I FINALLY ASKED HER *The Highest Road*

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BrittHertz - 3 days ago
This makes me so emotional and I’m so grateful to call you mine 💜
Vincent Miranda
Vincent Miranda - 9 hours ago
Congrats guys I hope you guys have a great time while being a couple
Darla Largo
Darla Largo - 9 hours ago
Hi I'm guys fan
Gary Haines siege
Gary Haines siege - 14 hours ago
BrittHertz that’s really nice britzz
Michael Utley
Michael Utley - 18 hours ago
Mr.Musicblox281 - 20 hours ago
BrittHertz why are you guys dating in the croinavirus
Jozaiah Alama
Jozaiah Alama - 4 hours ago
You guys are already together
Sᴛᴀᴢʏ 10
Sᴛᴀᴢʏ 10 - 4 hours ago
The guys “Don’t try any shit” Got me dead🤣
Jada Marie Jordan
Jada Marie Jordan - 4 hours ago
Easton Young
Easton Young - 5 hours ago
Congratulations I hope you have the best year 🎉🎉❣️❤️🎉
Axandre Blaise
Axandre Blaise - 5 hours ago
do not break up with her
iiavxryyii - 7 hours ago
River Masters
River Masters - 7 hours ago
Good job drew
Tegan Watanabe
Tegan Watanabe - 7 hours ago
i loveyou Drew
cLaPyYT - 8 hours ago
Congrats drew
Alexis Gonzalez licona
Alexis Gonzalez licona - 9 hours ago
Drew I’m going to u buy you from the gulag and gongrats
D’Man Hecker
D’Man Hecker - 9 hours ago
You guys are awesome
Kelly McBerry
Kelly McBerry - 9 hours ago
Brew and britt I'm so happy for you
wyatt s
wyatt s - 9 hours ago
Billy is the best
Mason Ford
Mason Ford - 10 hours ago
Bro poor drage he has a huge crush on britt
Irma Gaytan
Irma Gaytan - 10 hours ago
Why did you guys kiss when you were not dating 😑😕
Lidi Miranda
Lidi Miranda - 10 hours ago
Not being rude but this reminds me when the ace family , Austin asked Catherine to marry each other . 😭
Richard Chadwick
Richard Chadwick - 10 hours ago
I fourth you already were together cause she has been writing in here vids that she got boyfriends and you was in it stopwatch all here vids she MIT bee cheating
pino van sezam straat
pino van sezam straat - 12 hours ago
XOOlunar_eclips Cookies
XOOlunar_eclips Cookies - 12 hours ago
Monica Weiss
Monica Weiss - 13 hours ago
# The best couple of 2020
bob Atkinson
bob Atkinson - 13 hours ago
Nathan Sedgwick
Nathan Sedgwick - 13 hours ago
this gives me the strength to ask out my crush
Nathanael Matthews
Nathanael Matthews - 13 hours ago
Let’s go drew!!
Elizabeth Newman
Elizabeth Newman - 13 hours ago
Weren't you guys already basically dating
Winnie Gamer
Winnie Gamer - 13 hours ago
You guys were went for each other the video I watched they looked so cute together, at first I thought you guys were already together have a great life like you will always have,bye.
Lukas Wick
Lukas Wick - 13 hours ago
It makes my so happy when I wathch something like this🤗🤗
LSG Clipx
LSG Clipx - 14 hours ago
You guys are such a good couple
M Z - 14 hours ago
My crush just told me she is back again with her Ex but good for you
Louise Welsh
Louise Welsh - 14 hours ago
True I wish I could meet you but I I live not near you🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😭😭😭
Jkcrafter 56
Jkcrafter 56 - 14 hours ago
I have a best friend and i haven’t seen her in 7 years 😭
Tess Albertson
Tess Albertson - 15 hours ago
That is so sweet
Louise Welsh
Louise Welsh - 15 hours ago
Drew I am ur BIGGEST fan and I just want to say congrats and hope u ok x
Obeyy Caden
Obeyy Caden - 15 hours ago
sooooo what were they..
Lil Cool xx
Lil Cool xx - 15 hours ago
Yall should start a channel called flip fam
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez - 16 hours ago
I cut my hair for yall
Helene Lubuilu
Helene Lubuilu - 16 hours ago
how are they not scared to jump out
Helene Lubuilu
Helene Lubuilu - 16 hours ago
Were yall not already dating
Justin Tyler
Justin Tyler - 16 hours ago
It was a good choice picking her as your girlfriend
Smoothie YT
Smoothie YT - 17 hours ago
Congrats but I heard the song at 3:09 remind me of Brawdis
Lisa Sherman
Lisa Sherman - 17 hours ago
I bet your kids will know how to do flips
TL Yoda
TL Yoda - 17 hours ago
You weren’t dating already?
E G W - 18 hours ago
Highest road 🤝
Michael Utley
Michael Utley - 18 hours ago
Aww 😍
Zaine Hughey
Zaine Hughey - 18 hours ago
She is so pretty
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez - 18 hours ago
That is so cute that you are dating britt
Drilia Bautista
Drilia Bautista - 18 hours ago
Good Job Drew I allways wanted u to be her boyfriend!
Isabella Rowson
Isabella Rowson - 18 hours ago
# team brew
The Midnight Demons
The Midnight Demons - 18 hours ago
You guys look so cute together
daan seldenthuis
daan seldenthuis - 18 hours ago
Congrats man!!
Kenzie-morgan Oliver
Kenzie-morgan Oliver - 18 hours ago
Finally they got together congrats 💙🔥
Mr.Musicblox281 - 20 hours ago
Yes I fell so happy for you drew
Lararbeam Is the best
Lararbeam Is the best - 21 hour ago
Just a question why did they kiss before they went up if he didn’t ask her out yet?
CBOE - 22 hours ago
Hi drew, I have 2 hot air balloons 🎈 they are amazing
Brad Gable
Brad Gable - 23 hours ago
About time We have all been waiting
RK DuBzツ
RK DuBzツ - 23 hours ago
Congrats and I love you both so much
Drew I want to ask my friend out but I don't now how
Jailla Hibbard
Jailla Hibbard - Day ago
Omg I'm soooo happy😁😁😁😁
Bram Peijs
Bram Peijs - Day ago
Josh Domerese
Josh Domerese - Day ago
I feel like this is gonna be the same thing that Ryan Trahan did with his girlfriend
Rally - Day ago
aydin trujillo
aydin trujillo - Day ago
i think this is great and i hope the best and they are cute together
Addison Jacobson
Addison Jacobson - Day ago
Love you guys
King Kenny 23
King Kenny 23 - Day ago
lets go congrats
Corbin Rexroth
Corbin Rexroth - Day ago
Yo start making longer vlogs
Robin Gibbs
Robin Gibbs - Day ago
Good one. Nice job
FLOOBI - Day ago
FLOOBI - Day ago
Heart warming as fuck
Loves Roblox Martinez
Wait but is she going to move in the house with you or she going to live in her apartment
Leroy Acheson
Leroy Acheson - Day ago
You should do a break up prank since you just got together lol
Dylan Griffiths-Jones
Congrats you two can’t wait to see what video ideas you two come up with now that your boyfriend and girlfriend
Bob Adventures
Bob Adventures - Day ago
Is anybody else wondering were her sister was that she Hasn’t seen in 7 months that they waited and stalled for
Ght Gamerlmao
Ght Gamerlmao - Day ago
Nice drew
Arika Lakey
Arika Lakey - Day ago
Yes finally
kaley agular
kaley agular - Day ago
Finally I have been waiting for this for so long
Emily Wiese
Emily Wiese - Day ago
Piedad Montiel
Piedad Montiel - Day ago
They kissed and not together
ashley choo
ashley choo - Day ago
The ending with Billy and his friends bwhahahahaha
Elisa Mj Lynch Barucco
I'm so Happy for you 😍😍
Can somebody pls tell me the name of the song at 1.28 ? Fell in love with it
Emmanuel Contreras
Emmanuel Contreras - Day ago
congrats men
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