lol u know it said j Fred and bobby not j Fred and BRYAN 😂😂😂😂
Gavin Glenn
Gavin Glenn - 17 days ago
If bobby is the judge why does he need judges?
Nassir Bermudez
Nassir Bermudez - 17 days ago
Did anyone else hear the ahhhhhhh in the background
Matthew Drobek
Matthew Drobek - 18 days ago
Wow, Bobby's girlfriend is gorgeous
l BaconPhoenix231 l
l BaconPhoenix231 l - 18 days ago
Aaron made a burrito not a burger
Alaythia Gesch
Alaythia Gesch - 18 days ago
Ohhhhhhh! Those are the buns! AND THESE ARE TO!!
Pancakes Gaming
Pancakes Gaming - 19 days ago
*Everyone has left the chat*
*Cancer joined the chat*
*Cancer is typing*
Calvin Thor
Calvin Thor - 20 days ago
So think Bryan’s and j Fred’s lost but I thinks there’s was better
DeadPool - 20 days ago
Are you doing to that poor child!
Jerusha Thomas - Oscar Peterson PS (1317)
Bobby: What’s ur name
Lucia: Lucia
Bobby: Who do u thinks gonna win?
Lucia: Papa!
Like what was bobby thinking no offence, but SHES HIS FREAKING DAUGHTER OF COURSE SHE’LL SAY HER PAPA!!!!
Lisa Pelton
Lisa Pelton - 20 days ago
Bobby u should have a kid
Never knew u have wife
Lisa Taing
Lisa Taing - 20 days ago
It is kinda funny because Bobby has a girlfriend but j-Fred doesn’t and j-Fred always makes funny of Bobby
Cryght vaskallion
Cryght vaskallion - 20 days ago
watching how bryan was having the toddler almost falling was a bit nerve racking.
Bryceskii - 21 day ago
Bryan is so rude to Aaron
Jordy Street
Jordy Street - 21 day ago
F in the chat for team edge
Edward The blue engine vlogs
Chef Aaron should come on the channel more often
Bobby: Whats you name
Lucia: lucia
Bobby: who do think is going to win
Lucia: Papa
She means it. It would gad been funny if she said Aaron
Lil Bear
Lil Bear - 22 days ago
3:30 u always that way
Lil Bear
Lil Bear - 22 days ago
Joey is a health hazord
Vilda Charvát
Vilda Charvát - 23 days ago
6:45 is there something wrong :D
Mario Valente
Mario Valente - 23 days ago
Jfreds sister is brains wife!?????!!!!??
Sinan Entwistle
Sinan Entwistle - 23 days ago
llama llamammmaaa
llama llamammmaaa - 23 days ago
1 like= 1 prayer for bobby
Crystal Tham
Crystal Tham - 23 days ago
Bryan is such a amazing dad I can’t even. His daughter is BLESSED
Elite Jd
Elite Jd - 24 days ago
Lol Bryan married J-Fred’s sister
Re Union
Re Union - 24 days ago
Bobhy has a gf? That is the most unbelievable thing ive sseen
Barjo’s Water Adventures
Just me or the chef is stoned
Patricia_23 XD
Patricia_23 XD - 24 days ago
Awww Lucia is so grown up!
Aubreeeeeyyyyy - 24 days ago
There are so many servesafe violations 😂
Elsa Fulbrook
Elsa Fulbrook - 24 days ago
Is that an instant pot with the rice?
markOGF2 - Roblox and More!
10:46 J-Fred and Bobby?!!?
Codee Rogers
Codee Rogers - 24 days ago
The challenge was to make a sushi BURGER which team edge made and chef Aaron didn’t. So therefore team edge wins!!
Killian Paynter
Killian Paynter - 25 days ago
I don’t know what to write

The first word that person is awesome
Tomas Mello
Tomas Mello - 25 days ago
I can cook better than them and im 11
AL Briones
AL Briones - 25 days ago
Bobby has a really nice girlfriend
Abject Storm
Abject Storm - 25 days ago
It looks like they are in Markiplier’s kitchen...
Owen Gilligan
Owen Gilligan - 25 days ago
‘What is the special ingredient that will make this burger better’
🤣 haha 😂
Crunch Boyz
Crunch Boyz - 26 days ago
Does anyone else feel like the judges saying what matters most expresses what they look for in a guy?
Corey Donaldson
Corey Donaldson - 26 days ago
Do a challenge we're the loser gets every soda dumped on there head
Ki Co
Ki Co - 26 days ago
So joey is Brian's brother in law
Marta Cadena
Marta Cadena - 26 days ago
Joe is sick or wat!!!!!!!!!
sugakih - 27 days ago
bryan and his daughter are so cute together oml
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
3:24 Hey look more food
Gaming XD
Gaming XD - 27 days ago
Wait Bobby was a girlfriend?!😮😮😮
James Pollard
James Pollard - 27 days ago
Are you using your color blind editor?
I love Dantdm
I love Dantdm - 28 days ago
Aarons is just sushi not a burger
Trash Content
Trash Content - 28 days ago
why does aaron look stoned
laylaylikespandas - 28 days ago
Adreanna Kaas
Adreanna Kaas - 28 days ago
How are joey and matt so tall and Sarah is so short
Devin cupit
Devin cupit - 28 days ago
3:14 bryan shut up you were the one who put the meat on the cutting board
SilverAce - 29 days ago
Brian: Booooo!! Say boo!
Guohua Liang
Guohua Liang - 29 days ago
I knew that he was gonna pick sushi
An Chau
An Chau - Month ago
The Official SASSY Lemon
Bryan has left the TEAM EDGE chat
The Cat
The Cat - Month ago
Jfred 7:57 what that mouth do
chaotixninja5 - Month ago
Bryan: "The biggest mistake was teaming up with Joey."
Me: "Coming from the guy who lost the cooking match against him."
The Baller Rivera
The Baller Rivera - Month ago
Bryan: You gonna use your pinky?!
Chef Aaron: *cuts with spatula*
Bryan: Dang i thought we had him

Zane burk
Zane burk - Month ago
*Skill* lol that's awesome
Alana Doiron
Alana Doiron - Month ago
What’s your name
Who do u think is gunna win
Kimberly Greubel
Kimberly Greubel - Month ago
The Girls are sooo pretty!!!!
Shawn Hogan
Shawn Hogan - Month ago
The two of them combined can beet gordon "SARCASM"
Diegoreaper75 Gaming
Diegoreaper75 Gaming - Month ago
I love how brian didnt want to eat it cause he thought he'd get sick but he let his wife and daughter eat it 😂😂
Ashley Boyle
Ashley Boyle - Month ago
Danae is so pretty!
whoisbillgates ?
whoisbillgates ? - Month ago
I would definitely rather eat the professional one 😂 sorry guys
child # 2
child # 2 - Month ago
Look at chef arrow he looks so sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Bmx Forever
Bmx Forever - Month ago
I got food poisoning just by watching the video
urboiAngel21 The Boss
urboiAngel21 The Boss - Month ago
I was dying when Bryan threw the paper towel chef Aaron's face 😂😂😂
Dwayne King
Dwayne King - Month ago
Bryan’s little girl is so cute
Karsyn Focht
Karsyn Focht - Month ago
Bobby’s girlfriend is so pretty
ADAM STONE - Month ago
Bobby's girlfriend is hot
ItsMe ItsDark
ItsMe ItsDark - Month ago
...the editor made a lot of mistakes at the end...
It's me Hunter
It's me Hunter - Month ago
Bobby is so lucky
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