Stephen Curry Triple-Double Game 4 Highlights vs Blazers 2019 Playoffs - 37 Pts, 13 Reb, 11 Ast

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GayBob FagPants
GayBob FagPants - 2 months ago
Curry is unbelieveable. I'm noticing just now that Curry is asking for a screen from that range at around 0:51. He is a madlad
Syahnovli Kuartapama
Syahnovli Kuartapama - 2 months ago
Dont ever compare dame to steph ever again, yall can argue who is the 2nd or 3rd best PG in th3 league, just leave curry at the top1 spot.
SEAN PATRICK - 3 months ago
I notice he enjoys playing the game having fun is always a good part of playing if ur having fun u play better
Ball Believer
Ball Believer - 3 months ago
Wish this was curry in a KNICKS jersey!!!!
Herb Young
Herb Young - 3 months ago
3>2. Steph>MJ.
蔡立謙 - 3 months ago
da9killakev - 3 months ago
The 🐐 in his natural habitat.
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken - 3 months ago
The moment Durant went out, they've been undefeated. Now that's the warriors i loved, their offense we're fluid and the ball don't stop on one man
Flip A Fish
Flip A Fish - 3 months ago
My Bron always does that, even in front of them.
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar - 3 months ago
Iggy said curry is the 2nd best player all time rite afta mj 🐐
Cristian Godinez
Cristian Godinez - 3 months ago
Curry > KD
Daniel Manning
Daniel Manning - 3 months ago
@0:53 how the fuck do you defend against that???
Lockon Stratos
Lockon Stratos - 3 months ago
He's ok
Just.A.Man - 3 months ago
Media: "I don't see how Golden State will beat Portland right now with KD out"
Curry: "Hold my popcorn"
Nam Ng
Nam Ng - 3 months ago
Real MVP.
Stone Harper
Stone Harper - 3 months ago
This man really is one of the greatest point guards to ever do it and people won’t give him his credit because they’re mad that KD picked the Warriors
Dwirk Watzkie
Dwirk Watzkie - 3 months ago
Curry’s triple double > Westbrick’s triple double
jerdarius brown
jerdarius brown - 3 months ago
Oh just steph being steph
the business handler
the business handler - 3 months ago
This is absolutely rediculous
the business handler
the business handler - 3 months ago
I've been saying he's one of the best players ever forever
okc thunder blue white orange nation
People actually compare dame and curry 🤣
okc thunder blue white orange nation
Funny people said dame was better than curry 🤣
okc thunder blue white orange nation
Dont ever compare that shot chucker dame to steph ever again
okc thunder blue white orange nation
DaMe Is BeTeEr ThAn CuRrY
Steph __
Steph __ - 3 months ago
Russell Westbrook this is how u get a IMPACTFUL triple double.not forced , came naturally.
Steph __
Steph __ - 3 months ago
Cameron be careful who you talk reckless too. You can get your jaw broken but.... don’t make excuses for Russ. Okc has 2 all stars and a mvp.
Cameron Nebraska
Cameron Nebraska - 3 months ago
Oh stfu Russ averaged it for 3 str8 seasons with no where near the talent n iq the warriors have. Its sad really that people cant see how special Russ is. N Im a Warrior fan. Who do OKC have that can spread the floor outside of PG? Ill wait.
Lotolua Fonua
Lotolua Fonua - 3 months ago
Curry's final pass to Draymond was like, here's some of my powers, make that shot!
Nicole F
Nicole F - 3 months ago
Why do people hate Curry ? I really don't get it 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
W or L
W or L - 3 months ago
Westbrick dickriders will tell you Curry's triple double isn't worth anything.
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin - 3 months ago
No player ever has changed the game like Curry did. Very exciting player to watch with his shooting ability.
Q R - 3 months ago
This reminds me of how much more fun the warriors were to watch without kevin Durant. I miss seeing this curry on a nightly basis cause he has to be much more aggressive without kd
Herb Kinobi
Herb Kinobi - 3 months ago
Curry the best player in the World!
DRK - 3 months ago
I don't know why Steph would treat his son like this smh.
Pray for Dame.
Brooks Orlando
Brooks Orlando - 3 months ago
Steph is the most valuable player in basketball. The results speak for themself
Gale TSUI - 3 months ago
This guy makes 3 pointer so damn easy.
BlitzD4rkrai - 3 months ago
You know it's back to the OG Warriors when Draymond's hitting 3s
luoYANjune - 3 months ago
He is not human....
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher - 3 months ago
Those who've been watching the ECF series know full well they have no shooters like the Splash Brothers. Far far from it.
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher - 3 months ago
Damian emulated Curry's range. But no no no, you can't beat the real thing.
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher - 3 months ago
@Omar Usmani stand corrected Omar
Omar Usmani
Omar Usmani - 3 months ago
lol so true. nothing beats the original.
Rodante Luzon
Rodante Luzon - 3 months ago
portland trails again..
a 2player rotation...3man dead.
im not saying portland need a new coach.
Metro UMG
Metro UMG - 3 months ago
Curry got them green animations
Teddy From the block
Teddy From the block - 3 months ago
4 consecutive games scoring 36 or 37 kinda disappointed he didn't go for at least 40 but hey can't complain
Jong Pi
Jong Pi - 3 months ago
Stotts should have never settled for a pullup jump shot from the corner.It can be a one dribble lob pass or a perimeter shot leonard should execute it.Stotts know that Thompson will be on Lillard but results as is expected.GSW doing their thing winning.
Boss Jay
Boss Jay - 3 months ago
So happy for Curry, a humble guy even with all these achievements.
luca motta
luca motta - 3 months ago
E N - 3 months ago
This is the guy that KD was afraid to face again
Money Blaise
Money Blaise - 3 months ago
Game 1:36
Game 2:37
Game 3:36
Game 4: 37
Ion need to explain anything else
D WADE IS THE GOAT - 3 months ago
Goes to show that kd is not needed
Steph is too good and I would rather have him than kd
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon - 3 months ago
How you just gonna let curry grab 13 rebounds
ChaCha BeatBoy
ChaCha BeatBoy - 3 months ago
Best point guard in the league
Le Comédien
Le Comédien - 3 months ago
NBA REPORT ! Since 2015 Golden Gay Whore'iors has played only 2 series against a full team.
Julien sd
Julien sd - 3 months ago
Better than westbrook, doesnt need to stat pad
HecTc AnTi
HecTc AnTi - 3 months ago
2 point win show the buzzer go off 😒
nikko sanchez
nikko sanchez - 3 months ago
hope iggy and durant stay out in the finals and also draymond got suspended so curry got a big chance for FMVP !!!
Joshua Salim
Joshua Salim - 3 months ago
Lol hes the best player in the league, Simple. If he scores 30+, the warriors are always winning. Durant scores 50, and they still lose. Im not saying the warriors are worse with durant, im saying curry is simply a better player and people do not get that. Ive been saying this for years. He's a facilitator, 35 foot shooting threat, floor general, and is always double teamed which allows his teammates to thrive. Just look at the whole teams stats when curry plays and durant sits and vice versa. All durant has over him is iso scoring ability, which is not as important when it comes to championship team gameplay. Im looking forward to see durant leaving just so people start respecting this mofo curry, aint even biased man just respecting greatness.
Robin Ainscough
Robin Ainscough - 3 months ago
Key point, Curry forces radical changes in defense leaving other players to clean up.
Lucas Bigg Frisky
Lucas Bigg Frisky - 3 months ago
now THIS is the Curry i've wanted to see!
HOODTHO - 3 months ago
That last sequence in the 4th quarter by Steph went the exact opposite of how it would’ve went for Harden. Somehow Harden would’ve gotten the 2 free throws and the 3 points. Smh
TC - 3 months ago
Most ppg during a playoff series, most 3's made during a playoff series. First time two teammates record a triple double during playoffs. Just killing the league while missing two starters and possibly their best 1on1 defender.
DP ONEDEEP - 3 months ago
Top3 In The NBA
CH YANG - 3 months ago
Green is the key man!
Thor Nado
Thor Nado - 3 months ago
Can't believe Green hit many 3's.
Simshine95 - 3 months ago
"Tom brady with melanin" CC Andre Iguodala
J Quanzy ThaGoat
J Quanzy ThaGoat - 3 months ago
Only 2 passing highlights?
W S - 3 months ago
Lillard is so annoying with his forced shots. Always 3PP of around 33% but he want always
the ball in the last few seconds.
mrdboy08 - 3 months ago
Warriors are so much likable with out kd
JC Ndri
JC Ndri - 3 months ago
People really thought the Warriors were trash without KD? Steph reminding everyone why he's a 2x MVP !!!
PG 13PACERNATION - 3 months ago
About time Curry winning the Finals MVP
Giant L
Giant L - 3 months ago
PG 13PACERNATION he should've won it in 2015 but the voters were stupid
reggiecyy - 3 months ago
KD, Who?!
Marcus Yu
Marcus Yu - 3 months ago
Quality Trible Double, see Westbrook?
ROMAIN WHITE - 3 months ago
Not enough superlatives to describe this guy, we'll never see another Curry in our life time
N’Karjo The Neko
N’Karjo The Neko - 3 months ago
Warriors playoff series has been out of order
Alaskan Pipeline
Alaskan Pipeline - 3 months ago
Steph dropped 36.5/7.3/8.3 on 48/42/97 shooting and is the highest scoring player ever in a sweep. He is truly an all time great.
edisonsun21c - 3 months ago
whoever plays the worriers need to throw bodis at curry, make it tough and dirty, yeah it may not be pretty but that's the only way to go!
Roger Tiwari
Roger Tiwari - 3 months ago
He's on another level. Curry is the real goat!
Matthew - 3 months ago
Curry is the best player in nba
Gregory Hill
Gregory Hill - 3 months ago
Triple double too.
Galactica Phantom
Galactica Phantom - 3 months ago
The Warriors are breaking and making records all over the place every season that's something special right there!
Kareem Salti
Kareem Salti - 3 months ago
BEST PG of all time. Averaged 36.5 points and had a triple double tonight. 😤🐐
TC - 3 months ago
Setting records this series.
Michael Beale
Michael Beale - 3 months ago
JOHNCARL DOSDOS - 3 months ago
More meaningful than westbrook season triple double
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