Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “Hulk Out” Exclusive Clip

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Cypress - 18 hours ago
I’m disliking this because no dab
Marisa Tamayo
Marisa Tamayo - Day ago
EJ - 3 days ago
I like this new Hulk & I feel so happy for Banner because he finally found his cure. Now he can be Banner & Hulk at the same time & now Black Widow can have the whole package, if you know what I mean 😏👉👌
GeekyGirl Plays
GeekyGirl Plays - 4 days ago
Kashi K.
Kashi K. - 5 days ago
tmw this already happened in one of the old cartoons
Nick p
Nick p - 5 days ago
The Avengers have so many fans!
Smoothmj - 7 days ago
Ohh look mr.shrek am the hulk i have Layers same like you
Josh Rule
Josh Rule - 7 days ago
This scene wasn’t funny.Avengers Endgame ruined my favorite character in the marvel universe
The8bitFreak - 8 days ago
God I love that! ^^ banner hulk is best hulk :)
Ben Gedeon 12
Ben Gedeon 12 - 11 days ago
huk looks like shrek lol
noo noo
noo noo - 11 days ago
Mr. Hummus
Mr. Hummus - 11 days ago
"It's like I was made for this"
He then proceeds to make it bigger so it fits
Mr.HalfNHALF - 13 days ago
I was so afraid he was gonna hurt then by mistake lmao
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis - 15 days ago
those kids are just weird looking.
KInGSlaYer 101
KInGSlaYer 101 - 15 days ago
Kid: can we get a picture Mr hulk
Hulk: 3000% sure
XTK - 15 days ago
1:05 People from Hong Kong will understand the true meaning of Hulk Out
Adam Erian
Adam Erian - 15 days ago
Am I the only one the noticed the kid was looking at the camera?
Ranjan Kumar
Ranjan Kumar - 17 days ago
This is the saddest part of the entire movie .
"They don't know Ant-Man. Nobody does."
Codq - 18 days ago
Guys come to my channel i have post credit scene from Spider-Man Far From Home
Jackie Estacado
Jackie Estacado - 18 days ago
Wtf is this? Thank god im not a marvel fan bruh. 😂😂😂😂😂
Jackie Estacado
Jackie Estacado - 13 days ago
Trevor Philips Don’t get mad bro. It’s ok you like this garbage lol.
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips - 13 days ago
@With great powers comes great responsibility Oh shut the hell up marvel and DC fans are both idiots deal with it
With great powers comes great responsibility
I feel bad for you you are a trash DC butthurted fan and toxic.
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips - 18 days ago
He put the brains and the brawn together
Landon Hood
Landon Hood - 19 days ago
Imagine going back in time and trying to explain this scene to someone eleven years ago
RJ' Trappoo
RJ' Trappoo - 19 days ago
Not exclusive
Zax Plays
Zax Plays - 19 days ago
David Green
David Green - 19 days ago
Take the goddamn phone
Nick Gage
Nick Gage - 19 days ago
If I ever become famous, and someone asks for a picture, I am totally going to answer with "100%, little person."
Swing DaWing
Swing DaWing - 19 days ago
*Hulk protecc*
*Hulk attacc*
but most importantly...
*Hulk snap to bring everybody bacc*
Hope Nolan
Hope Nolan - 20 days ago
It would have been nice if we saw him use more brawn
MR. BUZZERHD - 21 day ago
They cut out the Dabbing part. Why marvel, just why
SATYA SRIKAR - 21 day ago
Hulk pose for picture!!
Jhon Kumar
Jhon Kumar - 22 days ago
I Md Wardhiana
I Md Wardhiana - 22 days ago
1:02 here is the mistake.. Pancake on the top suddenly connected..
MrNiko - 22 days ago
rachel - 22 days ago
i thought i was on acid when i saw professor hulk for the first time
Rodert Moss
Rodert Moss - 22 days ago
Notice how the burrito is cut at the beginning, but near the end it's no longer cut in half.
Lucas Guerin
Lucas Guerin - 23 days ago
Bruno Daniel
Bruno Daniel - 23 days ago
I Love the detail of the "Crepe" being cut in half, and then being back together again.
Thunderwing Doomslayer
Thunderwing Doomslayer - 23 days ago
man you guys blow me away on how real this looks never have i thought this looks fake with hulk or thanos in the films
revin hatol
revin hatol - 23 days ago
1:06 PEACE.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker - 23 days ago
We want enraged smashing Hulk.
Another One
Another One - 23 days ago
Where the *OOF* is the Dab?
Eren Yega
Eren Yega - 23 days ago
2008 Hulk very good👍👍
2019 Hulk Sherek👎👎
Tom Fitzpatrick
Tom Fitzpatrick - 24 days ago
At least hulk's back
Reshaun Ware
Reshaun Ware - 24 days ago
Honestly *MY OPINION* this is the worst super hero film I saw in my life 2/10.
Rami Escalante
Rami Escalante - 25 days ago
If Professor Hulks gets angry... then what?
Rami Escalante
Rami Escalante - 19 days ago
@C-MC Official That comic might/might not be awesome...
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - 19 days ago
he turns back to Bruce immediately
Good Morning U.S.A!
Good Morning U.S.A! - 25 days ago
Gotta love the giant bowls of food he has in front of him....and steve just has a water.
the rooster
the rooster - 25 days ago
They've made a mess with the hulk. 2008 was the best hulk. Now he's a soy boy
mrbrockpeters - 25 days ago
Black Widow wants the green zucchini.
Real Mortalkey468
Real Mortalkey468 - 26 days ago
I can’t stop saying hulk out
Nonice owo
Nonice owo - 26 days ago
it pisses me off that the kid on the left blatantly looks directly into the camera, ruining the scene.
and the other kids look at the hulks chest, instead of his face.
Nibba Nibba
Nibba Nibba - 26 days ago
0:58 the tall kid is looking into your soul
B R - 26 days ago
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