Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories

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Renzplays -roblox
Renzplays -roblox - Hour ago
stop wasting your phone thats a waste of money:(
Radosław Jakubowski
Radosław Jakubowski - 2 hours ago
DIY iPhone into pemanent torch guide.
JOHN FIRCO - 2 hours ago
That is Nokia 3310 that really defren so I have Nokia that can broken in 100m maybe
Tiger Beast
Tiger Beast - 6 hours ago
This is cool
Amirhossein5112 - 7 hours ago
بچه های ایران به کانال من یه سری بزنین خیلی چیزای خفنی داریم
Winnet Kambadza
Winnet Kambadza - 7 hours ago
My baby why why it took me 3 months to get that but he just dropped it like that
XGETLOSTX Gaming - 9 hours ago
Instead of destroying smartphone , why not giving away iPhone to everyone ? , Me example :(
Brianna Boyd
Brianna Boyd - 10 hours ago
Oh my god like that's a waste of money PLUS I LOVE THAT NOKIA PHONE
Logan Reid
Logan Reid - 15 hours ago
Like iPhone
Comment samsung
Katherine Showalter
Katherine Showalter - 17 hours ago
But the hits are worse than a vacuum next to your ear 😬
Katherine Showalter
Katherine Showalter - 17 hours ago
3:42 DONT DO IT MAN!!! Him: *does it* me: oh god
Sunday Vibes
Sunday Vibes - 19 hours ago
this made me cringe
Karma Kun
Karma Kun - 21 hour ago
Oh Why U destroyed ur phone ?
Kacper Dyduch
Kacper Dyduch - 22 hours ago
Mogłeś mi dać tego iPhone
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez - 23 hours ago
U should've had dropped ut from the world trade center
Caleb Ilano
Caleb Ilano - Day ago
Don’t make your phone drop you wasting your money for drop that expensive phone
ManilaPatrick - Day ago
Ņäkau mòu
ManilaPatrick - Day ago
Paulo Hernandez
Paulo Hernandez - Day ago
Ways of money men😠😡😡
The Rose Amy Heinen Channel
I can't believe the Nokia forgot to turn on creative mode
Aaser Abboud
Aaser Abboud - Day ago
Oof to iPhone and samsung
H. K.
H. K. - Day ago
Itz_Kwai Gurl
Itz_Kwai Gurl - Day ago
this hurt
Borka Sedem
Borka Sedem - Day ago
nokia 3310 destroyd the floor
Green Tea
Green Tea - Day ago
Why? Like really W H Y ??
Hotshot - Day ago
When you drop phones, remember your social distance
Cameron Angerman
Cameron Angerman - 2 days ago
Ima give up my 1phone 6s for a Nokia3310
Cameron Angerman
Cameron Angerman - 2 days ago
I wanna flip phone
rick kids
rick kids - 2 days ago
Italo Cardoso
Italo Cardoso - 2 days ago
Ivan Najem
Ivan Najem - 2 days ago
Not cool your Videos
Cyber Tutorials
Cyber Tutorials - 2 days ago
Imagine a rich kid make a video on drop an iPhone and Samsung.
After the video he go and ask his parents to buy him a new IPhone 11
His parents:No
His life:
im to cringe
im to cringe - 2 days ago
Thats not the nokia we know and love that is super durable.
perfect TEN
perfect TEN - 2 days ago
Why are you wasting money
Pastel_ Gacha
Pastel_ Gacha - 2 days ago
Why would you just drop something that probably Cost so much 0-0
Cade Chennault
Cade Chennault - Day ago
Because its his money.
Jessica - 2 days ago
What nono
Jana Assaf
Jana Assaf - 2 days ago
That last one that looks older than me that looks like the 90s phones I mean the A's phone that looks like fifties phones with that looks old
Roboy 1101
Roboy 1101 - 2 days ago
Um wow
ebro77 vlogs and gaming!
0:50 imagine he dropped the camera
Susana Polanco
Susana Polanco - 2 days ago
:( why
Jidey - 2 days ago
This is not fun your wasting money idiots I had to dislike the vid cos of you
ShrekLover69 - 2 days ago
No One Cares
Sreyas p
Sreyas p - 2 days ago
The people do for content is unbelievable
Administrador Equipo
Administrador Equipo - 2 days ago
Odio esta clase de videos por que destrulle telefonos, los cuales tienen oro y el oro de donde creen que lo sacan
Shuron Poteat
Shuron Poteat - 3 days ago
Imagine If One Of These Phones Drop On You 🤣🤣🤣
Juanita Chapman
Juanita Chapman - 3 days ago
That is so awesome and your videos are awesome and you are😀😀😀😃😛
Edu Hub
Edu Hub - 3 days ago
Please🙏🙏🙏 Visit & Subscribe to my channel Everybody
SilentSerenity - 3 days ago
3:10 "whoa that still works! thats good news guys we can still use this phone"
so lets drop it again since the display Still works!
SilentSerenity - 3 days ago
2:28 that fold went aight imma head out
Gennaro Pezzurro
Gennaro Pezzurro - 3 days ago
3:59 Oh God! It's break!
Hцmаn 911
Hцmаn 911 - 3 days ago
This video is brutal for phone. what we see :
If handphone see this: 18+
Albi Scacco
Albi Scacco - 3 days ago
Techrax sei scemo che lanci i telefoni
꧁Aayana Mehta꧂
꧁Aayana Mehta꧂ - 3 days ago
The only thing we learned is that never let this guy near your phone
Sara Vasilief
Sara Vasilief - 2 days ago
Thats real
Jawad Masoud
Jawad Masoud - 2 days ago
Yeah xD be careful
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shing yau
shing yau - 3 days ago
Rene Nielsen
Rene Nielsen - 3 days ago
just put the nokia back to gether it will most likly wrok
mohammad al-khaldi
mohammad al-khaldi - 3 days ago
Can you give me the iphone instead of throwing it?
/*_*\ wolf
/*_*\ wolf - 3 days ago
Wait was that adiddas sandals with socks?
TAMERAY Music - 4 days ago
Bhawana Barial
Bhawana Barial - 4 days ago
Nokia is god
Pratim Roy
Pratim Roy - 4 days ago
UNITED GAMING FF - 4 days ago
Use less experiment with expensive phones
Diana Miller
Diana Miller - 4 days ago
Get your Renewed iPhone 11 Pro Max from this link to get the best price
jeon Cena
jeon Cena - 4 days ago
aken nalang yan nagsasayang
ka lang ng pera
Ashiqur Rahman
Ashiqur Rahman - 4 days ago
bro instead of breaking the phone give it to me please i need a i phone 📱😍
Xotiiics YT
Xotiiics YT - 4 days ago
I would have taken the iPhone 11 if it wasn’t destroyed but hey content is content
Tintin Meyer
Tintin Meyer - 4 days ago
Dude what is the point of your channel? Your waisting tens of thousands of dollars for no reason
ShrekLover69 - 2 days ago
@Tintin Meyer he destroy stuff for money and youtube views ofcourse
Tintin Meyer
Tintin Meyer - 2 days ago
It’s just stupid, l mean he destroys stuff for no logical reason. Waisting and wasting.
ShrekLover69 - 2 days ago
@Tintin Meyer the point is he breaks these stuff for entertainment he got the money back anyways
Tintin Meyer
Tintin Meyer - 2 days ago
Dude, are you a teacher? Like actually, you are really judging me because of my grammar. Dude l have a point he waists money for no reason.
ShrekLover69 - 2 days ago
You're wasting your college degree on that grammar.
MichTheNutt - 4 days ago
at the bottom of the staircase there are cockroaches
wolfly - 4 days ago
Don't do it give me this phones don't break this, this is sad man, i'm crying here
wolfly - Day ago
@Ethan Halpin if no one wants to hear me ok, but i'll say every think i want to say, Anyway you are paying attention so, Nice, opinions are not the same but ok, it's my opinion i will respect your and you will respect mine
Ethan Halpin
Ethan Halpin - Day ago
wolfly Literally no one wants to hear you whine about what a stranger on USa-video chooses to do with his hard earned money. We know that some people can’t afford those phones, that’s how he makes money since if he destroyed a phone no one wanted than no one would watch the video. Learn how youtube works.
wolfly - Day ago
@Ethan Halpin it's my direct opinion in the comments, you are the ones who are complaining about what I said, I'm just talking about the video, and first of all the comments are directed to the author and not to the followers, after all neither you, me nor any fan can faithfully represent what he would say in response to me, don't try to take away my right to expose what I think about things.
wolfly - Day ago
@Cade Chennault yes, the money is his and he does what he wants, but just as you have the right to think it's cool, I have the right not to think it's cool, the fact that you want to impose your opinion at all costs only makes you look like a bad person who has no ability to understand and respect opinions that differ from yours, think about. :3
Cade Chennault
Cade Chennault - Day ago
@wolfly ok i was a little harsh but its his money.
Udin Safrudin
Udin Safrudin - 4 days ago
Wow iphone is stupid
Stephen Mandizvidza
Stephen Mandizvidza - 4 days ago
I don't even really have a personal phone yet you are destroying these ones
Gabxeo Playsgames
Gabxeo Playsgames - 4 days ago
Do you even have a phone?
Funny Aaron and Sapphire YT
Let us see your face
Alee M
Alee M - 5 days ago
If I understand this right but you're buying phones and then breaking them that's kind of a waste of money who agrees
Hasan Khan DBD
Hasan Khan DBD - 5 days ago
*This people buy such a phone for dropping experiment. And our whole life dream is buying such a phone.*
ShrekLover69 - 2 days ago
Hasan Dream About Fixing You're Grammar when you fix you're grammar come back to dreaming about a stupid phone.
DezlonTheDank - 3 days ago
And your going to keep dreaming about that phone if you don’t fix your grammar
Ahmedino - 5 days ago
3500$ thrown from 200 feet
Dudakiya Bhargav
Dudakiya Bhargav - 5 days ago
Bhai mobil muje de dia hote to
Talha Rehman
Talha Rehman - 5 days ago
I wanna drop this guy and see if he survives 😒
Sona Lal
Sona Lal - 5 days ago
Give me one mobile plz
Suvarna Phuge
Suvarna Phuge - 5 days ago
Oh my good they are throwing such awesome mobiles........
Shreyam Srivastava
Shreyam Srivastava - 5 days ago
Felipe Gabriel
Felipe Gabriel - 5 days ago
Vá a merda
•it’s Moonlight•
•it’s Moonlight• - 5 days ago
Anyone like soooo you brake all these phones AND I GOT A SAMSUNG can I have an iPhone anddddddd do you respond
Daniel Sævdal
Daniel Sævdal - 5 days ago
You don't want huawei with I want huawei with think of the 😒I want huawei drop test
TalkinGiraffe - 5 days ago
4:21 Well no shit bud, that’s why it *FOLDS*
calvin shimoli
calvin shimoli - 5 days ago
When he dropped the iphone my heart and stomach also dropped
MacieQ GAMING - 5 days ago
are we just gonna ignore the fact that he actually wanted to turn on nokia's camera even tho it has no camera?
Ahmed King
Ahmed King - 5 days ago
انته انسان متخلف
Actual BOT
Actual BOT - 5 days ago
What a waste
SGC Films
SGC Films - 6 days ago
TechRax why you wasting money
Von Penaredondo
Von Penaredondo - 6 days ago
Bruh why u whasting money bruhhhh u need ti save money ur just buying phone so u can destroy it bruhh
ShrekLover69 - 2 days ago
You're wasting you're money on school if they don't teach you proper grammar
Nuray Aghayeva
Nuray Aghayeva - 6 days ago
Me:who wants to buy phone and sees the video
*ok I will just buy iPhone
Federico Borgese
Federico Borgese - 6 days ago
Sukrat Shinge
Sukrat Shinge - 6 days ago
Don't waste I phone 11 pro. 😭 give me 😉😜
Untraded - 6 days ago
No fuck you
Dika pratama
Dika pratama - 6 days ago
Hanya orang yang PAOK buat kayak gitu
sh868sh - 6 days ago
Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy N20 (Note20)
What about these?
Akram Parvez Khan
Akram Parvez Khan - 6 days ago
Abe chutiye sale harami pagal itne mahange phones ko sale janbooch ke Gira gira ke torh raha hai chutiye pagal hai kya 😵😨
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