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Susana Aguirre
Susana Aguirre - Day ago
You should do a segment of throwback Thursday pallets. Eyeshadows, lip whatever
Jesse Loughman
Jesse Loughman - 6 days ago
I love this style of video. Thanks!!! Please post more like it.
Lauren Beauty
Lauren Beauty - 7 days ago
Actually good I hope everybody goes that direction for the hot new shit because I’m just gonna keep rocking it old-school and I love it that way if everybody goes one way I’m gone the other way just like I really hope that these colorful crazy art eye designs keep going because I’m going to continue on with my boring KKW style of make up😂
Lauren Beauty
Lauren Beauty - 7 days ago
Lol- Feeling pressure to put out the latest things about 140 pallets in 2018 😂🤷‍♀️ I can tell you that’s what I’m going to be doing in 2019 I’m too old to feel that peer pressure and I’m not jumping on that bandwagon I’m going to be doing all of the stuff and using all the pallets that I got last year- i’m gonna be buying it very few pallets in 2019 just because of the fact that so many of them are so colorful and I’m only going to be buying my bronze and neutrals- i’m gonna let all the other beauty people jump on the bandwagon of having to feel pressured to post the latest and greatest and I’m going to stay old school😂
Eileen Barrios
Eileen Barrios - 7 days ago
#TeamVirgo 🙌
Lillian Levesque
Lillian Levesque - 9 days ago
I would love to see more videos like this one.
Glenn 37216
Glenn 37216 - 10 days ago
Dayam thats some thick make up. You look like a circus clown.
Valerie Elizondo
Valerie Elizondo - 14 days ago
You low key look like Vicky 😂 but way prettier and u got pretty big eyes 🥰😍
Bella Davitadi
Bella Davitadi - 14 days ago
Made that look using your dream st pallet and warrior super shock shadow in the middle as the color splash. Loved it!!
Dan Seas
Dan Seas - 15 days ago
Grunge Music is great! AiC, Soundgarden, STP, and N...

Wrong video, my bad
Anon Nymous
Anon Nymous - 16 days ago
Feel weird that i cant find anyone else who thinks she looks like Whoa Vicky's older sister. Am i crazy?
Jason Crabb
Jason Crabb - 16 days ago
Woah Vicky?
Gish - 16 days ago
Why was this in my recommended
strranger - 17 days ago
Yuckhh, all fake up
Maysam Siddig
Maysam Siddig - 17 days ago
Do a one brand product challenge! Maybe a wet n wild one? Idk if you already did that one before
kamari baker
kamari baker - 17 days ago
She looks like woah vicky
ChelChel Maree
ChelChel Maree - 17 days ago
I love seeing your dream st. and zodiac palette eye looks!!
Danielle Jimenez
Danielle Jimenez - 17 days ago
Soooo pretty
izaf 95
izaf 95 - 17 days ago
Hey Kathleen. Can u compile all your dream st/zodiac palette look in a playlist?
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton - 18 days ago
10 times Prettier without the makeup !
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton - 18 days ago
Great if your going for the dead look !
1-800- GET SHWIFTY - 18 days ago
I thought you were woahvicky for a min
M!KY//A - 19 days ago
She lowkey looked like woahvicky in the thumbnail
Brittany Nicholson
Brittany Nicholson - 20 days ago
So excited to try this look!
Dana Ravid
Dana Ravid - 20 days ago
More more more. Dream st and zodiac are my fav colourpop palettes. Always post more looks with them. Love u girl. Keep doing you!
Trish N
Trish N - 20 days ago
I need some help with the aquarius shade. I love the color and when I see your videos they always look so pigmented...but every time I try to use it on my lid it almost looks translucent and almost looks grey on top of taurus (for example). Do i need to use a denser brush? Or maybe I have to use concealer for it? What do you recommend?
Trish N
Trish N - 20 days ago
Hi Kathleen! Just stopped in here to say I hope you're doing well! New year new start!
Amal Mohamed
Amal Mohamed - 22 days ago
All product that you used are sooooo goood and ur face looks amazing and different 💕😍
Laura - 22 days ago
Yeeess, I love Dream St. palette! please do more videos with that one.
Tatyana Lyu
Tatyana Lyu - 23 days ago
I would love to see your opinion on the Nude Huda Beauty palette!
RASTA GOD - 23 days ago
What yo mouf do
Mandy K
Mandy K - 24 days ago
Bought your palette so I could do this look. This is my favorite look of all time!
chico - 24 days ago
Why do you need 10 lbs of makeup to look presentable? What are you hiding?
jesus chik7
jesus chik7 - 25 days ago
Very cool look, Kathleen Lights
aaron teves
aaron teves - 25 days ago
She’s cute but it’s not grunge.
Todd Crabby
Todd Crabby - 27 days ago
God dam make up. She went from a 10 to a 2 real quick.
Hera Tsukiyama
Hera Tsukiyama - 27 days ago
You kinda looked like Jade from Little Mix at some point in the video but much prettier version. I mean, Jade is so pretty but you're next level pretty. It's unfair.
drtoric - 28 days ago
Hit me up
Sik Vicious
Sik Vicious - 28 days ago
I thought this was woah vicky......
Patrick Sporrer
Patrick Sporrer - Month ago
It's so cool watching girls apply makeup. You guys are so talented at something I think is really cool. And this girl is incredibly pretty! =)
Katie Bianco
Katie Bianco - Month ago
Girl I barely buy new stuff, "old" makeup is where it's at!
Ellyn Le Roux
Ellyn Le Roux - Month ago
Hauls are my favorite thing to watch! But only things people actually bought - I am so happy for people to get PR but PR hauls just feel robotic
Michael Hancock
Michael Hancock - Month ago
Ladies less is more. Natural beauty is far better than all that stuff caked on. Keep it simple. Keep it real.
Pixel_Geist - Month ago
I feel like if you weren't wearing that necklace I would be able to tell where the makeup started and stopped. You're getting orange as you go up honey
jehu's arrow
jehu's arrow - Month ago
whoaaa VICKY
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - Month ago
Ok, who lost their barbie doll.
Silvana A Perez
Silvana A Perez - Month ago
I love watching this kind of videos!! It's nice for those of us who can't buy new makeup that often! I mean, if there's a gem out there of course I want to know about it. But I also like having new ideas for the makeup I already own!! ❤️❤️❤️
Shellie Matter
Shellie Matter - Month ago
Love your channel. Love your using older products, I don't have the bank to always have the newest. So this helps me!!!!
Grace Haussler
Grace Haussler - Month ago
i love your videos and makeup looks. whenever I try to do eye makeup my eyes turn really red, im not sure why but im not sure how to prevent that. maybe because i dont do it very often? im not sure, any advice?
Glessy Magaling
Glessy Magaling - Month ago
You are the queen of BLENDING.
Missyfam Douglas
Missyfam Douglas - Month ago
I’m a Virgo and I love the color you picked out for it.
Bill Wilkerson
Bill Wilkerson - Month ago
Most women don't need all that crap on thier face
Taylor Lance
Taylor Lance - Month ago
Libra themed tutorial pleassssseeeeeeee
heavenfxeyesforsale - Month ago
Wow nice look
Brandi Brabham
Brandi Brabham - Month ago
I care!!! These are a few videos I like watching... I love favorites, hauls,and good old makeup tutorials!!! My favorite are all the chatty grwm.
summerluv888 - Month ago
Probably one of my favorite looks you’ve done, slaayy
lindsey bryant
lindsey bryant - Month ago
Yes! More Dream st and zodiac. You are the first and only make-up artist I follow. Lol I was a teen in the 00s and everything was about looking natural. Like you barely have any make-up on. So I would wear a shimmery pink lid and a dark brown in my crease eyeshadow. (It was a free combo sample from Clinique). Then I'd finish it off with a really dark black ink pot liner. Girl I've been rocking that look for years!!! So finding your channel was a breath of inspiration. Keep being awesome!!!
Rosie .nr
Rosie .nr - Month ago
Why does Kathleen look like jade thirwall from little mix here????
Lourdes Tavarez
Lourdes Tavarez - Month ago
Please do an all makeup Revolution!!!!
Erin Harper
Erin Harper - Month ago
Love your attitude ♥️
Trishna Chandarana
Trishna Chandarana - Month ago
And also, actual reviews instead of first impressions. I want reviews where people have used the product for a while, not just one time. And I know that's super difficult because of the FOMO and all the releases that are just...too many releases all the time, ya know?
Trishna Chandarana
Trishna Chandarana - Month ago
I personally miss tutorials, especially ones using older things and where the person describes the shades so you can try to find a color in your collection that's similar instead of NEEDING to have that specific shadow/palette
LivyRose 1992
LivyRose 1992 - Month ago
Yes please do a full face of dollar makeup! That sounds fun!
katk925 - Month ago
I actually had specifically clicked this video thinking “let’s find a regular fun makeup look that’s soothing to watch and not all these damn holiday shopping videos that make me wanna buy things, I need to just use the makeup I already have!!!” You do you, I like it, someone else doesn’t they don’t have to watch.
Morgan Stout
Morgan Stout - Month ago
Oh my gosh please do more tutorials!! That’s one of the reasons I really got into YT. I used to get so much more excited about and inspired by makeup when there were more actual tutorials instead of just reviews etc. And like don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely here for the reviews and hauls and things because I 100% take those into consideration before I buy stuff but still. I miss all the tutorials!
Tanima Kazi
Tanima Kazi - Month ago
Dear Kathleen, I felt compelled to is so refreshing to see a YouTuber where we can actually see their skin in natural lighting. So many tutorials are overly light or the background takes away from the makeup. This was lovely and soothing to watch after a long day. Thank you 🌻
Giuliana Barbagallo
Giuliana Barbagallo - Month ago
Anyone knows what eyelash curler that was? I'm looking for one for big eyes
Kris Florence Vilar
Kris Florence Vilar - Month ago
I wanna see more dream st. tutorials. Something that we can wear everyday. Dunno if you have something like that already tho
BabyLummy - Month ago
Old school all the way. Show me ways to use the old palettes please!!!
MM - Month ago
Nostringsattachedxx - Month ago
really love it when you do GRWM videos especially with palettes that you've created and many of us already have 😍these videos help me get some inspo for looks so I won't look like a mess when I wanna just play with makeup 😅
Michelle McCright
Michelle McCright - Month ago
Old school videos all the way. On another note I would rather see someone who is overweight and working hard than see someone with a hot bod working out. But that is just me. The negativity in the You Tube community has got to stop.
Brynn Carter
Brynn Carter - Month ago
I love old school beauty youtube too!
OhhItsRachael - Month ago
I don’t know how I’ve only just found you! But so glad I did! I love your personality. 💚
Lyah Scott
Lyah Scott - Month ago
Would love to see holiday looks with both ur palettes cc
Jodie Stafford
Jodie Stafford - Month ago
I miss you listing the types of brushes you’re using!
Emma Garrelts
Emma Garrelts - Month ago
No matter what pallet you use, just be creative and i promise we will love it 🥰
Dance Girl
Dance Girl - Month ago
Everyone does videos on new makeup like yeah we wanna see your thoughts but it is also nice to shake it up, maybe a full face of OG or not as new favorites or something like that
today it is acceptable that we fear the Lord
I have a lot of Este lauder
today it is acceptable that we fear the Lord
I don't have the zodiac paper but I have those colors
today it is acceptable that we fear the Lord
I have those colors. I can do that
kc joyce
kc joyce - Month ago
my favourite look ever!! you look so gorgeous!!
anabelle ambi
anabelle ambi - Month ago
why you not try jeffreestar products?
Susana Fletes
Susana Fletes - Month ago
I want to see more looks with your palettes! Especially the Morphe palette you did. I don’t use it as much because I need more tutorials!
stephanie rodriguez reyes
$1 dollar makeup please. I love your videos 💜
Armymom 78
Armymom 78 - Month ago
This is a stunning makeup look!!
Primadonnasky - 2 months ago
Your skin looks sooooo flawless! It’s unbelievable!!!!
Hallie McMullen
Hallie McMullen - 2 months ago
Hi Kathleen!
I'd love more dream st looks! I love mermaid boy but idk how to use it!!
Amy D
Amy D - 2 months ago
and yes please do more with what you already have! i was just looking up an older palette here recently for some new ideas and there were no newer videos on it - so sometimes we just need updated uses for this stuff =) you are on to something big!!
Amy D
Amy D - 2 months ago
I think i saw that exercise video you were talking about and am subscribed to her - she is so pretty and so real! (and then saw her later video where she mentioned the horrible comments and i just could not fathom!) - Shouldn't we be respecting each other for who we are and being real? So weird!!
Edvina Bahar
Edvina Bahar - 2 months ago
Please do more tutorials with this palette! Also, can you do a look using the shade scorpio? :)
Maureen Abbeduto
Maureen Abbeduto - 2 months ago
Love the blue Eye color
Melissa Wolf
Melissa Wolf - 2 months ago
Has she ever explained why she doesn't usually wear lashes? I'm just curious if it irritated her eyes or if she just doesn't like them or something
Claire Traverse
Claire Traverse - 2 months ago
annazoums - 2 months ago
hey!!! i did a video re-creating this look!! check it out :))
jojo iraqia
jojo iraqia - 2 months ago
It is so easy to sit at home behind a keyboard and talk s*** and probably they are wishing to be that person or in their place bunch of losers man and you looked beautiful by the way
Lil Speda
Lil Speda - 2 months ago
I love your eye tutorials!
Chloe Holmes
Chloe Holmes - 2 months ago
Kayla Eastman
Kayla Eastman - 2 months ago
You need to have a series of new and old makeup. Like old school makeup that you like and then new new make up that’s out or coming out.
lexiesmiles - 2 months ago
What size lens do you use on your 80D???
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