WORST things to hear from your Uber Driver (YIAY #478)

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Diamond Plays
Diamond Plays - 2 hours ago
The worst thing to hear from your uber driver is "why are you in my car?"
FreshSquezedJuice - 5 hours ago
0:36 Skyrim reference?
Arcitek GD
Arcitek GD - Day ago
Love that Jack bites his lips every time he locks the door
MilanTheBossX - Day ago
you have an audi,good choice!
snoozy - Day ago
"Sorry that I seem more sad, my kid has CoronaVirus. I hugged him from sadness when I heard that."
CramberryPie - Day ago
Half the video is an ad wtf
Búi Helgason
Búi Helgason - Day ago
Uber is outlawed in My country... So i can't try these out
Gaviniscool92 - Day ago
Why are we here? What is the point of anything when all we do is suffer?
*speed increases*
Mr Potaato
Mr Potaato - 2 days ago
“Wanna try some of this green stuff?” *Smoke blunt*
Sara Watts
Sara Watts - 2 days ago
I have one:
Ah.... 45th time's the charm!
João Pedro Auriemo
João Pedro Auriemo - 3 days ago
Imagine the pain in the neck Jack must have gotten after filming this one
itzRandom - 3 days ago
When 20 episode is 8 months old
ツPriz - 4 days ago
No No No it’s *cough cough* argh it’s nothing SNEEZE
HEROMANAGER - 4 days ago
Uber Driver: Wanna listen to my music
Me (with headphones): Sure
Him: Plays music
Me: Watches Jacksfilms
MaxFlyman - 4 days ago
¡ǝɹǝH ʅɐǝɥɔᴉꟽ ǝɔnɐsɅ ʻʎǝH
Brian Sear
Brian Sear - 4 days ago
Hey, Vsauce Michel here!
a yellow paper crown
a yellow paper crown - 4 days ago
A Uber driver once gave me his business card for his taekwendo classes and spent the whole ride to talk me into trying taekwendo
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 - 5 days ago
0:26 UwU
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 - 5 days ago
1:34 X3
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 - 5 days ago
1:16 OwO
MuroFN - 5 days ago
1:14 i’m a floofy furry *lock*
veggie straws
veggie straws - 5 days ago
bruh when i was 14 (m) i was taking an uber with my friend (17f) back to our hotel in vegas. he asked if we were twins, said that we are both cute and that he swings both ways. he kept looking at us in the rear view mirror and winking.
Chromeparty - 7 days ago
There's something so bizarre yet hilarious hearing jack say "hello I'm the nostalgia critic" and doing the whole head movement
Andrew the Loser
Andrew the Loser - 7 days ago
demonetizing for no reason #YIAYTUBE
Mason Steele
Mason Steele - 7 days ago
Uber doesn’t sound right yuber better
ItsQueenJazz - 7 days ago
''Its to late now''
Mr Beefloaf
Mr Beefloaf - 7 days ago
i’ve never been to oova java
DrMulkis - 8 days ago
Uber is when medic right click
Charlie Dunn
Charlie Dunn - 8 days ago
“I have laffy taffy in the pocket “door locks”
Aaron Sam
Aaron Sam - 8 days ago
Man that's a really cool Audi ya got there
Nienay Leven
Nienay Leven - 9 days ago
0:36 john didn’t get the Skyrim ref I’m sad
xXGIMpL0rdXx - 10 days ago
1/2 the vid's an ad. Are you proud?
仲間死・ - 10 days ago
0:18 maybe the Uber was a friend of your dad and he was there for your very first steps
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 11 days ago
The driver that asked you to sit up front, probably was Australian
Tadomeku-chan - 15 days ago
Milos Vandelanoitte
Milos Vandelanoitte - 15 days ago
00:37 you were trying to cross the border, right?
Minja Matović
Minja Matović - 15 days ago
You know what's the worst thing to hear from an Uber driver? Yesterday I asked you
Owen Fitzmaurice
Owen Fitzmaurice - 16 days ago
1:10 Erin and i
uwu ` uwu `
uwu ` uwu ` - 16 days ago
0:36 👉🏻👈🏻
Beanie Sloth
Beanie Sloth - 17 days ago
#YIAYtube : today we will be
ninga 4 u anonymous
ninga 4 u anonymous - 17 days ago
I've never been to uber javer
grecu leanu
grecu leanu - 18 days ago
Yo it's been 7 months already?
YouTube that who created YouTube
Person: *gets into uuber* You the uuber?
"Uuber driver": What's uuber?.......... *locks doors*
Mr. Tin
Mr. Tin - 18 days ago
I wouldn't want the uber driver to talk to me.
I am *LEGAL*
I am *LEGAL* - 20 days ago
Rush Drag
Rush Drag - 20 days ago
0:37 Jack, how on earth do you not get the joke smh
waffle is bored
waffle is bored - 20 days ago
Your pfp haunts me...
Fazbear K1ng
Fazbear K1ng - 20 days ago
when the kids bop one came on my mom just said “ew”
Mate Monostori
Mate Monostori - 20 days ago
Me: *gets into car*
My Uber: " hey do you use NordVPN? I use it every time I go online, and the best thing is: you get 1 month free if you search upthe link on the seat next to you
Livibeckk - 20 days ago
Coronavirus infected people: I SURE AM
Drawing with Peter
Drawing with Peter - 21 day ago
Pfft this mfer be driving an Audi a1
Ian E
Ian E - 21 day ago
This will forever be the best Yiay
Oliver Mercury
Oliver Mercury - 21 day ago
No one:
Coach Steve in Season 3 Credits:
CYBER1PUNK - 21 day ago
I write music and I only post my shit online, tell my close friends, and if people ask. It’s annoying otherwise and I fucking hate it
RX Julz
RX Julz - 21 day ago
The best social platform
Realistic Froggy Chair
Realistic Froggy Chair - 21 day ago
imagine seeing a random dude talking about nord vpn at a Walmart parking lot alone in his car
Soper Frazzy
Soper Frazzy - 21 day ago
Imagine walking past this car and you just see some idiot with a camera on a tripod on his backseat repeatedly turning around to say some stupid line to the camera.
yung sunchips
yung sunchips - 22 days ago
I feel like he didn’t get the hey you you’re awake
Drake Brown
Drake Brown - 22 days ago
2:09 No jack, no I am not
Semicolin - 22 days ago
#YIAYtube HAHAHA funny cat videos
UnBlue - 23 days ago
"Are you doing any traveling this season?"
No, I can't.
Causative Desert
Causative Desert - 23 days ago
Bryson Williams
Bryson Williams - 23 days ago
Is YouTube one word?
Katherine Tran
Katherine Tran - 24 days ago
A weird thing is when they say ‘’ Get in the the car, the cops are coming’’ and (from same guy)
‘’ Don’t stain the car, this isn’t mine’’.
Staer ‘
Staer ‘ - 24 days ago
I feel like the doors locking could be apart of any of these
Austin BOEY
Austin BOEY - 24 days ago
Rich Boi
The Car is Audi A5
Taylor Hill
Taylor Hill - Month ago
If my uber driver was nostalgia critic then chances are I would've already had the car bomb planted by then.
Gaming Villa
Gaming Villa - Month ago
Demonize adverts meme porn
Cups on my ears
Cups on my ears - Month ago
didnt ask, dont care.
Eric Dowling
Eric Dowling - Month ago
Me: are you my driver?
Person in car: yep!
**phone 5 mins later** : Your driver has arrived!
Nash Foox
Nash Foox - Month ago
nickelback on the radio
moneyhoarder123 - Month ago
2 minutes of video
2 minutes of sponsor
Monkey Man
Monkey Man - Month ago
Wow Uber eats custumors are so strange like I heard this ones a cannibal
TheShadowKydd - Month ago
I'm so glad I got my license back after getting it suspended after reckless driving
Man those were some good beers.
SwissSauce - Month ago
0:36 I think he got the wrong idea with this one
Silly Billy
Silly Billy - Month ago
2:00 was the worst thing to hear
AlaTom - Month ago
Describe YouTube
"YouTube is the best"
Im! Alvin
Im! Alvin - Month ago
“I have never went to oovoo jaava”
Admiral Hajaan
Admiral Hajaan - Month ago
I have never cringed so hard on an jacksfilms video
Smooc - Month ago
"wow, those are really big"
AHappyLittlePotato - Month ago
The videos fine yeah but
I didn’t not notice that KidzBop Album you bought
Casual Walrus
Casual Walrus - Month ago
me watching this video over and over because im featured in it
paddydoodle xx9
paddydoodle xx9 - Month ago
Morgz 3 am memes Fortnite
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