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Little Red Vixen
Little Red Vixen - 16 hours ago
naina beauty
naina beauty - 17 hours ago
I never had taco Bell i live in the netherlands ( i think we dont got a taco Bell here and if we have your girl aint going bc she broke💁🏽‍♀️)
Mood •
Mood • - 18 hours ago
I’m from England and I’m watching Jeffree get excited over Pepsi max when it taste like normal Pepsi
For the love of watermelon
please make a reality show Jeffree =)
For the love of watermelon
never tried taco bell but we have that here in the Philippines
Eryn Almond
Eryn Almond - 22 hours ago
They should try our chocolate, then they’ll be wishing they lived in the uk;)
David Benjamin P
David Benjamin P - 22 hours ago
UK fast food is like gourmet to us. We are used to food being sooooo processed. Their beef is REAL beef More Natural
Fineas Larion
Fineas Larion - Day ago
This guy is pretty fucking sassy
- Vikingen -
- Vikingen - - Day ago
Pepsi Max is my life!!! I cant believe it!😂❤️
lowfatmilk - Day ago
the pink birkin 😭😭
amanda110885 - Day ago
Juliana Schale
Juliana Schale - Day ago
JustGeorgiaxD - 2 days ago
Oh honey, the uk is the central hub for bland food, I’ve lived here long enough to know 😂
Agustina - 2 days ago
I can't love you this much.
Alyssa B
Alyssa B - 2 days ago
Do they still have the full volcano menu in the UK? I’m moving
Dennise Torres
Dennise Torres - 2 days ago
Ive never had taco bell
Zaid X0X0
Zaid X0X0 - 2 days ago
the guy in the gray shirt is hot
Loopy Dolphin
Loopy Dolphin - 2 days ago
i live in england and i've never had or even seen a taco bell irl before and i didn't even know there was one in the uk
Prezzi - 2 days ago
Lol he said be messy, talk with your mouth open
Ishika - 2 days ago
I live here in England and I didn’t even know there was Taco Bell here
Hannah Monaghan
Hannah Monaghan - 2 days ago
Next time you’re in England (north) go to Greggs
Tanya Lewis
Tanya Lewis - 2 days ago
I would have just drink water too. Those drinks were a bit unusual
Stacey Brooks
Stacey Brooks - 2 days ago
the pepsi max didn't taste nice because u had ice
Amy Judith
Amy Judith - 2 days ago
I’m from Cali and I’ve never heard of Pepsi max
Nuvia Plays
Nuvia Plays - 2 days ago
I like how they all just share everything
Depressingly Social
Depressingly Social - 2 days ago
Dark_night109 90
Dark_night109 90 - 3 days ago
I live in 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 but I have only walked past Taco Bell and never wanted to go in until now!
STORY TIMER - 3 days ago
Now i NEED FOOD!!?!
Casey Bowers
Casey Bowers - 3 days ago
Awesome personality. You've just gained a new fan😉
Angela Channel
Angela Channel - 3 days ago
LOOOOO-VVVV-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE every single video of yours! And please always remember, your make-up is adorable! I mean it Jeffree! I will never even come any close to any of your wonderful looks! Love you! :))) PS: One day I will definitely visit this Taco Bell. In fact, just been down that area but didn't know they had one. :))) ... Just behind you, that note "UNDER 25?" I am 35 but they nearly always think... Am something like 19... Maximum 22. I had to apply for an ID card for that reason - funny isn't it?!! :)))
Alexa and Alex
Alexa and Alex - 3 days ago
i have never tried a cassidia or ceunch rap or the chiken burrito i normaly only get the cullppa box and the 5 layer burrito and the dirito taco srry for my mispelling
Alexa and Alex
Alexa and Alex - 3 days ago
i LOVE pepsi taco bell is like 2 minutes where i live btw i live in america
Hannah Kiersey
Hannah Kiersey - 3 days ago
Jack Hadsall
Jack Hadsall - 3 days ago
I need this much Taco Bell in my life rn😂
Allrhen Cerillo
Allrhen Cerillo - 4 days ago
I need to go to Taco Bell 💀. Haven’t gone there for years. I love there food.🤤
Kira Malpass
Kira Malpass - 4 days ago
Pepsi max is practically diet
Sonia_kcl - 4 days ago
I never went to a taco bell there isn’t in france 🇫🇷 sad
Grace newton
Grace newton - 5 days ago
Pounds and pence
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas - 5 days ago
10:46 throughs casida and btw i cant spell
Jinx - 5 days ago
I go here all the time when we’ve been clubbing holy shit
Rosa Nguyen
Rosa Nguyen - 5 days ago
I’m I’m not hungry anymore I’m StaRvINg!!!❤️☹️😭
Lucy Donald
Lucy Donald - 5 days ago
There is Taco Bell in the Ik
Samantha - 5 days ago
Jeffree aggressively shoving fries in his mouth is fucking MEEEE and i died what a legend
Selma Yilmaz Vega
Selma Yilmaz Vega - 5 days ago
Damn jeffree I didn't know you were in my town. Wish I saw u
Xxlapiz PlazXx
Xxlapiz PlazXx - 6 days ago
I've never been too Taco Bell
Tamyra Evans
Tamyra Evans - 6 days ago
Why did he have to be such a bitch
Jessie James
Jessie James - 6 days ago
I freakin love Mukbang videos but I'm always hungry after it and we don't have Taco Bell in f*ckin Germany and I'm STARVING for it. :'(
James Hewitt-Hulin
James Hewitt-Hulin - 7 days ago
It aggravates me that most Americans don’t have table manners like us brits 🤦‍♀️
cerftu ki
cerftu ki - 7 days ago
Those tacos are an insult to real mexican tacos
ninavninavninav - 8 days ago
I would watch Jeffree do ANYTHING lol
Cory Schneider
Cory Schneider - 8 days ago
The words on the sauces sound like they could be lipstick shades.
Shopaholic xox
Shopaholic xox - 8 days ago
Livys Life
Livys Life - 8 days ago
Boo Flynn
Boo Flynn - 9 days ago
I have never had taco bell
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee - 9 days ago
I love him so much like whatever he enjoys, I enjoy too except that I would never have a maintained body like he does 😣
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee - 9 days ago
Jefree really make me want taco bell so bad, but the problem is, there are no taco bell in my country or my nearest neighborhood country 😣
Lori miss
Lori miss - 9 days ago
That's a good price for all that food
Emma Simmonds
Emma Simmonds - 9 days ago
Our Taco Bell is da bomb. Go Britain 🇬🇧
Kelly Phillips
Kelly Phillips - 9 days ago
Not all taco bells have the same drink options ill go to the second closest one to me because I love cherry pepsi and the one closest doesn't have it. Plus if they have the volcano sause I'm moving to the UK!!🤤
Lollypops Aj
Lollypops Aj - 9 days ago
65 pounds and 68 cents
amanda110885 - 9 days ago
amanda110885 - Day ago
Tyuuuiivv. Hjjhjh. Hhyggggvghuuuuuu
amanda110885 - 9 days ago
La Pasgo
La Pasgo - 10 days ago
Lol 65 pounds and 60 cent yass for switching currency's in-between words
Akil Jones Jr.
Akil Jones Jr. - 10 days ago
It’s funny how he says” I’m probably gonna order the whole menu” so chill🤣
Im a cat Lover
Im a cat Lover - 10 days ago
The reason why jeffee dosent like the drinks is because they have less sugar in america
Mufasa 16
Mufasa 16 - 10 days ago
Only Jeffree could pull of spending £65 on Taco Bell and then go to Gucci after😍😍
Mufasa 16
Mufasa 16 - 10 days ago
Jeffrey face at 14:31-34 is the face baby's make when they taste lemon for the first time . so cute😂😂😍
Mufasa 16
Mufasa 16 - 10 days ago
Zack is so cuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mufasa 16
Mufasa 16 - 10 days ago
The cashiers hairrr is firee😍😍
We loove a Melanin Queen
Maddy Bear
Maddy Bear - 10 days ago
I thought this was a girl
DirectorJK - 11 days ago
What kind of creature is on the video?
youwhatmate - 11 days ago
Wtf did I just watch, this dude is one weird mofo. No wonder the world is going crazy.
HC Erocdrah
HC Erocdrah - 11 days ago
OH wow the one girl with black sunglasses she looks like Hannah from 13 reasons why damn like identical 😮😮😱😱😳
HC Erocdrah
HC Erocdrah - 11 days ago
Sorry... shes wearing the leather jacket lol
rachael Dermott
rachael Dermott - 11 days ago
When they say taco bell is a national monument but yet there is a fucking greggs down the street
Ashleigh Botha
Ashleigh Botha - 11 days ago
I’m wearing a London onesey
Tegan Wands
Tegan Wands - 11 days ago
Hi not trying to be that one British person that ruins it but that was big Ben and he said it was Manchester?
Modernjuliet247 - 11 days ago
I’m so hungry
Modernjuliet247 - 11 days ago
Jeffree if you ever visit New Orleans head to Taco Tico it’s not beautiful but the taste is amazing and omg buttttt the building is a bit old but don’t let it stop you
Modernjuliet247 - 11 days ago
I hope to one day be so rich i want everything
Modernjuliet247 - 11 days ago
Um hotel please so me and bae can visit
unknown - 12 days ago
When jeffree stars comes after the sugar tax so the drinks are dead😂😂
Regine tolentino
Regine tolentino - 12 days ago
I love how Jeffree takes care of his team. like " do you need napkins?" "Just grab food".. I think he is a good boss. He treats his team with respect.
Rachean Morgan
Rachean Morgan - 12 days ago
Love how watching this makes you so real & down to earth but still keeping yourself boujee lol haha you’re too awesome!! 👌
AwakeAtMidnight - 12 days ago
Jeffree I’m sooooooooooooooooooo picky
Alex Walker
Alex Walker - 12 days ago
I love that Jeffree still eats crap food like sis yes I love it
Gil&Spencer McKay
Gil&Spencer McKay - 12 days ago
My favorite go to at Taco Bell is the 2 Chicken Chalupa supremes with lots of El Diablo taco sauce. Drink Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Dessert Cinnabon Delights 😍🤤
Pumpkin R
Pumpkin R - 13 days ago
68p (pence)
Ali_B_ Lush2
Ali_B_ Lush2 - 13 days ago
We should get that marshmallow and chocolate desert in America! Yum!
Nicole Kobey
Nicole Kobey - 13 days ago
we love a eating sister
Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas - 13 days ago
I know this might be a CrAzY question but do you an Nate ever pick families in need that are busting their ass to get somewhere in life with their kids but everything just seems to fall apart....Do y'all ever pick a family to help like not giving cash or anything like that but maybe helping with dreams come true....My husband is a truck driver an he is only home 2 days a week we have 4 kids an have been living in a motel for 2 months an it just seems that we can't get a step ahead we also have a son that has medical problems an it's just been really hard an my dream is to have a home for Christmas but I don't see it happening an I don't see Christmas being that good for my kids I mean they understand but it's not fair u know.....Please let me know
Hitmonkey - 13 days ago
Why on earth would you go to Taco Bell when Gregg's is two doors down? Biggest mistake
stefani mcgorrin
stefani mcgorrin - 13 days ago
Taco Bell was my favourite when I lived in the states!! I was sooo disappointed with when I tried in back here in the uk 😩
Sophia Solis
Sophia Solis - 14 days ago
15:03 lmao guy on the far left is me! Love how he alrrady took the bite!😂💀
Hana M
Hana M - 14 days ago
He's never had a crunch wrap.
Jeffree: *flies off*
Conspiracy Hamster
Conspiracy Hamster - 14 days ago
Jeffree you are ANYTHING but boring!
Soy Nguyen
Soy Nguyen - 14 days ago
TACO BELL IN KOREA is so popular!
Ashely - 14 days ago
I am getting heartburn just watching this haha
Bethany Wright
Bethany Wright - 15 days ago
Jeffrey Star and Taco Bell. I have one word: ICONIC.
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez - 15 days ago
2 am in california watching your videos ...just made my boyfriend take my prego ass to tacobell....he did❣
Lucy TheLion
Lucy TheLion - 15 days ago
*no one cares about Cardi and Louis Vuitton anymore we’re at taco bellllll*
Mari’s Channel
Mari’s Channel - 16 days ago
🤤 it looks so good
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