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MeganPlays Roblox
MeganPlays Roblox - 8 months ago
I hope you guys enjoyed todays video!
Sejal Datt
Sejal Datt - 6 months ago
I love Ya Meagan!💜Make sure you keep it up on your videos!😊I hope you get 10 million subscribers!👍EVERYONE MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MEAGAN PLAYS XDDD
-Ella the Watermelone-
-Ella the Watermelone- - 6 months ago
Ronald Scott
Ronald Scott - 7 months ago
MeganPlays Roblox hi 👋🏽 your cool😎😎😎
•rawr• - 7 months ago
MeganPlays Roblox good thing I gets x10 luck for clicking like button because I’m sick
Camster Gaming
Camster Gaming - 7 months ago
Your best
Peichen Vlogs!
Peichen Vlogs! - 11 days ago
That’s sad sorry :(
Peichen Vlogs!
Peichen Vlogs! - 11 days ago
Omg yayyy!!
T Jarbo
T Jarbo - 13 days ago
Can I have a golden rat please it’s my dream pet
Itz_Mxddie :3
Itz_Mxddie :3 - 17 days ago
I have a golden rat anyone wants to offer :P
Xxmidnigthdark_skyxX - 18 days ago
No wonder why people declince my trade for fly ride golden rat :(
Autodesk SketchBook
Autodesk SketchBook - 28 days ago
Hi Megan
Yahia Soliman
Yahia Soliman - Month ago
Can I please have one I’m new to the game🙏🏻🙏🏻👑👑❤️❤️
Marilyn Gutierrez
Marilyn Gutierrez - Month ago
xX.Rblx._.SimplyXx - Month ago
Pookie cheese
Aagna Arun
Aagna Arun - Month ago
Umm name him queasy cheesy
Jacob the Beast!
Jacob the Beast! - Month ago
Why is she grey
Life is for fun
Life is for fun - Month ago
I got golden rat for hyena
Queen_watermelon XD
Queen_watermelon XD - Month ago
I say maths it uk
Queen_watermelon XD
Queen_watermelon XD - Month ago
The rats are so cute🥰😍
Adopt Me_Glam
Adopt Me_Glam - Month ago
Adopt Me
PC: Press R to set Golden Rat down
Mobile: Drop Pet
BlueSlushy202 - Month ago
Oof I just got the golden rat
Easter the Chick
Easter the Chick - Month ago
i got a golden rat on my 2nd try now I have both rats
Amanda Nicholls
Amanda Nicholls - 2 months ago
When y said u never got a Queen be u was shocked because the 1st time I opened a honey pot I got a King bee the 2nd time too then the 3rd time I got a Queen bee
georgie peters
georgie peters - 2 months ago
my rat panda and storm dont even like cheese
georgie peters
georgie peters - 2 months ago
megan:im not that creativie
m:sitting in m bed eating cake at 11:00 at night thinking im creative
Ellie Moo W
Ellie Moo W - 2 months ago
Maths not math
XNirvana AllamX
XNirvana AllamX - 2 months ago
One like = 1 golden rat
Møchiføxx - 2 months ago
Neon gold rat is my dream pet! Sadly I will never get one :(
Leanne Robertson
Leanne Robertson - 3 months ago
i came up with 2 names: chedder and choppy
Anna R
Anna R - 3 months ago
Anna R
Anna R - 3 months ago
The golden rat is just a albino rat with mustard on it
Caleb Zhang
Caleb Zhang - 3 months ago
Sian G
Sian G - 3 months ago
Soz im late and i say Maths bc I live in England
Sara Janelli
Sara Janelli - 3 months ago
Lightwing Fury
Lightwing Fury - 3 months ago
Maybe name him China
XxlolaplaysX - 3 months ago
I say maths
Wahou29 _XD
Wahou29 _XD - 3 months ago
The first time i bought my first box, i got golden rat,i'm very lucky and i love him, i make him fly and ride
soph.mrulez - 3 months ago
anyone here willing to give a rat or a golden rat :c I got scammed a few days ago BY MY FRIEND and she wont give it back :c
Sunset Playzs
Sunset Playzs - 3 months ago
I just found out and I am mad a traded my golden rat for a KANGAROO BRO I DID NOT KNOW U COULD NOT GET A GOLDEN RAT😪😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bubbles Bubble
Bubbles Bubble - 3 months ago
Maths is better than math
Halle Hallett
Halle Hallett - 3 months ago
Megan my dream pet is a golden rat I always wanted one that is cool is that a new update I really want that update I never ever saw that update
Hannah Yay Ly
Hannah Yay Ly - 4 months ago
I am from Australia maths
Mels gingerbread
Mels gingerbread - 4 months ago
I say math but my family says maths
Ray John Villanueva
Ray John Villanueva - 4 months ago
Megan I love your hair because is a neon pink and I love that color
My gold rat got scam,ed
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones - 4 months ago
Mabye cheesy
Maddison Brown
Maddison Brown - 4 months ago
Roblox Revolution
Roblox Revolution - 4 months ago
Your lucky I just got scammed from my neon glow rat 😭
Hermione Plays
Hermione Plays - 4 months ago
The golden rats come out in the day and the rats come out in the night. And I say Math
Neve Cannon
Neve Cannon - 4 months ago
I say math to
Marie Asp
Marie Asp - 4 months ago
Lily Fitz
Lily Fitz - 4 months ago
Megan: Bopidiedobopbop
Me: is that the PeachySquad language?
We should have a PeachySquad language
xXkayleighXx - 5 months ago
I got one on my 2nd try
mikushikari - 5 months ago
name suggestion:
*iM In tHe GhEtTo rAtAtAtatTata*
Eva Lee
Eva Lee - 5 months ago
At seventeen seconds in when you said Golden rat,I clicked off the video because I got scammed.If you see any roblox players named AMY VIP CLUB,tell her to give my golden rat back.
• Lizzie Coffee •
• Lizzie Coffee • - 5 months ago
I only have one golden rat T.T
Celeste L
Celeste L - 5 months ago
Name the rat Nagito
Munteanu Robert Daniel
Munteanu Robert Daniel - 6 months ago
I say math 😅 and love your vids
RxsesXgarden - 6 months ago
I heard if you say the YouTube name three times you get pined Megan Megan Megan
RxsesXgarden - 6 months ago
I have two or three rats normal and one golden rat soon I’ll comment all my pets and the ones I’m selling and my stuff and my login streak
Landon Ednick
Landon Ednick - 6 months ago
Candy Annie
Candy Annie - 6 months ago
I think you should name the golden rat golds locks
Maria Jasmin
Maria Jasmin - 6 months ago
I have a neon golden rat named Macaroni Cheese and 3 extra golden rats
Eq_Bella - 6 months ago
I got one by saving my bucks
Alliee• - 6 months ago
Aqueel Ahmed
Aqueel Ahmed - 6 months ago
I'll help you with math 😄- you got 4 Golden Rats only with 35,245
Not counting the one you already had
Gracjan Gałat
Gracjan Gałat - 7 months ago
Hi megan plss give me a 20 rats or 100 my nick diamenciki129
Flower Flilla
Flower Flilla - 7 months ago
Out of 50 rats I got 3 golden rats! I also got two in a row once!
queen janet donkoh
queen janet donkoh - 7 months ago
You should do some royal high
queen janet donkoh
queen janet donkoh - 7 months ago
I play Roblox but my internet is cancelled I use my mom internet when she go to work the internet go off I am 9 years old
crafter bond
crafter bond - 7 months ago
Megan can i have a frost,shadow in return ill give you pink cat and golden rat pls pls pls i love your vids
Summer thicks
Summer thicks - 7 months ago
Megan u should name u golden rat River and I have a question can I plz get a giffifan and a evil uni it's my dream well I got scammed by my evil uni .thanks meangan
Natalie Addison
Natalie Addison - 7 months ago
พิชิตา ฤทธิ์มหันต์
Please megan i want golden ratttt
TheMilkSpills - 7 months ago
I had a glitch that I only got golden rats and I really wanted a rat so I traded a golden rat for a neon rat ;-;
Hossam Sayed
Hossam Sayed - 7 months ago
I got golden rat in my first try omg I can’t believe 😂🙈
Taylor Davidson
Taylor Davidson - 7 months ago
I have 4 and I got my first one ☝️ on my 2 try
Flic_widwidxx101 - 7 months ago
_Poohthebear_ XX
_Poohthebear_ XX - 7 months ago
I got my golden rat first try
VictoriasPixlesYT - 7 months ago
Aren’t the rats so cute! 🥰
Nina Avdic
Nina Avdic - 7 months ago
My acc name is AA_4512
Nina Avdic
Nina Avdic - 7 months ago
I say maths
Gachabear107 !
Gachabear107 ! - 7 months ago
I have a neon golden rat for trade so u could ofter!
Gachabear107 !
Gachabear107 ! - 7 months ago
And btw
Gachabear107 !
Gachabear107 ! - 7 months ago
U could name it ♡°•Chěesě•°♡ in my opinion
Zoya P.
Zoya P. - 7 months ago
When I got the first rat box for da first time meh got gold rat
Luke MajorInk
Luke MajorInk - 7 months ago
#peachy squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenny Cramer
Jenny Cramer - 7 months ago
Evelina Jarušauskienė
Evelina Jarušauskienė - 7 months ago
Megan can u big my free fly and ride potions bc I'm new and I never try fly and ride whit pet my name in Roblox is spokiukas12
Pls I will be really happy and I will like your all videos 🐼
Zoe Lampen
Zoe Lampen - 7 months ago
Jenny - 7 months ago
I literally had to buy 40 rat boxes to get a golden rat
Kylee Kupcake
Kylee Kupcake - 7 months ago
I wish there was a way to sell items you don’t want
Maksym Romaniv
Maksym Romaniv - 7 months ago
I got 3 in a row (golden rats )
Isai Montenegro
Isai Montenegro - 7 months ago
Amani Mohamed
Amani Mohamed - 7 months ago
Katherine Walker
Katherine Walker - 7 months ago
I got a golden rat on my 3 try
Neko the cat
Neko the cat - 7 months ago
Sorry megan, but rats dont eat cheese. Its actually really bad for them.
Candice Wallace
Candice Wallace - 7 months ago
The rats name should be peachy
Meow Wooi
Meow Wooi - 7 months ago
I sub
Meow Wooi
Meow Wooi - 7 months ago
Meow Wooi
Meow Wooi - 7 months ago
Can I have a golden rat 2 please
「Silk Tutorials」
「Silk Tutorials」 - 7 months ago
We all know how it says 1 out of 15 to get a golden rat ;-; I got mine in the 2nd try but I traded it for a flying paroot I gave him a ice cream truck too :3
Sarah Fleur
Sarah Fleur - 7 months ago
hey name ur golden rat golden cheese isn it a perrfect name
Alexis RJ
Alexis RJ - 7 months ago
Eh Megan? Can I ask you a question? Why do you keep changing your hair color?
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