Baker Mayfield has target on his back until he shows game more respect - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
What did you think of Baker Mayfield’s performance last night?
james baldwins
james baldwins - 7 months ago
@Will.I.Am11 think about how many terrible qbs the Browns have had over the years.. baker has THE MOST INTERCEPTIONS TO START CAREER THAN ALL OF THEM... AT THIS POINT HE IS THE WORST QB IN BROWNS HISTORY... and he accomplished that with 2 pro bowl receivers and a pro bowl level rb.... I'M DONE.
Will.I.Am11 - 7 months ago
james baldwins As usual, a bunch of drops and tipped balls that led to INTs. As usual, a bunch of penalties and missed tackles. If Baker could get any help at all, it would really make a difference. Baker and the offense gave the defense a lead late. The defense then promptly let Seattle drive the length of the field and take the lead. Now it’s up to Baker. What happened? Holding penalty immediately put them behind the chains, and the next play, yup, you guessed it, a tipped pass on a very catchable ball for the INT. Next drive, all they have to do is prevent a first down, and it would still be a 7 point game with about a minute and some change left, still a chance. But of course the defense couldn’t even prevent a first down. But it’s all on Baker, right?
james baldwins
james baldwins - 7 months ago
@Will.I.Am11 one down...
Mdmchannel - 7 months ago
He sucks, the next RG3
Steven Sullivan
Steven Sullivan - 7 months ago
Johnny Football 2.0
Marcelo Sichonany
Marcelo Sichonany - 7 months ago
skip skip skip skip skip skip skip
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Travis Way
Travis Way - 7 months ago
That didn’t age well.... he did shake his hand 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂 debunked!!!
Oshu Wha
Oshu Wha - 7 months ago
Who wrote this tittle?
-I just wanna talk.
mike wells
mike wells - 7 months ago
This video didn't age well at all......LOL
Cristian Munoz
Cristian Munoz - 7 months ago
Theres literally a video of him shaking Sherman's hand. Why is this even a discussion? Sherman is old and washed up but still thinks hes a top CB. If he was so honorable himself then why did he sign with the 49ers? Seahawks gave him a chance and he goes to their rival?
Black - 7 months ago
Now who's apologizing..smh
Can't believe everything you hear
Josh Paladi
Josh Paladi - 7 months ago
I used to be a baker fan, but he continues to act immature, and I continue to lose respect for him.
Kelvin Mathis Jr.
Kelvin Mathis Jr. - 7 months ago
An INT in every game. Smh
Mikel Keith
Mikel Keith - 7 months ago
About nine months ago I tried to tell you that Baker Mayfield was a overrated Silver Spoon awarded person ,that should have been the third or fourth round draft pick, but unfortunately for the Browns he must look like the owner's son just like Johnny Manziel did ,and he was able to bamboozle the owner again, we all know if Baker Mayfield was a non-white person I'm sorry to say that the White media would have been all over him for his actions ,and the way he acts ,but since he's part of them they're going to do everything to protect him just like they did with ,Tim Tebow ,Johnny Manziel ,and all the rest of the overrated guys that came out that they wanted to use to sell jerseys ,and merchandise ,but unfortunately their talent is not going to let them get away with it for more than a year or two, when the truth comes out, so how are you Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow and now Baker Mayfield lovers ,don't you want to have someone that you worship is real and have substance ,or is always got to be the young white guy with the dimple in his chin ,o you can sell it to your sons and daughters you're going to have to make that choice, Baker Mayfield is a undersized slow not to spray agent quarterback that should have been a third-round pick so he could have learned his craft and how to act on and off the field and he could have been an okay maybe a backup or something like that but to make a person with third-round skills the number one overall pick this is what you get the Cleveland ,and the owner you , and Tom Dorsey should be ashamed of yourself
TMD6194LIFE Hess
TMD6194LIFE Hess - 7 months ago
As a fan of football period! I was most excited about the Browns! And everything I’m hearing today. Makes so much sense! Baker Mayfield has a lot to learn & it sounds like he’s already made some enemies! How can he recover from the disrespect when he didn’t shake hands?
Judah Lion
Judah Lion - 7 months ago
So basically. What my man Shannon Sharpe, is trying to say is. The football field. Is not the place, for your own personal feelings. You leave those at home. But when it some to your team? You have them? And they have to have you, in return. Meaning Trust, In Each Other. Otherwise, both of yall. Won't have anything, but a losing record.
casIzemmanuel - 7 months ago
Baker needs to look at what happened to cam newton the year after he popped off saying he was untouchable. He got leveled almost every game, I think he ended up getting 2 concussions that year. They will TAKE that respect.
Cody Griffin
Cody Griffin - 7 months ago
uuuummmm.... redacted...
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly - 7 months ago
Shannon Sharpe really played himself by overreacting to the non-story of Baker not shaking Sherman's hand. I hope Shannon learned a lesson.
MyCrewisDope26 - 7 months ago
Damnnnn Lavar Ball's college PPG average was higher than Baker's QBR 😂😂
William Heath
William Heath - 7 months ago
Unfortunately this is outdated, and is why lack of research is detrimental to people. The video shows sherman was wrong, he even apologized.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 7 months ago
Baker is no newton lol I cant wait to see how this pans out😂🤷🏻‍♂️😒😏
JRM 33
JRM 33 - 7 months ago
In related news, it appears as if Richard Sherman is still alive after all.
Papa Lannister
Papa Lannister - 7 months ago
Does anyone else get sick of Skip going "Mmm"?
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 7 months ago
And is the apology going to come as quick as the judgement from you fine folks?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 7 months ago
# of times Shannon says "Skip" - 36
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 7 months ago
# of times Shannon says "Skip" - 36
Triena See
Triena See - 7 months ago
Shannon: Skip...blah, blah, blah, blah...Skip...blah, blah, blah, blah...Skip...blah, blah, blah, blah.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 7 months ago
careful on wrecking somebody's character before knowing the actual truth behind the lie.
Bryan Terry
Bryan Terry - 7 months ago
“He got nothing to talk about.,.he better move to the next week”😂😂😭😭😭
Robert Rigert Jr.
Robert Rigert Jr. - 7 months ago
#Jenny you so fine
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 7 months ago
Baker is that 60 ovr QB you use on Madden with 90 ovr players on offense on Pro difficulty
Dietrich Williams
Dietrich Williams - 7 months ago
Mayfield is god awful!, he looks like eli manning!, no lateral movement!, no speed, an he doesn't even look downfield, for his receivers!, cleveland is reeling, because of there quarterback!, an coming against seattle, im betting seattle big, at the south point tomorrow!!!, cleveland sucks big time!
rymcg123 - 7 months ago
dak and baker most overrated QBs
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 7 months ago
After 25 sec of Skip I remember why I don't watch anymore undisputed
Logan Wolverine
Logan Wolverine - 7 months ago
Sherman lied to get attention
Xavier 76th Man
Xavier 76th Man - 7 months ago
Skip " 1.4 points in High school" Bayless
Keith B
Keith B - 7 months ago
Handshake or not,he played terrible
Keith B
Keith B - 7 months ago
He shook his hand, it just wasn't a man's handshake
Keith B
Keith B - 7 months ago
Peyton Manning had 28 interceptions his 1rst 16 games, it takes time and maturity
Tyler Sandstrom
Tyler Sandstrom - 7 months ago
Baker did shake his hand
John Joy
John Joy - 7 months ago
And is the apology going to come as quick as the judgement from you fine folks?
Cee Justice
Cee Justice - 7 months ago
"...but guess what, Bruh.??? " 😂🤣
Luis Cypher
Luis Cypher - 7 months ago
I someone baking cookies in the studio today? Hmmmm......MMMMM...
FifeHanny - 7 months ago
I hope Mayfield never shows the game any respect.....cos I'm hoping defenses take him out very game for his short career, and he takes OBJ down with him. 😂
Rick Bluto
Rick Bluto - 7 months ago
I love Shannon but he needs to be more careful about calling someone disrespectful because of the word of someone who obviously does not like another player, the person he is putting down. Sherman lied about Baker and Shannon ran with that lie just because Sherman said it was that way. A journalist, even opinion journalists, should be more careful on wrecking somebody's character before knowing the actual truth behind the lie.
Gene Spight
Gene Spight - 7 months ago
Baker Mayfield will last five years longer than Manziel
Zachary Flores
Zachary Flores - 7 months ago
I love how all of them picked up on this story just for video to show that he did lmfao, baker still sucks but its kinda funny that they picked up on this
Austin Sokolowski
Austin Sokolowski - 7 months ago
Does anybody else get annoyed when Skip goes "Hmm"?
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki - 7 months ago
After 25 sec of Skip I remember why I don't watch anymore undisputed
Astro Rockets
Astro Rockets - 7 months ago
Sounds like the NFL’s political currency is like prison rules. Respect. Kinda makes you think who’s in the NFL.
Po Boi !
Po Boi ! - 7 months ago 💜
Masteroforion Isamazing
Masteroforion Isamazing - 7 months ago
-Skip “bum” bayless
marrymemaddie - 7 months ago
Baker Mayfield is a bum.
Johnny Hinton
Johnny Hinton - 7 months ago
Baker Mayfield is a racist. What else more do we aspect from him?
Pghzfinest - 7 months ago
She said “aww, that’s bad!l 😂😂😂
Pat Howell
Pat Howell - 7 months ago
Video shows that he did shake hands.
Oscar Reyes
Oscar Reyes - 7 months ago
Bakers a busy lol, another Johnny menzel 😂😂😂
Chump Johnson
Chump Johnson - 7 months ago
He’s white so it’s disrespectful. If he were black it would be called swagger.
m4570d0n - 7 months ago
Baker DID shake his hand though. Sherman was lying again.
Stephen Hudson
Stephen Hudson - 7 months ago
Baker has no o line
Ronnie B
Ronnie B - 7 months ago
Check your source Sharpe. He is lying with video evidence.
Dominic Cleveland
Dominic Cleveland - 7 months ago
They have video now showing that Sherman is a liar and that Baker did shake his hand.
villen - 7 months ago
When exactly is Sherman referring to? Because I saw the video of Baker shaking hands with them during the coin toss... unless Sherman was referring to a time before that
ΞGoDzBullΞ - 7 months ago
This video is sooooo true, nothing to be controversial.
D Dominguez
D Dominguez - 7 months ago
Baker Johnny Manziel Mayfield is TRASH
badlandskid - 7 months ago
What do you say when you don’t know what to say?

Mike Lawrence
Mike Lawrence - 7 months ago
Who is worse? Molly or Jenny?
Kevin - 7 months ago
This whole segment was built off a lie. You guys can't even verify the video before you run your mouth?
Brian Dunlap
Brian Dunlap - 7 months ago
So does Sherman look like an idiot since Baker did shake his hand,
Clay Bigsby
Clay Bigsby - 7 months ago
lol and then it comes out that he in fact did shake shermans hand and that sherman was lying yet again....a noble quality he has displayed time and time again.
noah ketcher
noah ketcher - 7 months ago
He sounds like a wrestler talking...shut up
MrCleanPapi - 7 months ago
Baker Mayfield is the 3rd worst QB in the NFL based on QBR (the stat Skip bayless champions vehemently) now conveniently leaves out of his arguments. *sips*
G Bo
G Bo - 7 months ago
cLeVeLaNd Is GoInG tO tHe SuPeR bOwL 😂
B - 7 months ago
The video of the coin toss did show him shaking his hand.
BingeFest1 - 7 months ago
“Here, drink this.”

-Slip Bayless
Emmanuel Oni
Emmanuel Oni - 7 months ago
BingeFest1 hmm
TARZXAN - 7 months ago
Daniel Casey
Daniel Casey - 7 months ago
There is a video actually of Baker shaking Shermans hand BEFORE the Coinflip, and after the coinflip he immediately runs off to grab his helmet instead of shaking hands again. I don't know if there is a special significance to shaking hands AFTER the coinflip as well as before, but regardless they did actually shake hands....
Herbert Jenkins
Herbert Jenkins - 7 months ago
He shook his hand....
Antonio Diaz
Antonio Diaz - 7 months ago
There's literally a video of him shaking Sherman's hand.
Donnie McKnight
Donnie McKnight - 7 months ago
Well he did shake their hands
strikedizzle - 7 months ago
Black people and their exaggerations. They did shake hands.
Prince D
Prince D - 7 months ago
Keep that same energy
Barry Mckoner
Barry Mckoner - 7 months ago
He shouldn’t have shaved his beard
james larson
james larson - 7 months ago
Browns 2019= hype machine.
System error error 404 critical system error
Browns 2019 5/11 calling it now!
james larson
james larson - 7 months ago
Thomas G. I pulled a derp
Thomas G.
Thomas G. - 7 months ago
Are you including the preseason in that 5/16 prediction? Seeing how they only play 16 regular season games.
Go Blue
Go Blue - 7 months ago
49ers are bout it ya heard me? Bosa and that defense are legit. Browns are still trash imo.
Lafi Lemea
Lafi Lemea - 7 months ago
Baker Mayfield has a target on his back because he has a trash o-line.
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