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NikkieTutorials - Year ago
*O..M..G.. who wants to try this foundation??* 🤯
Sofia Costello
Sofia Costello - 11 days ago
Gay potato
Gay potato - 15 days ago
I bought it at Ulta and I am shade Bali and I love it!!
Sheyla Engeli
Sheyla Engeli - Month ago
Eva Grekoussi
Eva Grekoussi - 2 months ago
gigi_ c
gigi_ c - 3 months ago
Just bought it for myself. Can't wait to get that and my P Louise!
Hanjeley Rico leyva
Thats awesome
{Čøøkîęš} Gãčhå
Oh my god I'm a year late to this video but the foundation she's using has the same name as me 😂😂 it's pronounced Isla the s is silent so really it's ila
I am so sorry for your little brother 😔☹️ God bless you and your family as well.
Hi Hello
Hi Hello - 2 days ago
Rory Mercury
Rory Mercury - 3 days ago
Comin back to this over a year later to say that I use the foundation for stage makeup and it's... it's just amazing. I wouldn't have even known about this if it wasn't for this video and you've completely changed my theatrical game sis thank you
Merry jane Lubbers
Merry jane Lubbers - 4 days ago
I did just order mine!! I love your makeup tutorial so much!!
Isabella M
Isabella M - 5 days ago
Love your hair style here! ..and shirt
Tia Martinez
Tia Martinez - 6 days ago
@16:09 and you WERE THE HOST the next year.. look at you, luv! 🥰💜
Emily Cornwall
Emily Cornwall - 7 days ago
Nikkie's pores have left the chat.
Onica Ales
Onica Ales - 8 days ago
“This foundation can cover beauty community drama” I need this after watching Tati’s video... Please Nicki please stay away from drama and JS I dont want you to get heart broken.... Im okay being broke but I will not be okay if you get your heart broken. I love you! Just have fun playing with make ups 😊❤️❤️❤️
Lauren Hasbargen
Lauren Hasbargen - 8 days ago
“oh my flipping flip flops”
jackal242 - 9 days ago
21:49 "And here is the winning comment". She points to no comment. No graphic. No screenshot. She forgot to actually put in the winning comment.
Asra Levi Zany Lee
Asra Levi Zany Lee - 11 days ago
You should try LMX makeup- Little mix
jeon taehyung
jeon taehyung - 11 days ago
deepak phade
deepak phade - 12 days ago
You look really happy and positive and
I wanted ask you that what thing can make you really sad and disappointed
deepak phade
deepak phade - 12 days ago
I love your colourful hair clips you wear different in every video
I am waiting for your videos to see what hair clip you are wearing
your gbf george
your gbf george - 15 days ago
Get you a man who will always compliment your makeup
•DARK BEAR• - 15 days ago
i dont live in france but i will travel there for you and donate 100 dollars for cancer patients. i give you prayers!!
Kiara Wright
Kiara Wright - 15 days ago
What is the brush you use for bronzer called?
Nazifa Tabassum
Nazifa Tabassum - 17 days ago
But the user reviews in ulta is terrifying 🥺🥺🥺
But I love it
Manon Cere
Manon Cere - 19 days ago
Just bought it !! Hopefully it works as well on me! :D
Noshin Khan
Noshin Khan - 19 days ago
Ur brother 🥺
Annoying PotatoeZ UwU
Annoying PotatoeZ UwU - 19 days ago
Who laughs at their own pain, I do
Cheshire Ket
Cheshire Ket - 20 days ago
AAA ITS JUVIAS. I'M SOLD. their eyeshadows are the only things tht show up on my skin
Faith Casas
Faith Casas - 23 days ago
Is it just me or is Nikki a model
nimra abid
nimra abid - 23 days ago
Such a beautiful person 14:41 ❤
Kathryn Mo
Kathryn Mo - 23 days ago
Oh my gosh! More coverage please!! 🙏🏻❤️☺️
Liana H
Liana H - 23 days ago
I want nikkie hair tutorials ❤️❤️
Mindy Kloos
Mindy Kloos - 24 days ago
Een vraag .. ik heb deze foundation ook na het zien van deze video en ik ben zeer tevreden . Alleen bij zweten vind ik het niet zo een goede .
Een goede foundation die waterproof is . Welke is goed ???
Eszter - 25 days ago
I donated. Thank you Nikkie.
Crystal Tiara goode
Crystal Tiara goode - 25 days ago
Conspiracy theory:
Nikkie is the real owner of Juvia’s place thats why their product is a bomb.

Jk dont take it seriously
Siobhan Powell
Siobhan Powell - 25 days ago
So you had to mix 2 shades to get your shade?
Katie Reinighaus
Katie Reinighaus - 28 days ago
Just bought it!! As of June 10th, 2020 this foundation is 50% off on their website!!! I'm a fair German and just ordered shade 540
¡Cosmos GardenGacha!
¡Cosmos GardenGacha! - 28 days ago
Your speech on cancer donation made me cry😭😭 I hope we raise a lot of money❤❤
Victoria xo
Victoria xo - 29 days ago
16:05 OMG she spoke it into existence 😂
Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen - Month ago
I love Nikki! Love you girl!
Akãchará - Month ago
You look amaaaaazinggg
Marijana Makuljevic
Marijana Makuljevic - Month ago
Do you know which foundation shade she is actually using? Isla or Bali? 🤔
JL2805 - Month ago
Nikki talking about her bother: 😢

Mia Manus
Mia Manus - Month ago
Please send me this 😢😂I’m from South Africa we don’t have any full coverage like this 👏🏻
sangeeta ratri
sangeeta ratri - Month ago
I love you nikkie
Abegail Ma
Abegail Ma - Month ago
Can u plz do a hair tutorial!!!
Jesús Ortiz
Jesús Ortiz - Month ago
My grandmother died with 67 bc of cancer so I understand you :’)
Bappa Biswas
Bappa Biswas - Month ago
What is the name of the foundation
Kelly Jellybean
Kelly Jellybean - Month ago
I would love if she did a full face using only Juvia's Place products!
Jaydia Munoz
Jaydia Munoz - Month ago
4:06 she got bounce happy 🤣🤣
Hannah J
Hannah J - Month ago
i just bought it i'm obsessed with your presentation of the foundation!!
Nilar Win
Nilar Win - Month ago
she mentioned Blackpink and i hope the near future she said would come soon❤
Rabi Huda
Rabi Huda - Month ago
Ur the best nikkie
Marilin Lollalolla
Marilin Lollalolla - Month ago
She has perfect teeth👀
Samiha Rahman Marjan
Samiha Rahman Marjan - Month ago
You looking Like a cute
Myah Nevaeh
Myah Nevaeh - Month ago
Bruhhh it’s 16 dollars
k p
k p - Month ago
I like how excited you are about this foundation. I'm sorry for your loss.
Tooba mohammed
Tooba mohammed - Month ago
When she said “it becomes one” I thought she was gonna say it becomes skin
Lola L-T
Lola L-T - Month ago
Omg you are getting affiliated with BLACKPINK? Omg i love them i am so happy for uuuu
Lucy Camsell
Lucy Camsell - Month ago
Throw back to when The Netherlands did win the Eurovision contest! So sad it couldn’t happen this year and I hope you’ll be part of it next year too!!!
iam atoaster
iam atoaster - Month ago
That is AWESOME!
Which reminds me, I really need to paint my house this summer.
Keri N
Keri N - Month ago
You are so gorgeous!!! I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your brother.
TeTea - Month ago
I'm so jealous that this is only 20$ in USA..... It's almost double the price in my country and you can't just go buy it in a store.
Zayda Howard
Zayda Howard - Month ago
Wow looks beautiful as always
trailer park queen
trailer park queen - Month ago
I'm very impressed thank you for sharing
Valerie Thibeault
Valerie Thibeault - Month ago
"Dermacol has left the chat." XD
california poppyseed
california poppyseed - Month ago
as a big sister who adores her little brother watching you talk about your brother and get emotional really hits me hard and no im not crying totally not my eyes are just sweating
Marlene Castro
Marlene Castro - Month ago
What shade were you wearing ?
Eline Voorthuijsen
Eline Voorthuijsen - Month ago
Hey your amazing je moet vaker een staart in doen met 2 plukjes los dat staat geweldig 👏😘❤️
Nicole Pillot
Nicole Pillot - Month ago
“Dermacol has left the chat” i’m just dying 😂
Erika Renne
Erika Renne - Month ago
F in the chat for dermacol
Doggos are Nice
Doggos are Nice - Month ago
Tbh I don’t like beauty gurus that much but I love watching nikkie
Brandi Shafer
Brandi Shafer - Month ago
We need more reviews done on women that have wrinkles and not so perfect skin lol
Heaven - 2 months ago
Nikkie you being able to talk about you loosing your brother to cancer helps me cope with my family and I loosing my father to liver cancer that spread to his bones and colon. Thank you for being an inspiration for years.🙏🏻💖💗
Alexandra. That’s me
Alexandra. That’s me - 2 months ago
Michaella Seale
Michaella Seale - 2 months ago
Tea Time
Tea Time - 2 months ago
It’s just a velvet soft journey.....
Jay. Maier
Jay. Maier - 2 months ago
She’s jungshook!
Eli Padilla
Eli Padilla - 2 months ago
honey you are a super model!
YANIE TUBE - 2 months ago
I'm a Blink and a glowbaby😍😍
Xue Li
Xue Li - 2 months ago
A year after this video, and i'm here watching what i missed. I learned applying make up because of you.❤️❤️❤️
JenJenMusicLver - 2 months ago
Would you say this is still your all time favourite foundation? I'm looking to invest and like you have an oily t zone yet dry everywhere else so stay away from Matt.
JenJenMusicLver - 2 months ago
Omg I love Eurovision xx
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