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Jason Baas
Jason Baas - 2 days ago
I came here for Mrbeast
Zac Hollibaugh
Zac Hollibaugh - 3 days ago
elliot has been studing if you know what i mean
Thelegend Suhas8000
Thelegend Suhas8000 - 6 days ago
where is marcus
Luke Barbour
Luke Barbour - 6 days ago
“mrbeast doesn’t make gaming videos!”
that didn’t age well
Ldawg 1345
Ldawg 1345 - 7 days ago
Lannan: says it is common sense to hate trump
Also Lannan: owns a MAGA hat 😆
Gabe scoots Yt
Gabe scoots Yt - 8 days ago
Lazar: mr beast would kill me on trending
Mrbeast: ima bout end this mans whole career
AAYUSH SARAWGI - 8 days ago
lanan: mr beast doesnt make gaming videos otherwise he would have demolished me
mr beast: well you have welcomed your own demolishion

mr beast: makes a gaming channel which is on track to catch up with lanan's in less than a year
The Bros
The Bros - 8 days ago
y does click not upload anymore
Cool Kid Squid
Cool Kid Squid - 9 days ago
Wait, MrBeastGaming doesn’t exist?
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix - 9 days ago
Can this comment get 69 likes?
Trenton Mulherin
Trenton Mulherin - 14 days ago
Where is Marcus
Xavier Suwena
Xavier Suwena - 14 days ago
Why does tanner look 6 months pregnant
vlad horga
vlad horga - 16 days ago
Grumpy Grumpy
Grumpy Grumpy - 19 days ago
Mr beast doesn’t make gaming videos
Couple months later: mr beast gaming is official
Corgi - 20 days ago
18:51 To be continued dun dun dun dun dun dun...
Fox Games
Fox Games - 22 days ago
“ Mr beast doesn’t do gaming” oh just you what
Ali - 24 days ago
They never asked then most basic question are the a female or a male
sweet _
sweet _ - 25 days ago
Me like 👁👄👁 in the comments to see if any of those YouTubers commented
Tasty Bubbles
Tasty Bubbles - 25 days ago
We need more stuff to click on
Bubble nugget
Bubble nugget - 29 days ago
Wait how did they cheat?
Andrews Awesomeness
Andrews Awesomeness - Month ago
Where’s marcus
Sam PvP
Sam PvP - Month ago
Wtf cray hahahahahahaahahaahahahaaahahahahahah
Sam PvP
Sam PvP - Month ago
Cray putting 1 down at a time hahahahahaahah
Britton Patee
Britton Patee - Month ago
Mr.Beast now makes gaming videos
Team Molic
Team Molic - Month ago
Pasco Thompsonaylward
Pasco Thompsonaylward - Month ago
Lanan: mr. beast doesn’t game
2020:mrbeast gaming
George Muldowney
George Muldowney - Month ago
Wait til lannan finds mr beast gaming
taylorsurge - Month ago
lannan i couldn’t agree more on that common knowledge american political comment!
Aaron Botvinik
Aaron Botvinik - Month ago
Bazza: Does Mr Beast do gaming videos?
Lannan: No Mr beast doesn’t do gaming videos:
5 months after this vid comes out Mr Beast starts Mr Beast gaming
angel k
angel k - Month ago
art with me
art with me - Month ago
bazz looks so tall compear to lannan
Raichu Plays
Raichu Plays - Month ago
Bazza: has MrBeast made gaming videos
Lannan: no
Also Lannan: in the 1v1 with MrBeast he said his channel was a gaming channel at first
F0XY_R4W - Month ago
My favorite part is 13:39
Jay Simkhada
Jay Simkhada - Month ago
Lanan: Mr Beast does not have gaming videos because he would crush me in trending.
Me: (8 months later) Mr Beast is crushing you in trending. Check out Mr Beast gaming.
BurrSzn. - Month ago
Alexandrah Deuz
Alexandrah Deuz - Month ago
Mrbeast has a gaming channel now
ThatWierdGaming Kid
ThatWierdGaming Kid - Month ago
My ultimate Aussie YT showdown
LazarBeam vs Muselk

Lazarbeam wins
Gameblox #1
Gameblox #1 - Month ago
When l
Tanner asked does lele pins do make up Lazar bean said idk who watches her. I felt so attacked
Taylor Gray
Taylor Gray - Month ago
Lol the fact that they aren’t playing the game right is driving me insane 😂
Registered NooB
Registered NooB - Month ago
Why do they never ask if it’s a boy or girl
Turbo-Energy - Month ago
And thats how they won
Turbo-Energy - Month ago
I love how it wasnt there turn to guess amd they did
ZSG Dark-Phoenix1001
ZSG Dark-Phoenix1001 - Month ago
I’m a guy but can I be Lazars sister
micheal_ j4cks0n
micheal_ j4cks0n - Month ago
Cray, Elliot and Lu Fu watching this back to realise Tannar, Lannan and Bass cheeted like: 👁️👄👁️
brynn sweeney
brynn sweeney - Month ago
I'm watching this in 2020 rip Kobe
Kabir Bedi
Kabir Bedi - Month ago
13:04 should’ve guessed it
Kitty Gamer
Kitty Gamer - Month ago
i miss them
Rajveer Samra
Rajveer Samra - Month ago
Shouldn’t the first question u guys say be “is it a boy or a girl”
Archos Nachos
Archos Nachos - Month ago
Lufu literally saw the last one before. Not really fair
Hailey Satnarine
Hailey Satnarine - Month ago
i love how lannan defends his sis
Monkey Explorer
Monkey Explorer - Month ago
Lazarbeam:no Mr beast does not make gaming videos
Mr beast gaming:I think it's time for me to make. An antrance
1000 Subs Without a Video Challenge
Lazarbeam: “No, Mr. Beast doesn’t have a gaming channel”
Mr. Beast (2020): “Wanna bet?”
Maria Vergara
Maria Vergara - Month ago
For real where's Markiplier coryxkenshin and DanTDM
CGTV2211 - Month ago
Spirit Lazar
Spirit Lazar - Month ago
Mrbeast doesn’t flex he’s being the nicest man alive
David Campbell
David Campbell - Month ago
Mr.beast does have a gaming channel
IG Gallatic
IG Gallatic - Month ago
Meanwhile mr.beast made a gaming channel
meireles guibunda
meireles guibunda - Month ago
Notice how muselk spits at 6:48😂😂
DHB_offical gaming
DHB_offical gaming - Month ago
Go to 18:09 Cray says I am going to cheat on tannar🤔
Hi There
Hi There - Month ago
Who else was surprised they didn’t didn’t ask if they were male or female
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin - Month ago
Love how Elliot spits after first round!!!
SlyBoyMaster1 YT
SlyBoyMaster1 YT - Month ago
Doesn’t Mr Beast have a Channel called Mr Beast Gaming (RIP Lazarbeam trending)
OriginalSyndicate - Month ago
6:45 elliot spat at lannan
Fynn - Month ago
Bazz sounds like my grandad so when im at the house and i hear bazz im like “YEAH?”
Stubby 3
Stubby 3 - Month ago
Lannan: If MrBeast had a gaming channel he would demolish me on trending
MrBeast: You have no idea how right you are
Jacob__55 - 2 months ago
Spicy 2
Spicy 2 - 2 months ago
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones - 2 months ago
Mr. Beast now that he has a gaming channel is on trending every video. Lannon "😢😭"
Charlie Deltondo
Charlie Deltondo - 2 months ago
Dribble guy 6:45
Wip with naynay29224 gaming
Y does X-rays legs and shoes looks like hello neighbor
Madison Cumberland
Madison Cumberland - 2 months ago
Anyone still watch these vids
Siddhant Gupta
Siddhant Gupta - 2 months ago
i watch lele
Cman 5864
Cman 5864 - 2 months ago
I love you loser fruit
Vortex psycho
Vortex psycho - 2 months ago
Succubus is on porn hüb
DVS Bear
DVS Bear - 2 months ago
Who’s that in the back 9:17
Natasha Merline
Natasha Merline - 2 months ago
Who tf is Emma Cham... Something??
RTG Forest
RTG Forest - 2 months ago
OGO7 - 2 months ago
Lmao now Mr. Beast makes gaming videos
Liam Miller
Liam Miller - 2 months ago
mr beast now kills lazerbeam on trending :(
Evan Stacey
Evan Stacey - 2 months ago
Mr beast makes gaming video his channel is mr beast gaming
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous - 2 months ago
12:56 no one is gonna talk about cray's singing
Kian Talbot
Kian Talbot - 2 months ago
whos david dobrek
Thomas Johannessen
Thomas Johannessen - 2 months ago
11:05 when tannar said how dose it feel to lose when she lost the first round
Elderball YT
Elderball YT - 2 months ago
Elliott:We have all your favorite you tubers Me: Alright where is Ssundee
hyunmin park
hyunmin park - 2 months ago
some one should have a gender
RUBY YEET 2009 - 2 months ago
It’s my bday in 7 days I’m turning 11
CollectiveWRLD - 2 months ago
shhhh, no one tell them that when the other team guesses correctly, the other team gets to take a guess on who they picked, if they got it, then they tie and they dont get points
Harvey Downes
Harvey Downes - 2 months ago
Logen did do vines
BrettPlayZ - 2 months ago
lufu flat, tannar thicccc
chadlee seguros
chadlee seguros - 2 months ago
6:46 is no one gonna talk about elliott spitting
Saints Superfan
Saints Superfan - 2 months ago
By the way mrbeast has a gaming channel
Cruz Martinez
Cruz Martinez - 2 months ago
tanner and gray
Belllaiscute - 2 months ago
15:34 17:02
Kapriella - 2 months ago
Me beast does do gaming channels
A.k.a MrBeast Gaming
SuperFlame66 - 2 months ago
9:37 i love how grace was just on the stairs
Christian Fotu
Christian Fotu - 2 months ago
Why didn't they ask a question about their gender!?
Like WTF!
I am not Sure about that chief
Does beast have a gaming channel yes he has gotten a idea
Arad Moscovitz
Arad Moscovitz - 2 months ago
When they said mr. Beast doesn't make gaming videos
Peaple in 2020:😤
Razorect - 2 months ago
13:00 Mebeast is now making gaming videos and killing Lannan on trending
Ye Boi
Ye Boi - 2 months ago
13:02 7months later
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