Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “Hulk Out” Exclusive Clip

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The magical production
In the script Steve has took the photo and it was a night time when they meet hulk .this was written in the script
Tyler 1
Tyler 1 - 3 days ago
Unpopular Opinion: i think it's pathetic how we have gone from hulk who was an absolute beast and was fueled by raw anger to hulk who Dabs with kids.
Ibrahım Ulas
Ibrahım Ulas - 5 days ago
Arshad Hussain
Arshad Hussain - 14 days ago
Winged BluJ
Winged BluJ - 24 days ago
Don't make him angry, or he will back up his claims with multiple sources, for he is...

The Credible Hulk!
PlushPower - 25 days ago
Marvel: doesn’t include dab
Wait, that’s illegal.
hianedae - 27 days ago
That breakfast looks so yummie🤤🤤🤤
Don White
Don White - 28 days ago
I will never understand this scene concerning the part with Scott Lang embarrassing himself. It serves no purpose and wastes time. That's like, 20 more seconds of something that makes sense or ads to the story we could have had.
Gray Upsilon
Gray Upsilon - Month ago
Wow. I got cucked out of the dab.
B ryce
B ryce - Month ago
I keep forgetting where YouTube put the comments
The Game Boy 2.0
The Game Boy 2.0 - Month ago
Did any body notice the kid staring at the camera
zan zun
zan zun - Month ago
Why Natasha and Bruce didn’t talk each other much Anymore.?
Dier Biaktea
Dier Biaktea - Month ago
Anybody knows the name of the little girl?
prabhaharan manjula
prabhaharan manjula - Month ago
M B - Month ago
I can’t unsee that kid looking directly at the camera.
Red Uno Stop Card
Red Uno Stop Card - Month ago
Am I the only one watching this because I had to make sure if the kid was really looking at the camera?
BuddyOCheerio178 ‘
BuddyOCheerio178 ‘ - Month ago
Anyone notice that the tall boy looks directly into the camera at 0:41
Charlie McCorriston
Charlie McCorriston - Month ago
Slow it down then you’ll see
Charlie McCorriston
Charlie McCorriston - Month ago
Oh wow that kid looks right at the camera
MJ fielding
MJ fielding - Month ago
0:59 Kid on the left looks straight into the camera
Erick Searez
Erick Searez - 2 months ago
Did anybody else notice that the kid in gray on the left was looking at the directors camera for a second and then looking a hulk again

He straight up broke the Forth Wall
Rupert - 2 months ago
The Russos delivered nothing but disappointment to Hulk fans. The whole not Hulking out in IW served no purpose other than excluding the Hulk from the entire movie. Hulk fans walked out disappointed, but hoped that perhaps the Russos were waiting to unleash the Hulk in all his glory in the big finale. We walk into Endgame, and they've turned the Hulk into a Sesame Street character. The Russos just did not get the Hulk at all.
Omar Jawedi
Omar Jawedi - 2 months ago
0:59 did he looked at the camera??
Noah Coert
Noah Coert - 2 months ago
Wait isnt the boy the captain america kid
Liam - 2 months ago
The kid on the left looks at the camera at 0:41
Ice L
Ice L - 2 months ago
You missed the best part
HOWARD - 2 months ago
Rodrigo González
Rodrigo González - 2 months ago
Poor Ant-Man
Davyon Lewis
Davyon Lewis - 3 months ago
I'am glad that Bruce got incontrol of the Hulk cause now no one is afraid of him.
Frank仔 - 3 months ago
Gagan Pradhan
Gagan Pradhan - 3 months ago
2003 hulk:Comic version of hulk
2008 hulk:Real hulk
2019 hulk:Weakest hulk
Gagan Pradhan
Gagan Pradhan - 3 months ago
2003 hulk:Strongest thing in
the universe
2008 hulk:One of the strongest thing in the universe
2019 hulk:Big green guy
Chris Su
Chris Su - 3 months ago
How would Betty Ross react to the new Hulk?
Hejsan På dejsan
Hejsan På dejsan - 3 months ago
Yeah ehm no
HyDrA ShReYaS - 3 months ago
0:47 i like the expression while he says "he wants it"
Chris Su
Chris Su - 3 months ago
If Black Widow was still alive, she could marry the hulk
DARK HILLLBOY - 4 months ago
Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams - 4 months ago
2020 anyone?
Canal Que Louva
Canal Que Louva - 4 months ago
Que bosta em
Tom Fitzpatrick
Tom Fitzpatrick - 4 months ago
well this is new for hulk
heichun lau
heichun lau - 5 months ago
heichun lau
heichun lau - 5 months ago
Hyde101564 - 5 months ago
Why does the girl looked like Hawkeye's daughter?
sken130-gaming - 5 months ago
One sentence from Scott and everything became awkward xd
YoshiPeach Mario
YoshiPeach Mario - 6 months ago
one of the best moments in the entire movie
Alex’s Reviews
Alex’s Reviews - 6 months ago
Why did they take out “TAKE THE GODDAMN PHONE”!! That was the funniest part of the movie!
Verity W
Verity W - 6 months ago
You want a picture with me? I'm ant man...
Oof Big boi
Oof Big boi - 6 months ago
Hulk in Chad format.
croco ads
croco ads - 6 months ago
Who is her?
Caleb Calhoun
Caleb Calhoun - 6 months ago
“100% little person” this is how I would address any and everyone
Abominatrix650 - 7 months ago
Major oof for Scott. Poor guy.
Tony Smith
Tony Smith - 7 months ago
The 3rd or 4th time I saw this scene I’m like “Didn’t Hawkeye’s daughter get snapped away? How is she asking for an autograph?”
Russo’s daughter look so much alike.
Manoj kumar
Manoj kumar - 7 months ago
We love hulk
Manoj kumar
Manoj kumar - 7 months ago
Can we see angry hulk again ??
HITMAN 7-1 - 7 months ago
When that bully decides to change his personality
Teundo Tukagawa
Teundo Tukagawa - 7 months ago
gracias por cagar a hulk
Watson Wallace
Watson Wallace - 7 months ago
Hulk is gettn laid he's gone soft , he's smart and dresses well
Saima Ali
Saima Ali - 7 months ago
I think that hulk has become old
Nick Deaño
Nick Deaño - 8 months ago
TheDestroyer2alltrolls - 8 months ago
Such a stupid scene.
TheDestroyer2alltrolls - 8 months ago
Ȝbdelrahman - 8 months ago
Jokinen 17
Jokinen 17 - 8 months ago
Announcer: He's big he's bad ladies and gentlemen I give you the incredible Hulk!!!
(People cheering)
Announcer: now from this side of the arena is a man so big but also so small, here's Ant Maaaan
(Cricket noises)
UDAY AL AZAWI - 8 months ago
0:40 the kid stairs on Camera ... Doop
Hazem Mostafa
Hazem Mostafa - 8 months ago
0:40 that kid looked to the camera and it is so annoying
Johnny's_account - 8 months ago
I was hoping that the Hulk would be BRUTAL and BLOODY like the original hulk comics, but hulk turned into a smiley friendly character...
Ozzie comedian
Ozzie comedian - 8 months ago
People were laughing in the theature ma when this scene popped up.
It’s Fry
It’s Fry - 8 months ago
Anyone Notice the boy kept looking at the camera almost the whole TIME (older kid)
TheDuffyLONER64 - 8 months ago
That's a Google Pixel 3!
John Conor
John Conor - 8 months ago
0:18 nostalgia
Jackie Boy
Jackie Boy - 8 months ago
SSBU Fan: exuse me me K Rool
King K Rool: Yes?
SSBU Fan: are you gonna be in Ultimate?
King K Rool: 100 procent little person.
Do you Want me in Ultimate i’m Waluigi?
They are K Rool fans they don’t want Waluigi nobody does.
Fire Storm
Fire Storm - 9 months ago
He looked a camera
Grand Priest Goku MUI
Grand Priest Goku MUI - 9 months ago
Did anyone notice the kids were Hawkeye's kids who dissapeared? Just look at a comparison
William Chollick
William Chollick - 9 months ago
Do you think Smart Hulk would look better as Disco Hulk or Country Hulk?
ImpulsOP - 9 months ago
Rocco’s World !
Rocco’s World ! - 9 months ago
0:59 the boy on the left looked in the camera
WOKON - 9 months ago
Cringe scence
Lethal Edits
Lethal Edits - 9 months ago
IMO, the biggest middle finger in the movie...
GlowingEyes - 9 months ago
This scene always makes me think of the HISHE café with Superman and Batman. I wondered if this was sort of a nod to HISHE, but that's really unlikely. Anyone else agree with me on this?
heichun lau
heichun lau - 9 months ago
Savage dog
Savage dog - 9 months ago
Savage dog
Savage dog - 9 months ago
Savage dog
Savage dog - 9 months ago
Savage dog
Savage dog - 9 months ago
Savage dog
Savage dog - 9 months ago
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