Evil Little Brother Part 4 | Twan Kuyper, Gavin Magnus

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Annalie Roldan
Annalie Roldan - 2 hours ago
Make a part five
Frizzla - 2 hours ago
Wow gavin Magnus you just got dumpted
Toys and Me Melina and Fernanda
No becase coco is a cute cuple
Anil Mohammed
Anil Mohammed - 2 hours ago
It supposed to be piper and Gavin instead of coco
Carla Carrier
Carla Carrier - 2 hours ago
And I oop sxsxsxsx
XxAngelxX 11
XxAngelxX 11 - 2 hours ago
AN I oop .
Lilly Chamberlain
Lilly Chamberlain - 2 hours ago
XxAngelxX 11 uh?
Emilee H
Emilee H - 2 hours ago
Make a part 5!!! PLEASE
target _ized
target _ized - 2 hours ago
You guys can't be mad cause he isn't with Piper anymore Piper moved on also it's their choose
Kathy Lindsey
Kathy Lindsey - 2 hours ago
She's pretty
Sky Lexi Blue
Sky Lexi Blue - 2 hours ago
Coco and Gavin are the worst couple
Phoeber Gurl
Phoeber Gurl - 2 hours ago
Yeah right
Rainbow_Dash_ 99
Rainbow_Dash_ 99 - 2 hours ago
He got in the friendzone
Bailey Games
Bailey Games - 2 hours ago
Gavins twans brother and cocos twans brother so aren’t they retaliated
Summer Ree
Summer Ree - 3 hours ago
I don't want Gavin and Coco together 😭 I want givin to be with Piper
Phoeber Gurl
Phoeber Gurl - 2 hours ago
Not me
Bitch I am the queen
Bitch I am the queen - 2 hours ago
Summer Ree me tooo!
Sonya Bishop
Sonya Bishop - 3 hours ago
I love the videos that you make. You should make a part 5
Phoeber Gurl
Phoeber Gurl - 2 hours ago
Sonya Bishop I agree
Okuhle Mbusha
Okuhle Mbusha - 3 hours ago
To all who doesn't like Coco because of the Piper thing I wanna say is if Coco gives a fuck abt weather u all like her or not she is living her life to the fullest.....and what's there to be against a person for just true love🙄😻.....but I understand haters gotta hate

But to Coco don't worry what kind of things they say abt u always live ur life to the fullest....bug fan of u guys💕😻
sarah devil gaming
sarah devil gaming - 3 hours ago
spy ninja cwc fan
spy ninja cwc fan - 3 hours ago
Who mises pavin?
Yasser Alharbi
Yasser Alharbi - 3 hours ago
Meeeeeeeeee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭but #piker and #liper is better
Paiyten Pandas
Paiyten Pandas - 3 hours ago
Don’t stop little brother
iiiHamster - 4 hours ago
Twan: yeah she's like 34
* coco walks in *
WhAT tHE f-
Scarlett Parker
Scarlett Parker - 4 hours ago
Omg Coco your so beautiful I love your voice💝
Joe Chamoun
Joe Chamoun - 4 hours ago
"I think they like each other"
Twan:"yeah that's the problem"
Esmy Felix Retes
Esmy Felix Retes - 4 hours ago
The last thing was my favorite
Yasired Fernandez
Yasired Fernandez - 4 hours ago
I love twan I liked Gavin when he was with piper I hate coco for taking Gavin from piper
Yasired Fernandez
Yasired Fernandez - 3 hours ago
Jamie Eglinton everyone has a different opinion I thank u for saying it in a respectful tone tho
Jamie Eglinton
Jamie Eglinton - 4 hours ago
my opinion tho
Jamie Eglinton
Jamie Eglinton - 4 hours ago
Cavin is better then pavin
dorela kasapi
dorela kasapi - 4 hours ago
Love ur videos twan ❤
Farshed Sharif
Farshed Sharif - 5 hours ago
Make part 5
Hillis Bobb
Hillis Bobb - 5 hours ago
Disliked Gavin and cocoa
Yasser Alharbi
Yasser Alharbi - 2 hours ago
Its coco not cocoa
zeroo _twooo
zeroo _twooo - 5 hours ago
When Gavin was friend zoned
LiaGamerYT - 5 hours ago
Guys stop hating, their roleplay’s great! I love it, if you don’t like it, just don’t hate them!
Saima And Samiya
Saima And Samiya - 5 hours ago
Rihanna Rodriguez
Rihanna Rodriguez - 4 hours ago
Saima And Samiya lol yep
Yasired Fernandez
Yasired Fernandez - 4 hours ago
Saima And Samiya that’s rude u look 7 in ur picture
Gold Asonye
Gold Asonye - 6 hours ago
Pls shout me out
Sunzida Chowdhury
Sunzida Chowdhury - 3 hours ago
meera saeed
meera saeed - 6 hours ago
sorry but i hate ....
Blue Sky
Blue Sky - 7 hours ago
😍 love it
Cj Blackwood
Cj Blackwood - 7 hours ago
Wait there siblings plzzz comment
Lily Rowe
Lily Rowe - 7 hours ago
Gavin . Do you do any sport
sebastian banom
sebastian banom - 7 hours ago
Plz Shout me out plz
Hidayyat Abisola
Hidayyat Abisola - 7 hours ago
Are you married to lele
Fatiha Mouhanna
Fatiha Mouhanna - 9 hours ago
I hate you gavin and coco
Ivette Barrientos
Ivette Barrientos - 5 hours ago
Hater what did i they do to u
Ivette Barrientos
Ivette Barrientos - 5 hours ago
Lona Sin
Lona Sin - 8 hours ago
Me too Piper Walker are cool that them
Snip1 Ace
Snip1 Ace - 8 hours ago
Gabrielle Alexis Pineda hater
Gabrielle Alexis Pineda
Gabrielle Alexis Pineda - 8 hours ago
Me too
Tamer Mounir
Tamer Mounir - 10 hours ago
Part 5 with gavin and coco
Himilo Film's
Himilo Film's - 10 hours ago
I do now😂
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz - 10 hours ago
Your little sister when she said were just friends she is wearing a green bay packers sweater
paul Rodriguez
paul Rodriguez - 10 hours ago
Part 5
Shreyasi Basnet
Shreyasi Basnet - 10 hours ago
When are you doing part 5 ? ? ?
Savannah Birr
Savannah Birr - 10 hours ago
Do a part 5 please
_._._laurax _._._
_._._laurax _._._ - 11 hours ago
I dont like coco
Lona Sin
Lona Sin - 8 hours ago
M e too Piper is better
fuck you
fuck you - 9 hours ago
Me to
Bonnie-Lee Askew
Bonnie-Lee Askew - 11 hours ago
ah, how they looked at eachother :))
It'sme karly
It'sme karly - 11 hours ago
U said gavin is ur evill bro then why u have a sis
S N - 10 hours ago
Gavin is Cj's brother
Lord Vexios
Lord Vexios - 12 hours ago
Is Coco Really your Sister?!?! Pls reply twan
Laura Mcallister
Laura Mcallister - 10 hours ago
Look it up on google lol🤣🤣
Nina Young
Nina Young - 11 hours ago
hello ftfux
hello ftfux - 11 hours ago
Simone Longo
Simone Longo - 12 hours ago
My favorite part was when Coco kept on saying that Tuan wasA idiot
Fatiha Mouhanna
Fatiha Mouhanna - 12 hours ago
I hate you gavin and that stupid coco did you now that che is cheating on you but no i am not making you and piper get back together because che all ready have a boyfriend #piker #liper
Nuhaa Christians
Nuhaa Christians - 10 hours ago
You are right @Fatiha Mouhanna #piker # liper❤🌍
The_Lazy_Gacha_ I-MOA_STAY
Edzel Dela Cruz--AGREED
Edzel Dela Cruz
Edzel Dela Cruz - 11 hours ago
and what pipers mom broke them up and thats it no cheating i think you didnt know about that watch gavin magnus post the truth about their break up,coco is innocent and gavin and piper they are only kids they have feelings to pls stop the hate
Edzel Dela Cruz
Edzel Dela Cruz - 11 hours ago
The_Lazy_Gacha_ I-MOA_STAY yea i agreed to
The_Lazy_Gacha_ I-MOA_STAY
Please don't bring this kind of hate to this kind of video cause u have no reason to say that stuff. It happened along time ago get over it. Plus coco and Gavin are better together. And yes I know u aren't trying to get them back together but still.
Eriannah Madison
Eriannah Madison - 12 hours ago
It’s ok I’m stock in the friend zone too
ShartingFish - 11 hours ago
After 10 years of marriage, i think im now in the friend zone..
Nakida Sefo
Nakida Sefo - 12 hours ago
People piper and gavin broke up and piper has a crush on LEV AND WALKER SHE ISN'T DATING ANYONE
Destiny Murrell
Destiny Murrell - 13 hours ago
I like the way that the girl is holding twan back
Alex perez
Alex perez - 13 hours ago
Want a part 5 nice video
Art Cajucom
Art Cajucom - 13 hours ago
Were is piper
Edzel Dela Cruz
Edzel Dela Cruz - 11 hours ago
they broke up now their mother broke them up
The_Lazy_Gacha_ I-MOA_STAY
They broke up ages ago didn't u see?
Cherrylyn Pagdanganan
Cherrylyn Pagdanganan - 13 hours ago
And coco and piper were friends when piper is 10 and coco is 9 you didnt freaking know you are such a nerd hater of coco!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Cherrylyn Pagdanganan
Cherrylyn Pagdanganan - 13 hours ago
Guys you know why gavin break up with piper because piper found a newblah blah disgusting walker you should run walker😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Edzel Dela Cruz
Edzel Dela Cruz - 11 hours ago
Cherrylyn Pagdanganan ok that was funny😅but the truth is pipers mom broke them up
Savage Angel
Savage Angel - 14 hours ago
Ew why
Edzel Dela Cruz
Edzel Dela Cruz - 11 hours ago
Savage Angel ew to you to hater
Coco_Gacha_Bean - 14 hours ago
Coco is so freaking ugly and disgusting she is using Gavin and Gavin cheated on piper and gavins friends are pipers toxic friends
Laura Mcallister
Laura Mcallister - 10 hours ago
Not nice
Failure TM
Failure TM - 14 hours ago
Coco is not perfect for gavin
Edzel Dela Cruz
Edzel Dela Cruz - 11 hours ago
Athaliah Miller welp thats their life and choice😅
Edzel Dela Cruz
Edzel Dela Cruz - 11 hours ago
ugh another hater hater there and hater everywhere why! thats their life if they want to be friends and to be together just let them dont forced them to not have crushes you cant controll them they are not toys
The_Lazy_Gacha_ I-MOA_STAY
NO ONE IS PERFECT FOR ANYONE. That's a life situation right there
Athaliah Miller
Athaliah Miller - 13 hours ago
@Failure TM okay I'm not saying that's bad I'm just saying their relationship is alot for only being 11 that's all😁
Failure TM
Failure TM - 13 hours ago
@Athaliah Miller real bf
Sangeeta Ambekar
Sangeeta Ambekar - 15 hours ago
I know higest secret of Gavin he cheated and broke with Piper and now he is cheating with ungly coco tuxnamy i tell u i hate coco weird or stuck eye girl i hate coco i want Gavin to leave coco and never talk to Piper cause she is happy with walker like if u agree
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