100 Greatest Plays: Numbers 70-61 | NFL 100

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NFL Films
NFL Films - Month ago
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Mike Weber
Mike Weber - 5 days ago
2:55 68 Randy Moss Lateral!
4:32 67 Brett Favre’s Miracle TD!
7:04 65 Adrian Peterson Stiff Arms Browns!
Hman wheez
Hman wheez - 10 days ago
Nice one Vick! Killer play dog!
TheNumberQuelve - 11 days ago

2000s Falcons: "welp, looks like our quarterback just pulled off an unbelievable walk-off miracle touchdown run again.
*yawn* "
smokeLs33 - 16 days ago
How bout T.O. wit the blocks on Garrison Hearst td.. damn
Oscar Joseph
Oscar Joseph - 17 days ago
Who thinks Ed reed looks like Joel embied ?
Michael Leroy
Michael Leroy - 17 days ago
Who's Greg Lewis?
bcallero - 17 days ago
That amazing Garrison Hearst run is perpetually underrated. It's one of the top 10 touchdown runs ever.
F4TE_winter YT
F4TE_winter YT - 17 days ago
12:11 when your mom is chasing you with a belt
Andrew Breeding
Andrew Breeding - 18 days ago
Farves play was amazing that’s a top 20
The Big Dawg
The Big Dawg - 18 days ago
The Vikings announcer is the best.
ecchiraku - 19 days ago
How is some stupid Willie Brown pick 6 a better play than Favre literally throwing the ball 60 yards to a reciever who barely had two feetin???
A stupid pick 6 over the game winning play?! You have got to be kidding me.
Travis Lindberg
Travis Lindberg - 21 day ago
Farve to Lewis situation is the greatest sports play ever, period...and that is was and will be.
MightyManotaur22 - 21 day ago
Oh man that Randy Moss play should be higher. Crazy play.
#5 - 22 days ago
8:27 it says Week 18. You guys sure about that?
Connor Conant
Connor Conant - 22 days ago
69 needs to be way higher.
Sperry Springer
Sperry Springer - 23 days ago
I’ll never forget the Michael Vick play , I remember watching that on tv as a kid on a game break highlight
Alex Rekdahl
Alex Rekdahl - 19 days ago
I watched it on TV live, was a freshman in high school. Problem is that I'm a Vikings fan. One of the lowest moments ever for our defense... SMH they were so bad in the late 90s and early 2000s. Wasted Randy Moss' prime along with Culpepper's.
Leon - 23 days ago
Vick came a long way. Classy dude now.
1perfectstrangerr - 24 days ago
Favre hangs a 40 yd laser beam on a rope and hits he WR the only possible place it coukd be thrown and its play 67..???
MY LITTLE PITBULL - 24 days ago
Can you do top 10 dogs murdered by Michael Vick
phillyeaglesphan - 24 days ago
Old Man Willie at 61 is a god damn travesty.
Arnold May II
Arnold May II - 24 days ago
That Peterson run is spectacular!!
Justin Serda
Justin Serda - 24 days ago
Are we just going to ignore that Week 18 graphic at 8:27 ?
FlyEaglesFly102 - 23 days ago
Justin Serda Wild Card Weekend is technically week 18
old soul 1111
old soul 1111 - 25 days ago
brett Favre is underrated af
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn - 25 days ago
Love the look on that Raider's face at the very end. Hes mad doggin it all the way to the endzone. That's true grit right there.
Ben Bogart
Ben Bogart - 25 days ago
Brett Farves Ass in wrangler jeans is something SERIOUS
GATSBY - 25 days ago
What’s the music that starts at 9:14
Shemzinho - 26 days ago
“I ran 200 yards to cover 90!” 😂😂😂😂😂
RW3ints - 26 days ago
That bret vikings team should've won the sb if it wasnt for bountygate.
Hudson Wiren
Hudson Wiren - 24 days ago
Or he could just not have thrown a backbreaking pick...
Connor The Star Wars fan
Connor The Star Wars fan - 26 days ago
1:32 nice
dash4800 - 26 days ago
Wait up, Moss is watching for the qb to throw it on the jumbo tron? No wonder he always has the edge.
Ethan Kirby
Ethan Kirby - 23 days ago
dash4800 why is no one talking about this 😂😂
ChuckyT - 26 days ago
Dante Hall should be higher on list for sure!!
Realm Gaming
Realm Gaming - 27 days ago
Funny choice to make the Kennedy assassination related play number 69
Sclass Entertainment
Sclass Entertainment - 27 days ago
#66 garrison Hearst run should b higher
Bret Yeilding
Bret Yeilding - 27 days ago
The Moss play.... There are a lot of plays on here but the brilliance of that one stands out, IMHO.
Nathan Corless
Nathan Corless - 28 days ago
dante hall is too nasty
Flashpointer - 28 days ago
I agree with the contents of the list so far but not the rankings. Most lateral and Tebow miracle should both be higher.
Marzena Kowalski
Marzena Kowalski - 28 days ago
ed reed looking like a wizard
Mr Q Ceaz
Mr Q Ceaz - 28 days ago
For them not to ever win a Superbowl, The Minnesota Vikings are on this list alot good & bad
Mr Q Ceaz
Mr Q Ceaz - 27 days ago
@TheSi1ent1ne I agree
TheSi1ent1ne - 27 days ago
They are probably the best team to not win a super bowl
Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson - 28 days ago
"He pitched it"
Ryan Dooley
Ryan Dooley - 28 days ago
I count like 3 blocks from behind on the Hall return TD.
anthony ritz
anthony ritz - 28 days ago
#62 there was a huge block in the back
Job - 28 days ago
Put mike Vick with the work ethic and study habits of a Manning or Brady and you are looking at the clear cut no doubt greatest athlete of all time. As in not just NFL, but larger than life.
TheTot Process
TheTot Process - 29 days ago
I love Vick so much. "If the Defensive Front gets anywhere near me I'm gonna run."
Ball snaps and defense isn't really even near him and he bolts. You just couldn't stop him.
Banna Marcell
Banna Marcell - 29 days ago
Randy moss’ toss shouldve been in The top 10
JB 1950
JB 1950 - Month ago
Culpepper to Moss to Williams with an over the shoulder blind rugby pass for a TD? One of the best plays ever.
Not Angel
Not Angel - Month ago
That ditka run was godly
southale - Month ago
Ed Reed looks like he's 70 in this, damn
Gamer2k4 - Month ago
6:34 Look at 74 trying his hardest to be in the play. He doesn't do a darn thing, but he's trying.
Derrick_ Kading
Derrick_ Kading - Month ago
Why isn’t Dante hall in the hall of fame yet??
Hunter Wagner
Hunter Wagner - Month ago
lmao anyone notice how DITKA is play #69
Dre Dyson
Dre Dyson - Month ago
That Dante Hall return had SO MANY blocks in the back😂😂😂
Chakin Fingerz
Chakin Fingerz - Month ago
69 shouldve been ditka ripping ass on Chris Carter on Live TV.
Type Ditka Fart in the search bar
Yambo - Month ago
Spongebob music at 12:00???
MarquiMarqIsSoRandom. - Month ago
The run Mike had against the Steelers was better, and how was that Randy Moss play not in the top 20! (At least!) This is the same reason I never watch top 100 players list either, cause you screw that up as well.
Barrett Harger
Barrett Harger - Month ago
How is Garrison Hearst's run only 66. I'm a Vikings fan and Peterson's run had no business being ahead of that. It shouldn't be ahead of the Moss lateral or the last second Favre TD to Greg Lewis.
Roberto Sorrentino
Roberto Sorrentino - Month ago
Mike Vick looks like DMX with a waaaaaaaaaay different opinions regarding canines.
one eyed chef
one eyed chef - Month ago
but the defensive front didnt get close u broke pocket early
New Era
New Era - Month ago
Vick was a real life Spider-Man!!
Specimen - Month ago
Not the only thing mike Vick did in a backyard.
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