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S.hunt42 - Hour ago
Serious... you put Keemstar in there, Tana Mongol. Freaking Ali-A, Logan Paul... where the F is Idubbbz?
Kathryn M
Kathryn M - 11 hours ago
4:34 “Kobe” rest in peace
adam djelic
adam djelic - 12 hours ago
ndogninja - 21 hour ago
“Kobe Mrbeast”
That didn’t age well
ndllaw ndllaw
ndllaw ndllaw - 21 hour ago
Is anyone here when Coby and his daughter died in a helicopter crash? Honestly, I was crying for hours
Snipezz YT
Snipezz YT - 23 hours ago
4:25 anyone watching video AGAIN when Kobi Bryant is dead like today he died😫😖🤧😵😮
Place Marius yt 58
Place Marius yt 58 - Day ago
U said kobe not for kobe
Josh Laake
Josh Laake - Day ago

It was at this moment Nathan new he fucked up
El Jefe 1404
El Jefe 1404 - Day ago
Rip kobe?
That Gamin Guy
That Gamin Guy - Day ago
I come back to this video for a reason u guys saying (Kobe) today Kobe’s passing was a tragedy and it is mine and hopefully clicks behalf too say THANKYOU Kobe for everything
Could somebody explain the last 1 minute of the video
Jacob Ortiz
Jacob Ortiz - Day ago
Today’s the day that Kobe Bryant passed away... hearing that say “ Kobe” is so sad 😔
Shashwami void
Shashwami void - 5 hours ago
I was in the comment section for comment like that
LP Flavin
LP Flavin - Day ago
Its for Kobe now
Elite_Blaze -Beast-_-yt
I got sad when Lannan went “Kobe!”
Ari Frankel
Ari Frankel - Day ago
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox - 2 days ago
Next time add Ali a lol
Clarence Marco Banaga
Clarence Marco Banaga - 2 days ago
Huh whats going on guys +bass boosted yay
Dev Patel
Dev Patel - 3 days ago
Are these guys like the knock off sidemen?
Pally Cookies
Pally Cookies - 5 days ago
18:09 so cray and tannar are dating?!
Tato08gamers Ags
Tato08gamers Ags - 6 days ago
Bazz is lowkey funny
Rackno Poopoo
Rackno Poopoo - 6 days ago
Cray dresses like a buff woman
DaRk_MJB - 2 days ago
Rackno Poopoo LMAOO
Makena Dahir
Makena Dahir - 6 days ago
cody co was cancelled tho
Makena Dahir
Makena Dahir - 6 days ago
david dobrik cries all the time wtf
Bäg Brady
Bäg Brady - 7 days ago
4:54 cray is going hard my gosh
Yiannis Solomos
Yiannis Solomos - 8 days ago
PGS_ IMPUL3E - 8 days ago

Me scared of Trisha's pictures
Exe Dave
Exe Dave - 7 days ago
PGS_ IMPUL3E me too
Carmen Eguireun
Carmen Eguireun - 9 days ago
What fuckin cheats. Bitches they make me so mad my god
Animal Addiction
Animal Addiction - 9 days ago
Nice job political joke got the dislike
Johnny Huxley
Johnny Huxley - 9 days ago
Where’s marcus
Crittorian - 12 days ago
At 6:55 did anyone else see the saliva come out of Elliot’s mouth hahaha
Bilzy29 - 12 days ago
Muselk when this is live:
“MrBeast uploads twice a week”
Me 3 months after the upload:

BiscuitGaming - 12 days ago
Idk why they left Jacksepticeye up on people who flex their wealth
John Jordan
John Jordan - 12 days ago
What’s going on guys?
Dylan Saypol
Dylan Saypol - 12 days ago
XxPokemonDudexX - 13 days ago
Swa Pra
Swa Pra - 14 days ago
I thot James Charles was cancelled xD
andrew marcey
andrew marcey - 14 days ago
the person on the stairs 9:36
Plush Actor
Plush Actor - 14 days ago
I hate James charles
Kryllen Leger
Kryllen Leger - 14 days ago
Jacksepticeye never plugs his merch
Johnathon Yang
Johnathon Yang - 15 days ago
When cray says succubus he is talking about a demon from konosuba and me and cray both watch anime so we know
Toasted Chews
Toasted Chews - 15 days ago
Fruity and Cray are my favorite YouTubers
owen gregory
owen gregory - 15 days ago
6:47 if you look closely elliot spat
W4ŘĮŚ :P - 15 days ago
SharkOnFNAF - 15 days ago
And thats origin of the James Charles photo in LazarBeam's channel...
Isabella Malcholm
Isabella Malcholm - 15 days ago
im taking this one, im gonna cheat on tannnar 18:08
Blake Diez
Blake Diez - 15 days ago
Why lannan hates lelepons?
Vault boy 21
Vault boy 21 - 16 days ago
Mr beast can flex his money cause he keeps giving it away
Briana Molina
Briana Molina - 16 days ago
Wait cray and tanner should date so lannan will be mad
Sigurd Klev
Sigurd Klev - 16 days ago
Briana Molina f u
Lewis Biggs
Lewis Biggs - 16 days ago
Bring back Marcus
_ Raccoon_YT
_ Raccoon_YT - 17 days ago
Yo lanette I’ll be yo sis I love yo willie 🐶🍆
Henry Strom
Henry Strom - 17 days ago
They cheated
Lionsfan 217
Lionsfan 217 - 17 days ago
So does that mean that Lahan is gay. Idk how to spell his name.
You Won't Know My Name
You Won't Know My Name - 16 days ago
You mean Lannan? No, he straight Pretty sure they're all straight
Blaise Darmaga
Blaise Darmaga - 17 days ago
Mr beast used to do gaming a long time ago right ????????.
Matthew 181
Matthew 181 - 18 days ago
Crayator mixes 2 great things, vocal music and the bungie game Halo
Jacey Cook
Jacey Cook - 18 days ago
They both said there guess
Desert Shark
Desert Shark - 18 days ago
Dec 7, 1941. A day which will live, in infamy. The United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked, by the Empire of Japan

Franklin. D. Roosevelt
Kosmas Allen
Kosmas Allen - 20 days ago
Mě. Beat Is beter then you
TheZGamer - 20 days ago
both teams cheated I mean one was obvious but fruity at the end looking at your board when you had 3 left knowing that theirs was still up because the constant we may have picked the same. It just narrowed it down to those 3 like how did noone notice that
Mean Spider
Mean Spider - 20 days ago
How did the teams switch
James McDaid
James McDaid - 20 days ago
Lol Lannan cheated 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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