This Dream Tiny House Is A Total Game Changer

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Living Big In A Tiny House
It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since we visited Shaye in her original tiny house on wheels. That was our very first tiny house tour! The show has come a long way since then, and so has Shaye's tiny house designs! I hope you enjoy this very special episode! With love, Bryce & Rasa
valérie p
valérie p - 4 hours ago
​@kolluru anjani nithish kumar you have the link to her website in the description, with the prices
Harriet Wilhelmina de Vos
One of the most brilliantly designed homes I've ever seen! Does anyone know where the green shade in the master bedroom is from? Really beautiful and Shaye seems like such an empowered and loving being :)
Elon Must
Elon Must - 15 hours ago
You smashed right?
Doreen Miller
Doreen Miller - Day ago
Absolutely, beautiful! I love kitchen, especially, the sink. Is it an illusion that the last step for the loft is in the walkway to spare bedroom?
lashey fields
lashey fields - Day ago
Loved the video ❤ interested in information on her designs & company thank you. 😊
Star - 10 minutes ago
That's a beautiful home
Michael G Viemeister
Michael G Viemeister - 15 minutes ago
So Shay is single still...right?
Gretchen Tabada
Gretchen Tabada - 54 minutes ago
The best tiny house so far 😃🥂
trish nevermind
trish nevermind - 58 minutes ago
She wants him, so cheeky
rapunzel eh?
rapunzel eh? - Hour ago
best house so far... absolutely stunning - and smart!
Mackieburkee - Hour ago
The way they talked about the necessity of a bedroom mirror.... he was like 😅
Hannah Zander
Hannah Zander - Hour ago
How do I find her tiny house construction company?
Barbara George
Barbara George - Hour ago
I love your house and this is more the design I want love it absolutely beautiful
Mamata Panchal
Mamata Panchal - Hour ago
amazingly superb house... :)
Deborah Schaub
Deborah Schaub - 2 hours ago
I’d love to have her build one for me.... WHERE is the question right now. Her place is SO beautiful and FUNCTIONAL !!!!!!! AMAZING :)
bobby dee
bobby dee - 2 hours ago
Tiny for rich people. Huge for poor people.
ginNaujus - 2 hours ago
Wow...this lady is, springboard diver, creative entrepreneur, and a great eye for being a green landscaping might be her next venture.
Barry Moore
Barry Moore - 2 hours ago
OMG>>> Soooo Sweet!
Barry Moore
Barry Moore - 2 hours ago
So inspiring!
Kaly Elizabeth
Kaly Elizabeth - 3 hours ago
This home is gorgeous!!!!!
SG2010IL - 3 hours ago
Gorgeous home! Really special. Nicely done.
Алексей Прокопов
It's so wonderful!!! Thanks for the video!
Samanta Noguez
Samanta Noguez - 3 hours ago
OMG this is really incredible, amazing.
This is like my dream house, everything is perfect.
Nick MG
Nick MG - 3 hours ago
Maybe Bryce will be moving in ? 😏
ladaela - 4 hours ago
Lady was totally flirtatious with the guy lmbo
Alicia Padilla
Alicia Padilla - 4 hours ago
This is the perfect tiny home I want one exactly like this!
Sienna Scheid
Sienna Scheid - 4 hours ago
Love how the focus is on space instead of storage! The little walls that could have cabinets instead have one shelf with plants. It's amazing and so we'll designed!
mohd sabri a rahman
mohd sabri a rahman - 4 hours ago
Fabiana - 5 hours ago
Beautiful house!!! 🌹🌞🌹
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez - 5 hours ago
My dream home has been built. Do you build homes for clients who live in the U.S.A.?
JJ - 5 hours ago
Love the mirror pantry idea!!! It does look like the outdoors
Ammon Berg
Ammon Berg - 6 hours ago
How much did it cost? Total build costs??
Kankita Sharma
Kankita Sharma - 6 hours ago
I wish we had this kind of builders here in India
Jenavive - 6 hours ago
Wss she hitting on him?
Liliana - 6 hours ago
Perfect location, stunning home. She has an eye for the aesthetic. No wonder why she designs her own line of tiny homes.
Mr. Engineer
Mr. Engineer - 6 hours ago
New subscriber here and Im already loving it
Mr. Engineer
Mr. Engineer - 6 hours ago
New subscriber here. Im already loving it
mase ofspades
mase ofspades - 6 hours ago
why does the host sound superficial and like he's reading off a TelePrompTer.
TheF4kE - 6 hours ago
This house is AMAZING!!! Hands down one of the best I have ever seen!
Milu Kisku
Milu Kisku - 6 hours ago
Is there any tiny house in india?
Ivy Rieger
Ivy Rieger - 7 hours ago
This is the most beautiful tiny house I’ve seen on this channel! Thank you so much for sharing!
Donnique Johnson
Donnique Johnson - 7 hours ago
Omg when she rolled out the toilet, I love this tiny house would definitely live here
Maria Di Domenico
Maria Di Domenico - 7 hours ago
This woman clearly has a realistic view of life and limits a tiny house has. I see so many parents moving into the tiniest houses with kids saying "we will be here untill we retire, we are a close family it will work out" which can be true for a while but kids need privacy too, until a certain point it isnt realistic to share such a tiny space as a family. She gets that and approaches tiny houses in a dynamic way, it has to have the ability to evolve and chance according to your life and circumstances, without having to start from 0.
This is gorgeous and I can tell why she was able to make a business out of this, best tiny house I've ever seen.
Bearcube456 - 7 hours ago
She is so cool!
Carla Radke
Carla Radke - 7 hours ago
Do you not have to deal with bugs when you open up your house? Would be a big problem in US.
M P - 7 hours ago
That bathroom is bigger than my old bedroom! It was 5'x7' because we just put a dry wall to divide the living room lol.
Legal Fiction
Legal Fiction - 7 hours ago
Can i have her phone number, asking for a mate 😜
agentoo7kid2 - 7 hours ago
so beautiful tiny house, peaceful sorrounding ..iloveit!
TENDAI MUTEPFA - 7 hours ago
is she from Zimbabwe coz those are Zim tracksuits remember them from high school
Uthpala Wanniarachchi
Uthpala Wanniarachchi - 8 hours ago
Wow she is so creative! It's like the house is breathing 💚
K Gamer
K Gamer - 8 hours ago
Seriously amazing. Best tiny house I've seen yet.
G MAN - 8 hours ago
Come to Florida and try to build one of those!
U OL - 8 hours ago
Okay. Hands down the finest house I've seen. No matter the size. The garden wall and both bedroom window coverings knocked me out. But everything here is exquisite.
Salsabila Hawa
Salsabila Hawa - 8 hours ago
her kitchen, her shower, I really love them!
laotwins Adventure
laotwins Adventure - 9 hours ago
wow!! i love your house. i love the garden, the flowers and the trees. so much nature. i hope a lot of people get inspired to grow their own vegetables and fruits and self sustainability
Ashbestos - 9 hours ago
What an incredible story! Love that this woman has found peace and joy after a breakup, and earlier struggles with eating
Judie Laraque
Judie Laraque - 9 hours ago
Honestly this doesn’t look like a tiny house. It’s huge.
Jasi Omiri
Jasi Omiri - 9 hours ago
This is inspirational! Examples like these are a constant reminder that we don't need much. Keep it simple. It looks like your own little paradise :)
Piapie - 10 hours ago
S Roberts
S Roberts - 10 hours ago
Wow, well apart from my own jealousy, I have to say this is an absolute triumph of design - to make a house that actually enhances that magical setting, as well as a thing of beauty in itself is simply to be admired. I think the stand-out feature is the woodwork, clearly the work of master craftspeople, but also...the planning (especially the main bedroom), the use of mirrors, the generous verandah, the living roof....
Mina Edwards
Mina Edwards - 10 hours ago
The Best tiny house ever! Stunning!
Jack Fitzsimons
Jack Fitzsimons - 10 hours ago
It doesn't look tiny, not even small.
小鹿 - 10 hours ago
Best layout I've seen yet. If I ever take the plunge and go for a tiny house, I want her (and her mom!) to design it for me. Stunning.
LudaChris - 10 hours ago
shes keen on him
Leo Smith
Leo Smith - 10 hours ago
That’s a monstrous tiny house
alice iomi
alice iomi - 10 hours ago
Beautiful home xxx
Campbells Creek
Campbells Creek - 11 hours ago
Can you please tell us the name of Shaye's tiny house business?
Solange Strutt
Solange Strutt - 11 hours ago
NERO - 11 hours ago
she is proposing haha SHE LIKES YOU
Molly Handtke STUDENT
Molly Handtke STUDENT - 11 hours ago
This is my favorite tiny house, my dream home even the landscape i would love to have and the sliding doors with the projector😭 i love it
Heidi Babb
Heidi Babb - 11 hours ago
What an incredible woman....and that home and lifestyle...
Robert Jaynes
Robert Jaynes - 12 hours ago
am i the only one who thinks 150k is retarted
Lace Legends
Lace Legends - 12 hours ago
Totally worth it I'm sure ( wouldn't he like to know)
Cindy Nelson
Cindy Nelson - 12 hours ago
WHERE are you???
Sonja Von Knoblauch-Lewe
Sonja Von Knoblauch-Lewe - 12 hours ago
Es ist soooo schön bei Euch.
Jane Willow
Jane Willow - 13 hours ago
This is so stunning. And the lady is so graceful and beautiful and positive.
Jeanette Naumiec
Jeanette Naumiec - 13 hours ago
Stunning !
Billi Doddi
Billi Doddi - 13 hours ago
The problem with with using Steal Shipping Contaners
1 they are STEAL BOXES
2 Most have deadly paint
3 You have to build a house inside that STEAL BOX
4 Cutting holes in the Steal Box to Windows Doors Lighting Patios
5 Roofs
When the Total Cost of the Build Would have Been Cheeper if WITHOUT the STEAL BOX
Rafi Rahmani
Rafi Rahmani - 13 hours ago
Loved it
Todd - 13 hours ago
I love the setting. It's really nice.
Also totally digging her accent.
The kiwis have a great accent.
Durgesh B
Durgesh B - 14 hours ago
Earlier I was living with Tom who is now my ex🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Camille Wilkinson
Camille Wilkinson - 14 hours ago
One of the best -if not The Best- tiny home design , layout and aesthetically pleasing space. Really good looking and feeling.
Lily Maria
Lily Maria - 14 hours ago
I've watched all these videos and that is my favourite by far
Ami Punki Ponk
Ami Punki Ponk - 14 hours ago
Woww... Such an incredible home! Really love it
Patricia - 14 hours ago
Beautiful! What an inspiration you are. Rock on...
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