Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories

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Variant Fan YT
Variant Fan YT - 2 minutes ago
You have to stop destroying your all Of Your phones now how you are going call people now you have 0 working phones this is a illegal thing to do and it is a serious crime
NG 217
NG 217 - 31 minute ago
This pisses me off a little bit because he’s destroying these expensive devices and they are other people that would want a new phone but he’s out here wasting money.
Mostafa LegendX
Mostafa LegendX - 39 minutes ago
Why you did this!!!!!!! That's bad
Anindo Jason
Anindo Jason - Hour ago
I mean Why bro
Sue Doyle
Sue Doyle - Hour ago
To be honest when he said it looked terrible i mean you did just drop it a couple concrete floors down

What would you think would happen if you dropped it 20 ft
Anindo Jason
Anindo Jason - Hour ago
Ah waste of phones
KET FLIX - Hour ago
It pains my heart to see people destroy things I want for fun
Claudia Milena
Claudia Milena - 2 hours ago
Meu primeiro sonho era ter um 3310 hahahah
Liam Hilferty
Liam Hilferty - 2 hours ago
Can you flush a phone down the toilet and record the phone getting flushed
Uncle Berry
Uncle Berry - 2 hours ago
Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down GTA IV Stairway of death! - 20 Stories
INF CXRE - 2 hours ago
Guy: shows samsung folding thingy phone
Me: thats a tablet
Guy: folds phone
Me: *X_X*
Gaming With Lukas
Gaming With Lukas - 2 hours ago
2:00 a stack of degrees Fahrenheit
Laetitia Nigon
Laetitia Nigon - 2 hours ago
C'est pas bien
Laetitia Nigon
Laetitia Nigon - 2 hours ago
Laetitia Nigon
Laetitia Nigon - 2 hours ago
Yes yes
Dzzoni - 2 hours ago
Koko Kevin
Koko Kevin - 2 hours ago
Not worth destroying the phones
Lydia Fielden
Lydia Fielden - 2 hours ago
‘Oops accidentally dropped my phone’
minino sadi boy
minino sadi boy - 3 hours ago
tudo por view não é filha da puta esses xelulares sao caros e raros e vc quebra isso e irritante
minino sadi boy
minino sadi boy - 3 hours ago
if you play a nokia he breaks the building
Precious Heart
Precious Heart - 3 hours ago
Wastage of money
Yağız efe Oyunda
Yağız efe Oyunda - 3 hours ago
Türk olanlar +1Nokia 3310
Karina Andreea
Karina Andreea - 3 hours ago
Credeam că nokia rezistă qwp😜😜
Ελενη Ναυροζογλου
You are grazy
DiogoPT 091
DiogoPT 091 - 3 hours ago
gays is 2019 is like
DiogoPT 091
DiogoPT 091 - 3 hours ago
gostei muito vou dar 10000 likes
Dawood Aqel
Dawood Aqel - 3 hours ago
I love your videos but I hate people that do that because i don’t have a phone
Around The World 2019
Around The World 2019 - 3 hours ago
Why u do dis!?!
Stanisław Jeneralski
Stanisław Jeneralski - 4 hours ago
Where is the video when flod or 11 pro max is falling?!
Jehu Manuel
Jehu Manuel - 4 hours ago
What if he drops a tons of soap on a staircase
منتظر محمد
منتظر محمد - 4 hours ago
حرام عليك
Alex Banu
Alex Banu - 5 hours ago
East am I phone 11th property
joel free fire
joel free fire - 5 hours ago
Me perdi entre los inglese¿ algun español?
BlAzEr Hack
BlAzEr Hack - 5 hours ago
Да бля,если нокию собрать обратно она работать 100 лет ещё будет
Lollo 06-Original Channel
È uno spreco di soldi😵😭
Looth Soffath
Looth Soffath - 5 hours ago
Stop wasting money 💰. Instead of doing that thing help poor people 🙏🏽.
Nexusio - 5 hours ago
Bande de malade...
MemesWork - 5 hours ago
I like how it never went straight down it always has to go hit part of the stairs
Avishek Mochari
Avishek Mochari - 5 hours ago
And I am here saving money to buy a 250$ cellphone since a month..what a waste dear
Alex Erpelding
Alex Erpelding - 5 hours ago
I think this was a china fake 3310, with the original, the stairwell would have been destroyed.
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