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MeganPlays Roblox
MeganPlays Roblox - 25 days ago
I hope you guys enjoyed todays video!
Ronald Scott
Ronald Scott - 6 days ago
MeganPlays Roblox hi 👋🏽 your cool😎😎😎
мιlαмєσωzz13 - 7 days ago
MeganPlays Roblox good thing I gets x10 luck for clicking like button because I’m sick
Camster the Hamster
Camster the Hamster - 18 days ago
Your best
Yessenia Umana
Yessenia Umana - 19 days ago
Janet Donkoh
Janet Donkoh - 2 days ago
You should do some royal high
Janet Donkoh
Janet Donkoh - 2 days ago
I play Roblox but my internet is cancelled I use my mom internet when she go to work the internet go off I am 9 years old
crafter bond
crafter bond - 4 days ago
Megan can i have a frost,shadow in return ill give you pink cat and golden rat pls pls pls i love your vids
Eliany Mora
Eliany Mora - 5 days ago
Megan u should name u golden rat River and I have a question can I plz get a giffifan and a evil uni it's my dream well I got scammed by my evil uni .thanks meangan
Natalie Addison
Natalie Addison - 6 days ago
พิชิตา ฤทธิ์มหันต์
Please megan i want golden ratttt
ChocolateMilk - 6 days ago
I had a glitch that I only got golden rats and I really wanted a rat so I traded a golden rat for a neon rat ;-;
Hossam Sayed
Hossam Sayed - 7 days ago
I got golden rat in my first try omg I can’t believe 😂🙈
Ratfam Rats for life
Ratfam Rats for life - 7 days ago
I have 4 and I got my first one ☝️ on my 2 try
Felicity Widdas
Felicity Widdas - 8 days ago
Ivanna Gutierrez Squishes
I got my golden rat first try
Victoria’s Pixels
Victoria’s Pixels - 10 days ago
Aren’t the rats so cute! 🥰
Nina Avdic
Nina Avdic - 10 days ago
My acc name is AA_4512
Nina Avdic
Nina Avdic - 10 days ago
I say maths
Gachabear107 !
Gachabear107 ! - 10 days ago
I have a neon golden rat for trade so u could ofter!
Gachabear107 !
Gachabear107 ! - 10 days ago
And btw
Gachabear107 !
Gachabear107 ! - 10 days ago
U could name it ♡°•Chěesě•°♡ in my opinion
Zoya Peracha
Zoya Peracha - 10 days ago
When I got the first rat box for da first time meh got gold rat
Bethany Hello peeps
Bethany Hello peeps - 11 days ago
#peachy squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenny Cramer
Jenny Cramer - 11 days ago
Evelina Jarušauskienė
Evelina Jarušauskienė - 11 days ago
Megan can u big my free fly and ride potions bc I'm new and I never try fly and ride whit pet my name in Roblox is spokiukas12
Pls I will be really happy and I will like your all videos 🐼
Zoe Lampen
Zoe Lampen - 12 days ago
Jenny 123
Jenny 123 - 12 days ago
I literally had to buy 40 rat boxes to get a golden rat
Kylee Kupcake
Kylee Kupcake - 13 days ago
I wish there was a way to sell items you don’t want
Radka Romaniv
Radka Romaniv - 14 days ago
I got 3 in a row (golden rats )
Isai Montenegro
Isai Montenegro - 15 days ago
Uni Playz / Allie playz
Uni Playz / Allie playz - 16 days ago
I got a golden that on my first try 😱
Amani Mohamed
Amani Mohamed - 16 days ago
Katherine Walker
Katherine Walker - 16 days ago
I got a golden rat on my 3 try
Neko the cat
Neko the cat - 17 days ago
Sorry megan, but rats dont eat cheese. Its actually really bad for them.
Candice Wallace
Candice Wallace - 17 days ago
The rats name should be peachy
Meow Wooi
Meow Wooi - 17 days ago
I sub
Meow Wooi
Meow Wooi - 17 days ago
Meow Wooi
Meow Wooi - 17 days ago
Can I have a golden rat 2 please
「Silk Tutorials」
「Silk Tutorials」 - 17 days ago
We all know how it says 1 out of 15 to get a golden rat ;-; I got mine in the 2nd try but I traded it for a flying paroot I gave him a ice cream truck too :3
Sarah Fleur
Sarah Fleur - 18 days ago
hey name ur golden rat golden cheese isn it a perrfect name
Sama Massouh
Sama Massouh - 18 days ago
You should name her Goldie
Gamer Alex
Gamer Alex - 18 days ago
Eh Megan? Can I ask you a question? Why do you keep changing your hair color?
Camster the Hamster
Camster the Hamster - 18 days ago
I have unicorn names confetti pumpkin pie and strawberry
Camster the Hamster
Camster the Hamster - 18 days ago
You inspired me too start my own channel and I like the names cheesy, pumpkin and I love the name lily that’s my hamster name closest to the rat kind
Yagmur Gilgil
Yagmur Gilgil - 18 days ago
Hi Megan can I have a unicorn please I really want one my username is Guneskizlari I sended you a friend request
Khkula Jalil
Khkula Jalil - 18 days ago
Plz except my friend request it’s jalilma12345
Khkula Jalil
Khkula Jalil - 18 days ago
XxGacha_PurplePotatoXx - 18 days ago
And i have ride fly neon llamu and ride fly neon bee
XxGacha_PurplePotatoXx - 18 days ago
Omg i have more luck not trying to be mean but i got a golden rat on my first try !
Juliette Sanchez
Juliette Sanchez - 18 days ago
here is a chant goooold rat goooold rat gooold rat gold rat here we come click the like on my comment if you like my chant
Isabella Martin
Isabella Martin - 18 days ago
I have 37 rats
And spent 12 760 bucks
Pls send help to Lovemydolphin
I Aussie and I say math usually and occasionally maths
Hanna B
Hanna B - 18 days ago
Name it Cheese
kitty katie Meadows
kitty katie Meadows - 18 days ago
I got a golden rat on my 4th and 6th try
L - 18 days ago
Camille Mauko
Camille Mauko - 19 days ago
Megan I have a neon golden rat!!1 for trade Roblox user coolcrew132 if you want to trade me
Citrus Sadie
Citrus Sadie - 19 days ago
I'm Australian and I say math-S
Aleyna Cano
Aleyna Cano - 19 days ago
I love you and all you're vids.You're the best amazing beautiful and talented I love you megan plays!
Moon Star36
Moon Star36 - 19 days ago
Rattatata for golden ratas name
Waffle Pup Editz
Waffle Pup Editz - 19 days ago
I have 3 golden rats, I just need 1 more
If anyone wants to trade meh for one I’ll give 4 regular!
My user is:WafflePupEdits
govno - 19 days ago
good name for me is:GOLD MOUSY🧀
Nan louise Lawrence
Nan louise Lawrence - 19 days ago
Megan pls make a neon golden rat so we all finally see one O and pls pls pls give some rats out BC there is people who can not he any rats over they don't have money so plzzz
Juliene basan
Juliene basan - 20 days ago
The golden rat name will be goldy
MemeDream Queen
MemeDream Queen - 20 days ago
Rat a tat tat
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